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You are the kind of fruit birthday

1 / 2-1 / 11 Orange 1 / 12 - 1 / 24 lemon 1 / 25-2 / 2 / 4 - 3 water honey 2 / 8 pear 2 / 9-2 / 18 green raisins 2 / 19-2 / 28 / 1-3 / 10 mango coconut 3 3 / 11-3 / 20 3 / 21 black grapes pitaya 3 / 22-3 / 31 Cherry 4 / 1-4 / 10 / 11 - 4 / 4 blueberry 20 watermelon 4 / 21 - 4 / 30 bananas 5 / 1-5 / 14 / 15-5 / 24 melon pear 5 5 / 25 - 6 / 3 shea butter 6 / 4n6 / 13 .
6 / 14n6 / 23 & 6 / 24 6 pineapples / 25 - 7 / 4 apple 7 / 5n7 / 14 / 25 lemon orange 7 / 15N7 7 / 26-8 / 4 / 5-8 / 13 pear peach 8 8 / 14 - 8 / 23 green raisins 8 / 24-9 / 2 coconut 9 / 3 - 9 / 12 mango 9 / 13-9 / 22 to 9 / 23 of Pitaya papaya 9 / 24-10 / 3 cherry 10 / 4-10 / 13 blueberry 10 / 14-10 / 23 watermelon 10 / 24-11 / 11 bananas 11 / 12-11 / 21 melon 11 / 22-12 / 1 shea butter 12 / 2n12 / 11 .
12 / 12n12 / 22 & 12 / 23-1 / 1 apple lemon :generous / humor understanding you, believe that must be your humor attracted, as long as where you are ,we will find the happy source ,and often encounter different love ,each other mostly will be your interesting character to attract ;for love, you think is appropriate to ,go ,even how love each other, if not character is between each other ,will not delay mud Water ,for some people ,may think this is too impersonal ,but on the other hand ,can be said to be love and enjoy ,in your heart, the hope is that with a like-minded people love each other ,can naturally go together ,live comfortable is best.
Lemon .Tips :Lemon relationship ,do not argue with her (him) ,because they believe themselves to be on the stage of the bright stars ,although the day is humorous, but once in love, then I wish to be everywhere for its own sake, ask very high specificity / afraid of loneliness .
Peach :peach is one of the most typical completist ,for the feelings tend to Platon love ,in the face of our favorite people is full of mercy ,tolerance and love ,because you are convinced that the real meaning of love ,is able to put one each other ,take care of each other ;the so-called material enjoyment doesn ,can only expect a and their heart communication and lovely lover exchanges ,and even some special days ,such as: Valentine ,Christmas ,nor ask each other to celebrate ,but send you a romantic and intentions with the feeling heart Italian card and you .
You are afraid of loneliness ,even if the lover in the side, also want to have a friend ,material life but is followed, most important is each other around. And peach :Peach dating tips most afraid lover false ,so to get the peach heart ,must behave wild uninhibited ,can maintain their own the original fixed really I was most important .
Pear :hesitate / lack of confidence confidence inadequacy ,whether do or see everywhere is shilly-shally ,afraid of not being good enough on the other side ,also have no confidence ,finally, make to each other and step back .
Love in your eyes the world ,enduring as the universe is not possible ,because you feel that in the world, every person ,every day will change ,even for a moment two people each other with love ,that is only a moment ,there are many environmental factors or human factors ,will make to the feelings of both end; but have the opportunity to meet the last person I like ,pear that put one investment look ,but also no one can.
And pear dating tips :to make happy couples are full of confidence ,believe that time is the best method ,because the only time ,to prove to the love of two still stand the test ,while the patient is Indispensable .
Apple :Love / love / sensitive antennae of love spread, people also give you the apple character of the infection, so shall the opportunity very much ;love in the road in addition to love to pay at the same time ,you also want to be loved ,to put one the best to give you a hundred percent love .
As you give others the first impression is like an angel ,no lethality ,so naturally to your care .Because you have a keen sense of touch, the side partner ,friend ,or even be of no importance to the people ,you can see that they needed to give the appropriate therapy ,this character makes you friends all over the world.
Dating tips :to love me with apples ,because the apple character who is caring ,they also care for a at anything ,you must follow him and this pointer ,might as well put together with him as a volunteer ,he will give you your eyes look.
