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The words thoroughly make Zhao Se stunned speechless and stare continuously ground to hope to land son for week.What does this speak of!The Jiang of a head of Zhao Se sticks.
"The man's predestination ……is he to say so?Male Sun Yu ……I am to say 11."Six son the week hope to change Zhao Se who do the foolish person to ask so,ugg ムートンブーツ, the voice is very faraway.
Zhao Se of"is ……" is muddle-headed to change direction of answer.
6 nods and starts to say:"I call a person to come in to serve you to change dress!"
Zhao Se is immediately surprised to feel, vigilance ground be like leopard son mouth side of antelope, the dead pulls six gusset of son weeks not to make him walk.
Six son week wry smile way:"You trust, I am to say that you removed make-up to bathe.Temporary what don't think, in the evening you be not so ……strain, we talk well.I think some affairs, I would not° until first know to your explanation go."
Talk what?Zhao Se jittery guess.Mean to say very much rather to talk now, but six son the week have already gone out to go to.
Wait on son to soon come in, carefully serve Zhao Se's make-up removing to change dress, nervously imitate a Buddha don't even dare breath.Zhao Se current facial expression how really not good-looking, pale of, eyes obviously cry swollen, on the table,UGG ブーツ, ground top again is so some kind of in total disorder.Need not guess to also know to settle to is to there is huge unpleasantness, who also be unlikely to lack mind's eye to arrive to by this time touch bad luck.
"What about childe, dollar son?"
Endured patiently in a short while, Zhao Se exactly sank not to live spirit and made a noise inquiry.Although she feels the dollar that her own this words ask gentle and soft and kindly, be inquired about the son still keeping cannot helping but a to cringe.Soon afterward, the dollar son reports a way:"The childe says to pick good wine of altar ……"
Drink?Zhao Se just a little lets go of heart, again nervous after, subsequently again think:The week of the son since is to say to want to know well to talk with me in the evening, then should can't a person alone drink stuffy wine.The bathing that listens to him goes now.
From the soup pond in come out,モンクレール 激安, dollar the son etc. passion to serve Zhao Se to return to building.Zhao Se but say:"The den that goes to a childe, " has never walked several step, by a happy chance ran in to be subjected to six son the week assign since then green jade.The green jade salutes to ask Zhao Se to go to six bedroom of son weeks, Zhao Se certainly is if receive a Lun sound, turn a direction past.
Six is very warm in building of son weeks, ground Long Li Teng rise of the hot air make people basically wear not to live clothes.Zhao Se Yi comes in, nose wing the forehead leak out 1 F thin sweat.House in the center, 6 wore relaxedly inside the tunic and put to like small stove, cooker last Wen Zhu Jiu.Zhao Se bites lips not to know how to take a chamber.
" Se,moncler, come over to sit quickly."Six son the week is blunt her to beckon with the hand.
The green jade favour serves the cape that Zhao Se solved an outside.Zhao Se's in the mind a while Anne many, straight-tempered make the green jade take off clothes to change to sleep tunic for oneself, the barefooted tramples in the carpet.Expeled to wait on Nu.Zhao Se sits to six son week opposites.Six son the week poured a cup wine to pass to Zhao Se, Zhao Se's hands held wine cup and not and urgently drink, was a burst of grief in the heart.
"Remember last year I just 傢 give you, is about this seasonal changes, we seemed head quarters to sit a chitchat like this in the evening.At that time, ignored to say with you what, you wanted to stare a great eyes doubt and asked me'true?'.Want now,UGG クラシックトール, seeming the very far affair already ……"six son week with this some kind of slightly take regretful recollection as opening remarks.
Zhao Se's tears immediately doesn't fight to excel of flow down."Let … down …" she has no new meaning ground to say.
"Do not cry."Six son week

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