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The moon pine wind _ Sina blog

Friendship is a often hear people say ,the world pure can only be found in childhood .This is a very sad words ,yet so many people agree ,the hardships and loneliness in life ,one can imagine .
I do not agree with this sentence .The friendship in childhood was happy playing, adults by memories appended to it something that is not true .The real meaning of friendship in adulthood, it is not possible in has not yet gained significance when arrived at the best state.
For whatever reason ,our lack of business thinking national in friendship relations that emphasizes the practical principles and the principle of exchange of friendship .Two dislocation ,derived from our own confusion.
Who would have thought ,from the hope friendship began life ,but friendship congestion to know who I am. Can only wait for the us to answer .However the funny thing is ,we answer most does not belong to you.
Can do spit ,is the early years teacher ,my elders ,old books issued by the sound .They say ,friendship comes from the common cause .They like using big words ,said cause is actually a occupation .
In the same occupation is Is the foundation of friendship ?Of course not .If every once in a while ,also cannot have the order reversed .Emotion can depend on the achievement ,from a friend friendship can belong to ,be confined to colleagues ?They say ,depend on parents at home ,go out to rely on friends .
This argument is that the value of a friend ,but also shows the value of a friend is to be rely on .However, there is no reliable practical value can not be friends ?All those who helped you is it right? Can be counted as a friend ?They say ,a confidant ,fire refining gold .
It made a request for friendship ,looking forward to it in time for crisis occurs .Can appear very good of course ,but friendship is not contingency reserve, friends should not be deliberately tested .
Three true friendship does not depend on anything .Don depend on the cause ,fortune and status ,do not rely on the experience ,status and situation. It refused to utilitarian in nature ,refused attribution ,refused to contract .
It is independent of each other between personality and confirmation .It makes people alone but not lonely ,another interpretation of the meaning of their own existence. Therefore ,the so-called friends, is only each other to enable each other to live a more warm ,more comfortable for those people .
True friendship should have no &quot ;the &quot ;Nature ,once seek, &quot ;&quot ;also became the objective ,Air Jordan 4,but friendship into an external touch. I think ,the world friendship is at least half was to defeat bad ,even for the content at first glance is not a bad thing ;let the friendship shared sorrow ,let friendship propulsion work .
.. ... Friendship became bustling about tool ,it itself is what ?For want nothing but a deep friendship ,regardless of each other is balanced or unbalanced. Friendship is the spiritual sustenance ,sometimes he does not need too many words ,just a tacit understanding .
Four true friendship does not depend on what not to ask for ,is always pure and fragile. The whole world of loneliness also encountered the friendship ,but I do not know the differential and maintenance ,one one broken .
The strong binding of friendship, and friendship ,desalination ,morals paste friendship ,is to prevent the broken friendship ,but to see the face ,not a good solution. The reason may lie in ,these methods are too dependent on the technical means of technical means ,and once in the emotional sphere ,always does not have the good result .
I think ,in the friendship to guard ,not their broken friendship ,but heterogeneous intrusion. The heterogeneity ,is not a general sense of the differences ,but the basic meaning confrontation ,once inside the element of friendship system produces change ,its consequences than broken seriously .
With the popular saying ,is the wrong people .Obviously ,it is not a technical problem .Thus Understand ,not to prevent the friendship broken as a purpose. The broken break it ,without enough ;although no broken was found with his life noble endoplasmic with severe a he-goat odds ,do the fragmentation process.
Five friendship should be extended life space ,rather than reducing the space to extend the life .Space ,the final power should be of profound love ,this is the true meaning of friendship .
In this issue ,seek consider too much ,but self-defeating .As sages say ,human wisdom manufacturing limits ,and because fraternity through these boundaries. Friendship is often excessive obstacles ,wisdom ,but also have the love desire ,the obstacle .
Friendship is the obstacle of the wings, but it also will bear the obstacle is heavy, therefore ,it is in a relaxed human when relaxed ,purification of human while purifying himself. The results should be two perfect :when humans in most profoundly enjoy friendship ,friendship itself also won the most fully realized.
