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Such as false Baotui _ section of electric warming shoes _ Haiya

This is the home of shoes ,so men and women, regardless of size ,5 colorsare very good ,our products are not selected color, buyers can leave a message to like color ,we try to request delivery, color-coded incomplete on random shipments ,Air Foamposite 1 so,please buy identity .
09 newcolor using 2 colors,fabric plush .Than previous generations more warm ,more fashion ,generous. Technological innovations ,the sole adds a layer of insulation film for indoor use ,Air Formposite One male 2 cups a day.Family physicians,Air Jordan,are not recommended for outdoor use 1wirequality better quality 2bottom ofthick / wear no more problems 3Plushthickened, thermal effect is better size : one size fits all shoes ca.
26-27cmfor women :35to 38 yardswomen,Air Jordan 6, 3 colors,orange ,nike hyperdunks 2011 Teenagers are in the key period of development,violet, Rose Red Mens 2 color,coffee color ,blue for shoes heavier 1double 720grams(men ) ,700 grams/ double side (Ladies ) ,specific express fee please consult the dispensers of the products from China Property Insurance Company insurance recommendation reason :the latest electric heating type electric heating shoes is a kind of high quality insulating materials and advanced technology to develop a new type of heating in winter to share and care .
The product set heating fast ,less power consumption ,safety and performance advantages, and lets the user without any menace from the products .The use of 220V voltage,input power of 20W ( insulation 10W ) ,can be in a relatively short time heating to the appropriate temperature.
The product long-term use without side effects, and arthritis ,frostbite foot and ruffling has obvious prevention effect ,at the same time with Shu bones ,live blood effects ,family ,school ,enterprises ,institutions and other workers in winter the most ideal warm shoes .
Product features: the adoption of a new generation of high-tech rapid heating thermal insulation means ,Nike Lebron 9,only to electricity for 7 minutes,can make the shoes inner temperature rises to 45 degrees.
And can automatically cut off the power. When the temperature dropped to 25 degrees,can the power is switched on automatically ,automatic heating again .It is very convenient to use ,shoe setting double insulation and over temperature automatic protection device ,safe and reliable use .
The product brand :petrel ( family ) ,because the factory direct sales ,export trade ,color box packaging .Method of use :the product of the switch is divided into 3 gears .High-grade ( red ) accelerate heating ,low-grade (GLC ) continue to heat ,the heating is stopped ( indicator Quanmie ) .
When using power line end is respectively inserted into the electric heating shoe department charged ,and the other end is connected with a power socket end ,will switch to high-grade ,the red light indicates power Connected, by heating .
When arrived at the suitable temperature ( 45 degrees),the switch to end of file continuous insulation (green) ,or directly related to stop heating ( indicator Quanmie ) .You can use ,charging time of 7-10 minutes.
Safety tips: strictly in the unsupervised case child long time heating .Should be under the supervision of adults use ,avoid hot plug play .When heated ,should avoid charged around. After the power is switched on ,do not move.
If need to walk ,please dial except power connections. To prevent water and various types of conductive liquid wetting electric warming shoes ,so as not to cause damage to components for safety reasons ,generally in the room wearing ,is strictly prohibited in the wetland ,land use.
The washing instructions :shoes dirty ,need washing, with a wet towel, wring dry smear gently,www.airjordanjp.com, and then dried .Do not use blisters wash end clearance loss price USB cartoon Nuanshou Po warm foot treasure warm slippers luxury box pattern random 09 winternew indoor USB heel boots detachable warm boot / home furnishing shoes off-line available pink National Post spring 19661multifunctionalwarmer electric warm pad hand warmer warm foot treasure crown quality detachable Changjia sales Electronic warm shoes winter essential 6800 Iraqicourt USB warm foot treasure warm shoes capable of unpicking and washing Cat feet cartoon shoes autumn special Xian electric warming shoes USB interpolation and direct power warm foot treasure warm shoes 2 crownhot spring smile card detachable zipper USB warm foot treasure / foot warming shoes / warm shoes 0.
3 genuinesuper Plush warm foot treasure charge the foot warming shoes electric heating shoes white pink pig detachable winter variety of plush thickening type warm foot treasure with a warm foot treasure foot warming shoes UBS warm King Festival by plug-in type four in a detachable multifunctional electric heating pad heating cushion warm foot treasure electric warm pad drill a fusion of electric warming shoes USB + transformer power supply warm foot treasure electrothermal shoes health shoes spring smile card super Plush thickening warm foot treasure / foot warming shoes - white (including oversized Shuidai ) Christmas warm foot treasure foot warming shoes electric heating shoes crazy sale only 9.
9 yuan a limited number of USB electric heating chip USB WARMERS GLOVES chip heating chip can be directly hand warming of 50 degrees 7 *9 authentic,warm Dog Plush USB all-inclusive zipper foot warmer precious pink cat Plush Monkey metoo rabbit special ,Teng licensing two-in-one warm foot treasure / foot warming shoes / electric warm bag (including PVC Shuidai ) multicolor 0.
42 springmultipurpose electric heating pad heating Po electric warm pad brown 19661 Shanghai Zhang Xiaoquan large copper hot woman hand warming kettle son hot soup bitch double band Plug the package post spring 18893,a heating pad hand warmer warm foot treasure electric warming pad 7 grade temperature-regulating2010 newlove can be thought of electric warming shoes warm foot treasure warm shoes electric heating shoes ( Mens ) 12Vspecial brand of Hong Jian Donald UBS warm foot treasure electric warming shoes Miharu cartoon embroidered electrothermal pad 18893 hand warmer/ warm foot treasure / electric warm pad / 1 sale.
Merry Christmas cartoon Nuanshou Po charging hot water bag health heating Po USB warm foot treasure foot warming shoes hand warmer USB warm shoes warm feet three in a Wang Dalong
large copper hot woman hand warming kettle hot son warmer double with inner plug authentic ,warm dog plush cartoon USB thickening warm foot treasure hand warmer Electric
Po electric warm pad cute cartoon rechargeable hand warmer variety of optional cartoon Nuanshou cartoon heater multifunctional electrothermal warm foot treasure of electric warming shoes
electric heating shoes ( coffee) Wang Dalong medium copper Longfeng hot woman hot soup woman son copper kettle cloth feeding set large sale Emperor gave I authentic multifunctional
warm foot treasure of electric warming shoes foot warming shoes electric heating shoes thermostat / washing / plug-in authentic ,warm USB fractional warm foot treasure Le Cher USB health
care warm foot treasure this winter no longer cold new Pui good oh electric warming shoes, USB + power supply transformer m Female models models ( 4 colors)drill promotion ,http://www.airjordanjp.com/!USB warm foot
treasure / USB boots / USB warm shoes / USB Princess boots can be disassembled and washed plush USB thickening warm baby warm foot treasure of electric warming shoes foot warmers USB warm
shoes warm comfortable detachable authentic Cai Yang charging non USB electric heating pad heating foot warming hand Bao Bao warm baby Electric Po postage corduroy explosion-proof
charging hot water bag hand warmer heating warm foot treasure baby warm heating Po electric warm bag USB new electric heating chip USB heating chip carbon fiber heating extended warm
boots essentials 2010 newPui good electric warming shoes USB + power supply transformer USB electric heating shoes warm foot treasure Miharu cartoon electric heating pad four and one warm

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