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Legend of the Puerto Galera

Heard the legend of the Puerto Galera? In the long, long ago, the son of God against the gods taboo,エアジョーダン6, and mortal girl love,Air Jordan 5! Not to see a look of gods and the mortal world, two people through the remotest corners of the globe, but cannot find the place! Only a living in the depths of the forest elf queen empathize with their situation! The lovers gave a spiritual copper ring, the copper quit Enron crossing to protect them, but God of jealousy, copper ring found the secret.
Took,エアジョーダン, thrown into the sea. < / P> copper lost ring asylum lover, was also big wave break up,Air Jordan green! Even so, they are still dedicated search each other's presence to the last for a moment, before the dawn,Nike Air Foamposite Pro, watched the two men will change into the foam.
This love moved good dolphin, at dawn will present moment,http://nikeairfoamposite1.com/ before sleep, with a copper ring leaping out of the sea, to let the couple to have the fairy queen's blessing, to be by her side! At first light shine on the white sandy beach the moment, the beach a happy pink.
And dolphins, also became the patron saint of love! < / P> legend, as long as you pray at Puerto Galera, looking forward to love will come true,Air Jordan 11! In Puerto Galera that the first object,http://www.airjordanjp.com/, is lover!

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Motor madness

Began to busy work,Air Jordan 6 people, facing familiar lens a bit excited, also a little nervous, brand-new column,www.nikeairfoamposite1.com, gave me a new platform. It's funny, from small to large, did not take part in a sports game, no thought of sports as a part of life, but now the first chair on sports show --- < movement also crazy > to show time.
Not very often,Air Jordan 3, for the sports is know nothing at all,Nike Air Foamposite One do sit-ups, how to do it, s. My colleagues and friends understand sports a lot of people, so, I started calling. I received my telephone, friends always laugh at my &quot " ignorance;,Air Jordan 5, no way, who let us do not live up to expectations, just do not know who is the rocket,???????4, and who is the Lakers? More friends make fun of even Maddie is who,nike zoom kobe 6 3, don't know! Haha, laughing friends had to smile shaking his head, help me with a variety of sports knowledge.
Maybe that hard work pays off, after a few days of school, a small woman not fully understand the distinguish Kaka Maddie Stankovic Zidane et al, however,???????11, to successfully complete broadcast brought

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Car city scanning - 2010 tenth period March 10th - March 15th

The main message from the country by the Federation daily news such as the Zhou Che City overview: 1.3monthMarch passenger car market gradually warmer manufacturers sales return to normalcy, manufacturers sales gradually warmer.
Because at the end of 2 after the Spring Festivalmarket rebound has not yet reached the expected, and March is the end of the quarter, so dealers purchase rhythm regression philosophy trend ,is also the beginning of low ,pick up stage by stage .
Although the current dealer inventory is still apparent on the low side ,but the market not flourishing causes dealers purchase pace has been slowing .March sales reached 25000 units in March 09 ,Nike Air Foamposite Pro,a rise of only 20% ,but second weeks was quick to pick up to 35000 units ,has nearly a few months before the normal level ,a 09in March55% increase over the same period.
With the late March quarter and retail market rebound in sales ,manufacturers should be further enhanced in March estimated sales ,manufacturers should break through 900000 ,year-on-year increase of 50%.
3market characteristicsof stepwise regression of before a few years to a normal state, it is not a bad thing ,but produce and sale gradually balance after the normal rule 2.Toyota in the United States and China market activities are effective March production showed the strongest still belongs to the Japanese companies ,to this week north-south Toyota and Honda are up to February More than 60%, with the current Chinese Japanese manufacturers shop head set off and price flexibility enhancement are closely related, on the long-term product quality and product acceptance can not fully lost ,the market activity of sales promotion has very good effect.
Combined with the North American Toyota sales ,in early March in North America Toyota and GM are taking substantial promotional measures ,and trigger a North American Toyota dealers and the general distributor of slobber wars ,the result is a Toyota and general American sales and share both grew to prominence ,and pulling the American car market will start in August 09 with old change newsales since the new high ,as the Chinese Toyota and other similar measures and achieved better results .
