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Snow, winter dress in Western Sichuan Plateau

From the map view ,the southeastern margin of the Tibetan Plateau from northeast to southwest through Sichuan ,Sichuan East Sichuan ,will be divided into two parts of Western Sichuan .Due to Kawasaki Dongchuan West both in topography on the tremendous difference, thus created two different climate characteristics :every year in late autumn and early winter, or even earlier, North East or verdant stretch of time, Western Sichuan the plateau is a vast expanse of white snow in the world .
The Western Sichuan plateau at an average altitude of 3000 meters ,Air Jordan 11,Minshan Mountain ,Qionglai mountain ,snowy mountains ,Shaluli mountains from north to south in the West Sichuan Plateau stands ,will contrast the very broad.
The vast universe Fen Yang snowflake publicity in the Western Sichuan Plateau &quot ;frozen ,miles Piao &quot ;romantic ;the earth vast snowfield interpretation of Western Sichuan Plateau &quot ;Shan Yin Yi dance ,original Chi wax like &quot strains ,West Sichuan Plateau ;to see snow ,is a clean soul The western Sichuan Plateau have many watching the snow good place, among them, Ganzi in Daocheng ,the new Lu Hai ,ABA ABA County ,Four Girls Mountain is the most appreciate the Western Sichuan Plateau snow spirit ,playing out of the Western Sichuan Plateau snow appeal of a good place.
In Daocheng Shangri-La looking from human rises in County Down not to snow Bell ,snow from heaven drifting profusely and disorderly blown down. I looked up at the sky, leaden clouds hanging low in the sky, as if at your fingertips .
&quot ;this is the first snow this year ?&quot ;roadside stand three cars ,one fat bearded black man asked him two dude .&quot ;remember ,like not down this time .&quot ;answer his is a rounded face girl .
&quot ;indeed ,you said that I could never say .&quot ;he took a puff of smoke ,&quot ;it &quot ;he said oh. .a head ,saw the car to .&quot ;car .&quot ;he growled .Three people were into the station.
I left JALEO passenger bus station, at only the roadside shop music and not many pedestrian street. The road on both sides of the building are not high ,white the houses lining over the misty mountains ,plus the song for having heard it many times in and around the flying snowflakes ,the mood in the highland town getting wet.
In a shop to stay, snow still kept flying. Early in the morning ,the snow stopped ,and a vast expanse of whiteness .And several people and rented a a loaf of bread ,the sun is still not fully up former Aden rush .
Daocheng was called the &quot &quot ,dam ;rice ;later renamed &quot &quot ,county ;Daocheng ;the replacement is entirely because of an idealistic color test ,reportedly in Guangxu thirty-three years when, as here ,rice ,and to the &quot into the &quot playing ;rice ;rice planting in the final destiny .
How I can make nothing of it ,but because of this story, I remember Daocheng, remember the Daocheng red marsh to remember the Daocheng Aden &quot ;Southeast Gongga nichimatsu Kampot &quot ;.
&quot ;Southeast Gongga nichimatsu Kampot &quot ;is immortal ,is central to Yong and Chanot sorafenib Three Snow Mountain legend they collectively. Are Guanyin ,Manjusri ,Vajrapani embodiment .
Three mountain has a peak body in Pyramid ,Chevron, unique ,endless charm. Around them ,has vast areas of alpine meadow ,dense virgin forest ,green Hai Zi ,ancient glaciers and elegant houses ,they will be on the Tibetan Plateau snow beauty ,the beauty of the forest ,prairie beauty ,the beauty of Hai Zi glacier ,the beauty and the beauty of humanities set in a body .
In 1928 ,Americans in the United States of America Rock National Geographic magazine published the three mountain articles and pictures. Then ,English Chinese writer Hilton the Lost Horizon ,here portrayed as Shangri-La &quot ;&quot ;Daocheng .
So there is the soul of Shangri-La &quot ;&quot ;called. Along highway 216 Lu Xiangnan ,the sun in the white ground over leaping and flashing .Three mountain gradually came into view ,Nike Air Formposite One Shoes,near snow mountain ,a little bit higher, until the arrival of must look up to see their place ,our driver to stop .
Into the ditch at the cabin door ,a familiar figure flash into it .The tickets, found to be at the station yesterday to see the girl .She saw me ,he gave me a little nod ,I felt a hot ,warm up.
With that warm into the ditch ,and a small cabin ,heard the front came the thought of Tibetan folk songs ,nike zoom hyperfuse 2011,the song to sing: &quot ;snowflakes drifting profusely and disorderly ,sunshine is warm ;when I left home ,my heart without a tie in the world .
Over many mountains ,miss kind mother hh&quot ;in the new Lu Hai touch snow light sitting on the horse ,and the town of roadside lazily basking in the sun ,which is a Chinese version of the western town ,I open my mobile phone while watching the calendar ,while waiting for the ride gun cowboy quietly emerged in A bloody twilight ,I was surprised to find ,the autumn will be at the end of the day ,the winter will be in today.
But here in winter ,the obvious signs many more ,lonely little cyclone ,distant wilderness ,silent ,and lazy people ,I believe ,everything seems to have twelve points in cold appearance ,www.nikeairfoamposite1.com also let the leader happy man suffer.,but often hide that I and other tour pal exciting news.
It is as expected ,after about ten minutes, a companion of excitedly came to tell us that ,in front of Hai Zi ,in the chola Shan Road .We are all from the seat up ,four to go to Hai Zi car .
Find the car almost afternoon .Chatty drivers in less than twenty minutes ,let us know about the Hai Zi some information .Hai Zi told &quot ;Lu Hai &quot ;,local call her Yu Long .&quot ;&quot ;&quot ;&quot .
