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600 logion a

The 600 sentence invaluable advice ( complete version ) pygzh 1 ,there must be a way to success ,there must be reasons for the failure .2 ,others three elements: the unity of people to do great things ,unity and good people do bad not bad ,unity ,progress three .
3 elements: yourself, some people say you ,say you do people do. 4 ,speaking three elements: the said that the level of mm, should not say that mm is smart ,know when to say when it should be said mm brillant .
5 ,working three elements: the stem will stem mm ability ,should not do not do mm wise ,knowing when the stem when not to do mm wise .6 ,be like water ,work like a mountain. A man try to lower down, let the others, meet the interests and reputation as far as possible down the back, left to their own big room.
Work must have a mind of their own and the target ,like a mountain remained standing ,can do a good job done .7 ,the winner at is the answer to the question, but the loser sees only the answer to the question ;the winner is often part of the answer ,and the loser is often problematic component ;the winner has the plan ,the loser has excuse ;the winner is often said :in spite of the difficulties ,Air Jordan 11 and &quot,or do it ;one often says :although do ,but too difficult 8 .
,high expectations, bring the child hopeless ;Excessive protection ,bring children incompetence ;excessive doting child ,bring the ruthless ;to interfere too much ,bring children helpless ;too much blame ,bring the child no .
9 ,the ancient Jewish sages of the seven eyes : one is not display slight skill before an expert ;two is not to interrupt the speaker ;three don be anxious for success ;four is the question should be targeted ;five is the answer to meet the situation ;six is the conversation to have a beginning and an end ;seven is to be based on the actual .
10 ,people ,are all parallel, but not equal human .Human ear can be divided in two ,but always listen to one side of the story .Only a mouth ,but always say two words .11 ,see the people behind is a gentleman ;know behind is the villain .
12 ,wait for a safe ,let the past, bear is harmonious .13 ,masses to run ,leading group. Number of departments to ,turn to ,spread out across the last meeting ,or where to go. 14 ,current physical exercise situation of the elderly :rise ,middle-aged people awakening ,adolescent sleep .
15 ,wine ,in a bottle like water ,drink it down, haunted ,speaks inadvertently, walk along a road to come flash legs ,arose in the middle of the night to find water, morning regret ,at noon .
The end is still quite beautiful. 16 ,not angry is a coward ,don angry is the wise .17 ,a mean what one says ,that a second two ,three handles make carping comments on ,four handle is is is is ,five handle and the six handle ,the light notes does not open mouth .
18 ,console yourself is the best way look at other people weaknesses ;encourage ourselves to the best way is to look at their own strengths .19 ,know what kind of things should be ,nike hyperdunks 2011,you are a wise man ;know what kind of things actually ,that you are an experienced person .
20 ,transport gas is good fate :love needs the courage ,friendship needs spirited ,family needs and gas ,work requires strength ,career need luck ,needs good temper .21 ,able to give love is wise ,can eliminate afflictions is wisdom .
22 ,the lamp of life because of passion ignited ,the boat of life because of hard work ahead .23 ,have a dream is just a kind of intelligence ,realize the dream is a ability. 24 ,officials say a words, experts say nonsense ,businesses lie ,star says ravings, the rich wild talk ,the poor say angry words .
25 ,he who loses money very little loss ,loss of loss of healthy people very much, he who loses courage loses all. 26 ,take the road out of ,out of Speak good words, good deeds hand .27 ,you can choose how to be of two minds :&quot ;&quot ;confidence ,perseverance ,determination ;creative ,willing to .
28 ,you want to live free ,you can only live ordinary ;you are going to live a brilliant ,you can only live in pain and more complex ;you will live longer ,you can only live simple. 29 ,first to rate people ,oneself can persuade people .
30 ,talked about not having ideas ,silent perhaps in meditation .31 ,when you are right ,do not often is mentioned by people ;when you do something wrong ,often will not be forgotten. 32 ,love the investment in one person ,love and adventure ;investment in many people ,risk ,three .
