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The grasp of the opportunity to exercise

Exercise conduces to good health is everyone to know the truth, but not everyone can set an example by personally taking part to do. According to some surveys, participate in regular exercise a person less than 1 / 3, and one more is young and elderly, commuters take exercise proportion is very low.
There is no time, no opportunity is often one reason. In fact, opportunities for exercise is all around us, but it often inadvertently put the opportunity to put the past. From life to find the opportunity to participate in sports, not many people expected difficult,Adidas Jeremy Scott Chaussures, time and chance should not be the exercise barriers.
We should be understood as any consumption of sports physical activity, while working on a road, the daily work of the climb up a few flights of stairs are sports. Because in these activities, your heart beat faster, muscle contraction is more powerful, you also consumes more energy.
Use this standard to measure, in our daily life many activities can play the role of exercise, such as cleaning the room,Adidas Jeremy Scott Leopard, carry weight,Adidas Wings, child care,Jeremy Scott Adidas, bike riding and so on. In this sense, we have too many opportunities for exercise, and because of this, we sayMoving the beneficial.
Often exercise sudden death is less when your heart in the daily activities of any excess load exercise, cardiac function can be improved. Stick to it, you can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.
Heart disease occurrence and development is a long process, the heart needs a constant exercise against a variety of harmful factors in the invasion, also can delay or even prevent heart disease's occurrence and development, a short duration of time exercise may not protect heart health throughout life.
Therefore, only let your heart get taking exercise every day, it is possible to " fresh, young " not often exercise. The incidence of sudden death is often exercise more than three times. In addition, exercise will make you muscle joint injuries and other injuries to reduce the chance of.
For those ordinary little physical activity, a 10 minute walk, climb a few flights of stairs will make their heart to bear the extra load, this is exercise, help to improve their heart function. In moderate condition, faster, longer, more times will make your heart get more exercise, you can make the heart coronary artery becomes coarser.
EvenSome of the lesions caused by luminal stenosis, the remainder can be adopted by the blood will be relatively large, can even more than an ordinary little exercise in normal vessels. The exercise to the appropriate measure of moderate and capacity to differ from man to man.
The twenties lad ran can very easily, while 70 year old lady goes fast will pant for breath. So the old lady walking and running on their respective young medium, it may exercise effect almost. Moderate and choose another layer of meaning is the prevention of accidental injuries, if the physical load beyond your capacity, it is easy to cause muscle and joint damage, and even induced acute heart disease.
So on the one hand, we need to heart enough physical load, make it get exercise; the other hand we have to control load not too big,Adidas Jeremy Scott Teddy Bear, avoid it unable to stand the strain any longer and the " " China's economic development.
Although very quickly, but the improvement of the living conditions is not a long time, a lot of people when young, hard physical work is still fresh and young; people are also more prone to manual work and low pay together.
So there are a lot of people have a slight physical exertion concept. A few minutes walking distance,Nike Lebron 9 exponential function ah, alsoWilling to drive two contacts. But unfortunately, they missed so convenient opportunity to exercise.
This opportunity can not only for your health to do what little one can to help, but also contribute to environmental protection. More deep in thought,Acheter Adidas Jeremy Scott The green solution, in the material wealth of society conditions the rapid improvement in the process, we is it right? Should review manual pay value? Have the opportunity to physical exertion should be healthy, glorious,nike hyperdunks 2011 credit, honorable, lucky, be respected.

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