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Influence of Chinese

History of China, poem first ,Li Shen pitying peasants .Hoe Wo day noon ,sweat drips soil .Who knows dishes ,each grain all hard .This poem written work hard ,the fruits of labor be not easily won .
&quot ;who knows dishes ,each grain all hard the &quot ;sighs and warning from abstract to preach, and be true to life ,the profound implication of this poem is no motto .From specific ,casualty list, select poet typical details of the life and well-known fact ,out of a simple truth ,the fruits of labor be not easily won .
Second, Li Bai bed .Moonlight before ,it seems hoary frost on the floor .Look at the bright moon ,lowers the head thinks the hometown .Mention of homesickness, poet of the poem are all slightly general grammar of Chinese first time mind .
This poem to understand such as words ,read easy to pronounce ,expression is generally sympathetic homesickness, so for thousands of years to read all the children of the Yellow Emperor ,became the most familiar classical poetry.
It does not seek imagined novel, but also to abandon the rhetorical Seiko beautiful ;it was a fresh and simple strokes ,expressing his deep ,rich content .Exit is exit ,love is love ,so real ,Kobe bryant olympic shoes,so It is moving, be worth reading a hundred times ,high of .
No wonder people praise it is &quot and &quot ;mean ;.Third songs, Bai Juyi Grasses .Grass in the plains ,a year of ups and downs .Not the wild fire ,the wind again. Far Fang penetration Road ,fine jade .
City walls .Also sent princes ,I hear them sighing after you .Bai Juyi especially in the second sentence of the most well-known ,the greatest impact. &quot ;wild fire not ,the spring breeze and health &quot ;extremely vivid image of the strong performance of the wild life ,inspired many generations of Chinese progress ,people die ,Adidas Jeremy Scott Chaussures not me. Because,struggle more than .
His poem careful, natural language fluent and neat ,with lyrical mood into a muddy ,Adidas Porsche Design Xu,get along swimmingly with each other ,called masterpiece .Fourth songs,www.nikeairfoamposite1.com, Meng Jiao you Zi Yin mother the hands of line ,wandering body suit .
Leaving thick seam ,meaning fear of delay. Who statement inch grass heart ,this is reported in the apartments .A song of love poem ode .Sun and really kind of chanting the greatest emotional mm love poetry .
Especially the last two ,to the popular image of the metaphor ,pure sustenance of the strong feelings of love ,for the spring ,by wide to eulogize .The whole poem, no flowery rhetoric ,nor skillfully cut carving ,in fresh and smooth ,simple meal The language of light ,full of rich Yu Chunmei poetic flavor ,genuine and sincere ,Who is the grandson who is God,for thousands of years the number of reader ,causing thousands of diasporic resonance.
Fifth songs, Wang Zhihuan on the heron tower behind the mountain the sun ,the Yellow River seawards flows. . ,strive for further improvement .&quot ;for a thousand item &quot ;poet ,wrote an endless exploration desire ,also want to see farther ,see the eye can reach, the only way is to stand higher, &quot ;strive for further improvement of &quot ;.
vividly prompting a philosophy :climbing ,to telescope ,telescope ;must ascend .This poem poet in the long-term perspective demonstrated extraordinary breadth of vision, but also inspire Chinese high-spirited .
Sixth songs, Wang Wei September 9th Shandong Yi brothers all alone in a foreign land ,during the festive season. Remote brothers climb the mountain ,over the cornel little one. This poem written in different soil homesickness .
A life of solitude sad ,so often nostalgic thinking people ,meet Miss Liang Festival ,doubly .Poetic repeated jumps ,implicit deep, both simple and natural ,and winding streets .&quot ;during the festive season &quot ;for thousands of years, become a wandering thoughts in the name of How many words ,moved home from heart.
Chinese peculiar Festival Sze originates this .Seventh,Adidas Jeremy Scott Panda Bear, first ,Guan Ju pass osprey ,on the island in the river .A quiet and modest maiden ,a gentleman .On the left ,left and right flow .
A quiet and modest maiden ,seek but fail to get sleeping or awakening ,yearn day and night .Clothing .Loose ,toss and turn restlessly .On the left ,left and right mining .A quiet and modest maiden ,and friends .
On the left ,around hair .A quiet and modest maiden ,bell drum .book of songs is the beginning of Chinese poetry ,including the eternity famous phrase ,especially in the first well known.
China also has a lot of love poems ,including eternity famous phrase ,but especially in the Guan Ju the greatest impact. When the man saw beauty ,want to go after ,&quot ;a quiet and modest maiden ,a gentleman &quot ;became the best reasons .
Eighth songs, Li Qingzhao summer quatrains students as the outstanding personality, death is also a male ghost still thinking .Xiang Yu ,refused to Jiangdong. The first female poet Li Qingzhao speak in excitement emotion poetry from the tone of sonorous ,clearly put forward for the life : the value orientation of people live to be the hero ,Adidas Jeremy Scott Teddy Bear,for the country build up establishment ;die to die for one ,to become the hero in ghost patriotic passion ,Shows between the lines ,has said of a great teacher role in Southern Song Dynasty poet lashing .
Establishment of shameless acts ,use the past the present ,awe-inspiring righteousness .The poem is only twenty words ,used three allusions ,but without making the disadvantages ,because it is the poet heart.
So generous with extremely elegant and valuable ,the Psalms ,coming from a female hand ,is really overwhelming ..ninth songs, Wang Bo send Du Shaofu at Shuzhou by this wall that surrounds the Sanqin ,by Wang Chun five .
Jun and his departure means ,is the same person. Sea memory confidant ,Tianya Zorpia .Inaction in Qi Road ,children were stained napkin .The poem was a farewell masterpieces .Not in the absence of poetic inspire when sorrow.
Third &quot ;sea memory confidant ,Tianya Zorpia &quot ;,Qifeng protrusions ,highly summarizes the &quot ;friendship is deep, the sum &quot ;scene ,Wei words since the cast ,pass through the ages, enjoy great popularity among the people .
The tail at the joint of &quot ;send &quot ;theme. The whole poem and setback ,Adidas Wings,pulse current ,artistic conception broad-minded. Wash the farewell poems in the desolate desolate atmosphere ,tone is bright, fresh and clear ,one tree steles.
Tenth pieces by Cao Zhi, seven steps pods burned to cook beans ,peas weep in the pot .This is the same root ,fratricidal? This poem together with the story ,widely in The well-known Cao Zhi .
A very appropriate use ,simple and vivid metaphor to express their feelings ,and therefore escaped death .When re-emergence of competition between brothers ,the Chinese will think of this poem,

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