Jade ;is the heart ,&quot &quot ;lung ;dumping ,&quot .&quot ;pull ;God lake ,the meaning is &quot ;overwhelming Lake God &quot ;legend of King Gesar ,Princess pearl ,because of Hai Zi attracted to indulge in pleasures without stop and this.
&quot ;Lu Hai &quot ;this name ,is said to be in the Sichuan-Tibet highway the road is big Army to take ,this new name ,more or less to new Lu Hai to make the brand of the times .10 kilometers ,without much time to .
The new Lu Hai hectares lying at an altitude of 4000 meters in the Hai Zi Bay .East ,West ,South three face is tall snow mountain is surrounded ,in her North is winding thousands of kilometres of road 317.
Maybe in the summer ,Hai Zi will be in a windy evening occasionally erupt ,but at the moment ,everything in the snow and ice soothing into silence, see swimming fish ,can not see inside the mallard ,only silence Hai Zi snow ,quiet ,tranquil forest ,speechless glacier ,in which, pass in the world in the first .
The new Lu Hai is a typical glacier lake ,she by the chola Shan glacier glaciated dig deep ,moraine blocking into today appearance. New Lu Hai in dege county to the road. De is a outstanding place along the road ,at the foot of a road to the West into the town ,there is a be well-known far and near the printing house waiting for us to see .
In Aba County hill frozen in Aba County Station opposite the Yuanbaoshan look down ,snow-wrapped earth sends Su However, despite this season .A layer of cold ,but a migratory bird photography still road to the north and come, in the wind and snow Symphony watch your scenery .
ABA county is located in the Bayankala mountains in the south, relief soothing .A mm northwest southeast toward the mountains and mountain stand far apart facing each other ,it is almost ABA county around the highest mountain is high .
The vast snow avalanche ,diffuse to the sky ,the station is in such snow ,&quot ;frozen ,miles Piao &quot ;grand scale and the solitude seemed within reach. In Aba Prefecture has such a statement ,said that ABA County ancestors ,there are mostly from the soldiers.
Delay for a long time &quot ;studies on the battle of &quot ;after the end, most of the soldiers to stop home in Aba ,they intermarry with the local people ,their offspring as their ancestors as calling themselves the &quot ;&quot ,&quot Ali ;depression ;a man ,later altered to &quot ;ABA ABA county .
Little fist big stones ,so housing wall can use clay hangzhu, building materials of different created ABA County houses out of the ordinary ,therefore the ABA County houses will have sufficient have a style of one Reason .
Every winter, the locals would use lime in four wall paint strip lines, a symbol of good luck forever. The residential building of a building together ,in the summer ,they resemble Green Fairy standing in the castle ;in the winter ,they like the silver world the Spirit dwelling within the spacious .
Bright ,nike zoom kobe 7 Into this door,summer cool and pleasant ,winter warmth of spring .That day ,I would sit in the residential fire pond ,pleasant to listen to the wind roared over a glass window ,see the falling snow surrounded by beautiful scenery ,it is a special treat ,you can forget their troubles ,even all human happiness and unfortunately .
In Four Girls Mountain with snowflakes intimate contact at an altitude of 4480 meters on the camp at dinner ,he put the Fen Yang snowflakes sent to me .In the boundless silence dopey sleep ,wake up it was 3 a.
m.,Adidas Jeremy Scott Bones, see tent on a circle of light ,with the hand support ,big thing crashing down, under the snow .The morning out of tents ,earth Takamatsu ,the day I from the foot of the mountain the mountains on the big white horse ,standing in the white world, looks a little lonely lonely .
At breakfast ,snow still kept .When going uphill ,belt Snowflake fog still around. I don how high the sky is ,how wide ,???????4,only in the mind to imagine the mountain mists above the clouds and mountains ,imagine the blue of the sky and the sun blazing.
Over 4829 meters of snow mountain ,more and more deep ,some have deep and waist. The sun comes out ,she in the large peak left head about a meter tall place silently staring at me .
I stopped around and looked back ,Jeremy Scott Adidas Wings 2.0 but like Chen as free men,the silver snow is like the waves of the sea ,my feet from one layer to the distance, in the distant sky built surging clouds ,blue sky ,snow .Snow ,these simple element ,in my travels constantly changing the intoxicating beauty and wealth ,give a person a kind of &quot ;have no predecessors ,who have &quot ;strong feelings .
So beautiful ,so rich ,only in very high mountains can be seen .&quot ;that is the Gongga mountain .&quot ;wizard pointing West a cluster of mountains South said ,&quot ;I took more than ten times group ,also saw the three Gongga .
&quot ;he panted continued, the &quot ;you are very lucky ,the first to see the .&quot ;I bowed her thanks .Standing on a mountain overlooking the other famous famous mountains ,at this time, and said Is looking at snow mountain ,as it is for snow .
Although they in time and space are very far apart ,but did not affect each other spiritual communication. As a mountain ,they all have the same thought ,the same feelings, the same kind heart music .
In large peak ,elevation 6250 m it peaks to a quiet eyes looked at me .She was white, just like a giant sculpture .After a few minutes ,the sun hidden to the cloud ,acting and those who come is a tiny spots of snow.
Then snow more and more dense ,it peaks hurried glanced at me ,then to getting high behind the fog .This time ,snow became the master of the world ,they are in a playful attitude around me ,to play .
I in a fog while walking sit snow ,about half an hour later ,camp orange tent appeared in fine snow behind. At noon to leave the camp ,the valley is still kept their quills like snowflakes .

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