33 flow make-up is the face makeup ;the second-class makeup is the makeup of spirit ;first-class makeup is the makeup of life .34 ,the single comprehend ,love is error ,break up is awakening ,is wrong to marry ,divorce is awakened, remarrying is refuse to realize one ,no lover Valentine waste ,more is an animal .
35 ,position can increase the person ,but the increment is not authoritative ;the position can increase the person energy ,but can not increase the capacity ;the position can increase the person famous ,but the increment is not Knowledge .
36 ,give a person to say ,heavy Yu Zhuyu ;wounding by the word ,than the sword. 37 ,and suffering from the disease compared to the people ,healthy and strong natural is happiness ;and disaster compared to the people ,all is well.
Nature is happy .38 ,mutual tolerance can be friends for hundreds of years and tolerant to each other ,the husband and wife must hundred years pillow ,mutual tolerance beautiful world of peace must.
39 ,celebrities and ordinary difference in what place? The person used are artifacts ,mortal used is a waste ;celebrity use lame arguments and perverted logic called eloquent ,mortal is sophistry ;celebrity to greet people called mortal is amiable and easy of approach ,with others ;the person dress up be careless about one ,called with the artist temperament ,mortal is the rascally person drink to call it ;drink, drink a mortal called ;celebrity old king old ,mortals only called Lao Wang.
40 ,we can not beautiful ,but we are healthy ;we can not great ,but our solemn ;we can not perfect ,but we strive to ;we can not permanent constant ,??????????,but our sincerity. 41 ,learning is the fountain of wisdom ,morality is the fundamental cause .
42 ,in to the time ,meets to the human, is the life is happy ;in to the time ,meets the wrong person ,is a heartache ;In the wrong time, meets the wrong person ,is a section of absurdity; in the wrong time, meets to the human ,is a sigh.
43 ,a place without water is desert ,a place without sound is lonely. 44 ,successful people do what others don ,do what others do not ,do what others do not .45 ,successful people find ways ,losers find excuses ;to success is no excuse, to excuse could not succeed .
46 ,the enemy became comrades in arms are mostly in order to survive ,for money partner becomes enemy .47 ,money to help poor people to solve the problem ,but the to help the rich create problems .
48 ,in good faith does not mean to blame the shortcomings of others ,but certainly do not mean that compliment the shortcomings of others .49 ,love is like a person ,marriage is tied to a person ,love is the heart of a person to swallow .
50 ,success is a kind of idea, rich is a happiness is a kind of obligation, right. 51 ,from the monkey becomes people need tens of thousands of years ,from the people back into monkeys with a bottle of wine .
52 ,more was in love with his wife, the husband of the more mature ,more coddled by her husband with the wife of the more immature .53 ,the three most romantic a word is not &quot ;I love you &quot ;, but &quot &quot ;together with ;.
54 ,silly not to like ,smart also not necessarily liked ;only the wise muddled ,to the satisfaction of all parties .55 ,the others acted as is a famous actor ,his acting wise and great usually officials .
56 ,ordinary people open two saw the world ,often wrong. Not ordinary people close one eye open an eye to look at the world, stick out a mile .Extraordinary people closing the eyes to see the world with heart ,invincible .
57 ,do not covet nothing needed is lacking. Otherwise ,you will have nothing ;don know everything ,or you will know nothing at all ;not to be equal to anything ,or you can do nothing .In 58 ,at the same time chase two rabbits ,one will not be caught .
In a certain sense, losing is obtained. 59 ,star bright ,not a lonely moon ;birds chirp ,as the tigers a .60 ,people should focus ;and stay dot. The former is the strategy ;the latter is tactical .
61 ,the face of failure and frustration over and smile ,is an optimistic self-confidence ;the face of misunderstanding and hatred and smile, is a calm and tolerant ;the face of praise and encouragement of a smile ,Nike Air Foamposite Pro,is a modest sober ;the face of trouble and sorrow smile ,Is a peaceful relieved .
