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Snow beauty wasted heart

Bathingbeauty there is snow and &quot ;not bubble bath spa is equal to the Japanese &quot ;.During the winter, many people think that in the hot springs also fun enough, in succession to travel to Japan to make friends with congenial persons feel &quot &quot kingdom ;spring ;spring .
In Japan, greatly small hot springs dotted, from the north to the south ,everywhere there is beauty health spa ,and traditional Japanese hot spring hotel is a quiet scenery Japanese style .
In northern Japan ,now already is a piece of snow gleams white. World ,when snow bubble hot spring ,is more than the romantic two words can describe ?Hokkaido ,Northeast area three big spring &quot &quot ;fans ;Hokkaido and northeast area is concentrated in the northern Japanese hot springs ,hot springs here features a beautiful environment ,autumn rhododendron leaf, the winter snow gleams white.
,therefore ,early from the beginning of autumn ,Hokkaido and northeast area hot spring resort will come from all over the world juice lovers .Jozankei hot springs: Reservoir in the mountains of Jozankei hot springs is located in the scenic wat Toya National Park ,is a hidden in the mountain valley hot spring in the Qiandao Lake here ,discovered in 1866 .
Spa ,formerly known as &quot &quot ,Changshan springs ;beauty ;later nearby residents and renamed it Jozankei hot springs .The springs Jozankei temperature up to 80 degrees C ,the spring here is a colorless and transparent ,with alcohol and salt sodium salt spring in Japan ,is a popular spa ,for treating rheumatoid disease ,neuropathic pain ,gastrointestinal diseases and has the auxiliary curative effect.
A spa while bathing ,snow and beauty ,but also to nearby Sapporo international ski and Jozankei reservoir ,travel ,enjoy quiet time in Hokkaido .Information :Jozankei hot springs located in Hokkaido Sapporo city Jozankei hot springs .
The most popular Jozankei hotel is I Hotel, the room clean and comfortable ,the mountain view ,each room about 9187 yen to 22050 yen ,the big room can accommodate five or six people ,for family living.
If you want to live a more refined Hotel ,recommend good Pine River .Auspicious ,the courtyard is beautiful, each room about 31650 yen to 47400 yen. Noboribetsu Spa :bubble &quot &quot ;hell ;spring Noboribetsu Spa at an altitude of 200 meters on the mountain, a total of nine rare and unique spa categories ,source temperature of 45 ~ 90 degrees ,which contains typical sulfur springs ,including iron spring and have beautiful skin effect Alum springs ,relieve fatigue and health effect.
In Noboribetsu Hot Spring Street ,there are many small hot springs hotel ,every spring amounted to ten thousand tons of hot spring water is dispersed in the hot spring hotel .From Hot Springs Street takes a few minutes is designated as heritage of Hokkaido Gu ,this area in the air filled with the pungent smell of sulfur ,thermal springs ,water vapor ,gas from the volcano volcano burst turbulent jet, be personally on the scene ,like &quot into hell ;&quot ;general information :.
To Hokkaido Noboribetsu City, Noboribetsu hot spring ,from JR Muroran line Noboribetsu station by bus to the Noboribetsu spa direction to end of Noboribetsu spa takes approximately 13 minutes.
Noboribetsu grand hotel is one of many European and American tourists love, here are the Japanese and western two kinds of accommodation ,housing prices in the 18150 yen to 26400 yen .In addition ,Adidas Jeremy Scott Teddy Bear,the old water house look chic ,with Edo retro feel .
In Yamagata Prefecture, Japan hot spring :outdoor pool hot spring is located in Yamagata ,http://www.adidasswings.com/,Miyagi county at the junction of two king peak even broader foothills, is before 1900 were found in the town of hot springs .
Hot spring can accommodate 200 people, a large open-air bathhouse ,is Japan outdoor natural pool Hot springs here .Have smooth skin effect, known as &quot ;whitening spring &quot ;,deeply welcome.
Information : the JR Yamagata Shinkansen Yamagata station to go to hot spring direction bus to hot spring bus waiting building off to stay deep wisdom .Villa house ,a Japanese style ,room design comfort ,price of about 15900 yen to 31650 yen per night .
Little knowledge :Japanese spa etiquette to Japan over ,many &quot ;afraid ugly &quot ;Chinese tourists will not accustomed to it. After all ,a Japanese-style bath method is unique ,so must the travel before understanding Japanese spa etiquette ,not to the destination too rude.
See signs :hot spring entrance hung with &quot ;&quot ,&quot male soup ;temple ;" curtain are for male bathing ,hung with &quot ;female soup &quot ,&quot ;&quot ;Royal woman ;is the female bathing ,bathing please pay attention when take a shower before :into the beach .
