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As the revolution made tremendous sacrifice Zhu De's five marria

1953 with family in Beijingphoto ( editor :&quot ;life honest valuable ,love price is higher. Therefore if for the freedom ,the two can throw. &quot ;Hungarian poet Pei Duofen poem ,has aroused lots of boys and girls on liberty and love aria ,???????3 Intensity of the larger movement,really understand freedom of meaning, is those for the freedom and liberation of the shed ,shed blood of heroes ,they face the vicissitudes of life ,a smoke, a loss of family ,love again and again recast ,with lifelong pursuit and struggle, achieve the romantic promise.
) Zhu De has been married five times,???????11, his first wife is Xiao Jufang Yunnan girl in autumn 1912 ,26 year-oldYunnan Army Institute Instructor Zhu De with Kunming normal college at the age of 19 Xiao Jufangmarried students .
At the beginning of 1916 ,Zhu De along with the anti-Yuan retaining Army First Army North levy ,bound for home Sichuan .Soon, Xiao Jufang had a similar dysentery fever ,has died. Zhu De second wife is Sichuan girl Chen Yuzhen second marriage ,let Zhu De have a happy family ,have a brief family life.
The summer of 1922 ,???????6,Zhu De was determined to go to Shanghai in pursuit of progress for revolutionary road .Before leaving, Zhu De received in East Sichuan The warlord Yang Sen telegraph ,Yang Sen invited Zhu De to Chongqing guests .
Then ,Zhu De left Chen Yuzhen hometown of Nanxi .This don ,they never meet. Zhu De third wife is Sichuan girl He Zhihua this is a little-known failed marriage. This unfortunate marriage ,in Zhu De mind left a very traumatic.
Therefore ,Zhu De never mentioned ,their daughter Zhu Min ,also not mentioned .Relevant historical scholars to leaders ,taboo taboo in his little He Zhihua was also involved .Sichuan county high school teacher ,bright ,beautiful.
His brother is Zhu De and friends ,and they know the introducer .1922September,to seek the truth of salvaging the revolution ,Zhu De went to Germany ,accompanying in addition to friend Sun Bingwen, and his girlfriend He Zhihua Zhu De .
Nice to meet you .In Berlin, Zhou Enlai .In November of the same year ,Zhu De of 36 years old in Zhou Enlai ,Zhang Shenfu ,joined the Communist Party of China. Before long, Zhu De and He Zhihua married, and to German Auguste in Gottingen City University studying social sciences .
In 1925 July,Zhu De was engaged in the revolutionary activity ,have been expelled from Germany to the Soviet Union ,in the Soviet Union ,Zhu De to the East .Party university to study military ,soon, He Zhihua in a Moscow Suburb Farm gave birth to her daughter Zhu Min .
Forty years had a daughter, Zhu De happy for his daughter .He played a very special name mm lent lent ,expresses his joy at the birth of a son .He Zhihua felt a little rustic, again her daughter has a little foreign ship name mm .
In 1926 May,the party decided Zhu De to return to the warlord Yang Sen ,Sichuan do the United Front work .Considering the domestic conditions, Zhu De had to make his wife He Zhihua and daughter Zhu Min in the Soviet Union.
For the mother and daughter to create a convenient ,NEA a few days ,Zhu De managed to make every attempt they prepared the necessary supplies ,Air Jordan 5 choose the best cool clothes,returned the night before, Zhu De clasped her infant daughter in his arms ,over and over again with his broad hands stroked the daughter face, a Bieqilizi sorrow steep on mind.
Zhu De shortly after returning ,both because dissident and break up, this marriage ended. Zhu De fourth wife was Wu Ruolan Hunan girl Yuexiu Park landscaped forest ,all flowers bloom together.
Each Zheng-chun .Only fragrant orchid is a rare ,http://www.airjordanjp.com/,five rams .This is March 3, 1961 ,Zhu De in Guangzhou to visit Yuexiu Park, impromptu writing a poem ,at the same time ,it is also a song for him .
Zhu De lifetime love orchid ,which originates from the Zhu De period of life touching love story .Zhu De and Wu Ruolan met ,like the TV series passion burning years .Shi Guangrong and Chu Qin met the scene.
In February 15, 1928, 42 year-old Zhu Deled the worker-peasant revolutionary army first division seized Hunan in Leiyang city. Zhu De Town Street ,suddenly saw a young woman running and shouting :&quot ;the villagers ,the leadership of the Communist Party of the workers and peasants revolutionary army first division defeated Zhang Jiamei standing team ,liberated Leiyang city.
In order to celebrate the victory in battle ,we quickly to the town square for the military and civilian assembly !&quot ;Zhu De careful one look ,I saw the girl high big ,brawny ,&quot ;hair in at the back ,dark skin, some on the &quot ;,brimming with vigor .
