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The nirvana

At the end of 5 to early 6 ,Beijing anomaly sultry .The Chinese car city is unusually hot. First FAW Toyota announced Carola listed ,after the hippocampus ,Shanghai Volkswagen announced the hippocampus 3 ,Octavia debut.
And continuously new conference lively scene is the same,エアジョーダン4 do not know to become official, May of car city remained strong ;and when the stock market fell sharply different the car market in May ,a 24.20% increase over the same period ,far stronger than the 15.
81% in April. But ,Chinese passenger car market had sales champion ,Honda ,scenery is longer .December 22, 2006, Guangzhou Honda released two annual new car mm07 accord with 07 Odyssey .
But 07 accord listed less than half the 4S store ,Beijing the highest preferential amount reached 15000 yuan .Today ,4S shop for the accord flagship car 2.4AT comfortable edition (electric heating plate ) offer only 209800 yuan ,the preferential amount high to amount to 32000 yuan .
At the same time ,the number of 4S shop in Beijing to accord cars in various versions of the models ,given by the discount rate is also surprisingly similar .From May price data analysis, once a market price benchmarking ,once prices defenders ,in May, the accord ,fit both led ,in the price champion .
Once known as &quot ;the era of the &quot ;day ,in the brutal competition in the market seems to have shaken ,but the top is still firmly said &quot ;I believe the new accord will re-establish the advantage of many years before .
&quot ;from this has always been the strength of energy point of view, this should have such strength. But the market for the senior judge ,when can cash ,rub one .Since Phoenix through fire suffering and pain test ,can be reborn ,and rebirth to sublimation ,so now is experiencing the wide market impact ,may need to fear pain ,Yiwufangu ,constant pursuit ,self-improvement spirit, ready to Nirvana !Try in geographical convenience Japanese cars are first entered into China market a number of overseas companies ,however ,Japanese car company always adhere to the export strategy, handsome in appearance and cheaper cars in Japan, after the reform and open policy suddenly flooded into China ,Toyota ,Nissan ,Honda and other brands also gradually known.
But ,until the last century 90 time evening ,although China has implemented the reform and opening up for nearly 20 years ,Japanese car company &quot ;for Europe and the United States ,back toward the &quot Asia ;foreign strategy However, no looseness ,still insist on &quot ;only sell goods, rather than a plant &quot ;.
During this period, Japanese automobile industry almost never stopped to inspect survey in China .Auto areas of cooperation, China has also been to Japan many times .However ,Japanese car waiting hesitate one step by step lost opportunity .
Finally ,Japanese suddenly found not only in China ,Europe and the United States automobile manufacturers built over the joint venture, but also Europe and the United States automobile brand in the Chinese market is gradually win support among the people .
But also its anxious is ,1990 time later period ,Chinese private car demand began the development of the blowout ,some European and American automobile manufacturers rely on the joint venture factory facilities and brand resource advantage ,in the Chinese market to occupy a leading position.
Although Japan has come out in front in the world auto giants ,but in China ,their market share is pitifully low. At the same time ,by the end of 1996 ,the door side detonation two Guangzhou car project looking for foreign partners message to Japanese Honda headquarters .
At this time, Guangzhou automobile group is Guangzhou Peugeot project the huge failure and looking for a partner .In 1993 has already begun to work in China Door side boom two ,previously in the United States ,Europe ,Canada and other regions .
In July 1, 1998 Guangzhou Honda was founded as the Guangzhou Honda Automobile Co., the general manager of the company. Founded in 1946 Honda Institute of technology is today the world automotive industry leader.
Business in Japan, Honda is technology and dynamic generation nouns ,but also the Japanese university students after graduation are very desirable employment goals .At present in the world auto transnational giants ranked seventh ,eight .
Honda is always create a record company .For sixty or seventy American market ,Toyota and Nissan is assessed ,unless it can be an annual output of 200000 ,otherwise it is not up to the economies of scale benefit ,and the investment to reach 150000000000 yen ( equivalent to about 10000000000 yuan ) .
And Honda planned in detail ,but in 1979 ,60000000000 yen to build 150000 scale of the production line will reach investment benefit ,Honda has also successfully developed the world auto production line .
