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Dream fourth chapters the first picture five reunited - Phoeni

Five .* * * aircraft bombing to my family back to town, thirty-three miles from Gao rural .Our home that rural areas are not safe, because only three or four miles from the railway ,http://nikeairfoamposite1.com/,the devils to sweep every two or three days ,the villagers seem to Paofan every day ,even do not divide day and night to Paofan ,namely daytime run * * * .
Anti ,Air Jordan 5 is a little wronged him today,night run up against Lake bandits .No way grandfather took uncle couple ,grandma ,aunt and I escaped to the mountains often over Kanawha ,a land farm village ,rent two houses, uncle couple lived in a small ,grandparents ,aunt and I live in a big the head is large ,grandparents bed ,a head is the aunt and my bed .
Home fields and my mother took me two uncles farming ,the bandits to grab my home ,it will not hurt them ,thought they were my parents work .After eight years I and glow even in a choked me hall in the meeting.
Eight years in my family and I defeated ,become be split .Mom took me and my brother became tenant farmers .In this case the mother also provoked lawsuit. Say something shameful conspicuous.
It was the summer of four eight, my father to sell ancestors left a piece of field and a he has been sold the house roof separation .When his grandparents grandfather cover the road inside the house ,our grandfather and uncle lived in succession to his ancestors in the old road hatchback in two principal rooms ,a kitchen is public, each in a range ,from two range between past into another low house ,is stopped and cattle toilet ,a dung ,manure load from two range intermediate .
The room is also common .When breaking up my father is not at home, he is often not at home ,not a penny in his pocket everywhere borrowed money ,he didn home to get money. The separation is by my grandfather brother to preside over ,because they are my father mother brother ,my father ,aunt ,uncle own uncle.
My uncle and aunt to share each three mu of paddy fields ,our family had three acres seven water rice field ,( more than they called Uncle Sun Tian ) .And we also share others ,a basket of dry bag bars and venues on a few straw bale house to house .
Who to who does not move .We live together peacefully after a few months ,that my father really in the outer die .Who knows half a year later he came back ,a door, house in the spring of harvested grain to sell a few money ,he would sell tables and chairs ,made us eat did not sit ,mother said he died .
Her. When autumn harvest ,mother on there aren rice he can choose to run, mother to Dutch act attempts. When grandparents and aunt to lend a helping hand ,that we all eat ,use are placed at her aunt ,that day how much to eat and how many .
It promote angry father ,he the stove chimney demolition sell and at the same time, the room tile also unloaded sell .No shelter ,no eating ,the conditions for the survival of a don our son how to live ?Made us leave mother three background to the suburban my aunt two ,rent a house to live in rent a field ,a tenant farmers and workers ( the mother to help people washing clothes ,sending load ) .
At last the father to sell the field and no roof .Grandfather insisted that their children alive to sell property .Therefore do not give the real land deed .My father said separation ,as neighbors ,not to the real land deed he complained to the government ,but also indulge in the wildest fantasy land ,want to sell Tian Fang to eat light ,there will be people to support him ,and extortion ,and even forced him out of the house has long been my mother tell .
My mother is a timid child bride ,Air Formposite One,people will say anything. Only by I just fourteen years old daughter to accompany her to go in .Home to mom and aunt to discuss the good, to the county to find powerful uncle ,エアジョーダン4 clear mind,he is the famous lawyer .
With our family and happy house, he will help him to the University .My grandfather is also connected through him. My mother and I took more than seven hour Road ,came to live in the County South of the Biaoyi home ,a little rest ,he put on clean clothes and footwear ( walk barefoot sandals ) ,to find the powerful uncle.
Biaoyi although skeptical, or tell us to bring something ,my mother said ;&quot ;I have bought a bag of candy ,&quot ;candy is our hometown specialty ,more expensive ,a bag is ten packets ,each packet is eight piece of two line ,when eaten with a spread like noodles ,relieved ,tastes soft and crisp and sweet ,mother like this gift can .
Resident town Biaoyi took twenty eggs ,said civility strange, that we take a go .I felt really sorry ,we don to give her something to take him home ,the eggs away. Candy and eggs take two fighting several meters of money, mother to help people to stem the number day ?I really painful .
