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The flowers bloom

I am a girl ,but has a boyish character ,although the day with the boys together, but unfortunately not meet like high school boys. Several of my friends are envious of me is the campus Belle ,but I envy them not only have excellent performance and nourishing love HH aspirations often inadvertently I realized ,you are often ignored.
You find they are too late. HH &quot ;still ,get up quickly, or you &quot ;mother yelling .I was very reluctant to open your eyes ,&quot ;day !Seven. Mom ,Junfeng how not to call me &quot ;&quot ;?Jun Feng had come ,he can pull you ,you won ,he went to the .
&quot ;&quot ;indeed ,brats, too mean enough ,don call me !&quot ;I finished flew like school to get there, but it is late .I sneaked in the classroom ,but the teacher not in sitting position in slowly calm chaos has breath ,looking at the table of Junfeng ,a summer did not see ,is still the same ,introverted ,don to talk, so boring .
I was and he grew up with. Morning .&quot ;Hello !Why not call me to go to school together ,their first come ah ?&quot ;I pretend to be Ask him. He wrinkled his brow was a long time before he answered ,sorry ,&quot ;I hurry, there is something ,so he didn call you.
&quot ;look very vexed .&quot ;it is sorry Oh ,hey ,I know you have, and you are just a joke ,don so serious! &quot ;we both fell silent again ,have nothing to say ,normal !&quot ;you want to play ?&quot ;&quot ;accompany girlfriend !Small static you with a boyfriend ?&quot ;for a time the students laughed .
Someone said ,small static summer nobody accompany ?Immediately replied ,that it was to learn. My face again also do not hang up ,stand up and shout: &quot ;mother ,who said I summer vacation did not stay ,and I picked up &quot ;beside Junfeng .
Threw herself in his his arms and said :&quot ;this is my boy friend ,just do not want to tell you that &quot ;.The whole class was silent ,no one say anything .For a moment to ask my friend Xiao Lan :&quot ;really? You and the handsome peak HH ?&quot ;she didn ask ,I forced to interrupt ,whisper told her :&quot ;no ,just lie to their &quot ;&quot ;Oh ,Jeremy Scott Adidas Wings my mother grabbed,yes !But everyone can see , Junfeng is really love you ,otherwise ,you was on duty ,he help you with your work !You car is out of gas, and he secretly help you fight the .
&quot ;&quot ;line line alone ,are the students ,help each other ,you don !&quot ;I don impatient said. & quot ;well, don ,that our class will come to a new classmate ,if a guy is good .
&quot ;&quot ;hey !Tomorrow to see will know !&quot ;be my prince charming will appear ?Hope it is !Second naive into a very handsome man ,and like in the manga, he entered Rukawa from wind ,class ,my heart is beating with his every act and every move .
Although I know his name ,but I like to call him &quot &quot ;wind ;his position in front of me ,he slowly walked over ,&quot ;hey !You good &quot ;!My face look red ,do not know why ,I think it is love at the first sight .
After a few days, the wind suddenly asked me .&quot ;at night time ?Watch the movie with &quot ;?Without a brain he quickly agreed ,my first date ,and I like persons . I look forward to for a long time .
The first time with a different mood restless, looking forward to the coming of the night , my first love ,the long-awaited love finally came. Joy is not language .It is an ambiguous exudes a night ,after the movie ,he took me to the river.
Pointed to a big tree in front of the tree told me if I wish ,it can help achieve the aspirations of .&quot ;love me people always like my &quot ;I close my eyes on the tree said.
&quot ;the day after tomorrow is my birthday &quot ;although no voice with me, but I know he heard that. I know he would have said ,what is it? Tell today is Sunday ,today is my birthday .
To play than usual early ,Adidas with Wings,just to pick the best clothes .The wind will come for me ,but when I don So in order not to rush in front of the wind ,I chose to get everything silently waiting .
Waiting is a long process ,disturbed ,the first time since birth strange feeling .The phone is too quiet ,let me be at a loss what to do .Maybe the phone out of order? &quot ;Hello ,handsome peak in ?&quot ;&quot ;static are you? How to get up so early ?I was going to call you !&quot ;&quot ;&quot ;&quot ;secret !Don the appointment of.
&quot ;&quot ;what ah ?What did you say ?&quot ;&quot ;don him to date ,stay at home instead of going out .&quot ;&quot ;why should I listen to you ?&quot ;&quot ;listening to words ,don &quot ;&quot ;you mom ,you don .