China is also a Honda a miracle of compact version of &quot ;&quot ;.In Guangzhou, Honda again broke his own in the creation of the United States 150000 scale line records , less investment ,fast output ,rolling development dominated the development in China ,the scale of production and also after 30000 cars ,60000 cars ,120000 cars ,エアジョーダンレトロ,240000 cars ,with the Guangzhou Honda Zengcheng plant in September 19, 2006 formally completed and put into production ,the annual output of Guangzhou Honda to expand to 360000 vehicles.
Reportedly ,domestic a new car factory ,every million investment of approximately $150000000 ,construction cycle is about 3 years before coming to China .Honda of Shanghai general initial investment of $1520000000 ,while the Guangzhou Honda only spent less than $200000000 was completed in 30000 with an annual output of the production scale.
Only used per million investment equivalent to about 50% capital ,construction period than is generally shortened by 1 / 2 ,the efficiency is very high and no one can. In other Japanese manufacturers set up factory Honda ,is based on the Chinese market accurate judgement .
In 2000 ,Honda ,although Beijing is not a successful bid to host the Olympic Games ,but the Games preparatory work has become China the important foundation, the foundation will promote China market has expanded exponentially.
Data rough display ,Japan is to host the Olympic Games in 1964 ,the next 5 years auto market was expanded 4 times .The South Korean 198 8 years of hosting the Olympic Games, after 5 years of development of automobile is increased 3 times .
Therefore ,according to Honda statement ,because 2000 is China Olympic Games, to 2005 China should be increased 5 times. Perhaps from the very beginning Honda was aware of the situation today, as a world ranking is not too forward automobile manufacturers ,only half a beat faster than rival &quot ;&quot ;,in order to occupy a greater market share.
Look ahead of the Honda ,laid in one fell swoop in the future to lead the market foundation. Brilliant Guangzhou Honda upon activation, the car market up hurricane breaching of the dike ,like water ,in 1999 March ,this be a trend which cannot be halted .
The first product accord once the market that demand exceeds supply ,delayed orders once reached 20000 vehicles ,accord with actual market price 350000 yuan ,than the manufacturers recommended price of 298000 yuan for the high 17%.
2001 years ,Guangzhou Honda has produced 51058 cars ,the original 50000 year yield target come true 4 years ahead of schedule .Market unpopular behind ,and not at Shanghai general using satellite broadcast Buick scenes ,no FAW Volkswagen charter by Beijing media and officials to participate in the Audi A6 offline Changchun spectacular ,GUANG all simple ,Not be busy at putting up installations ,did not release a lot of advertising ,made just the inflight magazine and late night television advertising and media development .
Accord success comes from several points: one is the accurate positioning ,directly into the market blank area .Accord to enter the market ,the domestic high-end car market competition brand is very little, the domestic market in the low-end models .
Santana ,Jetta almost red all over the world .But accord to aim at the emerging entrepreneurs ,private owners of these high-end market of private car demand. Two is the price of relentless.
General overseas brand in the Chinese market price is much higher than that of the overseas market ,and the high-end ,high price of the more outrageous .While the accord pricing strategy is very old .
The pricing benchmark is not solely on the basis of the current market competition ,but more on the future trend of market price ,the price than the same grade imported cars as low as 25% .
This high level once boasted: our price is based on three years of market development .Three is the global synchronization .When other multinational companies have put those old products one ancient head all thrown into the Chinese market ,earning two times profits when launched ,Honda Accord Products created the Chinese market global synchronization precedent.
It introduced the best-selling American market accord in the latest models .The models equipped with the most advanced VTECH engine ,a new generation of antilock brakes ,airbags and other safety and comfort configuration.
In the first two years after the models are introduced ,Nike Air Foamposite Pro,and the introduction of Guangzhou Honda two improved versions ,also promoted the first vehicle sales. Has almost global synchronization technology standard accord ,below Chinese market acceptance of the average price into the market ,but also in the continuing sales situation, once again to launch new cuts, but discontinued original product ,www.adidasswings.com,so that the market is always maintained in a excited state.
For example ,in January 15, 2003, with the world full of type change of Guangzhou a new generation of Honda Accord 2.4 i-VTEC ( i.e. Honda seventh generation Accord ) grand line when market still demands exceeds supply ,the sixth generation Accord was discontinued ,and a new generation of accord 259800 yuan price level compared to the previous generation Accord low nearly 40000 yuan ,suddenly industry in an uproar ,high-grade car market price as &quot ;Domino &quot ;as have fallen .
The price strategy ,the number of competitors The quantity is less, market competition is not very intense circumstance falls, gained beat all result, accord 20 consecutive months became monthly sales volume champion .
