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Little woman

This is not the first time that I walk across the road named &quot to "; bridge, only a short while ago, I was so put one's foot down standing on the bridge, the only difference is, the last is a Xi Hong skirt, but this is the worst white, white dress, no nothing.
All alone. In the dream, I always tried to resist the call Meng's old man, I fight to gas to keep the brain that memories, the memories of past lives, in my infinite tangled in the seal imprint is engraved on my heart.
That was my name, I just want to hold the memories of past lives, past all love hate, until the for a moment, I understand, all original, or do not want to forget. Meng Meng said, her most suits my point is, no matter what time, I know what you want, and proceed without hesitation.
In fact too paranoid, say good is proceed without hesitation, perhaps more should be set in one's way out. Meng Meng said, not all people can know what you want. There is no enough courage, overcautious and indecisive? Is somewhat weak,ugg ???????, unable to face to bear all? I don't know, also not understand, because I have always been a justice without insteadGu stubborn person, even if there is pain, I have never regretted it.
In my eyes, wrong is wrong, do so,UGG ????????, even if the pain, even if the struggle, but I never had regrets to describe my life. This is probably my stubbornness. Though aware of the wrong wrong, will proceed without hesitation, head broken and bleeding.
For &quot, " give up; in imperceptibly, will really give up, had to give up, did not imagine that in the fierce, so imperceptibly, give up, even their own unconscious, is from when to begin to give up? I do not know.
Perhaps from what I do not want it,????,UGG ????????????? EMS, began to give up now, had to give up is not a result, but a process,ugg ???????, a long not aware of the terrible. I don't want the future life of luxury, don't want enviable life, do not want that lead a voluptuous life.
Drunk, gave up the struggle, it means to give up once obsessed with chase,ugg ?? hehe., to give up the future strength. Now I finally understand just want to be a small woman's ultimate ideal. Brother asked me, wants to marry a kind man? Tell him, just like the old man doesn't need more money.
, do not needTo be more handsome, only know how to cherish me, hurt me,UGG ??? belt UGG ???720 to small pistol as a decorated belts, really good to me, never makes me sad enough, even if it has nothing to do with love nothing. And I, will be for him, like the fuel daily necessaries tea life, like every told him to drink less, home early every day.
Like ironing a shirt, tie and happy. I want nothing, as was the brother shocked, probably since he could imagine a once very ambitious sister, how now only longing for the quiet vulgar life. And this life, once it was so make her a contemptuous disregard.
Once I loved is high, with Yu Yue-wide open-minded, but now I only love the little woman of extraordinary, since smart records from before, and how,?????? ????, eventually also are not a thousand miles east of a dream away.

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