62 ,morality is forever, wealth is temporary. 63 ,Nike Lebron 9,criticism is your enemy today ,tomorrow ;touted is your friend today ,tomorrow .64 ,alive for their own people ,inferior ;for others opinions .
People ,small ;for others happy man alive ,Adidas with Wings Stephen Chow and waited,noble .65 ,love can be romantic ,but not to waste ;do not casually hand ,don let go of .66 ,good will ,knot medium edge ,enjoy the inferior blessing ,choose high ,flat seat ,to the width of the line in 67 ,with a .
A margin ,let go and became the scenery .Have a heart ,insisted China was sincere .68 ,eternal happiness is the world extraordinary, the life is being in loving with you .70 ,happiness is an attitude, not a condition.
71 ,there is only smooth ,without success. 72 ,do not take a shower people ,hardware will not rub perfume fragrance .And distinguished reputation ,comes from the true skill and genuine knowledge .
Virtuous natural incense. 73 ,please meals ,can casually ,like a family friend ( Comrade ) ;please meals ,can greatly square square ,like a master ;leading to please Food Bureau ,must with great care ,like a stranger ;please leading team ,must be completed Christine Bi Jing ,like a servant ;be please originally ,natural polite ,like a guest !74 ,smart people engaged in health ,understand people store health ,ordinary people can health ,confused people ignore health .
75 ,without economic independence ,lack of self-esteem &quot ;&quot ;without thinking ,independent ,the lack of independent &quot ;&quot ;,no personality independent, lack of confidence ,&quot ;&quot ;.
76 ,life, continuously required for soul dust ,introspection ,self-blame ,since the enlightenment, the weight of HH. 77 ,never to be bad thing curious ,otherwise may be the death of you .
Don in pain when making decisions ,or you will regret later .78 ,science is the pursuit of truth, moral pursuit is good ,is the pursuit of beauty of art .79 ,a kind of wisdom ,is a vision ,a confident ,a a spiritual strength ,is a kind of culture ,a kind of happiness .
80 ,you have the right to anger ,but should not trample on the dignity of others ;you have the right to fail ,but should not give up ;you have the right to succeed ,but not at the expense of others ;you have the right to request the dispute ,but should not take revenge as a means of.
You have the right to ask for a better life ,but should not be in today Deception to pick up tomorrow 81 ,patience is strong and capable of abbreviation ;learning is learning and asking for advice is summarized.
82 ,ignorance and stupidity is any person who hates it ,but this can only be achieved by avoidance learning ;beauty and health is everyone proud thing, but it is best to add .Raise maintenance .
83 ,touts itself as deceive oneself and others happy ,calumniatory others are detrimental to their base. 84 ,greedy ill-gotten gains easily destroyed ;many people believe not curse. 85 ,the tragedy of love in particular ;marriage perfect due to tolerance.
86 ,dedicated to create spiritual rich ,make life beautiful .87 ,cooking level affects the taste ,mood state influences the life quality. 88 ,life itself is a kind of lucky, young itself is a kind of happiness .
89 ,love is not charity ,not charity .90 ,creating opportunities for people who are brave .Waiting for the chance to fool people .91 ,even though the sun is warm irradiation can be ,for a long time, also be subjected to verbal .
92 ,even if the smash clocks, who never can put the time footsteps bound half a second. 93 ,scenery in familiar place ;not familiar with the place of a trap. 94 ,the true love is not temporarily moved ; but the life of aftertaste.
95 ,real love is not to put him in her arms ,but let him walk. 96 ,we all know ,is the life ;people do not know ,is art .97 ,the angry is that taking the other .98 ,hope for the best ,strive for the best, prepare for the worst .
99 ,woman is the most practical ,inseparable from the fuel ;the woman is actual ,dream of flowers wine. 100 ,simple to become rich ,be wise ;the rich become simple ,is wisdom .Rich ,help thinking ;simple ,easy to implement .