&quot &quot ;accord ;has become China classic terms .However ,the Toyota Camry and many other competitors have come to China ,accord entered a adjustment period .Although the Camry come in late six years ,but the Guangzhou Toyota one up is high-high .
Vehicle plant a total investment of 3800000000 yuan ,the initial capacity of 200000 cars factory ,store distribution has close to 120 ,such a large-scale operation system to ensure that the Guangzhou Toyota high-volume production requirements.
From the point of global competition ,the Camry and Argyle competition has been bitten very tight ,hard to tell which is better ,especially in the North American market .From product perspective ,the Camry is accord to the advanced generation.
In the Chinese market, competition is increasingly intense ,and the old habits ,the accord was at a disadvantage. In fact from a global perspective, although Honda in models of the rich extent never to reach general ,Toyota and other manufacturers.
But there is a fact that nots allow evasive, that is mm in any one of the world City On the field ,the Honda of any vehicle in the global market performance is very excellent. The establishment of 9 years, this despite only introduced the accord ,Odyssey and fit ( Si Di and fit is the same platform products ) 3 models, but in their respective segments was ranked the top three, this is to rely on the 3 cars became the Chinese auto industry leading role .
Guangzhou Automobile Group Deputy General Manager ,Guangzhou Toyota executive vice president Yuan Zhongrong said :&quot ;from the comprehensive evaluation ,the Camry has no competition .Because not only is the performance ,and brand awareness ,domestic are no rival .
If the current leader in high-end car models are accord words ,so we have this car came out, it must be fully deserve leader. &quot ;and Yuan Zhongrong was the deputy general manager in 2006 December .
Until 2007 May, one year listed on the Camry for 6 consecutive months as a senior car single truck monthly sales volume champion, senior car market has become the new king. Despite the pressure,Jeremy Scott Adidas, but the accord in 1-5 month sales volume still high middle senior car before three, in the 1-5 brand car sales ranked ,and the Camry together into the top ten ,ranked the eighth place .
In the competition section change new push or price, accord to remain in the first camp even reclaim the title magic, dealers and manufacturers of products price reform to push new is inevitable ,however ,the new strategic transition is to consider.
Blade in 2004 5 at the end of the Beijing auto show ,Hangzhou automotive city dealers quote below the national unified price of 3000 yuan ,and Jiaxing, part of the small dealers already could not withstand the pressure ,below the unified national price price of 5000 yuan in sales.
This is the Honda Accord listed for the first time in years to lower than the manufacturers national uniform price sales .But a few days earlier, Hangzhou automobile city .If the car is still increase 6000 yuan, not for a supply of sth.
. 2004 ,for this ,it is a crucial turning point ,more important watershed .In July of that year and has strong price ,even increase sales of Honda Accord ,almost at the same time in the nationwide price !The scene at that time ,Beijing ,Shanghai ,Guangzhou ,Zhejiang and other places of the dealers in a variety of ways to implement price action.
Prices range from 2000 yuan to 12000 yuan . 10 days before the new Guangzhou honda accord or car city &quot ;hard &quot ,10 days after the goods ;new accord is in price war whirlpool.
Asian Sports Village auto market a few sell accord sales company case, accord 3.0L 2.4L also Rangli preferential 12000 yuan ,2000 yuan or so. But they stressed ,this is the distributor promotional activities, manufacturers did not depreciate in the increasingly fierce market competition .
,blowout times past, wise this is raising the price of &quot &quot ;blade ;China .In the fierce market environment, price is the hard truth. And accord the change of price strategy ,the implementation of preferential measures to cut prices to dealers ,one of its production capacity expansion ,can guarantee the price after the sales volume growth ,two is the face of brutal competition in the market ,price is to maintain the leading position in the market the best measures.
Although depreciate ,however ,accord profit levels remained at a very high level. 1999, accord the year listed on the production and sales of 10008 vehicles ;second years of production and marketing 32228 ,2001 51058, 2002 59000.
According to the production scale ,with 1 of 200000 yuan price calculation ,the first year is 2000000000 yuan in sales ,second years is 6000000000 yuan in sales ,if the net profit of 30%, Honda From the 600000000 profit take 300000000 .
Second take away 900000000 ,equal to less than two years will be able to recoup their investment. Moreover, although in the world, Japan is bicycle profit king ,but in China ,the champion throne but for Honda firmly occupy .