Six life, can not exploits ,but can not friendship .Friendship in order to help it exploits into exploits ,exploits to find friendship is friendship death ,two can not be reversed .Life need .
Touch a lot of people ,therefore ,there should be two levels of friendship :broad sense of friendship and in the strict sense of friendship .Not the former is too stiff ,without the latter is difficult and profound .
Broad sense of friendship is a curriculum vitae of all the bright side .It and joy is proportional to the degree .But no matter how wide ,evil must be vigilant ,guard against hypocrisy ,back against the sentence .
The strict sense of friendship is a lifetime looking for spiritual home. But without finding a real friendship, can only continue to look for, and can not be docked with the feet .Therefore ,we can say &quot &quot ;friends ;the vast majority of the cases .
,to the broad meaning of friendship, but each other free .Once you get the true meaning of friendship ,we must cherish the life ,should be to foster. But not for precious and to include in his shade ,but should be bright and Yu Bo love of the sun, to prevent psychological covert work .
Is still that sentence -- learn cherish ,with great care .Frosty from river author Yu Qiuyu love love affair ,reading novels is to eat pearl jade white jade soup ,endless sweet .In real life such as water, boiled cabbage ,eat two often met in love .
Love of men and women question: I don what a love or not love him ( her ) ?Say don like this has been done ,love is not life and death .I love this thing ,said complex can be numerous ,simple can be a word, that is to find a want to lose people.
Girl beautiful young tender ,a man desperate to earn money for her to spend ,spend no complaints ,legend Lu Xiaoman was fond of extravagant, buy a six pair of shoes ,Xu Zhimo do not move.
For the last save money on food and expenses of the good woman ,man a heart of stone woman doesn can .Want to lose though not so direct and explicit, but also as a thorough ,all in the mood ,the most down-to-earth moving lines is married to pole is all of the street ,I for you children continued incense ,life is your family dead is your ghost .
In everybody eye ,enough people are a bit stupid in fact ,they are sweet pink-fleshed radish ,do not feel the loss. Because people have selfish nature ,be most willing to pay itself is love ,love is a scarce resource, found is priceless .
Only afraid of years of erosion ,man and animal is intuitive ,suddenly one day found the woman to lose old ,If good people, then paste paste used to children ,anyway .But if the other tragedy bitch, vulgar ,if not to the outside with others ,will be in the office till a little ,for their future life and lay a good foundation for the economy.
Women sometimes have day of awakening for many years ,work diligently and conscientiously ,discovered husband not only Ang Lee ,even a Cape Seven shoot out. Indeed for most men ,mediocrity is a lifetime of roles ,women would want to ,this person is worth I posted ?High level is not the principle of upside down, you are a what ,I like you.
This is fate and chance ,straight into the Qianshan Wanshan ,can someone let me stop ?Was back in gratitude and cherish ,because you hit that people may not like Yang Guo or Helen of Troy so eye-catching ,as easy to identify ,many times ,colorful fantasy will replace the plain reality if you remember ,but looking back suddenly, still can see life silently waiting, for you to pay all.
From Xinmin Evening News author Zhang Xin love a person to love a person is happy with two hearts bump burst out beautiful ,in my heart again and again to pray This is not a mirage ,also is not for the moment, but the only exception ,is the eternal truth.
Love is a person even if the false even brief also still can not curb the gift of impulse, and finally reached out ,put in your heart ,your soul .Even if the dream shattered again ,even if the soul from split ,you unable to reject that not much, if any ,if far if the past ,if health if the death of a loved one emotion .
When he look at you, you first do not self-confidence, so the time back ,you suddenly go back to twenty years ago ,when your little girl ,except for the beautiful ,beautiful or desire .
.. ... Love a person is truly want to do his right arm ,as his eyes ,even when his alarm clock -- mediocre reality ,the ugly reality and opened his mouth close to him ,you are in his heart screaming ,making him a stride ,and jump away.