3 market continues tothe original line once a year the NPC and CPPCC has ended ,the &quot NPC and CPPCC ;&quot ;content and not much beyond the expected .In maintaining the momentum of economic growth on the basis of ,promote change grows way, implementation economy structural adjustment still is governmental job key .
Real estate regulation basically maintained before the tone ,did not reveal more severe signal .At present, prevent economy double dip and the concept of RMB appreciation trend is still the dominant economy the main tone of car city .
Field is also the continuation of prophase is popular trend ,the car market this year does not appear serious decline ,but the small displacement of the market is gradually weak trend ,market trajectories not because of the recent meetings and obvious change.
4private cars popularis the citizen dignity and social equity to see the prime minister answers the reporter asks is encouraged ,China the car is from sedan to the development of the officer and gentleman ,only ride ,Air Jordan,feudal society has always been a symbol of wealth and status.
But at present the economic developed countries have achieved a high level of popularity of private cars ,car Wu obstacle is popularized is social justice and dignity of citizens ,while restricting private popularity to resolve path jam the officer thought should is not consistent with the working train of thought of the government .
With the recent popularity of private and social capacity finite ,partially restricted private cars popular ideas have spread even gradually put into practice ,how to realize the social justice on the basis of the effective social operation is the important sign of peace ,private cars popular not only the officer travel road difficult problems ,but also social justice and citizens dignity of ,need more wisdom.
5 automobile industryquality water Flat sharply see Chinese car market blowout ,the Chinese automotive quality and design level is also inevitable decline ,then all kinds of judgment and malicious goodwill tips and warnings from warning would follow.
Tip angle China auto industry product sales growth and quality of the harmonious growth is good ,but if the hardware product sales growth and the quality of strong pull into reverse changes in the relationship is not appropriate.
High profit to ensure product quality . 09 years ofChinese auto industry raw material relative to 08yeardepreciate considerably ,while the vehicle price is relatively stable ,dimensions benefit is increased, 09 yearsChinese car enterprises product cost pressure almost no ,this is to ensure the quality of parts and components the most fundamental guarantee.
The North American Toyota cost reduction leads to problems in China this lucrative market is almost non-existent. Independent brand fast growth ,product upgrading faster ,at the same time the design and manufacturing level and accumulated experience faster ,therefore the independent brand product quality and design issues continued to decline ,the complaint the rate of decline in the larger contribution .
International car general in Europe and the United States first put on ,in Europe and the United States consumer to enjoy the new car at the same time ,a new car Design and quality problems in Europe and the United States consumers have to feel ,this to Chinese consumers is a kind of risk prevention ,China on the product reliability higher.
Chinese overtime without causing quality decline. China overtime phenomenon is the world rare ,so Volkswagen Mister speech :&quot ;many workers to work overtime ,on product quality &quot is hidden ;.
This seems correct ,but also do not understand China national conditions. The current shortage of migrant workers under the hire the most attractive view is to ensure that the daily overtime hours ,which embody Chinese characteristics .
The automotive industry sales and overtime seems to affect quality ,but when many people work overtime has become a habit ,do not be accused of overtime will inevitably bring about a decline in the quality of work .
We are a week to 7 days,home to work far into the night 2 points,every day to ensure that the work 15 hours,which is called the 715spirit.All know that overtime is not good, but competitive society which have not worked hard ,otherwise it is 6carsare eliminated.
Industry recall cannot simple soldier dart to see the problem not only to consider the enterprise how to do ,but also to consider a comprehensive social environment construction .To change the mode of growth, enhance the level of technology and quality of the slogan has been Asked how many years.
But the passenger car industry and international conform better because ,strong contrast ,so domestic recall more. But because of the current domestic quality is a small problem ,and malignant news attack ( 315dayout ,so many reported characteristics ) recall faces enormous psychological pressure .
Early some normal business the recall did not get social rational recognition ,from the perspective of the society of industry quality problem is often see light die ,such as Sanlu milk powder problem.
For regulation of the industry and raise the level of positive social environment is very important. If there is no social various types of products to reasonably improve the way of the problem and recognition of comprehensive promotion ,and individual enterprise the recall of automobile enterprises improve exposure ,bear the heavy social pressure ,so after several hit upon the enterprise is easy to cultivate the habit of low-key processing .