We carrying a basket, crossing the street ,town streets the maze ,we continue to ask people just from the county south to County North of the city .The lawyer door closed, in others under the guidance from the alley side door, through a small courtyard ,into furnishings elegant hall ,which no one is static ,be in a nice hobble ,right hand door opened ,a wall out of a more than 60 years old woman,dressed in a black silk pants ,Air Jordan,white hair ,comb a shiny bright ,behind in big hair knot ,gold earrings .
She spoke first :&quot ;it was you !... ... . &quot ;the busy mom to call ;&quot ;her mother-in-law grandma .&quot ;then respectfully handed the basket .The old woman pile up fat face said :&quot ;not polite .
&quot ;stretched out his hand for the basket ,and turned back to the room ,we stood there staring blankly .Little old woman out empty baskets back mother said :&quot ;he the boss .To sit down for a while ,just to get up, he guest, with pumping two,www.airjordanjp.com, soon .
&quot ;before the liberation of China opium is widespread, the rich also according to this as a beautiful, they have set smoking tool .A man without money to draw on the dens, street dens and teahouse like everywhere, in the country, each of the two village is an opium smoking and gambling .
Also ,tend to make some people from smoking opium .People always do not sleep at night ,day got up very late. So I don understand is that we haven had come ,how does she know she is looking for her son ?Probably only the son of someone looking for .
This old woman has three sons ,the second when the Kuomintang arms ,back ,has not know death. The third in the county of a small factory as a worker. Her husband had dementia ,when the door is not out .
The old woman led us rickety walk It was also with the pace vibration rocking from side to side ,the busy mom stepped forward to help her ,I saw her only three inches feet ,wearing a pair of black shoes in front of safflower rust ,walk along a road to come very hard ,very do not understand .
The world would have this kind of trouble crime person ,this three inch lotus feet what beauty ,even can steady. I don chuckled .She walking lattice door into the front room ,pointing to the lattice door is a wood chair called my mother to sit ,my mother said ,&quot ;you busy ,I am here waiting for brother .
&quot ;the old woman turned to hand hold the wall into the the small door in the front room .The front room is a corridor ;the double fan black door ,Tong street .North is the six fan lattice door ,the patio on room.
The East has two fan door ,probably through two rooms. The West is a double door ,probably through a large room in the hall .On lattice door only a chair .She obviously didn regard me as a person .
After seven or eight hours of walking, so tired ,I really want to sit down and rest .Have a look the room sit around ,he whispered to the mother ;&quot ;me into the back room table with a small stool sit ?&quot ;have a look after mom turned hall ,it many red The color of wood furniture ,coffee table has two small stool ,know the first time I walk so much was very tired .
But she was afraid to move a thing other people unhappy ,it is difficult to ask for help ,ask for help ,not let others unhappy. He said ;&quot ;people in town had their rules ,do not move as well,エアジョーダン legs straight, I ask you to sit down for a while .
&quot ;I think grandfather taught ,he said to his mother ;&quot ;if not ,you stand, I sat down ,they will laugh at people in the country not polite, no tutor .&quot ;mother both happy and want to pull my hand ,let me on her body.
I watch the hall after many chairs can ,or ask for help ,afraid of her mother is not happy ,I don !I stand legs and left leg with sour turns up her body. Staring at the hall on the seat after the clock a a second of the past .
Feel the time pass slowly ,my mother hand has touched my arm ,like to touch my fatigue , support ! the click of a door ,left from the room a graceful pose a short dress white fat boy ,he was wearing a beige short sleeve shirt ,blue pants with suspenders in the shoulder ,Air Jordan 3,with meat white skin ,is really tall, stately and handsome .
I have moved Zhong glanced at him ,but I have no love for the family ,will not look at him .He recognized my mother ,called &quot ;Party ;Aunt you coming ,&quot ;also smiled and nodded to me .
I think it is eight years since I last saw -- Xin Daiqiang ,not seen for many years each there are great changes ,feel strange .&quot ;you are to come to my aunt ,uncle ?He is in the room .
&quot ;he said .I complain ;&quot ;we have waited for more than three hours ,your uncle is not to come out ,others will not .&quot ;&quot ;there is no such a rule! !I &quot ;he said as he ran into the double door ,pass by my side, leaving a scent .

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