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July 1st Sunday afternoon with the floor net single white-collar

Meeting theme :&quot ;shining your wisdom make an appointment eight minutes dating &quot ;Party types :single dating party promoters: the same floor net ,very road landscape club! Party time :July 1st Sunday : 2 pm to 7 partysites :HUAFA Zhenhua Road at the junction of North Road and Shanshui Trends Hotel restaurant and very Road Club :number of invitations 32 people( with review of information through accurate) men and women of the 16.
Note: your registration must leave a contact phone number ( can SMS messages ,or telephone registration ) ,in order to organize the party follow up contact ,ensure quality. the origin of about 8 minutes Dating:Fashion 8 minutes datingis signed by the fashionable and single white collar dating patterns ,is specifically designed for the metropolis single white-collar ,returnees and foreigners with new fun ,healthy ,efficient ,active and upward to meet friends .
&quot ;8 minutes dating&quot ;formerly known as &quot ;speed dating &quot ;( speed dating ) ,derived from the Jewish tradition :young singles in the elder with regular meetings ,to avoid the family and marriage .
In 1999 ,the United States of Losangeles a Jewish member of the Yaacov Deyo set the rules of the game ,speed dating from the West Road In New York ,one of the most influential is called a &quot ;8 minutes dating&quot ;the company ,its slogan is &quot ;8 gooddating ,a good night &quot ;soon, 8 minute datinghas spread to Canada ,the UK ,China and other places, now become one of the hottest city new dating game .
8 minutes datingcharacteristics and advantages : not at mm when meet insupportable object ,without the other face ,stand so long time ,just 8 minutes ,エアジョーダン5,drinking water is the next !Absolutely safe mm don meeting after blind date tie up for the dead lay ,man ,your information will be kept confidential ,you can select the number does not correspond ,there won unsafe hidden trouble !Save time mm8 minute feel important, enough to make each other feel both find each other ,every time 2 hours,can be dated more than 10 heterosexual,greatly increases the chance ,time is greatly saved !Economical mm course, as the lover to spend a little nothing, but in the &quot ;&quot ;in the process will cost a lot of MONEY or not cost-effective ,most of the time they spend money not happy ,now only spend ten yuan to about Will be dozens of heterosexual ,average heterosexual dating expenses cost less ,is not successful nor distressed !8 minutes datingfor 8people to participate inB still single ,looking for the other half of the B to change the way of life and social B wants to spend the least time dating the most handsome boy beautiful woman B rich amateur life B want to expand the business partner B want to expand the cause of B want to make more friends who want to try B nothing new about the thinking of expanding the game :also known as &quot &quot ;game ;,is a puzzle ,healthy reasoning game .
Game is very easy entry, usually from two to learn .In this game player in in the game you can cultivate their abilities in different aspects :include observation ,expression ,performances and logical reasoning ability and psychological quality and so on .
The murder game in 1999 by the United States of America Silicon Valley returned students first to Shanghai ,then to the end of the year in a IT world will meet the media uploads to Beijing ,from the beginning of the it is in the throughout the country is big in city young people spread trip.
Now many companies ,friends and communication circle on the prevalence of this puzzle of health reasoning game ,keen that by playing with &qu game player Ot ;the murder game &quot ;can :can exercise a person ,logical reasoning ability ,imagination ,judgment ,Nike Air Foamposite One there are a few quick reaction,defense ability ,expression ability ,psychological quality and performance ability ;to foster team spirit ,active team atmosphere ,nike zoom hyperfuse 2011,promote team members emotional exchanges ,enhance the cohesion ;improve the language expression ability ,improve people debates ,each round of PK are equivalent to a fierce debate ;and all kinds of occupation ,all types of people make friends ,through the game to understand each other character ,and with the aid of the game exchanges and deepen mutual understanding ;leisure and puzzle together perfectly ,relaxed and stimulation ;murder the game can bring high-quality friend ,the rapid turnover of enjoyment, the clarity of the outstanding eloquence ,will use a rational analysis of the smart brain HH use your wisdom to dump all fate ,won the favor: ) is a detailed description of activities of clubs and white-collar dating site for single friends ,jointly create a a novel ,fashion ,warm friends space ,in order to enrich the content of dating events ,Nike Lebron 8,combined with the popular 8 minutes datingand the thinking of expanding the game features ,Introduced as follows .
