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Have a look what colour is your birthday

In December 23rd 01 01mmred 01 02 August0111mmorange 0112 August0124mm yellow 0125 August0203mmpink 02 Sept. 040208mm blue02Sept. 090218mm green02Sept. 1902 months28mmBrown 02290310mm waterblue 03 11 August0320mmgrey stone 0321mm black03220331040104mmpurple mm dark blue 10 August0411 August0420mm04 silver21 August0430mm white 05010514mm blue05Sept.
150524mmgold 05 25 August0603mmcream 0604 August0613mmgray 06 Sept. 140623mmmaroon 06 month 24 daysmm grey 06 25 August0704mmred 07 05 August0714mmorange 0715 August0725mm yellow 0726 August0804mmpink 08 Sept.
050813mm blue08Sept. 140823mm green08months240902mmBrown 09030912mm waterblue 09 Sept. 130922mm0923mmstone grey yellow green 09 24 AugustOctober 4th October 13th October 3rd mm purple mm dark blue October 14th October 23rd October 24th November 11th 11mmmm silver white 12 August November 22nd December 1st November 21st golden mm mm cream in December 2nd December 11th December 12th December 21st December 22nd mm mm gray maroon mm blue green color analysis :Red mm lovely you are very lovable !Love you very picky but always in love ,Air Jordan 6,and love the feeling of being loved .
You have the temperament of fresh and cheerful personality ,but sometimes also become &quot always melancholy and moody ;&quot ;and others .When you be friendly and gentle ,so many people like to close to you .
You love and friendly and easygoing people. Cream mm you love to compete with others ,the feeling of failure you can not stand very loved .Sports and outdoor activities ,you have a bright and cheerful disposition also worthy of trust.
Love you are very careful ,do not easily fall in love with someone. But once you find a partner in life ,you will never let him get away .Blue green mm you to pay attention to their appearance .
On the choice of lovers demanding. You always have a clear mind to think and solve problems, and not easy to make a mistake. You like in the crowd were attached to ,and therefore make you easy to recognize to meet new friends .
Gray mm you are active ,is also very attractive Force .You will never want to say in my heart ,always express since their feelings .But can be selfish at times .You want to be noticed ,hates injustice.
You are very humorous, also know when to say the appropriate words ,often also makes the people around me happy. Green mm you always and new friends get along very well .You are not really a shy person ,but sometimes when you talk to hurt somebody .
You want her attention ,more like &quot ;be loved &quot ;feeling ,most of the time you are always waiting for your life the other half of the golden mm .You know what should be done ,what should not be done .
Outgoing and sociable .For you, find a person you love is not an easy thing to do ,but when you find the person you love ,you will never light variable heart pink mm on any thing you .Always go to all lengths ,and you love to take care of other people .
But you are not a easy to meet people ,http://www.airjordanjp.com/ comfortable,often have negative thoughts. You always hope you love like a fairy tale beauty and beauty .The Yellow mm you are a very innocent and sweet &quot ;&quot ;people often make people .
Trust ,also have very strong Leadership can force .When making decisions or choices, you always do the right decision. There ,you often longing for a romantic relationship .The maroon mm you have a wise head .
Is also a self, often with their own preferences to work, sometimes not Dali people feelings and got into trouble. To love you is very patient ,when you find what you the one ,you won fall in love with someone else .
You are always on the orange mm what he did pay responsibility ,and you know how to the way one gets along with people .You often give self has set many competing goals and objects. It is hard for you to believe that other people ,including your friends, but when you see him as a credible ,Nike Air Foamposite One &quot,you will take him as permanent distant friends .
Purple mm you are a mysterious person ,never selfish ,??????????,it is difficult for any person and thing interest .Your state is always sad ,is an emotional person .Very popular between friends ,but you can make a fool foolish actions ,memory is not so good .
You most love and some of the true nature of people make friends. Grey stone mm you is a calm person ,but often give yourself pressure .You often complain over little things ,nike zoom kobe 7,and allow easy jealous.
You don Will settle down, but you can have a friend disposition to trust you and like you .Black mm you willing to accept the challenge ,because you have the courage to accept the challenge .
But you don like changes in your life .Once you make a decision ,???????6,you will go in this direction .Your love life is also full of challenges and a little different. Yellow green mm you are a warm and light hearted .
Your relationships with family and friends good good .Very hate violence ,clear what should do what shouldn .You are very kind and optimistic ,and very little foot ,and not easily jealous of what we have.
Brown mm you love sports ,the people are full of vigor. But others find it difficult to get close to you ,even so ,you can easily put into a relationship .But when you find you get lost in love you can ,you will immediately give up ,always be quick.
Blue mm you have confidence in yourself, and very picky .You are artistic ,is also very easy to love a person ,but when it comes to love ,you just use your &quot ;&quot ;to love ,but do not use your heart to love .
Silver mm you are a Has a rich imagination and shy,Nike Lebron 9 hate the school immediately, but you are willing to accept new things and new try .You like to challenge yourself .Learning new things will soon get started ,getting stronger .
But you love life is normally much frustration and perplexity. Dark blue mm you are an attractive ,and love your life .You for everything with a strong feeling .You are an easily &quot ;butterflies &quot ;people.
If you get angry at someone ,it him. White mm you life is full of dreams and ideals. You around on the what a little be indifferent to ,jealous easily. You are unique in a group ,sometimes ,you always thought highly by others.
Water blue mm you come and go like the wind .You are always lonely ,nike zoom kobe 6,love to travel .You treat people sincerely, but too easily influenced by others .On you are looking for love ,it is a very difficult thing ,is easy to get lost in love ,let you easily hurt by love .

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