Orange :morose ,mood swings ,gentle disposition lonely ,is not easy to establish relationships with one another ,to spend a lot of time will believe everyone ;they alone ,don communication ,when a class with others ,for fear of hurting, immediately like hedgehogs as to protect themselves ,Emotional and volatile ;side actually many to you love and pursuit ,but because you too close oneself, make good marriage so away ,then advise you not often collect themselves ,sometimes appropriate to show their weak ,but can let each other know more you ,love door do it opened for you.
And orange dating tips: belongs to orange your eccentric personality, on the side of people lack confidence ,to make you pick up on the confidence of love ,must make you feel each other with sincerity ,those flowers delivery send flowers golden method ,the orange is absolutely no efficacy ,as long as the show really sincerity ,will surely impress each other .
Pitaya :self-reliance / lazy and idle because fun character ,when it comes to work ,you are always lazy and idle work attentively ,think too boring, will only make you happy life more gloomy.
For love is not the same ,you don talk ,but from behavior or language, will be each other I feel that love to laugh ,playing the character ,who do not seriously and bring the impression ,let your love road is bumpy ,setback again and again, in your eyes, love attraction ,there can also be a With you and enjoy a variety of scenes of joy ,mutual between can happy every day, is you pitaya desire most things ,but is followed by work .
And pitaya dating tips :dating and pitaya ,remember not too seriously ,because you are serious, will bring about great pressure ,a pressure, pitaya can feel this love lost its original meaning ,is able to free love ,we trust each other, do not make any compulsive behavior ,this is we get along.
Black grapes :brave / independent proud and frank black grape ,in the eyes of friends ,always become the focus of public ,plus your love show head character ,often make people feel a little remote, inaccessible ,and you an independent style ,feel you are a very capable person ,and you the independent behavior ,in love the same ,as long as they love someone ,will brave declare to each other ,regardless of whether the other side intentionally or unintentionally ,to personally to the love of people express way is the most perfect thing ,even if the final results were unable to do so ,but also for ourselves !In addition ,you kind of what the character also affect the attitude to love ,sincere and Frank is shot Drag the most basic condition ,you will never allow both between have anything ,whether good or bad things, also should be composed of two individuals together to face and solve ,this is the highest level of love .
And black currant and black currant dating tips: to become one of the true lover, honest is important ,meet any matter ,also want to discuss this and black currant ,black grapes will feel you to her ( he ) sincerity ,do not always think of cheating or thought not to tell all of you will have benefits ,but it will only deepen the mutual distrust.
Green raisins :adaptable / decisiveness high spirited green raisins ,エアジョーダン6,when talking about love ,can easily be love and passion infatuated ,other things in your eyes will become more important.
For love, your ability to adapt very high ,romance begins and ends can be automatic adjustment ,not for one repulse, make oneself become negative ,but will look for opportunities to self-venting ,although sometimes people feel a sense of responsibility to the poor ,but playing behind, but also need a stable ,mature lover to the care of their own ,as long as it is to decide the things and people ,never regret .
And green raisins dating tips :free green Raisin ,imparts a warm feeling ,although often take the initiative to understand others ,give a person a feeling ,but the heart to love very seriously, desire was to really understand ,so with the green raisins together, will learn more patience ,love understanding on some convenient .
Coconut :joy and companionship / mood ups and downs are afraid of loneliness ,often have friends around to accompany ,character also relatively childish ,for love ,but seldom think of happy ,and in the future, the most important is happy together.
But when problems arise, few are willing to offer ,know only escape is always working style ,and emotional ups and downs ,make everyone feel difficult to adapt ,will scare people afraid ,afraid to get close to you .
You think more for lovers ,lovers are their most pro-people ,happy and unhappy and she ( he ) should share ,actually this kind of idea is not right or wrong ,but your expression method is a little too fire ,make the other side stand ,will therefore leave you .
And coconut dating tips: with childish coconut dating, then the other party must be a mature person ,know how to care and protection of coconut ,coconut can be protected ,feel a sense of security ,natural Undivided attention will be on you ,a long love may therefore occur mango :Blue / fragile soul / love fantasy mango is a natural gentle elegant people ,friends and relatives is also very careful ,this character ,can make a person feel extra warm ,plus that know how to take care of someone often will naturally cause the attention of the opposite sex ,it is a pity you in the way of love, always can resist heterosexually active pursuit ,you can easily fall in love and their own people with different personalities ,and hurt ,and depressive personality ,so that every time you meet these matters, will not stop subjected to torture ,and even make their own mind becomes more fragile ,but naturally have the mango character to you ,although the passive ,but they can seize the chance to chat with friends ,エアジョーダン5,to her grief tell others ,made by the creators of the wound can also quickly treatment.