101 one of the most sorrow ,not yesterday lost too much, but immersed in yesterday .102 most foolish, not found in front of the trap ,but the second and fell in .103 the most lonely ,do not want to wait for the people has not come yet ,but the man from my heart went out.
The 104 one of the most vile ,and not lit a fuse ,but want to see the effect after the explosion .The 105 people most dirty ,not sold his flesh ,but sold your souls .106 the most painful, is not not love a person ,who loved life not To have happiness .
107 the most happy person, and not finally got a bunch of flowers ,but always surrounded by flower .108 the most happy person, and not the others bring you happiness ,but you bring happiness to others .
109 the richest ,and not have a golden hill ,but has a golden hill to buy things. 110 one of the most noble, not others still remember his benefits, but they forgot to give benefits to others .
111 ,child toys as friends ,adult treat friends as toys .112 ,can fire assay ,a woman may try to use gold ,men may try to use the woman .113 ,rich man fear to let others know he is rich ,poor man fear to let others know he had no money .
114 ,alive and well, because we will die for a long time .115 ,say out before you are masters of what ,say out your slave when done .116 ,higher than high salaries ,paid as long ,long as happy.
117 ,to steal a person plagiarism ,to steal a lot of people idea was to study. 118 ,treat intellectual attitude ,is a symbol of national civilization degree ;treat workers attitude ,is the question that the nation ,not 119 .
There is the top mountain ,only to find the road .120 ,defeat the enemy takes a day ,but over one needs for a lifetime. 121 ,bland in taste ,parting Miss evergreen ,scattered in and again ,a center in hand ,this is love the classic ,classic love 122 ,.
Laziness is cultivated. Where have all the people ,for others ,where the growth of happy lazy languid .123 ,the beautiful when the capital that is foolish ,the beautiful when the energy that is wisdom.
124 ,a man is a resume of his life ,a woman her life the income statement 125 ,.Love ,is one can give to another person highest honor. Full of tragic is in this respect ,more often than not miscarry is rejected.
126 ,smart is the rat eye ,can see in front of the food ;smart is tiger ,can find nearby prey ;the wise is the eagle eye ,could see the distant scenery ,rich 127 extreme is simple ;flowers is the ultimate plain; love is the ultimate silent .
128 ,knowledge is milk ,wisdom is the brine .Knowledge wisdom ,always a pot of milk ,no thought of tofu .129 ,expected something often Does not occur ,the unexpected often appear however .
130 ,happy, friends know you ;in adversity ,you know my friend. 131 ,money like water, no one will die of thirst ,more will be drowned. 132 thicker than blood ,kinship ,friendship is light like water ,love is sweet as honey.
133 ,if the camera shooting down one ,all his words and deeds ,then according to his intention to the clip ,no one can be good or bad. 134 ,yesterday is an abandoned check ,tomorrow is a yet due to deposit ,only today is you can control cash .
135 ,pretty woman is like on the showcase ,crafts ,many people appreciate, but buy the person can only a person .136 ,work like a lover ,although sometimes conflict with you ,but every day to meet.
Interest like a lover ,although your passion ,but not the generation for bread .137 ,love like sackcloth ,though not beautiful ,but from the cold .Love is like fashion ,feel very good ,but can not wear out.
138 ,relatives like old clothes, is a prickly heat ,still be holding you .Friends like sunny raincoat ,need to be put aside in 139 ,after use ,Society is like fish ,although Nishajuxia ,be it is a pool of water and a little scary.
Family is like fish ,need to be cleaned ,need air, need careful nursing ,or it will not survive. 140 ,a boss is like a tiger ,the tiger ,can not be touched, the tiger ,unfavorable also took colleagues like gaming friends ,.