Love is never write you he wrote that: how to have your phone from the skyline came / how to have you with a bunch of flowers / want to be in a thunderstorm noon you strong support when / how to common under the dance floor and you in the beautiful night / want to be in the old age and sickness you smile into each other / how to think in this sad and dull evenings you suddenly drop from the clouds .
Love a person is gradually to his breed maternal emotion ,love his forte ,forgive his short ,and one doesn ,don a habit of writing ,to keep your feelings ,find ,reading writing to him, hope one by a long letter, to make him open ,???????6 memory has gone,make him rich.
Love a person is facing the huge distance but to pay no heed ,but always glad that you .You believe the world is dying that true feelings are firmly In your hand. You see the smile ,see the sunset will nod, encounters the dark winter also didn .
You smile to face everything ,because you feel even stronger than the world .Love a person is not knowing but repeated fatal error :talk about your feelings and thoughts, tell you about his treasure and attachment ,and deceive oneself and others to believe that he did not in general the male ( female ) shallow and boring .
Love a person is extremely disappointed after a burning fuse finally ,yoke unloaded ,heart relaxed ,???????,free ,but only one sentence ,a concerned look ,will be an easy job to be you in a new round of combustion .
Love a person is to the side of resentment he misses him ,while belittling his side vision him. Just off the premises that never meet, turn but seven and eight fell dialing telephone to search for him.
Love is a person one day when the phantom was completely restored as the phantom ,true finally fully exposed a hard ,though you have a hunch is still terrified .Your heart spasms ,your brain is blank.
You don believe it is true ,do not believe you cherish the most original ,the most weak most unreal .Love is a person from that day on, you no longer have Deaf -- no language ability of people don listen to lies ,trust lie .
No language ability of the people do not have to hurt the heart cold language .Just never mind look only for the mind and soul ,always open ,deaf ?Love is a big Tong finally my mind a blank .
You no longer love nor hate ,no longer angry no sadness .Your heart gradually to the breeding of mercy ,mercy once addicted to you ,more compassion you loved that person ,pity that daily ,and the weak.
Then ,love a person becomes an experience .This experience was sweet as candy ,but finally the bitter and clinking. This experience was precipitated as step -- you stand on the steps ,restored the height .
.the classic love Si Yu civilian life philosophy struggle not to stop, sooner or later there are outlet ;frustrated not bow ,success is not hard to find; take care and worry there is a rising sun ,happy ;go ,life day.
Success is a concept ,rich an obligation ,happiness is a kind of power. As long as high vocational ,high salary ,longevity than happy. The most difficult thing in the world has two pieces :One is to put your own mind into someone ,two is other people into their own pockets .
Money is &quot ;&quot ,&quot ability ;money ;art &quot ;.If the money is a mistake ,I prefer to keep repeating the same mistakes .The length of life calculated by time ,the value of life with the calculation of contribution .
To see a person ,to see his eyes; look at a person ,look at his opponent; look at a person look at his friends .Don argue with a fool ,or someone else will be sure who is the fool in the end .
Two people hopeless :one is not amenable to the orders of the people ,two people are always do as one is told .Luck ,is first prepared ,then hit chance. Overtime ,and sometimes may not have efficiency and working ability.
Chinese busy is actually a kind of OCD ,overdraft life .There are three kinds of people :one conscience the dog ate people ,two is the conscience is not eaten by dogs ,three is the conscience, even a dog wouldn people .
Among family members ,when it comes to money would hurt feelings between lovers ,talk of feelings ;it hurts money .Only this, if well done ,that still water runs deep ;a matter ,if the dry well ,called deep.
For your sad and Happy ,is the enemy ;for your happiness and happy ,is a friend ;for your sad and sorry ,are you put into the hearts of the people .Beautiful advantage ,live beautiful is capable of.
Have the courage to change the things we can ,a measurement can not accept the change things .People do the right thing ,always want to let the ghosts know ,do bad things always thought that ghosts do not know -- we too make ghost embarrassed .
Only in long queues, can we truly realize that they are descendants of the Dragon &quot ;&quot ;.The older the biggest advantage is: when something, now do not want .Nostalgia ,not because of that era is so beautiful, but because of the time when you are young .