And mango dating tips :to get a sweet and long love each other ,we must start from friendship ,through mutual understanding, natural energy spectrum out of a love to ,it can avoid the people will have a personality conflict situation.
Watermelon :independent / shy with strangers ,watermelon is Very shy ,it and you had little contact with people related ,even more intimate friends ,will feel that you are a very shy person, to become your intimate friend or lover ,it takes a long time to get to know you care about you, let you feel a sense of security later, will slowly put his feelings and share .
On the way of love, you are one of the most elusive person ,fall in love with you, it takes a long time ,make you feel safe ,stable relationship between feeling ,can have further development .
With watermelon dating tips :need not flattery just add ,patience ,and watermelon in love the first step ,you must first make friends and watermelon ,giving great patience and sincerity ,oblivious to their own values and she ( he ) sharing ,mutual understanding ,become good friends ,become lovers the opportunity to greatly increase the banana :nature .
Enthusiasm / domination / jealous emperor belongs to the banana you ,born and impermanence ,felt by people to touch ,to themselves and others have high expectations, I hope can do better, especially to the ordinary affairs even more unbearable, love novel and has a sense of the value of the Things and objects.
For love is full of hopes, in your inner most don to bind to each other, because you always believe that fairy tale romance the most satisfying, heartbeat ,hope you can have a prince charming or snow white ,then the sweet love enduring as the universe ;surface, personality is extremely strong ,but intrinsic curiosity is that you show your style ,many things are eager to do the job ,make the leader role can you truly believe in their own strength, and the relationship is like ,whether male or female ,hoped that can have the ability to protect and care for each other.
And dating tips :with banana banana love enduring as the universe ,the most important is less to curry favour with bananas ,and get along ,must reveal his real ,do not be too proud to show their pursuit of each other ,this will only make the banana surprised and decamp .
Melon :loyalty / low-key style stand on solid ground of Hami melon ,especially can of a spending spree it happened ,very practical .In love, want cantaloupe make some romantic thing ,that is very difficult ,because the melon you often think that love is only for life On a part ,and not all, even if brokenhearted ,also should be regarded as a lesson ,do not affect their own lives ,work ,and family .
But oddly enough ,www.nikeairfoamposite1.com,in the choice of partners ,are very picky ,want to find a can make you happy partner ,you are convinced that Frank is two people life is the most important thing ,never have mutual concealment of things .
And melon dating tips: catch melon heart ,the best is to use the beautiful music ,because she ( he ) infected melon for some artistic feeling something of particular interest, as long as the art is a bit understanding and love ,I believe we have together ,will be more congenial .
Cherry :optimistic ,Adidas Jeremy Scott Panda Bear,calm ,tolerant low smart lovely, but also has pure and true utter innocence ,together with you ,there will be a lot of surprise ,surprise, plus you so cheerful and lively personality ,who has inexhaustible energy and charisma ,but sometimes, always be misunderstood everywhere to discharge ,in fact ,just like you to make friends character is a misunderstanding !In your eyes, lovers with infinite longing and expectation ,you hope and love story like a fairy tale as pure Clean and perfect ,Nike Air Foamposite Pro,and you can share sb.
of a man is what you need ,but surprisingly ,you want in a partner is not much, but the one with your heart ,even if not always meet the person, we have in mind to each other is enough .
And cherry dating tips :must have patience ,because the cherries are lack of endurance ,if the partner is not a tolerant people ,then two people together will produce a lot of trouble ,and cherry love, try to give more time ,let the cherries to know you ,you also know more cherries ,you will find that the cherry the man is a hot cold children .
Blueberry :careful ,artistic talent high blueberry is a very enjoy family life, I most love is home to rest ,flowers ,read a book ,listen to music is in your best interest ,and artistic talent for lovers ,will be high ;is a very careful partner to partner ,the daily diet will be attentive ,you are emphasizing the between each private space between each other ,we can trust each other ,each other gives free ,love is the most precious ,blueberry and not like other lovers ,often ask each other around, or is requirements Everyday as sweet as candy, because blueberries to believe that a genuine long-term love ,never will because few and metamorphism .