I was angry ,&quot ;very angry. The bell rang again, &quot ;are you finished ah ,don &quot ;&quot ;I am &quot ;&quot ;!?sorry ,I - I - that was just the hated man .&quot ;&quot ;OK ,seven p.
m. I at the riverside that under the tree waiting for you .&quot ;&quot ;&quot ;good !Put down the phone ,my world suddenly seem different ,but Junfeng words but I can ,seems to be the whole world against it, happiness vanished half .
&quot ;hh&quot &quot ;bell ;feed ,static ,not today a handsome guy with a date ,he was playing a trick on you ,he entered the class before and others bet ,say to you in the city is the best hotel invited him to dinner tonight ,there will be many people to go with him to see you.
Don ,forget him ,not worthy of existence in the minds of people .&quot ;&quot ;impossible ,he is not that kind of person,Adidas Jeremy Scott Teddy Bear, you who said that ,not possible ,why are you lying to me ,did you ?Why ?&quot ;&quot ;good static ,I can only tell you so much &quot ;.
&quot ;hh&quot ;for my phone and voice ,good harsh !This is really ,blue never deceive me ,Junfeng never hit me ,I have to do, what can I do for you? I to do what? Someone tell me ?My love for the first time, it is this !Why ,why ?I still find it hard to believe this is true ,I want to see the scene .
But a bunch of people look at me !I must go! &quot ;HH HH thunk thunk thunk &quot ;bell rang ,put me out of my thoughts wake ,it was quite dark ,like a lot ,but also very afraid ,because I was afraid of the dark ,but only parents and Junfeng know.
The night is so quiet ,no wind, there are no I think that a large group of people, but the emergence of a state is not it !Suddenly from behind to stretch hand cover my eyes ,is the wind ,the wind &quot ;&quot ;!But screams I regret it ,so people don deserve me ,opens his hands ,looked back !&quot Junfeng ;&quot ;!I think my eyes open to the maximum ,I saw a handsome peak eyes smile and a touch of sadness .
I am very disappointed but also very Happy birthday surprise.&quot ;&quot ;he said that out from my pocket a small gift ,appearance is very fine .I by the faint moonlight with great care to open the box.
Ah !I like purple heart crystal ,crystal is also written with -" Li Bing &quot back if there is static ;.Word ,but by adhesive tape adhesive ,&quot ;do not open ,I let you go ,okay ?&quot ;he I agree ,this gift is too expensive ,and his family is not very good ,moved ,suddenly hugged him ,quiet lie on his chest he is full of vitality ,hear the heartbeat.
Never safe ,friendly ,forget everything ,only to see his mouth does not stop moving, I know ,he is trying to comfort me ,Acheter Adidas Jeremy Scott,he tried all of the words change my mood . Quietly on his shoulder ,cry me a river ,I never knew of the lacrimal gland is then developed .
Can fell asleep ,and when woke wore handsome peak clothes ,while he is in that kept trembling .Autumn chill cold ,I cried ,holding hands whispered Mura Nozomiki & quot ;let him be happy every the days of &quot ;my coat back Junfeng body, called Wake him home.
The very next day Junfeng didn my side throughout the space of a month .He no longer appeared ,side position is vacant, make me very uncomfortable !&quot ;Junfeng you why not appear &quot ;&quot ;?WOW !What a big bunch of rose ,mother ,who sent it ?&quot ;&quot ;you have a look not to know !&quot ;fly into the living room .
&quot ;Junfeng ,&quot ;I have a hug ,&quot ;smelly boy ,where are you ,don come to me ,you know ,I am a good worry about hh&quot ;.I haven finished, he took me out :&quot ;I know ,go ,I take you to play .
&quot ;rapid change ,wait with him to the door. &quot ;&quot ;cool motorcycle. Jun Feng brought me to the church ,holding my hand ,on the other hand it over his mouth said ,he didn hear ,but aroused my curiosity ,I may ask how he didn tell me quietly pulled his hand through the park ,walk street ,and we have gone through many places ,saying nothing ,but like it had been so slowly ,his hands holding good comfortable, not previously found.
&quot ;peak ,how are you ?&quot ;&quot ;,That is a bit upset stomach .&quot ;&quot ;how do you cough stomachache so terrible ah, you have caught a cold ,how ah ,tell me how you ?Say ?&quot ;my hands are wet ,I have only one sense: something happened.
&quot ;Junfeng ,Junfeng ,Jun Feng, how do you ah ,wake up ,Junfeng ,do not sleep ah ,tell me what Handsome peak hh&quot ;but he fainted at a loss ,leaving me. Don how into the hospital ,just remember &quot &quot ;lung cancer ;I have heard nothing .