7 carafter sale service areas are named the CCTV 315 partyon the automotive industry questions that are pertinent to the constructive criticism .First is the customer service customer service repair price is on the high side.
Service is the manufacturers of money magic weapon ,but also maintain the car sales shop operating profit main body ,even lose money selling ,after sale ,such dimension Repair the inevitable result in larger consumers repair injured .
Followed by the service satisfaction of decrease was larger. Consumer complaints mainly around the customer service repair ,the problem is varied, for example repair failure judgment allowed to lead to repair many times are difficult to satisfy .
Around the car retains the quantity increases ,the 4S model of after sale service increasing pressure ,especially the new car sales low growth ,retain volume growth ,after sale service is needed to change the pattern of big problem .
Beijing new car prices low ,with new car sales low growth ,retain the quantity big repair profit is already built main purpose ,to further improve the flexibility of 4Srepair system construction is safeguard the interests of consumers and retention repair the profit the important concerns.
8this week willopen the spring offensive with recall and sensitive of the 315 period,the auto industry will start this week, more new car will be launched this year is the introduction of new fast .
The yield ,these new products although there are similar to Audi Q5 manypowerful product ,but the main existing products with the platform extending product .More products also have more opportunities for improvement ,new products constantly closer to the consumer demand At the same time to strengthen the market competition ,product ,much channel is current main trend increment Road ,a single vehicle sales and not with a total market of synchronous growth, new more subdivision is also more flexible to seize the market opportunities .
In China huge market demand differences ,different product has a reasonable living space .Powerful enterprises need a huge product line of support ,a lot of single model for strong enterprises will become integrated multi models of enterprises.
A new ,price ,scanning 1 PentiumB70 added two new models ,the price of 13.18 / 143800 yuan.March 10th, 2010Pentium B70two newfashion model ,respectively 2.0L manual and automatic 2.0L ,priced at $13.
18 and $143800.At the same time ,the original 2 automatic navigationmodel will no longer be introduced. Comparative comfort increase configuration includes 6 speakers,virtual six disc CD ,Bluetooth hands-free mobile phone system .
Analysis: new Pentium .Further enhance cost-effective ,the effect should be better .But the joint venture brand on mid-range B car strengthened, the growth of the pressure is not small .
A few years ago in March 10th about the new car market is very lively ,and this year wash in 3mostlyin the second half of Start ,which also rushing to launch new models to stay quiet advertising space.
From this week new launch rhythm ,manufacturers market operation characteristics. Two ,macroscopical environment and policy information in 11-2main indicators of national economic data.1-2month,www.airjordanjp.com,above-scale industrial added value increased by 20.
7% ,compared to the same period last year it was 16.9 percentage points in 2009 than in December ,up by 2.2 percentage points. 1-2month,urban investment in fixed assets 1301400000000 yuan,an increase of 26.
6% over the same period last year ,up by 0.1 percentage points in 1-2,total retail sales of social consumer goods totaled 2505200000000 yuan, an increase of 17.9% over the same period last year ,up by 2.
7 percentage points ,2.4 percentage point higherthan 2009.February, dweller consumption price rises compared to the same period 2.7%( the same month last year to drop 1.6% ) ,or more than the 1.
2 percentage point last month to expand.February, industrial product producer price rises compared to the same period 5.4%( the same month last year to drop 4.5% ) ,or more than the 1.1 percentage point last month to expand;.
Analysis: .Consumer prices rose 2.7% over the same period exceeded expectations ,エアジョーダン spa and health resort. We should say,and attracted much attention, but look at the overall run better .2Wen Jiabao:Chinese economy needs to avoid the two bottom.
The press conference ,premier of the State Council Wen Jiabao pointed out ,the current world economic situation complex ,China must deal with maintaining stable and rapid economic development ,structural adjustment and management of inflation expectation three relations, avoid economy double dip .
This must insist on the change in mode of development ,structural adjustment on an important position to change China ,unbalanced ,uncoordinated and sustainable problem. In attracting foreign capital ,Wen Jiabao said the law for foreign businesses operating in China to create a fair environment, and foreign enterprises can enjoy the same Chinese the national treatment as the local businesses ,such as participation in home appliances ,automobile trade-in policies to stimulate the economy act of bidding.