With blueberry and dating tips : to become a blueberry mate ,first must train their interest ,let each other have a private space ,if the art with passion and interest ,I believe we got to talking.
Would be more congenial ,fate can therefore produce. Strawberry :strong ,independent smooth in the eyes of others ,you are a competent and independent people ,thirst for knowledge, ideas and more.
In love, if the partner just send a gift, it will only let strawberry you feel bored, you hate some monotonous and lack of fun person or thing ,because you believe that life should be more mind ;when choosing a mate, we must first consider each other appearance ,and personality, for the United States and demanding ,because you believe that appearance is to the first sense of the person ,can never be a sloppy ,in character, if you are happy enough interesting ,can draw your attention and interest ,we can have a grinning from ear to ear ,play a few days will not tired ,love life nature feel just like a fish in water .
And strawberry .Tips :with strawberry people love ,you must first prepare herself for the three mirror, let oneself become a beautiful ,can always innovation ,to ensure that such strawberry will be interested in you ,to love you more !Pineapple :modest ,not sincere enthusiasm ,the most famous is the pineapple the gentle ,modest and considerate personality ,and you are a loving family sweet valentine ,and you can become the lover of words ,will be attracted to you family image .
In don work, you will bring home furnishing finishing clean ,let add a comfortable the feeling of tranquility .For love, you wouldn expensive things to your partner ,but you think a poem ,a hug can make each other deeply touched ,because you are convinced that efforts to create a sensuous atmosphere is most important ;in addition ,the pineapple you pay special attention to feelings ,the most important is not love, also not free to love, to strangers is not free to express themselves, but when everyone close to you are after ,and the other side can talk everything .
And pineapple dating tips :Although pineapple man character is not warm ,but if you like pineapple ,that absolutely Can not give up ,because the pineapple man relatively slow ,as long as you are willing to spend a little time ,as long as the .
Do not let go, can succeed. Papaya :mature, calm ,logical high mature ,sophisticated ,cool is papaya characteristics ,even if the encounter difficult ,papaya can panic solution the logic of things ,is very high ;when it comes to love, papaya can be heavy and calmly face ,for the person ,not excessively demonstrated ,but will not say ,but will silently wait and see in the distance ,pray for each other would be seen or noticed yourself, hope one day wait for each other, but in your heart ,feel this waiting method is both practical and romantic ;select objects ,papaya, do not ask for it, the most important is to have knowledge ,know what is etiquette and culture ,we all get along without affectation is the most beautiful thing .
And papaya :papaya dating tips appreciate most heterosexual ,is the connotation of the people ,because of papaya believe these people ability and their communication ,and only in appearance ,fundamentally unrealistic ,so to make the papaya on their own with special respect ,it is time to enrich yourself .
Shea butter :Spirit, self you are considered part of the wise and sensible person ,to have the spirit of seeking truth from facts ,for love, a lot of time to themselves as the center ,sometimes will make me love and can ,coupled with their own intuition ,lovers will be finding fault .
In particular ,pay more attention to their appearance and temperament .Believe can capture your heart ,that the other party must be some lively and cheerful and happy of the opposite sex, it was your appreciation ,although you can sometimes seem lazy ,but also hope that other make romance and passion ,from you absolutely can use taste peerless to describe ,because you thought an alert ,your every word and action may also be attracted to each other, with numerous opportunities for .
And shea butter dating tips :if shea butter is more hesitant ,this does not mean that don each other, just as shea butter is still under observation ,as long as the heart ,happiness necessarily before.
Melon :regular ,cold appearance ,taste on the surface, melon to always gives people the feeling is stern manner ,a little kindness and no ,but very regular life ,time to eat breakfast ,lunch and dinner ,on any matter required steps for love .
Love is the same, give a person the feeling is a little stubborn ,others not to change the melon idea ,don it doesn ,in melon love world, eager to own the other half is a learned man of taste, the most hated filthy people and things, think these is tacky and belittle the identity of things ,to find their loved one ,as there is selected a piece of jewelry as demanding, apart from each other to add to their request ,also can attend the scene ,so as to show their own unique taste .
And melon dating tips :glossy appearance ,knowledgeable and have a taste of the people ,I believe we can first attracted melon sight ,leaving a good impression ,everyone will have the chance

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