Authoritative statistical data shows, although the sales rankings from fourth in 2005 to in sixth ,but Guangzhou Honda profit last year amounted to 5159000000 yuan ,the first time Shanghai general ,jump house whole nation the first passenger car enterprises .
Not only that ,in the entire industry bicycle profit downward circumstances ,Guangzhou Honda bicycle profit last year still amounted to nearly 20000 yuan ,with keep balance basically 2005 ,continue to rank the first in the country .
Statistic shows ,the achievement is modern Beijing 5 times much ,FAW Toyota and Volkswagen 3 times much. Although the official has not announced price cuts ,but in fact the dealer level prices have moved.
But can be seen ,the dealers in the price aspect to have adequate capital .Do not rise without benefit first ,if do not have enough capacity to support the current price system ,its dealers categorically will not take the price moves so big knife.
In fact ,over the years the huge profits, although this would not admit to depreciate ,but at present Pricing strategies for the danger of not be injured in the sinews or bones .From another point of view, the price will be effective on the edge ,to rival containment ,and for the next action makes the upholstery .
Competing in 2003 fit is offline Eve, then Guangzhou Honda executive vice president Ceng Qinghong once told the media ,the national automobile industry needs to be integrated ,as to who integrated who ,to see who is more market competitiveness and advantages.
Earlier in July 16, 2003 ,Honda in China, another joint venture Dongfeng Honda has just been established. According to the national policy on development of automotive industry ,a foreign company can take up and two domestic automobile manufacturers to establish a joint venture .
However ,the two do not represent the most there must be two joint venture companies .In fact ,from a purely commercial point of view ,a wife and husband &quot ;two &quot ;or &quot ;a husband two wife &quot ;the system can really meet the profit maximization principle ?Imagine ,if not established Dongfeng Honda ,nike zoom kobe 6 ~ 04,Guangzhou Honda to Dongfeng Honda products get Guangzhou Honda ,the Guangzhou automobile company ,Honda is more advantageous thing ?Can not only avoid the channel to repeat construction ,human resource , management structure ,and business strategy can achieve maximum efficiency.
Therefore ,the only reasonable explanation for joint ventures geek is Honda hoped that through two joint ventures between competition ,Air Jordan 11 Look at this scroll,obtain the biggest benefit .Maybe ,door side boom two aware of the problem ,he said ,Honda is possible in a certain period of time in China the uniform use of Honda &quot ;&quot ;brand .
Dongfeng Honda and Guangzhou Honda in the introduction of new products to go is exactly the same as the promise ,&quot ;one year of a new car .&quot ;however ,with the accord ,fit ,Odyssey and Dongfeng Honda Civic ,CR-V introduced ,so-called new car and new at where ?From its point of view, the original goal is actually preferred joint venture Toyota ,but they give olive branch to the time ,Toyota is busy and Tianjin are joint venture negotiations, no time .
Besides ,Guangzhou Peugeot failed project also allow Toyota to the foundation of Guangzhou manufacturing industry doubt Toyota .If not ,then and Honda competition and Opel .Though Opel and Guangzhou joint venture has reached intent ,however ,relevant departments of the state of motion cannot be ignored: general and the Shanghai joint venture, why not General outside the automobile manufacturers looking for joint venture object ?( Opel is a universal subsidiary.
) however ,old Toyota memorable .Once through reorganization of Tianjin FAW car ,completed in the north after the layout ,a partner of choice is naturally - be nothing difficult .However ,Toyota ,Honda although out of Japanese ancestry ,but it is the largest shopping mall on the right.
The accord ,the Camry in the North American market will rank the second respectively ,the first ,in the Chinese market have been fighting is intense with each passing day. Later the market it is proved that Toyota ,Honda clan fries ending.
&quot ;we then aware of South China auto market is wider. If in some countries repeat this joint venture is not appropriate ,but in China such a big market ,set up two joint venture companies or no problem .
&quot ;Toyota Fubuyuexiong said. As - why two rival mm Honda ,Toyota together ?With Guangzhou Automobile Group Chairman Zhang Fang some words :&quot ;there is competition there is cooperation.
&quot ;then the deputy general manager of Ceng Qinghong despite the expressed understanding and Dongfeng Honda in Wuhan joint venture ,however ,the Guangzhou Toyota Endowment ,when he said Toyota overtones in conversation ,regardless of will new base, where will the Guangzhou Honda and competitive .