Party: is held on the same day, please try to arrive early activities at the scene ,early or arrive on time will be your first good impression to opposite sex .When you arrive,Air Jordan 11, will be able to enjoy the tea ,and other participants to chat, the ladies will draw a card ,stating your seat number, men draw cards ,write what you will want to talk to 8 ladiesseat sequence number .
In the activity, please keep to your appointment card ,Nike Air Foamposite Pro,please put your and your conversation sequence of numbers written in the card ,and please mark indicating the hope to meet again reason: affection ,friendship or business.
As follows : an invitation to single men ,women and 16 each ,divided into two groups ,respectively numbered 1-8activity contentis divided into three parts: first ,introduce themselves ,and for the popular topic ( by the proposed topic discussed ( 30 minutes) ;location: very road second PK room ) two ,divided into two groups 8 minutes dating,to communicate ( time 90 minutes;location: Western restaurant ) three ,thinking of expanding the game .
( time 60 minutes;location: the very first PK chamber ) finally together downstairs restaurant collective Meal after meal .,interested friends can also fill out a detailed personal information ,the establishment of archives .
When after the end of the event ,we sincerely hope that you can stay with us to continue the conversation ,we will provide several on the emotion ,life ,outlook on life ,Air Jordan,modern people are closely related to the topic so that you and your favorite people to elaborate and answer ,you will be able to have the opportunity to more in-depth understanding of each other ,and know more friends ,for your next appointment to lay a good foundation ,we can guarantee that this is a full of fun activities! process 14: 00mm14:30attendance,A / B two respectively receive the number card in two ,PK room waiting ;at the same time thinking of expanding the game training .
14: 00mm15:30: Agroup membership in two PK room ,according to the number sequence to introduce themselves ,and the topic. Then thinking of expanding the game .B group member to move to the downstairs restaurant ,8 minutesdating activities :please follow your number to sit in the corresponding table ,you can and your first partner talk for 8 minutes .
Every 8 minutes, lady seat unchanged ,according to the number of men in order to rotation. In the activity, please keep to your dating Card ,please put your and your conversation sequence of numbers written in the card ,and please mark indicating hope again reason: affection ,friendship or business.
15: 30mm17:00: Bgroup membership in two PK room ,according to the number sequence to introduce themselves ,and to discuss hot issues .Then thinking of expanding the game .A group member to move to the downstairs restaurant ,8 minutesdating activities, content is Alexandrine .
17: 00mm18: 30:willing to continue to play mind game development friends can be combined freely ,continue to play the game .Do not want to play the game can be friends in the restaurant started buffet ,free exchange.
registration required :the participants must occupation professionals ( single ) !Each registration staff must put my information to fill in detail, as far as possible the personal lives according to upload to the profile ;women age 22 years old - 32 years old,men 25M35.
( except for special conditions or ) men and women must dress neatly half business attire ,fashion leisure . note 1,not asking the real name and contact details ( including mobile phone and mail ) ;2,civilized behavior ,not allowed to talk about sex ,do not use dirty ,uncivilized or sexual language ;3,time One to 8 minutes,エアジョーダンレトロ mother to her education .For example,must comply with the rules for exchange ;4,after the end of the event ,do not allow for other members to take inquiries ,tracking and other means; 5,if meet the objects ,please put the other number record card ,if it is your favorite object also records your number ,the host will be on 24 hours noticeyou ,and tell you their contact ; cost 60 yuan / person.
( very road or the opening of the same building blog membership can enjoy the preferential price: 50 yuan / person) expenses include: Club venue costs ,drink red wine ,restaurant venue costs ,materials costs.
activities registration and payment mode the day before at enrollment ,in order to organize the party arrangements ,deployment. The campaign to call back and confirm !Be sure to leave a contact phone number registration and advisory telephone is downstage :;Adu :activity site photo and all previous activities are as follows :(from Shenzhen in the same building network www.

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