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Chinese infant room pitiful

Editor, :everyone knows that breast-feeding, but in practice, their mother was always meet some obstacles. Go no place to breastfeed her child is one of them ,investigate its reason ,mainly to China more humanized infant room .
China :mother-infant room little &quot ;each time with the baby home ,I have for feeding ,changing diapers and worry. &quot ;on March 6th, is Beijing Chaoyang District shopping Miss Cheung told reporters ,in public places lifted his nurse to the child, often let her feel both embarrassment and helplessness.
In fact ,like Ms Zhang because no place to breastfeed and distressed women not in the minority. The reporter in Beijing ,Tianjin ,Hebei, was investigated in 50 public places,including shopping malls ,supermarket ,hospital ,park and train station ,bus station .
Wherein ,only 4are equipped withspecialized &quot ;mother-infant room &quot ;.No breast feeding mother, can only choose corner bench or toilet to make do ,neither health ,nor convenient .
Therefore, Chinese children health care disease prevention and control center director ,who children health cooperation center director Dai Yaohua said :&quot ;in public places set up infant room is the city civilization in Step and the extent of human embodiment .
&quot ;it can not only provide lactating females provide relatively independent lactation ,resting place ,decrease in public environments may be caused by an infection ,or encourage breastfeeding embodiment .
Furthermore ,mother-infant room also helps to enhance parent-child relationship ,and to prevent the voyeur ,candid and other uncivilized behavior .&quot ;this is for the disabled wheelchair access ,is an area of civilized degree .
&quot ;Dai Yaohua said ,but our country infant room number of clearly enough. ( Tang Zhen ) :a Canadian shopping perceived infant room the Canadian government for breastfeeding attention is very high ,even already mentioned human rights height.
Therefore,Adidas M Attitude Logo, despite the lack of legal provisions ,the business will prepare a room as an infant room ,to show his humanity. Canadian mother-infant room there are a variety of types ,the most common three.
Equivalent of a fitting room model ,in which a large room is separated into several small rooms ,each small the room has sofa handrail and embedded in the wall of wood ,used to place the bag and other items, a curtain or sliding doors can be closed, to ensure privacy .
The house usually with a fluted platform ,convenient mother Change the diaper. Second mother-infant room corresponds to the common guest lounge ,there are several large sofa ,coffee table and so on ,privacy is relatively poor .
Third small shops often ,that is dedicated to leave a room as a feeding chamber ,changing diapers do in the bathroom .Canada almost all female public restroom .Equipped with a dedicated to baby diaper changing groove platform ,may be able to put ,is practical and convenient .
At the same time ,as a result of all the bathrooms are sitting toilet, a large space and is very clean ,no smell,Jeremy Scott Adidas can I hope her to take a good rest ., so some mothers choose the nearest in the bathroom for a baby .( newspaper in Canadian correspondent Huang Mian ) :England the VIP Hall furnished as British infant room the biggest characteristic is not much ,but it is comfortable.
For example ,mother-infant room is floor ,wall socket is very high, heating radiator temperature low ,pipeline and sharp are wrapped .Infant room temperature control ,very good lighting ,wall with emergency information ,emergency telephone number ,maternal social service information ,seat of a couch ,hard chair ,and low child stool and high child .
Infant room diaper table height from 0.75m0.9meters,nike zoom hyperfuse 2011 repeated practice .Two,being convenient for different The height of people. The table around slightly turned upward, prevent the baby from falling ,the table has a padded .
Many infant room and heating milk and baby food facilities ,and trafficking of diapers ,wipes the vending machine ,some chairs around the cord ,to ensure that breastfeeding mothers privacy.
The infant room have a wash pool ,adidaswingsfr.com,and equipped with a wash liquid and dry mobile phone .Some baby car park office ,slot type electric bicycle ,children angle and other facilities. Therefore ,the infant room often overcrowded, even if not breast-feeding do not change diapers ,the children tired after the walk will come .
Britain has no national regulations to regulate maternal-fetal chamber set ,therefore ,the mother organization is calling for government legislation ,universal infant room ,like the toilet ,make its become the public part.
( a special correspondent in Britain France Wang Yali ) :next to the toilet are in France, a public place ,Adidas Jeremy Scott Teddy Bear,almost all can find infant room ,such as the commercial center library ,hospital ,hotel ,Adidas Wings Pas Cher splendour,airport ,train station ,public ,and often go to the government in the public service sector, without one exception.
Even in the French high-speed rail ,between each carriage toilets are equipped with specialized infant room .Infant room and toilets in the same region ,in addition to men ,women ,and printed on the wheelchair icon disabled only chamber ,and marked with a unified logo mother-infant room .
But also some smaller places ,mother-infant room and the women together ,or with a disabled room .Infant room equipment is simple ,just then a larger than normal ,have one available for mothers to change the diaper with the change of station .
A senior point ,have bath equipment ,Jeremy Scott Adidas,or special baby seat .Nevertheless ,French people on the infant room is still not satisfactory. Because the French public toilets are relatively few ,sometimes it is difficult to find in the street therefore ,to breastfeed ,you have to the business centre or McDonald .
France now has a very interesting call ,is to set up the &quot ;father infant room &quot ;,because they think Dad diapers is also a very common thing ,Adidas Wings,but most infant room are located in the female toilets, will bring to children fathers feel very inconvenient .

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