In the arena of Dadanaonao ,removed to know everything is funny. Lower like spring ,you can press him, but he will be top you ,Adidas M Attitude Logo 100 yuan,if you pull him, maybe he will give me .141 ,an explosive bomb than a burst bomb than its predecessors.
142 ,all the people on the side is not necessarily a good thing, for example, they all stand on the side of the boat .143 ,a beggar is a tax to your conscience of people. 144 ,the world only then cannot think through the human ,road .
145 ,what makes you tired is not the mountain ,but a grain of sand in the shoes .146 ,do not argue with a fool ,or someone else will be sure who is the fool in the end .147 ,do parents is a highly professional occupation ,but most of the parents without any training posts .
148 ,reality tell a lie with the real name ,network with anonym 149 speaking the truth ,Not every effort will have a harvest, however ,every effort must be harvested ,it is an unfair irreversible proposition .
150 ,ideal not fantasy ,to passion not frills .151 ,in order to control the attachment, must meditate feeling good door. 152 ,everyone has the potential energy ,just very easy: to be covered by habits ,blurred by time, and eroded by laziness .
153 ,pretty face is for others to read, and have the wisdom of the mind is to use .154 ,optimistic people only consider the laugh ,and forget to complain; a pessimist Gu the complaint ,but forgot to laugh .
155 ,give up this giving up is the helpless ,give up should not give up the incompetence ;do not give up the abandoned ignorance ,do not give up should not give up the attachment .156 ,take advantage of others, is getting started.
157 ,do for others, namely his best ;do not help others ,cannot get others to help. 158 ,woman depreciation rate r really is amazing ,from the r r mother into old woman ,as long as a night scene.
159 ,see beauty on the street ,look a little higher is appreciation ,look a little bit lower is a rascal .160 ,not afraid ,afraid of things. 161 ,disease causes People become more human ,more light utilitarian ,more human ,love and friendship to appreciate more delicate.
162 ,nature health easily understand each other ,born between each other often morbid diaphragm .163 ,love the closed eye ,married to make it open ,love in dress ,wedding to take it off.
.he and she surprised :&quot ;you are of this kind ?&quot ;then angry &quot ;you turned out to be such !&quot ;and in fact he and she ,indeed worse than once thought ,but now found better than 164 ,scholar meet scholar ,can argue .
Soldier soldier can meet ,meet the embarrassment of the tournament .In soldiers ,soldiers never argue with the scholar ,the scholar but not with soldiers contest .165 ,used to have a human origin of family with a sense of crisis ,now it has been only to his face has a sense of crisis .
166 ,cunning and clever gap in intelligence ,but morally .167 ,some marriages began but ,then the phase to ice, is the last phase of Jing Rubing .168 ,good at description is always a lot of ,dare to say is seldom .
169 ,wise praise, each reflection ;a criticism, sentence 170 ,the hospital is a rebuttal. A person finally to life than money is more important place. 171 ,not all children are the crystallization of love ,such as the white-haired girl .
172 ,to a house, will load a lifetime ,it not only satirical snail .173 ,the mouse to cat recordings ,beginning to tremble with fear in one ,listen looked happy ,listen again like the melodious song of art of coloratura ,for many years to pray and lucky 174 ,know yourself ,know yourself more difficult.
175 ,luxury is for others to read, need is for my own use .176 ,if there is no healthy ,wisdom can not show ,culture can not play can fight ,power ,knowledge will not use .177 ,now a carnivore is afraid of hormone ,vegetarian fear toxin, drink for fear of a pigment ,water is afraid of harmful elements.
In short ,what to eat ,what to drink ,the hearts of countless .178 ,no risk to ,coward was afraid ;risk occurs ,the ordinary fear; danger past ,the warriors know fear .179 ,the body is not good ,there may be a waste ;the result is not good, there may be defective ;psychology is not good, there may be a dangerous goods .
180 ,and is on the right side of a mouth, is that everybody has a meal to eat ;harmonic on the left is a word ,on the Everybody can speak. 181 ,an optimist sees the problem behind the opportunity ,a pessimist opportunity to see behind the question ,the opportunity is never take the initiative and knock on your door ,you wait for many years.