After not immediately next to the baths ,must in the bath tub or shower with small clean body can come into the pool ,pay attention not to splash splashing into the nearby people. In the hotel bathrobe :Japan Hot Spring Hotel will provide bath at Clothing .
Bathrobe is a traditional Japanese clothing ,Adidas Originals M Attitude Logo,inside the hotel ,guests can be dressed in a bathrobe came out of his room ,the corridor walk or restaurant meals, can also embark on clogs walked out to the street.
The northeast old hotel quality diversity in northern Japan Kanto region known to Spa concentration ,District ,nike zoom kobe 7 so,Tochigi Prefecture Gunma County ,Kanagawa County ,Shizuoka Prefecture has many large and small hot spring .
Wherein ,the Hakone hot spring in Kanagawa ,the biggest characteristic is the hot spring water is varied, almost centered Japan most characteristics of hot spring water ,and the hot springs hotel design retained the old elements ,appear very scenery.
Kanagawa Hakone Onsen :&quot ;Hakone seven soup &quot ;renowned Japanese Kanagawa county is a mountain water landscape resort ,the county had a total of 336 springs ,and Hakone Onsen is distributed on the Fuji Hakone Izu National Park Central ,namely Hakone area many hot springs .
Hakone each hot spring water are each are not identical ,here can enjoy the Japanese most of water spa ,Nike Lebron 9,arthritis, hypertension ,gastrointestinal diseases have a good effect. The most famous of which is the &quot ;Hakone seven soup &quot ,respectively ;the Hakone Tang Ben ,bottom bin Lo ,the soup ,Nike Lebron 8,Koga ,tower Ze ,the island hall and the palace ,near the small Chung Valley ,Miyagi wild ,1000 Ishihara and 17 springs village .
Information :in Tokyo to take JR Shinkansen HIKARI to small Tian Yuan station, then take the Hakone mountain railways to Hakone Tang Ben station ,50 minutes to be recommended in cherry .
Um ,Air Formposite One peer encouragement,here extremely Japanese original lodges appeal, but the price is more expensive, 2 room house price in 46350 ~ 52650 between Yen Yen .Cherry hut also in different season held fireworks and plum wine tasting .
Gunma Kusatsu hot spring :Three Famous Springs in Kusatsu hot spring is one of the Japanese one of the three famous springs ,is full of hot springs in Japan for the first time. In Kusatsu hot spring alias &quot ;medicine soup &quot ;,as the name suggests is officinal value is very high ,since ancient times is the Japanese people a good place for convalescence .
Grass spring is acidic hot springs soup ,here the bath has a tradition ,is to use a long board to touch pool fountain pool ,make drug can average out ,so can improve treatment effect.
In Kusatsu Hot Spring Street has 18 public fountains, such as the original open-air bath ,the dragon is the soup ,soup ,Bai Fan ,center Tang Tian and a &quot ;Tang Yanting &quot ;,tourists in here All-weather 24 hours experience Kusatsu hot spring representative spa foot .
Information :from Tokyo called the Joetsu Shinkansen to Takasaki station ,then take the new JR express Kusatsu to naganohara Kusatsu station, then transfer to Kusatsu hot spring bus ,a distance of about 3 hours.
See museum is a heavy Kusatsu a small hot springs hotel ,only to receive 51 guests ,in front of the hotel has hot water can give visitors feet, double price 10500 yen to 14910 yen ,Adidas Jeremy Scott,contains two meal food .
In addition ,tone and is the Kusatsu hot spring area of the large hotel ,also one of the few exceptional allow pets to Lodge Hotel. The Tochigi that men and women must be hot springs dried legend turns over 1400 years ago ,the deer used Nasu spa heal cure, since then ,it must be hot springs is Japan local nursing place.
Now ,in Tochigi Prefecture Nasu ridge slopes interspersed with 7 springs ,the springs that shall keep the legendary Tang Ben hot springs surviving the Nine-Tailed Fox remains &quot ;tamamo-no-mae ,called &quot &quot ;and Lu Zhi &quot ;the soup ;public bath has a long history ,heretofore still left over from the spa fields style.
Information :from JR Tohoku Shinkansen Nasu salt station by Tang Ben to the required direction bus for about 50 minutes. The most famous local accommodation Is 80 years of history that must be hot springs mountain music ,located on the Tibetan Plateau ,where &quot ;&quot and &quot ;baths ;open air LV &quot ;men and women take turns using immersion system still retained.

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