Analysis .Bottom two :.Should not be the current domestic economic circles are paying close attention to the issue ,the prime minister should be from the side to ensure economic growth policy strength ,prices and other sensitive issues can growth task.
The car trade-in is also prime minister stressed the focus measure. 3.2 monthRenminbi loans by 700100000000less compared to the same periodby 371400000000 the central bankdata show ,money supply growth of 25.
52%.2010at the end of 2,the broad money supply ( M2 )amounted to 63.6 yuan,the same An increase of 25.52% ,increase 0.56 percentage point over the low end;the narrow money supply ( M1 )amounted to 22.
43 yuan,an increase of 34.99% ,increase 3.97 percentage point over the low endmarket ;the amount of money in circulation ( M0 )amounted to 4.29 yuan,an increase of 21.98% .The cumulative net on the cash 210700000000 yuan ,more than the same period last year dropped 804800000000 yuan.
The foreign currency loans increased by 766500000000 yuan ,of which ,the RMB loans increased by 700100000000 yuan ,foreign currency loans increased $9700000000. .analysis: at present .The indicators are very easy to implement, the target of 8% by investment can pull ,employment pressure due to shortage of migrant workers can be alleviated, price level last year there were 1.
5% prices rose also can achieve 4CPI February.Zhou Xiaochuan :slightly higher than the estimate does not affect the original monetary policy .The people Governor Zhou Xiaochuan said ,was published in February, the price data is to be above the central bank estimates ,but not much ,therefore, monetary policy can still according to a predetermined plan .
Recently the National Bureau of statistics released in February residents consumer price index ( CPI ) of year-on-year growth rate of 2.7% ,more than expected. Not only far higher than the January increase of 1.
5% ,or more than 2.25% of the one-year deposit interest rate ,that is to say the current market The real interest rate has been negative .Analysis: .This position may mean the central bank interest rate hike is unlikely ,the recent monetary policy will be to the open market operations and the deposit reserve rate adjustment .
The government work report that this year ,continue to implement the moderately loose monetary policy ,the broad money M2 growth target of17%,new yuan loan 7.5 trillionyuan. .5hot money ragingAsian economies for coherent pre currencies .
By the revival and the Greek crisis is expected to double factors, international capital has continued to increase on the Asian assets bets ,and to help promote area main stock market and currency remained high .
Up to 10 close ,won ,Philippines peso and the Indonesian rupiah ,many Asian currencies against the dollar has risen to nearly two month high. Considering their currencies appreciating too quickly may have a negative impact on exports ,South Korea ,Philippines and other many Asian economies this week for the intervention of currencies .
.analysis: .In recent quarters to substantially increase the influx of international capital ,make emerging economies respond to rapid economic recovery policy more complex &quot ;&quot ;.
China also should maintain the stability of RMB exchange rate and export increase Long ,therefore puts forward the bottom two ,security and stability measures. 6overseasmarkets are betting that the anticipation of RMB appreciation .
In March 6th Zhou Xiaochuan of the NPC press conference ,China exchange rate policy in crisis conditions and the special policy ,and sooner or later are withdrawn. The yuan to the dollar since 2008 Julysince the rally has been suspended .
Zhou Xiaochuan this elaborate make market guess RMB may soon resumed its rise ,even thought it is so far the central bank releases the clear appreciation signal ..analysis: .With the Sino-US trade friction is ceaseless increase ,RMB in the world are facing the pressure of appreciation.
In the upcoming April ,American Ministry of finance also ushered in to China a currency manipulator with &quot ;&quot ;label annual decision .China more difficult. The main judgment is the first rise ,after raising interest rates, that started in April and gradually realize the appreciation of Renminbi appreciation still ,year 5%,and the interest rate may be in the 2 quarter to start ,http://www.airjordanjp.com/,but strength is small.
7giant oreprice domestic steel mills to pay billions of dollars in costs. From the iron ore negotiations at the beginning of 40%Rio Tinto hints to rise in price ,BHP Billiton was put forward in February 50withrose As a long association the temporary settlement price ,until the present vale outgoing price 90% negotiations require HH three giants tough negotiator ,determines the negotiation will still deadlocked.