,http://www.adidaswingsfr.com/,not ,not ,I got it wrong ,they ,this is not true of.&quot HH ;not to be you got it wrong. .&quot ;&quot ;lung cancer later period ,there are up to three ,five months of life !&quot ;beds on the peak ,pale ,not a little color ,together we were screaming ,laugh together ,my tears like rain upon the ground .
Go to the peak of the bed, shook his hand ,just so warm hands are so cold ,cold .God of death touch his hand ,but I can not do anything, I can only use the body apart death touch. Waiting Junfeng wake up ,waiting for a miracle to come.
He slept the whole day ,wake up just said to me :&quot ;static ,I &quot ;!&quot ;peak ,you wake up, I immediately went to buy ,you wait ,I !&quot ;&quot ;and HH Oh ,and you make fun of &quot ;.
Faint voice ,forcing laughter ,let my heart is broken &quot ;hate ,you tease me &quot ;knowing that he did not want to hurt me ,I also can only follow the show .Never knew one day will become so delicate, so gentle .
&quot ;static ,know ?From middle school, I began to like you, but I dare not say hh&quot ;&quot ;not to say ,I know everything ,but &quot ;I am stupid don ,don that feeling, until it becomes a kind of attachment ,a lifetime of feeling of dependency .
&quot ;HH HH HH cough cough I want to say ,in my heart of hearts I already told you don edge ,today to let you hear .Do you know how much I wish you in class say is true! I really want to ,but ,it seems to me that the luxury &quot ;&quot ;I HH I &quot ;I choke to speak ,can only use tears to respond to his confession .
&quot ;HH static HH static you don ,in my sky ,all of the meteor ,but two is the most bright ,cough cough HH first is you and me in the river at Get, but you fell asleep. But you in my side.
The second is seen today, because of you I cry ,I have been very satisfied .People alive is to find him the other half of life, and I have found ,although you don care about my existence ,however I to meet you ,this life is my biggest happiness.
&quot ;&quot ;do not say ,you won ,and you will live ,you have to call me to school every day ,I will be late every day ,alive and well, hear me, you you quot ;a hateful person ,you can know your words to me how much hurt ,earned me how many tears ,why is it so quietly away ,why even the chance to say farewell to me, leaving me a piece of paper for what ,I love a piece of paper is solved? My love back I ,your this idiot ,:&quot ;your retarded girl called you ,you hear ?- Jun - peak ,I think - - - - - - - - - - - - you ,you in heaven - - - - - - ?&quot ;I tried to say what I want to say ,Jun Feng you should hear me ,hear me not to tell you.
I grow up I need you so much ,you Early run, I just left the infinite grief .Listen Junfeng had left my tape ,only tears silent flow. This is his church to my book ,it is said ,give me advice .
Placed window he left me 518thousand cranes,each one there he wrote ,that he loved me from the first day he began to write diary every day ,one ,all for me. When I close my eyes and feel his kiss ,soft ,good soft .
HH &quot ;remember how we met ?&quot ;&quot ;remember ,it on the second time, I play football in the yard ,one not careful ,the neighbor glass broke ,they came out and asked who did ,just you after I caught you ,say you play ,then you do not deny but also bear down ,like this we understand ,then know that it is your house ,think that silly boy crazy ,all day with .
&quot ;&quot ;yes ,I is also from that time like your HH ,if possible ,I will always stay here by your side ,I will participate in your life. Every day kicking my glasses can be ,but this life is not.
Static would you next life to marry For me? &quot ;&quot ;rather ,I want you to stay here with me for a lifetime! &quot ;secretly helped me from vehicle gas ,but I think you get practical joke ,will take you to lambaste ,also called you several times ,but you never say a word ,Adidas Originals M Attitude Logo,and now want to up good funny ,also a bit memories in my mind has been existed.
The next life ,just waiting for you to love me,To borrow an ox put, grow up to be your wife ,a lifetime to protect you, will not let you leave me . Crystal is behind - I love you. The recorder was handsome peak voice &quot ;I Junfeng willing to marry dead wife, regardless of poverty and disease ,injury ,I will always take care of her &quot ;&quot ;Li Bingjing !I marry Junfeng ,regardless of poverty and disease ,injury ,I would always love him ,&quot ;and I can only say to the sky ,Huang Zongxi and his administration thought,he will hear my love .
HH time like running water ,a year later ,I admitted to the University ,learning pressure to erase some of my memory ,forever erase is I and the peak bit by bit, although not speak sugared words ,but love was in the light of every sentence .
I found everything ,but too late ,until today I still keep the 518 thousand craneshanging in bed .When you love a Person ,does not need the reason ,the pain you are keep silence in the person beside you ,have a look more people around you ,don people you love .

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