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Thursday, 3-May-2012 10:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Every one of your first are very wonderful

Every word you want to say are derived from life. This evening,Air Jordan 4, no dinner, and afraid of the night hungry can't sleep earlier study room back. The dormitory brother T one, other people net. It soaks the surface, in two classes tube entrance, listen to the voice of students feel they earnestly is also the first time to do this.
" you to recruit one person, how much money they can give you? " I asked about. " this also maybe, when exercise! " this is the veterans in the not so. Leaflets were left on the phone,Air Jordan 5,???????5 I feel very warm, they departed.
" they really silly,nike zoom hyperfuse 2011, not talk clearly also do this? " " the first time to do,???????6, can not all do so good,???????11 local tissue .,Air Formposite One,nike zoom kobe 6 have already eaten breakfast! " who have had the first time, how many people will cry for a newborn? Many people eat the first meal did not choke? How many people the first time to walk not stumble? Everyone has his own first, all hope to get the support of others.

Thursday, 3-May-2012 09:59 Email | Share | | Bookmark
People have feelings, listening to the night

Without any treatment, but let me be the sight of deep infection, a fisherman like is inlaid in the sea on a piece of sea, deeply shallow,エアジョーダン He asked for help are louder, Lin light sparkles, the blue clear. That day from Mount Yantai, all the way was the ribbon chips, marriage car long lined the road, drivers do not like photographing new excitement like, is a close your eyes, be sleepy straws.
. along the mountain Yantai beach Boulevard has been slowly, there is no wedding celebrations, but more usually warm. Many young mothers with young children in a car on the road without playing, there are old old people against each other with walking, and not married couple,Air Jordan 6, pair, and compared them, I really like a guest, a man paced, walk alone.
With strange eyes, with a strange accent exchange, when marine embrace me, my city is indifferent. The evening went to the seaside, choose the other bus lines, I don't know why, each to a strange city, I like to try to take the bus to every corner of the city, though often lost on the way back, stop taxi hurried back to the apartment, butAlso always enjoy it.
I love the different in different city bus station, watching people coming and going, different languages, different expressions, there are always can impress me. Get to the sea the day has been already grew darker, also gradually cool sea breeze, which is different from the day to the other shore,http://www.airjordanjp.com/, relatively less, but at night, will be more cold and cheerless.
Take off shoes at the shore, the evening had been high tide, wave is also growing, scouring on the feet, legs, and cool. Is washed up on the beach there are many algae, make my fancy is a round transparent things, greatly small scattered on the beach.
This is transparent things, I dare not touch, just bent down and careful observation, found it seems nothing terrible place, with curiosity,, so he tried to touch, like plastic material, has a good elasticity,エアジョーダン6, soft it has toughness.
Can't help but wonder, took hold of a passing girls asked, her look is a local, mouth said this is a jellyfish, I wonder, is this who eat cold jellyfish? She nodded, added the jellyfish are dead, are washed to the shoreWhile, it doesn't take long before he turns in the sand.
I suddenly some wistful, these wonderful shape, beautiful seaside transparent body, it is a kind of life the wreckage. These two little girls, one red, one white, I almost became the model,Nike Air Foamposite Pro to continue to progress, in fact I don't think so, photo is back when finishing was found to have their figure, I wish the two little girl happy by yourself, do not know whether they can feel.
Fewer and fewer people, the sea breeze is also more and more cool, I a person sitting on the beach, listening to the wind, the waves, the waves, and the night sea dialogue, the sea the noise during the day,www.airjordanjp.com, but still say like sound off, I was such a great feeling touched, standing in the open view of the night beside the sea, there are always some compassionate feelings.
The distance light tiny spots, extends to the sea depths, the lights in the dark, always give warmth, always give up one home that night,Air Jordan 11, my direction. With the sea as no sleep,Nike Lebron 9 the audience happy, no one help me add clothes, suddenly thought of the summer, he said to accompany me to see the sea, this is not another way of life? The sea always has not changed, it is still in place waiting for us, day in and day out with the waveThe waves call us, just, we change, forgotten together with the good sea oath.