Life forgiveness ,life health ,life is the most admirable is improved. Hypocritical pandering is the poison of friendship, love sincere criticism is a gift to the happiness of the people .
The lack of suffering ready ,willing to accept the suffering people to make Pro Fu .In the arena ,involuntarily ;people in marriage ,love is not by themselves ;people in the officialdom ,words do not by themselves ;in the unit ,do not by themselves ;one in the world ,the life does not have the difficulties persist, .
In the firm Hold the development ,in the development of the reform .The world only then cannot think through the human ,road .Fame is like head hair ,I am not to stick out a mile ,but to others .
The people above, to treat people as people ;in contrast, when people make their own in silence .Light environment, can be found in real life realm ;in homely fare of poor life ,to experience the true face of human .
Self-confidence have thousands of reasons for success ,inferiority has thousand excuse for failure .This world is not a rich man ,nor the right people in the world ,but people world. Sports is the life spring ,joy is longevity medicine.
Good habits are the healthy bank ,bad habits are good for the health of the casino. Nutrients ,tolerance for regulating valve ,optimism is not old Dan ,indifferent is immune agent .
Can angry is a coward ,don angry ,is a wise man .A safe ,let the past, bear is harmonious .Reading extends the life, thinking to improve the texture of life .Get criticized for encouraging is the art of life ,change the hurt for incentive is the life skills.
Before going out, you are masters of what ,say out After that ,you become a slave to it .If not talk nonsense, drugs do not eat ,tree cannot hack ,rain can shower ,people cannot lay ,love is not qualified .
I can change the weather ,but I can control the mood of happiness .The most simple method :let the future come ,let go of the past .If want a lifetime happy ,do Buddha ;to a happy ,be an official ;if a person is happy, if you want to dream ;one family happy ,cook ;if a bunch of people happy ,shout !My brothers to throwing bricks ,with jade though smashed over a chess world .
I may not be a hundred ugly ,sometimes even out ya !Even taste sentiment rhyme with eyes Han-mei ancient poet, also frequently sing Yue :&quot ;meet rare is leisurely ,&quot ;&quot ;now at leisure the most rare &quot ;.
This taste like casual ,almost natural modality ,also has the &quot ;Dan veteran to know ,wealth such as the floating clouds to me &quot ;means. It is this feeling ,in urban streets ,end in Hakka ,in house studio ,in the hall before anthesis ,discover them play chess bureau ,hand &quot ;&quot ;life ,music in the &quot ;&quot ;,is woven into a busy body leisure beautiful scenery line .
Said, whether it is &quot ;clear demarcation line between &quot ;chess ,or &quot ;No confusion &quot ;go ,really achieve &quot suit and the common people ;&quot ;lupin .I ,literati preference ;shirtless bare-chested ,melon canopy beans next battle .
With poetic flavor ,will kill every sword halberd ,threatened ;less culture ,will fight you chase me kill ,a murky sky over a dark earth master .Game, such as the top of Huashan mountain in West Road ,ambush, one soldier soldier are worthy of use ,one inch to be conflicting.
Good child ,also like the beast will go, ear fell ,authorities will send ,feign ignorance ,that is calm calm ,respectful when ,usually moving! A careless person ,also can be a subset of a truly .
Weekdays impenitence advocate, also inadvertent and humble ,pat forehead ,even calling &quot ;bad &quot ;.As a war chess ,become the two commander of the player to draw up three chapters of law ,&quot ;the &quot is definitely no regrets ;a .
Originally by elaborate design ,thoughtful Kulv traps you got inside ,but to overthrow ,this boring .Because it is the meeting of wind and clouds ,the sword meet event ,even the spectators have asked the &quot chess gentleman ;view .
&quot ;a bystander is always clear-minded. .because ,those closely involved cannot see clearly. Kanqi ,who defeated ,a care ,You called a discount .The most tricky is &quot ;chess high one ,hand tied &quot ,everywhere ;restricting you ,Zhao SEER to you ,this game is very bitter very holy .