Go ahead of the rest in the late April ,the deputy general manager Fu Shoujie once said ,Guangzhou Honda to make own brand ,do include cars ,MPV ,SUV full range of models ,in order to to achieve this goal ,the will to create a complete enterprise system .
Careful people begin to pay attention to ,Fu Shoujie not only in said independent brands ,more often in the emphasis on social responsibility, emphasizing vowed to become social expectations of corporate .
This idea in the new factory in Zengcheng to reflect the Guangzhou Honda factory in Zengcheng in the design .And construction process, comprehensive consideration of the environmental problems, in treating industrial and life waste &quot &quot ;noise reduction ;and has invested heavily ,in the automotive industry took the lead into the most advanced environmental technology &quot ;membrane treatment technology ,&quot ;&quot ;zero discharge of wastewater &quot ;efforts to build the most influential in the green plant.
Zengcheng plant construction process, sewage treatment station with &quot &quot ;zero discharge ;as the design objective ,in response to &quot ;increase production is not added corrupt &quot ;requirements ,all the sewage treatment of The water standard ,used to plant cooling ,エアジョーダン6,flushing ,green ,cleaning and other aspects ,the remaining water in &quot ;&quot ;then the depth of processing, all recycled in the process ( water for cooling and coating ,production process water ) ,realize the zero discharge of waste water &quot ;&quot ;.
Reportedly ,the domestic automobile manufacturers the wastewater treatment and reuse ,temporarily not to achieve zero discharge of wastewater &quot ;&quot ;degree ,the Zengcheng factory implementation of zero discharge of waste water &quot ;&quot ;project is still the same industry first ,caused domestic and international high evaluation .
And the independent brand is likely to be another highlight of this long .Since, many people think ,joint venture may not have their own brands ,because the foreign car companies to own brand benefit ,can not allow the joint venture has its own brand .
At the same time ,a joint venture has the 50% equity in foreign auto companies ,technology is completely foreign automobile company monopoly .Therefore ,joint venture China even if determined to own brand of R & D ,is also unable to do .
But from domestic joint venture development point of view, this situation has been changed. Shanghai GM launched a new car is almost in the pan Asia Technology Center for the two time development .
And Shanghai Volkswagen has launched independent research and development of the concept car. All this shows that ,in a joint venture joint-stock process ,mastery of the technique is being strengthened .
There are many joint ventures are make active preparations for war ,to prepare for the launch of the new brand is different from that of the shareholders .At present ,initiated a global synchronization the Canton of May will once again become the pioneer.
Fu Shoujie firmly said ,time will prove everything !The new deal in the hot summer ,sitting in a comfortable sofa ,eyes wide LCD screen playing Harry Potter film ,a waiter looked pretty lady with a light car ,gently ask you need what kind of tea .
Behind the three computers ,allows you to freely in the network world emails, blogs .It how do you also think this is the special distribution shop ,the car can still enjoy VIP treatment ,never encountered another cold ,never feel uncomfortable.
Peep one spot visible to all .The corporate culture makes like that. In this see every one of the employees ,are full of vitality and passion. Even those away from production and sales Line driver does not stop at &quot &quot ;environmental protection ;the rules of the game ,&quot ;&quot ;&quot ,&quot ;customer first ;.
Once marked wide ruins, now the garden of Huangpu area. Both sides around the low green hills of Zengcheng factory ,more add a bit of Reiki .Everywhere improvement constantly improve ,slogan ,has penetrated into almost every one of the employees of the bone marrow .
2004 assumes the General Manager Japanese representative by Sichuan is gone ,the river Rong Cilai .With the new management team ,the eighth generation Accord also coming to China ,this should herald a new Guangzhou Honda start ,the eighth generation Accord success likely will decide the future! Guangzhou Honda began to accelerate new advance speed ,Fu Shoujie has made it clear that ,in his first two years will launch a new car, the car will be highly anticipated new eighth generation Accord ,if Guangzhou Honda in the year smoothly implementing the new accord is homebred ,this will create a Honda in China market took the lead in the introduction of new precedent.
Accord as a critical and commercial success in the domestic high-grade car ,regardless of capacity reasons Or for marketing strategy consideration, since the market has been hanging Market appetite ,despite being the Camry from champion squeeze down ,until today it is still extremely popular one of the models.
This can continue the legendary past ,rely on will be the core competitiveness. Regarding this, Fu Shoujie said ,our core competitiveness is able to pursue profit maximization .At the

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