Wednesday, 2-May-2012 11:38 Email | Share | | Bookmark
I go out to play basketball ` 1 ` ~! ~ first flash!

Hello ` 1 ~,???????4! ~,Nike Lebron 9! Now time is 4.17 minutes and 1 `! ~ this time I go out to practice a ball game 1 ` ~,???????3,nike zoom kobe 6 &quot! ~,Look at the shoes of a woman! Woman shoes reveal character! Ha ha ` 1 ~!! ~ if the friends who come to my home. Although visit,http://nikeairfoamposite1.com/ the brain a blank,Nike Air Foamposite Pro! ~! ~,Nike Air Formposite One Shoes! Oh 1 ` 1 ` ~ remember

Wednesday, 2-May-2012 11:37 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Look at the shoes of a woman! Woman shoes reveal character

If you want to know a woman, then please you look she likes what kind of shoes to wear? In a woman's life in 1, the main heels 2, XXX 3 casual shoes, sandals, shoes, 4 students in 5 long / short boots.
Now let's analyze every kind of shoes personality and preferences. (reply to know the answer 1, likes to wear high heels women,Nike Air Foamposite Pro, the mature personality generous, like thinking, intelligent mind. In the life and work are very conscientious and hard work, to the people around, things and objects more demanding, but because this woman wants too much, sometimes because of cannot satisfy and a bad temper.
Generally speaking, if you want and the type of girl, the most appropriate way is a relatively honest, if you want to pursue her,nike zoom hyperfuse 2011, just and generous to her, care about her,エアジョーダン4, if she thinks you is a value of the communication object, usually she would never intentionally airs till you say without mincing words, comparison.
2, likes to wear sports and leisure shoes women, advantage is to greatly square square, big of small, easy to get along with feeling, but she really will protect themselves, vigilance is very strong. Look like very easily and become integrated with boys, but they put these boys as the sameFriends in general,http://nikeairfoamposite1.com/ the brain a blank, but for the heart like that one, keep a distance at a distance.
The general friend more difficult to see what's on her mind, in a strong defense, in fact,http://www.airjordanjp.com/ 4., she is very fragile, once injured will care more about. 3, like to wear sandals girls on their pretty confident, like his good side show.
In general her popularity good friends of the opposite sex, also many, are also very interested. But sometimes boyfriend of requirement more, hope each other advice and himself,Nike Air Formposite One Shoes, and stubborn personality, not easy to convince.
If when her boyfriend, may be patient and for her sake. 4, likes to wear students' style, modeling simple shoes woman, simple sensitive personality, family education, rigorous, easy to suppress their feelings.
Generally speaking parents may more tight, or school, workplace atmosphere more conservative, so usually the words more introverted,Nike Lebron 9, but this woman I will want to try some of the adventures, so if you have such a girl,Air Jordan 5, we must be careful when traveling easily deceived.
5, likes to wear the boots or long riding boots women, love of freedom, independent personality, do not likeHuan bondage, to show themselves. Generally speaking this kind of woman is not a good appearance, is quite clever ability, easy to become heterosexual love object.

Tuesday, 1-May-2012 10:45 Email | Share | | Bookmark
I should exercise.

This afternoon to sample examination,nike zoom hyperfuse 2011, can know how to change a physical fitness test,nike zoom kobe 6 red &quot,??????????, oh, almost too much. The first is the head of the 800m test, but hide but ah, so for now,www.airjordanjp.com So, ask students to borrow the sports pants, sports shoes (Khan, the two things I haven't touched), a full-fledged test to.
The results expected, yeah, got a glorious first, but hhhh I will not say,Air Jordan 5, will understand. Good shame ah, really,Nike Air Foamposite One,www.nikeairfoamposite1.com combined with regular exercise, but I really tried to run away, today the remaining hours in and painful legs and Drake as voice for struggle,???????11, hope tomorrow can become good walkway.

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