And the most depressed is &quot ;inadvertent brought &quot ;&quot ;all is lost &quot ;&quot ;as a child ,how many people look on coldly by global ,,&quot ;this says !Chess Road, not only &quot &quot ,also suit and the common people ;;&quot ;and &quot with love ;.
Reading poetry, see &quot ;general enemy night knock chess &quot ;sentence, I feel sincerely yours ,be confronted with a formidable enemy ,Liu Ying light Shang Ming ,to the emergency ,it is easy to see the enemy ,towering like a mountain.
The romance of the Three Kingdoms ,see Guan Yunchang scraping the bone cure poison to Guan Yu this time ,talk cheerfully and humorously ,chess distracted ,scraping the bone ,manliness ,really a sigh of &quot ;a good man ,man! &quot ;and the ancient people chess is more, need to have a quiet and elegant place.
&quot ;dew drop osmanthus chess ,Adidas Jeremy Scott Leopard &quot,wet &quot ;&quot ;forest and stone Ann game &quot ,wind and waves ;green billows, shut in birds, good scenery ,good mood ,like will have wonderful good steps were said to Chinese scholars .
Chess stress also have reason, fancies of men of letters ,originally as &quot ;necessary lesson &quot ;,can not .Bath incense piety .How to set the game, often fragrant with the chess ,and often fight for hours, lonely ,always preparing wine and shallow pour drinks slow .
&quot ;rock shade game, Yamahana drop bottle .&quot ;the body into the natural ,and to worry all million ,with the net ,how Yoshiya .&quot ;spring night game hard funk ,sparsely Short Hedge Bamboo do not cover the mountain .
&quot ;it is not only the wine tasting is to chess ,chess friends, take off road. Spring has been cooked ,friends and stay ,more urgent ,had to be rescheduled to the present good chess player ,entertainment .
Like a virgin ,like fishing green Yang Chun fisherman ,he can sit on a day half ,its fans know .Jia Pingwa in the contest has been amazing ,under the pen of Liang Shiqiu chess is even more as the acme of perfection :enemy bombing still contend for a win / lose the true fans ,even life do not often say chess .
With easy to find, adversary is .A master and a chess master ,&quot ;&quot ;even a few rounds to win, also feel not much meaning .&quot ;gambling chess for adversary ,artists from hand head .
&quot ;and an equal level of people fight, can play &quot ;things and ability. Diamond Cut Diamond sad ?No ?&quot ;diamond cut diamond ,find one ,this is a wonderful combination. In fact the cloud :&quot A game board ;the competition ,Chalu and boiling spring &quot ;,I just a mind sustenance ,chess is a scene of bustling activity ,meet, with mountains and seas are whistling ,you give me a &quot ;pawn cannon &quot ;,I also you a horse jumping &quot ;&quot ;,you put me in danger ,I .
You trap, often both sides is doom to death and then quickly .This entertainment more scheming ,often calculated ,will eliminate many trouble, add a lot of fun ,but in life is never as not !A little game of chess ,is a kind of taste, is a living ,is a way of life .
Excerpt from Zhejiang daily author Zhu Guoliang on the Chinese lack of humor Chinese first lack of humor ,second lack of humor ,the third is the lack of a sense of humor. This is really not the thing .
That Chinese people have a sense of humor ,not hybrid ,is false foreign devil .Most likely, this person leng pretend not to understand ,such as some hack writer ,nonsensical, or mistake joke or lower off-color jokes ,as humorous .
Talk about Chinese have a sense of humor, must be in the context of Chinese culture to talk .Because humor and humor comes from a kind of culture. People can humor ,first from Deep inside a &quot &quot ;equality ;concept ,that everyone has the right to be before anyone humor ,without looking at the cue .
You can be in front of the boss, humor ,because you need not fear because the boss a tacit, damaged her authority and was fired .You can his parents before humor ,because you they say you bad ,get a slap in the face .
You can also be your subordinates or juniors before humor ,as you know ,it doesn damage to your majesty ,you still family boss ,or other elders. However ,Chinese culture is the main content ,it is not culture ,nike zoom kobe 7,further, is a master cue as culture ,a congenial secure personal gain for the culture ,to deliberately misrepresent &quot ;&quot ;as the main characteristics of culture.