It will only be as like a gust of wind blowing over, need your ability to respond to and follow the speed. Working towards a goal ,try to use your potential to the full of wit ,you opportunity exists.
The wind while no color ,but after a stroke is green .182 ,it is something that enervates our spirit, causing a greater loss than the loss ,a bigger mistake than mistake itself, so never regret .
183 ,the mirror reflects the true ,but the truth is opposite. 184 ,only not waiting in vain is doomed to death ,the only remains constant is change .185 ,between friends, when it comes to money would hurt feelings between lovers ,talk about feelings .
It hurts 186 ,wife ,for money. The young man is the master of middle-aged men ;friends ;in elderly men is a nurse .187 ,before the marriage, you open your eyes ;after marriage, to turn a blind eye to it.
188 ,the most difficult to defeat the enemy ,is his most ;Terrible enemy ,is a friend ;the most impossible to guard against enemies ,is the desire ;most confusing enemies ,is emotion. 189 ,said it was stated ,that is repeated two times ,three times is the parallelism ,repeatedly said it is in a meeting .
190 ,crab will not clamp himself ,wearing armbands .Do not correct their own ,do not have their own advertising ,engage in trading won himself. 191 ,tell the truth as cough ,mostly in irrepressible when spewing out ;lie as lines, often have to memorize it.
192 ,the happiness of ten elements of the MM keep healthy ;realistic goals ;self-esteem ;feelings of control ;optimistic ;being open-minded ;make good friends ;into the set body ,good karma ;challenging and moderate pastime ;have team spirit.
193 ,especially wary of three people: a small ,officer ,special to the man ;two ,don to spend ,the people ;three ,not too ripe ,special porcelain people. 194 ,only 5% of people is wonderful ,and only 5% is painful ,the other 90% are plain ;it is often 5% wonderful alluring ,www.nikeairfoamposite1.com,endured 5% pain ,in 90% of the light through 195 ,life is no dress rehearsal ,.
Every day is the scene direct seeding !196 ,is expensive, less disease is long enough ,Is rich ,no desire is a blessing ,gratitude is fond of .197 ,Juchongruoqing ,displays the ability ;with ,is the expression of feelings.
198 ,no more than the larger day ,no feet longer than the road, no higher than the mountain people ,not much more from the heart, 199 ,the wide sea .The world is not a rich man .Nor the right people in the world ,it is the people of the world.
200 ,complicated things simple .The simple things to do things seriously .To repeat .Repeat things to creatively to do. 201 ,people should treat their own. Treat yourself to the best method is to treat others .
Treat others is the best way to forgive others. 202 ,no parts of the car cannot be bought ,there is no credibility friend cannot pay .203 ,a beautiful form is better than a beautiful face ;good behavior than a beautiful form .
204 ,on thin ice skating ,speed is a safety factor of 205 ,love .The depth to the pursuit ,not the pursuit of speed ;love to hot pursuit, not the pursuit of brightness .206 ,laughter is a kind of vitality.
207 ,students live ,easy ,easy ;;life ,is not easy. 208 ,life is an experience ,is also a kind of experience ;life is a kind of feeling, is also a kind of living without accumulation .
The answer ,life need not answer .When students live will not belong to you ,you will find :life is merely a process ,and this process no matter how complex ,the end result is the same .Life is to pay attention to the process ,rather than the end .
209 ,the wise man is always with the wisdom of others to fill their own brain ,stupid people always with the wisdom of others interfere with their emotions .210 ,ordinary people concerned about how time consuming ,talented people to make use of time .
211 ,strive for life is the know-how to operate their own strengths .Operating their own strengths can give you value in life .To operate their own weaknesses will make you devaluation of life .
212 ,respect the children are the parents .213 ,the family is the relationship of flesh and bone ,outsiders are cars and car .Separated cannot survive ,the car and the car too close associate accidents.
