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[report] a beautiful bottle qualified Body Lotion

After the bath, the body skin also need moderate moisture. Understand this truth, seems to be in Great Britain country. The sea breeze, indoor heating, bath after the body dry skin, even slightly hurt, then begin to pay attention to the body lotion, although some small trouble.
Butt: University, have used Avon powder, born out of baby powder East. It never painted so shocking, can cover the smell of sweat, as antiperspirant, somewhat effect. (borrowed from the network picture) the first bottle.
The Ascott Hallyday. Foreign like ride a perfume sell the same body lotion, is affordable, and keep the body flavor consistency, not suitable for me the frequent replacement of perfume consumers. This lotion,Kobe bryant olympic shoes, for its practical effect, has no impression, to the general effect,Nike Lebron 9, considering its price, price is still lower.
The (borrowed from the network picture) recommended index: second bottles. Johnson. Time superstition baby products, try it is lavender money, is said to sleep aid (it is summed up a gimmick). Adults use Johnson infant products, after all what is good or bad, the so-called experts have each view each.
Personal use, think without too reactive. Considering the infant productsNo anti-aging function, abandoning the. Body lotion is also similarly, regardless of how many years after advertising, both failed at the supermarket I brought back to buy.
(borrowed from the network picture) recommended index: third bottles. Yu Mei Jing. From Chinese rise, brands from nostalgia, since Taobao bought its both of the bath lotion. The first tank, collate says stunning,Air Foamposite 1, 15 yuan less than the product, a surprising effect.
After one after another, save a few cans, the price has been increased, and in the south does not see more. Finally give up because, my skin without replacement products, will be on the same a product resulting from fatigue, gradually lost.
Use the last stage, it is clean, dry winter skin remains still, her sleeves, joint wrinkled, so decided to replace (borrowed from the network.) recommend index: fourth bottles of The Body Shop. I really like this brand, natural benefits and so on.
However, it home product needs a lot of experience, found belongs to own physique and the skin of the thing is a serious matter. For example, aloe series for me, is a large cup. Colleagues Fengshengshuiqi, I also follow the trend,www.airjordanjp.com, all the way with a pot body creamEmulsion.
Night cream texture is dry,Nike Air Foamposite Pro also need not plow, the face is not pushed, I do not know why, out of the very next day always have red spots. And body lotion, after I feel nothing. A master, a tank body lotion is effective, is to use nails across the skin of the body, to see if there is a white mark.
The experimental results is: a. (borrowed from the network picture) recommended index: Fifth bottles. Unknown. With friends around a day department store, the shopkeeper gift products a bottle. I think is so far, with the best body lotion.
All bottles are Japanese, with some English words and Chinese. Note: botanical ingredients with moisture; written urea complexes; usage: Yan, foot, head band, the wrist. Soft texture,エアジョーダン3, aroma and comfortable, moisturizing effect is good, and the coating finished, no sticky feeling,Centrifugal force and cohesion, and quite relaxed.
Just,エアジョーダン4 or trying to visit, 200ml is not too much, run out after the store also not new. (self) recommended index: Sixth bottles. Where ya Sha Rose Moisturizing Body Lotion. This tank is purchased from the day the department store.
Products in Taiwan is the Kaohsiung. Its specification is the main component: pure deionized water, natural moisturizing factor, grape seed oil, shea butter, rose essential oil and other products have a very strong rose.

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