The cultural influence of Chinese ,may not have much sense of humour. Have a sense of humor ,that is out of ghost ,it is be rather baffling .This culture is most easily produced, is slavishly dependent compliment type false false jokes ,humor.
This culture is most easily produced, is the virtual head ,brain ,is comply in appearance but oppose in heart .Secondly ,people are funny, but also from regardless of endowment not ranked .
Unfortunately ,China Author Pay more attention to the management of it is ,if no funding could be on ,then ranked . well ,the position and size has settled,Nike Air Foamposite One relatives of the former pledge was scattered, such as Song Jiang eight ,each doing his own job ,can get along with each other without fear ,said the eldest brother younger brother ,the younger brother said smaller ,to go on like this .
Relationship ,won any venture .However ,humor is what ?Is a no qualifications ,regardless of seniority in the family environment, &quot ;&quot ,resulting in a rash ;factors of happiness ,humor is also.
Who knows, &quot ,&quot ;INS ;in Chinese interpersonal communication is a great misfortune ,made taboo. However ,I have to stress is :Humorous real ,is not to be the &quot &quot ;INS ;look in the eyes ,but with equal status to speak as the premise ,as a prerequisite .
Chinese and foreigners to get along, also likes with others the first of a size ,total uncontrollably about each other how much be overcome by one ,Adidas Leopard Tail,walk out of a &quot ;How old are you ?&quot ;or let foreigners .
Guess his age. In this way, when hi ,oh ,the original is younger than me ,to find their own position ,have a psychological comfort Stan .If lucky enough to find yourself is the eldest brother, began to play big brother .
In fact ,you is it right? People brother ,with the others ?Can Chinese like it .At least because of the age concluded ,I am older than you ,therefore I said you have to listen, even if you are the foreigner .
As the saying goes ,Air Formposite One,I eat salt more than you, way more than you. But ,I have had heart never thought how much you have, at least not care too much about your size, and is more concerned about whether you have a sense of humor .
This then worse .Chinese think humor ,can never learn English humor ,will never master the essence of humor .Chinese culture to create humor ,produced only Jun Jun Chen ,father and son father son these forever and humor was unrelated to the Chinese cultural phenomenon.
These foreigners may seem complicated, but Chinese seems extremely simple communication ,reflects the characteristics of Chinese culture :maximum loss the basic human dignity ,so too will the basic human dignity by-products -- Speak humor ,to be sacrificed .
So ,what we see is stronger ,all &quot ;&quot ;alive ,all &quot ;dwarf three &quot ;to be alive. That way ,if produce humor ,who only letter ?Ghosts letter .In Chinese culture has no sense of humor of the Chinese aspects, it can be said ,we Chinese people will not without humor ,humor ,our culture cannot produce humor ,our culture is not equal to &quot ;&quot ;under the concept of culture ,but not on the culture ,culture ,touted culture .
In this culture, if not to the foreign affairs of humor with our culture associated with the words ,I can only smile, crafty ,hypocritically laughing, pretending to be forthright actual hidden laughter ,dude need not loyal hide a dagger behind a smile smile ,at any time inclusion of betrayal and anger false false play play laugh ,etc.
all kinds of laughter ,also known as the &quot ;Chinese humor &quot ;.Unfortunately, &quot ;&quot and Chinese humor ;humor ,because the &quot ;Jun Jun Chen &quot ;and &quot &quot ;equal ;two the concept between the have no relevance ,each other has always been very strange.
So ,we Chinese are living in no humor based culture. Therefore ,it could only take low-level error when using joke humor .as the Chinese writers network .Zhang Fang and I fear the three words one: back to rush ,we ;pants pants ,the load is too heavy ;breath ,we are too tired ;look up ,the road is too long .