214 ,no matter how old members of the human race ,in front of all the money ,215 young .,true happiness are free. 216 ,the pursuit of brand as well put yourself into famous brand .217 ,a book no matter where the page looks ,5 minutes after the also doesn please do not hesitate to throw it out .
218 ,insane lunatic is not terrible .Terrible sane madman. 219 ,inferiority has a variety of grades .The highest quality inferior performance is boasting are doing their own genius .220 ,have lower pleasures ,not seeking senior happy.
221 ,a talking to people, not remember spoke to people ,but can say some people remember the words .222 ,is a nest, with his mouth ,I use the ear ;lively field ,forward ,backward ,all day long I .
223 the party without a meal can eat incense .224 ,time the study pain is temporary ,has not learned the pain is life-long .225 ,still impulse ,that you still have passion for life ,always acts on impulse ,you don .
226 ,never to offend the people ,is also impossible and Shenzhen .Too much peace and quiet, but lost the human passion and truthfulness. 227 ,the ancients became famous overnight by the imperial examination ,it became famous overnight by media .
228 ,is the intelligent part of the universe ,God is to beautify people. 229 ,if a nation to waste when the face ,she on earth more and not to face. If a nation saving when face ,she on the earth will increasingly face.
230 ,the largest on the family love ,is optimistic about their own ,Don 231 ,when misfortune falls in their head, they are often able to comfort others like a wise man ;but when the same misfortune will befall him ,it similarly to enlighten themselves.
232 ,some defects on other people look not worth mentioning ,not worth mentioning ;however ,these defects if put on themselves ,it is very difficult to easily view ,and life can not be relieved .
233 ,they said ,done harm to others a matter of the heart ,may quickly forget clean out completely ;while others have said and done harm to yourself often life can remember clearly ,and the unable to forgive .
234 ,watching others live ,we always like to magnify their happiness ,ignoring them life ,so the lives of others seem happy .But in view of his own life, people always like to narrow your happiness ,expand their own troubles ,so our own life have too much dissatisfaction.
235 ,when others in the public places are not careful the Chou period ,we tend to laugh away ;but when the same situation in himself appears, we often a good long time to get out of the embarrassment .
236 ,see others achieved When successful, we would say ,their good luck ;when they encounter failure ,we will say ,they are not hard .His success ,we would say that this is my own efforts ;if it fails, we will console oneself with soothing remarks that are bad conditions.
237 ,watching people fall in love be choosers ,us dark say ,do not know their own look like, is still there to pick and choose. Their turn fall in love ,always feel that no one can match their own .
238 ,we can easily judge other parenting right and wrong way ,and turn their education of their children ,but often lose the judging basis. 239 ,who can be smoothly ?Shame of life is not lost ,but that can not afford to lose ;our greatest glory consists not in never servant to ,but can be repeatedly .
240 ,the key to life consists not in holding good cards ,but in playing a bad card. 241 ,think too little ,may lose human dignity; thinking too much ,will lose the fun of life .242 ,the competition is lifelong ,winning or losing is temporary.
243 ,if you can get without guilt ,loss and without regret ,the result of gains and losses ,just let it go .244 ,&quot ;unfortunately no one is &quot ;the university examination every year ,but it will graduate admissions.
, are strong. 245 ,friends of the first method is to be a friend. 246 ,with nothing more than a pure heart and clean hands ,more valuable better? 247 ,the light intensity of the place ,shadow is also black .
248 ,in front of the power ,I saw the tears money ;in front of the money ,I see is kneeling power. 249 ,if you are looking at the clock on the length of life ,often feel powerless. Like a stationery ruler to measure the Himalaya Range ,with a fruit knife to carve time .
250 ,don you are good ,people usually do not believe ;not talk about how bad ,people generally believe .251 be careful what you say ,always say less than you think .252 do not promise easily ,say a kind word to do.

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