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How to correctly choose the suitable sports shoes, running shoes

One ,the structure of running shoes sports shoes manufacturers have to most people feet on sports biomechanics research ,and feet for different characteristics of the corresponding production shoes to meet different needs.
Running shoes can be divided into 5 types according to their function ( control action ,shock absorber padded type ,stable type class ,race ,off-road class ) ,shoes shoes shoes can be divided into straight ,semi-curved type ,curved type 3.
Better quality running shoes, no matter what brand of its main structure has similarities .Which is the contact with the ground layer texture of hard ,wear-resistant ,slightly ,non-slip function also .
There are a few extremely lightweight running shoes without the outsole ,this kind of shoe is only suitable for running on a treadmill while wearing .Middle bottom is the most important damping layer ,than the outer end of the soft ,arch support office can control the shoe bending distortion power ,and to fall when the impact force transmitted to the soles of his feet from the heel .
The heel of a shoe the shock absorber is the most important ,ナイキエアジョーダン,each brand has its own technology and features .In the end can often be removed ,it is a shock absorber and correct shortcomings feet last line of defense .
Let the foot and shoe vamp is tightly combined with ventilation ,heat dissipation function. The hard shoe heel can help to improve The stability of foot landed .Two ,sneakers feature according to the functional characteristics of the different ,sports shoes can be divided into the following 5 :1,the control action categories :suitable for moderate to severe varus-type feet ,and people with higher body weight ,it can enhance the runners on the heel and running motion control ,nike hyperdunks 2011,and can support the arch parts of the body.
Position is characterized by its external arch thickening ,secondary emphasis on weight shoes .2,shock absorber padded categories :technology better suited to running with the ball ,or the middle floor ,with feet and lateral support of the runners .
Secondary emphasis on weight shoes ,thick soles. 3,stable categories: suitable for mild to moderate varus foot ,foot central and lateral support of the runners .The shoe from the medium weight .
4competitioncategories: suitable for running ,good technology ,weight lighter or mild varus foot runners .Shoes from lighter weight .5,Air Foamposite 1 there are few couple embracing on the lawn whisper to one another HH daughter said,off-road class :thick soles ,trench is deep, suitable for land ,Air Jordan 5,forest and other natural ground running while wearing shoes .
The self weight .Three ,analyze your foot type understanding shoe structure and function ,we should study your foot type .&quot ;wet foot test &quot ;can help us judge the foot type .&quot ;&quot is the wet foot test ;the soles of the feet of water On the dry ground, then according to the shape of the foot prints are grouped into the following three types .
Of course there are many foot type may be somewhere between the two types ,then see which one feature is more apparent. 1,normal type arch height normal ,footprints central have great radian but not to interrupt .
When running normally with lateral heel touching the ground,Air Jordan 6, then to the medial side of the rolling to cushion impact force ,the final transition to full foot on land .This foot type and weight of normal running from the movement mechanics it is efficient ,can choose a semi-curved type stable or shock absorber padded running shoes 2categories.
Flat type ,because of low arches ,エアジョーダン3,so time is full, the whole sole will on the ground of flatfoot .Man is running tends to lateral heel touching the ground, then over to the medial rolling ,formation of varus .
If not corrected ,a lot of excessive wear of joint damage may occur at the runner should choose .Straight or bent in half ,with special reinforcement arch cushion shoes in order to reduce the degree of varus .
Avoid wearing damping mat is too thick ,or curved running shoes. 3,high arch type footprints outside is very narrow ,almost interrupted arch ,internal space is very large .This foot in Born normally inward rolling buffer is not enough, so the impact absorption slow is not obvious .
This foot type person should choose shock absorber padded type ,curved or bent in half of the shoe sole .The bendable should better increase foot range ,avoid stabilized shoes .In addition ,whether to choose which type and brand shoes ,try to be in just the right on the basis of increased a number ( British and American shoes ) to a shoe size ( European shoes ) ,エアジョーダン6 locking buckle,because the movement of feet swell ,must therefore leave enough space .
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