Need to occasionally stop and look back .When I look back, it is historical ,one thousand Hamlet ,on the there are one thousand historical .Oh ,where is my breast fullness ,my baby is my pieces ,tumbling rice field ,have I climbed down the maple tree ,a village in the classroom lively sound ,a workplace rentouzandong the stream never stops flowing.
.failure, success ,failure than success ;a bitter ,with warm ,warm more than bitterness .With our friendship ,the friendship is unbroken ,comradeship ,like floating smoke and passing clouds ,a right he she ,but in the vast distance .
.. ... When I look back ,endless emotion ,much nostalgia. Suddenly, making hasty foot heavy back fatigue experience to a moment to rest ,but also brought back on the history of self identity and awe.
only on the sunset and breath of the time and the end of the year .Secondly :sometimes crying tears trickling down one than laugh .People in sadness ,compassion ,excitement ,anxiety and melancholy will or cry.
Research shows ,tears contain two kinds of neurotransmitters, discharge of these substances ,can rise to alleviate tension effect. Even the toughest man needs the flowing. Miss childhood life flowing ,Miss lost or will ,miss young students will be flowing ,miss hometown will be remembered as a flowing ,having scattered marriageable age will be flowing.
It will just miss the person or opportunity for the accidentaly across flowing ,or for children will be ,or because of rapid growth ,the waifs begging or ,for days and nights or samsara .
.. ... Tears trickling down one ,kindness and compassion. But ,be in a hurry to depart in billowing bustling place ,often too busy or simply forget the flowing. It is easy to become dull and dry numbness or vulgar !Make people calm, if be filled with wisdom ,awake .
suitable to the stressful life of clearance fit .Thirdly :Einai a Einai a acoustic landscape green ,spring is colored chorus .The sunrise river spends Gong Shenghuo ,such as blue green spring water ,the river becomes warm in spring has first to know the duck quacking ,&quot and &quot ;down ;the moo Baa Baa, having been submerged for de Spring horseshoe ,with the joys of spring ,birds ,a childish the play, are you female whisper ,a noisy sound ,promising to call .
.. ... I have a lot about spring longing and yearning . fit in the life ahead. This is life .Life is not smooth ,in the bumpy road ahead ,sometimes stop and look back, stop and then move forward, sometimes happy ,sometimes calm ,calm and excitement .
This is from life .newspaper essays author Yan Fulin calm calm is a state of mind ,calm is a kind of ability ,leisure is a habit .You ,you face a calm lake ,you can gently leap lake ,enjoy the taste of Enron Enron ,Enron ,Enron aftertaste ,waiting for their own and the quiet lake speechless voice communication ,safely let themselves in a free and full state.
Calm ,bustle in your ear ,noise in your heart beats ,confusion in the back of your head flying, you seem to find yourself with these things can always keep a certain distance ,without its being calm ,your interference .
Thinking is always active, can break all the fetters ,bound ,all the world can all be in his own mind writhing and oneself still clear ,still calm calm .Those seemingly tangled things in you Heart quietly into the water, the flower in the mirror ,because your heart is so powerful ,so stability.
Calm ,you are not going to cater to what ,so what ,not simply do what ,and what what thing ,blow on the face and when coming ,you always deliberately welcome .No matter what, you can be admitted ,however ,that you can understand ,as long as it did not collapse ,as long as the world still exist, you have a way of slowly digested these .
When you have become a habit, you he seemed a changed man ,your state of mind will get better ,your sense of self will become better .Of course all of which are derived from the society, the life has very profound comprehension and cognition ,you know you are not likely to own power to change the world ,but you can own power to change yourself, you will make yourself in this world to find a more suitable location, let your mind to find a more quiet place ,let my soul has a strong support .
It is precisely because of such understanding ,this thinking ,you will therefore be more light . you needn envy others what you do not have to ask ourselves ,what ,you will be good to yourself ,make each day has its own harvest ,make each day as far as possible to the joyful and happy ,let oneself everyone can learn from their a little bit ,even a tiny force, happy or joyful ,enough.
When you have become a part of life ,when you have become a habit of life completely ,perhaps your life ,your life will emit a very unique fragrance ,the smell will be in you side ,at any time into everyone .

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