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Go around the ancient women in Arabia -- the basic code of ethic

The &quot " go; ancient Arabia women's ethical and legal norms, according to Islamic religious ethics and legal regulations, wife just made &quot " go; for any one of her husband, can be unilateral divorce.
First, not chaste. The Islamic world for women have a strong concept of chastity, female is regarded as a continuation of offspring descent pure tool, is very important. The wedding night,nike zoom kobe 7, if her husband discovered that his wife is not pure,Air Jordan 5, without going through legal procedures can divorce her.
In the folk stories in Arabia, there is a story with a laudatory tone praise a businessman husband kills wife and lover elope. Osman's a ruler check Sal, had 37 wives, several of which have been suspected, check Sal let the eunuch throw them into fire burned.
Second, irreverent parents-in-law. " &quot is filial piety; "the Qur'an" established the basic code of ethics. Parents were viewed by Muslims the embodiment of wisdom,Nike Air Foamposite One, irreverent parents-in-law was seen as a betrayal "the Qur'an", betraying Islam.
Third, unchaste. The low status of women is mainly reflected in a series of elaborate dress regulations. These Regulations are IslamThe teachings and Arabia social norms, women generally are not absolutely violated.
Fourth, reduce the line of sight. Arabs think, sensory stimulation, is most intense eyes, Allah gift of the human eye, humans should protect itself, only the lower line of sight, see no evil, evil do not read,エアジョーダン11 200 meters after more than 50 years, to defend his eyes as the soul a line of defense,www.airjordanjp.com www., from the world of distress,Nike Air Foamposite Pro, to peace of mind at ease ibada.
Women to participate in the public activity, must increase male escort or companion, not to go out alone. When going out with men look and avoid physical contact. The woman watched other men, will be seen as a tease others suspected of strange men and women.
Among the more unlikely to have any physical contact, such as shaking hands, hugging or dance, kiss, is unforgivable behavior. Women's behavior to be solemn,エアジョーダン5, talk calmly,http://nikeairfoamposite1.com/ now in retrospect, serious. Except in front of their husbands, in any man can kill, laughing and flirtatious, display feminine charm.
"The Qur'an" even provisions of foreign people, women, even a gentle word also does not say. So, although women in Arabia before her husband be a yes-man to outsiders, but the feelings are often.Baba.
Woman's decoration is not exposed outside, headdress, earrings, bracelets and other jewelry to hear sweet voice, clothes can not show too bright colors, prettify also cannot let the fragrance overflows, lest cause swagger through the streets, outsiders desire in and around men admire and follow the ancient dynasty.
Fatima Khalifa Hakim in the days of extreme brutality against women, asked the woman to the secluded, preferably remain within doors. Prohibit the woman shoes, women do not wear shoes, not out. Prohibit small traders and women direct hand transaction, items must be placed in baskets.
Women with rope pulled out from upstairs. Forbidding women to public bathroom, once found immediately with brick beat them in dead inside. The reign of Hakim, in Cairo city to see a woman, who was killed too many to count women.
This article is taken from Kou Qiaozhen "life in ancient Arabia" one book, Shantou University press. Ancient Arabia women's limited rights to Nasser: the first Arab to correct dictator &quot "; male
dominated Arabia family Arabia polygamous marriage system "sixty one nine eight four"Year old brother " " gone? Islam mosque culture of ancient Arabia city civilization especially love -- a man
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