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Vaginal tightening surgery treatment effect

Vaginal tightening surgery is aimed at female above physiological changes, in order to improve the quality of sexual life of husband and wife and the treatment of urethral, bladder and rectal prolapse and the design of a gynecological surgery operation.
Operation according to the patients of different age, vaginal relaxation and the different level of perineal injury repair, through the operation to repair the damage and relaxation of the muscles and fascia, make the vagina enhance flexibility, elasticity become appropriate, laceration of the perineal repair recovery after prenatal state.
Vaginal tightening surgery not only after satisfactory appearance, relieved the patients psychological and physical pain, and improve the quality of life,nike zoom kobe 6, to restore the female self-confidence. Is also conducive to the prevention and treatment for pelvic floor relaxation caused by uterine prolapse and the anterior and posterior vaginal wall prolapse and other disorders.
A large number of cases clinical observation results show that, after the operation the patient responded well, sexual life quality rises, because of vaginal relaxation leads to the bladder, rectum symptoms disappeared, without any sequelae.
Vaginal tightening surgery indications: where after vaginal delivery, old laceration of perineum, after episiotomy poor wound healing or congenital causes of vaginal relaxation,Adidas Panda Bear, leading to dissatisfaction,Adidas Originals M Attitude Logo any enemy, can consider to vaginal tightening surgery vaginal tightening surgery.
It can improve the vaginal relaxation caused by sexual problems, but it can't solve due to psychological or other causes of sexual problems. Vaginal tightening surgery preparation: in the period after 7 ~ 10 days arranging operation,nike zoom hyperfuse 2011, 3 days before the operation should be a day with 0.
1% Bromogeramine liquid cleansing of the vulva, vagina and keep dry and clean, should stop sexual intercourse. If you have vaginitis or vulvitis,Adidas Leopard Tail, cured after operation for vaginal tightening operation.
Methods: the vaginal opening the rear from the mucocutaneous junction about 0 3cm skin side incision,Air Foamposite 1, in the posterior wall of the vagina mucosa under free, and the posterior wall of the vagina of the muscular fascia suture around relative, to strengthen the vaginal tension operation.
In general hospital outpatient operation room operation. With local anesthesia operation. After intravaginal gauze to prevent hematoma formation, the subject may be allowed to go home,Adidas Bones, but some patients to the hospital for observation.
Vaginal tightening surgery nursing: 1 position after lying in bed for 12 ~ 24h, avoid ambulation. 2 prevention of infection in oral antibiotics, for 3 consecutive days. After using the toilet and the daily evening with 1: 5000 potassium permanganate solution bath for 10 ~ 15min, 7 ~ 10 days.
3 postoperative observation observe patients face is pale, with whether the pain, whether a hematoma appeared,http://nikeairfoamposite1.com/ why to see Mr., such as discovery andWhen reporting physicians early treatment. 4 diet nursing care given to the high level of protein, vitamin, low residue diet.
To minimize the number of stool (1 weeks). 5 discharge instruction for 6 weeks to prohibit sex life. Early postoperative should avoid physical activity, general 1 ~ 2 Zhou Ke return to work, 4 weeks of physical exercise.
Vaginal tightening the effect of operation: vaginal tightening surgery can be improved for vaginal relaxation caused by sexual problems, but it can't solve due to psychological or other causes of sexual problems.

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