This is his mother very similar a girl .The running publicity woman is young communist Wu Ruolan .Wu Ruolan Hengyang in the women three division to read the book ,is a famous female scholar Zhu De and Wu Ruolan can be fall in love at first sight .
One day soon ,Zhu De called Wu Ruolan to garrison had a long talk. Zhu De told Wu Ruolan she was married before ,then ,a detailed account of his marriage and family. This, Wu Ruolan firmly said: I don care about your past ,as long as you are a matter of conscience to love me.
I love you ,never change !A pair of shoes and a pair of cotton socks ,which Wu Ruolan gave to Zhu De tokens .Three days later ,Zhu De and Wu Ruolan in the worker-peasant revolutionary army first division division headquarters held a wedding ceremony.
In April 28th, Zhu De led the army and Mao Zedong led the Autumn Harvest Uprising troops in Jiangxi Ningkang mill city rendezvous victory .Two troops after the merger, set up and the Fourth Army of the Red Army ,Zhu De holds the post of army commander ,Mao Zedong as party .
During this period ,Wu Ruolan never left Zhu De. In addition to assist his work outside ,also taking care of his daily life. At that time, Jinggangshan was besieged by the enemy ,traffic barrier ,the message is out-of-the-way,???????, want to know outside the hill is not easy.
To this end, Zhu De gave his wife two important tasks: a survey of Jinggangshan military details ,collected poems ,ballads and songs ,the Red Army battle, such as ;Two are collected in the newspaper ,understanding of international and domestic situations.
Wu Ruolan gladly accepted the assignment. Her all over the mountain ,boundary survey edge collect publicity materials .In order to offer Zhu De ,she sent disguised as civilians blended into enemy territory to get some newspapers .
After nightfall, she sat under the oil lamp ,finishing .Or copying article ,give Zhu De a reference reading. In 1929 January,to smash the enemy third &quot ;&quot ,will destroy ;Zhu De and Mao Zedong led the red army moved to outside of Jinggangshan.
One day, Zhu De and a small force is small temple rest ,suddenly was followed and the surrounded by the enemy . situation is very critical. Her husband ,said firmly :&quot ;I and guard class comrades cover you break out of an encirclement !&quot ;Wu Ruolan with all his strength ,Zhu De launched the temple gate ,said :&quot ;you go ,later will have trouble! &quot ;Zhu De out ,Wu Ruolan in battle he was caught ,and brutally murdered .
The cruel enemy with a machete chop off her head ,and the head over Changsha ,the hanging pole pedestal .Learns of Wu Ruolan heroic Jiuyi details ,Zhu De shed floods down one .an orchid is the enemy destroyed ,which also became the Zhu De life pain .
In the chart for the Zhu De and Kang Keqing Zhu De fifth wife was a Jiangxi girl Kang Keqing Kang Keqing in an article said :&quot ;in March to Jinggangshan on the way, one day ,our team to stop in the vicinity of Suichuan ,hear each other comrades be jubilant legend :&quot ;Zhu Jun long .
&quot ;previously ,I also naive to think that &quot ;Zhu Mao &quot ;is a person ,just know later is two people .They were said very God ,??????????,now have the chance to see them, filled with curiosity and respect .
I squeeze in the team, along with others that look in the direction ,I saw a medium build, well-built ,bad persons ,coming towards us .Come near ,only see him wearing a grey in white uniforms ,foot wear sandals ,Nike Lebron 8,a dusty ,smiling ,and revealed a .
Zhu commander gave me the first impression ,he is very ordinary, ordinary as a genuine farmers. &quot ;this like a peasant soldiers eventually became Kang Keqing husband ,their work has gone through 47 years of marriage course ,tenacity and persistence .
Kang Keqing grew up in a poor peasant family, did not go to school. On Jinggangshan, Kang Keqing can .Ginseng With the Reds ,Kang Keqing served as a propaganda work. In order to improve their political consciousness and cultural quality ,Kang Keqing often boldly to Zhu De where they ask for advice .
In Zhu De coaching and influence, Kang Keqing level improved quickly .The revolutionary struggle to be together morning and night life ,generals and soldiers between Germination of adoration .
For his choice ,Kang Keqing said frankly :&quot ;I love and marriage is the marriage ,as long as the revolution firmly ,noble moral character ,on the party contribution is large, really friends, I will regardless of age ,not fawn on power.
&quot ;by the end of 1929 ,43 year oldRed Army commander Zhu De in Jinggangshan and the 17 year oldfemale warrior Kang Keqing married Kang Keqing .In the memories of their marriage when he said: &quot ;the winter of 1939 ,chief Zhu fifty-three birthday.
Remember me to write him a letter with the words: &quot ;you and I together for more than 10 years .Think you to state and for the heavy revolution .Everything regardless of their own interests.
People unbearable thing you can endure, what people don do things you to open up. There ,you see a book to read ,have an insatiable desire to learn ,always forward ,to remind the comrade, urge comrades ,love Gay hh&quot ;this is my understanding ,I now know .

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