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China's new generation of J14 shocked _ Park _ Sina blog

Not long ago, Chinese official thinly covered surface revealed some development of the four generation fighter local details, but caused a white butterfly across class and pursued. Four generation machine this day font size prediction has been generally lasted more than 10 years of time.
But more than a decade later it just rare Mount Lu real wood ,why? Might as well from the earliest report analysis ,to be reduced to fragments will now find some mystery .According to many reports, the Chinese military roughly from the last century 70 advanced R & D or trying to develop this mysterious fighter ,but most of the early design generally should with a Soviet-made early fighter and similar .
The J-10,Adidas Jeremy Scott Teddy Bear, similar with a front canard layout. But because of the ability of science and technology and financial factors ,in addition to later &quot ;80&quotdismount agitation ;thus it changes today is already old .
China is the 14before the endof an existing &quot &quot ;internationalization ;design of fighter aircraft. This fighter and equipment to prove a new stage, this is the Chinese fighter from the original &quot ;the Soviet &quot ;imitation design pattern began to enter self development and suction With Europe and the United States design period.
And thus can be seen behind him more mysterious f 14 fightershould also undergo another new conceptual change .China weapon design due to political ,funds including &quot ;&quot ;depending on factors such as constraints ,so they take the road would be a step at a time the slow and solid forward.
And costly to develop similar large US-made conceptualization of a fighter that is not Chinese military hoped. Thus ,as for the latter version of a cushion and theoretical transition of fighter ,although it as the three generation light aircraft appeared in the early twenty-first Century ,has become some design delay ,but only through this process of Chinese future air force to adapt to the new fourth generation fighter design and layout.
While China is coincident with the introduction of SU27 series of fighter aircraft,エアジョーダン face was bronzed by the sun,the introduction of its earliest fighter is designed for emergency !96Taiwanfirst crisis emergency .But the money spent to turn material resources to good account .
And for China design is very difficult the fourth generation fighter aircraft has not died, so have to go 30 years before theroad .And this is to feed the only Can coach cannot build new aircraft &quot ;China aircraft manufacturing plant - Shenyang &quot ;from the Zhuhai air show .
You can learn Chinese ,original plan developed by &quot ;stealth UAV &quot ;in does not seem to be successful either,エアジョーダン3, it just for some new projects have developed a material group &quot &quot ;;equipment validation machine.
And this new project is now beginning to j 14 futurefighter .Therefore can say American called &quot ;two generation stealth material &quot ;China a sense has production and development capacity.
The application of 11Bin China part of &quot partial stealth ;&quot ;design this point even a try .But annihilates 10 published alsocan see Chinese independent design of a European popular body fighter capability is fully equipped with the same .
From the fighter flight facility ,we see whether young or show and English .They cockpit design has long been past .Therefore the design of the fourth generation fighter necessary early means of Chinese basic have ,www.airjordanjp.com,then what are we waiting for? Or what ?Is the first airborne phased array radar detection distance .
At present the best possible Russian equipment In SU37 ona &quot E&quot ;snow leopard ;long-range phased array radar, Russia said &quot ;a counter stealth detection ability of &quot ;.
From several involved in radar equipment exhibition to this project China still in testing or inspection stage ,from the total use also needs a certain period ( there are rumors that China already have a stealth airborne radar capability ) .
And as the fourth generation main fighter lack of phased array radar, can imagine it limits the ability of degree .# P # subtitle # e # followed by China aviation since time immemorial weakness.
Zhuhai we see the famous airlines timetable. At least 15-20 yearscan appear the first high-power homemade turbofan engine. And now new equipment is made in Russia is slightly longer than the engine thus appearance of new own machine ,body .
The lack of &quot ;supersonic cruise capability ,&quot ;vector controlled tail nozzle engine ,so that the fourth generation fighter out of the difficulty ,Nike Air Foamposite Pro recommended!As for the fourth generation fighter design and mechanism kernel .
China still can have two can choose a is the continuation of SU27 patternfor imitation ,nike zoom kobe 6 the result found the toilet wall there is a small stream,external American F22 fighter design.Because they are shaping design ,adopted after the design to minimize risk, this should be in line with China &quot ;and &quot and &quot ;position ;and the task &quot ;the official attitude .
And China in 90 time later period is the introduction of 200 SU27production lines,which subsequently is part of China modified to become the 11 fighter.While the other one is go annihilates 10 road.
From ,many foreign display in the flight results of the J-10 ,aerodynamic layout design can be said is very ideal. Is also used in Zhuhai .I felt it motor ability. Therefore the fourth generation fighter J-10 pneumaticcapacity can be used as a very a good reference on international at present .
But can say only one fighter is the fourth generation fighter and finalize the design and equipment ,this is F22. 04Chinabody inlet portion using a number of similar F35 design.This point can be seen either &quot &quot ;agree without prior without previous consultation ;( officially ) or intentional learning are .
A description of the design of a similar F22 is afront canard layout of the stealth fighter airframe China is made .In Zhuhai Russia did not have SU37 and material used ,but bring Some model but at the India air show ,Russia not only brought real also conducted flight performance .
This shows the Russian to Chinese &quot ;&quot plagiarism habit ;a dissatisfaction ,shortly after Russia on arms design copyright dispute also appear .Therefore if the Chinese or the cheek completely SU27+F22 twothe total plagiarism means.
So if a really thick enough ,it does not matter .But Chinese bones is &quot ;a moment to do a king &quot ;the prepared mind ,this either American or Russian are known .China is no one willingly and gladly do &quot ;wedding &quot ;India type character.
So the Chinese in the fourth generation fighter ,is going to design their own pattern. But now apparently difficulties lies in the Chinese big problem -- the problem of engine !And more difficult for airborne phased array radar system .
So the Chinese fourth generation fighter may still need some time. (for a rumored network of some the so-called fighters flew at least 14photos,Adidas Mickey High,Beijing Nanyuan airport is not seen, but there is one of the most important aviation test early base ) .
Personally think that the fourth generation fighter is just like the cross in front of China nuclear threshold !He is a winner ,as to when American fighter will come out sixth or seventh generation ?This is normal.
Will they go ahead !You can always waiting for you ?But from the current economic development of the United States of America as well as the Bush transition periods of the United States national power consumption ,even can be 10 years to developfive generation ,build a batch can satisfy the existing F22 compensate the volumehas been difficult .
Don forget F22 is used 6000Ethe United States labor allowance supplement .And the new five generation fighter can appear what new &quot ;S&quot ;figure ?Is not unknown .Strongly recommended reading :beyond all expectations :j-20 stealth fighter and F22 antagonism resultsshocked the American Department of defense !Look the new franchise :Chinese warships in the East China Sea was sunk ,Hu pats the table up to say a word !China Wind tunnel test of being killed ,allegedly j-20 stealth fighter upgrade! Look Chinese 2 characterand Japanese prime minister talks: the terrifying calmness built zhangqiangduanbao !Shi Hai Demystified: Dai Li ravaged beauty female spies are amazing !(group of pictures ) with great eloquence : the people to punish the Southern soldier little-known secrets !Look shocking :Putin no longer hesitate tough shots ,Russia to China to make major hint !Terrified :the more self-defense war 17 years old girlshould be so for men wounded comrades voiding !Figure Liberation Army into Vietnam Hanoi No.
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