.analysis: .In their frenzied behind the asking price ,means that China industry this year, may have to pay more than the cost of hundreds of billions .The rising steel prices can be seen ,the cost of steel pressure will gradually shift to the downstream ,the imported inflation risk is increasing.
The automobile industry cost pressures may be associated with competitive pressure synchronous growth. 8the Ministrywrecker cross industry mergers and Acquisitions Deal for NPC and CPPCC published .
The ministry minister Li Yizhong and the Department of Public Works letter pair minister Miao Wei recently in the NPC and CPPCC during an interview are disclosed, will be a nationwide introduction of cross industry guidance on mergers and restructuring ,will go beyond the limitation of industry ,from higher level break acquisition system mechanism obstacle .
At present, the opinion has been submitted to the state Council ,NPC and CPPCC is expected to be promulgated .&quot ;so as to overcome in mergers and acquisitions in the process of institutional and policy obstacles ,especially cross-regional ,cross-ownership mergers and acquisitions policy barriers,Air Jordan 5, for example ,finance revenue ,assets disposal process In the problem of existence.
&quot ;at the same time ,Ministry of industry and information technology in this year to promote the introduction of iron and steel ,building materials ,automobile ,shipbuilding ,and other non-ferrous metals industry mergers and restructuring of the executive opinion ,support a batch of enterprises through mergers and acquisitions to become bigger and stronger .
.analysis: .The industry recombines and structural adjustment involves many departments and complex operation ,automobile industry large-scale mergers and acquisitions is still difficult .9the Ministryurged domestic automobile enterprises to strengthen quality and build the recall system.
The Ministry of industry and information technology ( 14)released yesterday to strengthen the automotive product quality construction ,promoting the healthy development of the auto industry guidance.
Put forward clearly summarize the experience and lessons of world automobile industry ,the enterprise must strengthen the quality and the establishment of recall system. Establish and improve the automotive products quality supervision system should pay attention to four aspects.
One is to improve the standards and regulations system ,strengthen the automobile industry safety and energy saving and environmental protection standards and technical specifications for revision work.
The two is strictly vehicle production enterprises and products access, strengthen vehicle production enterprise and product announcement three management .Strengthening public detection of institutional capacity building ,strengthening the third party quality inspection car product mandatory standard detection capability and quality .
The identification of capacity building ,and constantly improve product quality evaluation methods and evaluation system. The four is to build auto industry quality information publicity system, cogent protection is honest and trustworthy enterprises, restrict and punish discredit enterprises and behavior .
.analysis: .China mostly appear in the automotive field, domestic other industry recall is few, the automotive industry the simple soldier dart to the co-ordination of the social environment ,or recall of enterprise bad ,do not recall it .
This recall is also directed at car enterprises, enterprises do not need to establish and strengthen the recall system. The present social problems are usually covered, but after the outbreak of the enterprise is a target for all ,it is the social environment needs improving .
10theintroduction of environmental tax representative disagree. In the NPC and CPPCC ,representatives of the introduction of environmental taxes also hold different views. A member of the CPPCC National Committee ,Geely chairman Li Shufu said :&quot ;environmental tax as soon as possible ,the energy price far higher is better.
The only way to drive technical progress ,in order to reduce the pressure on the environment .While the national consideration is developed first and then to undertake administrative. May the timing is not right ,but energy Price is up .
And Li Shufu members hold the same opinion is a member of the CPPCC National Committee ,the Ministry of Finance Director of the Institute of Fiscal Science Jia Kang .He considers levying environmental tax is an enterprise the upgrading of the economic power ,the environment tax system is properly designed ,it can eliminate backward production capacity.
Although not explicitly expressed support for environmental tax ,but the National People representative ,the Great Wall car President Wang Fengying suggested in the oil adding environmental tax ,for the high energy consumption and high pollution with heavy duty automobile products ,and low energy consumption and low pollution low taxes on cars ,in order to guide consumers to purchase energy-saving environmental protection small displacement car .
Wang Fengying also suggested that ,in order to displacement and models size collection basis, reflected the small displacement ,low energy consumption and large displacement ,high energy consumption of automobile product tax credit difference ,and concessions to the small displacement vehicle tilt.
Guangzhou Automobile Group General Manager Ceng Qinghong said in the NPC and CPPCC motion ,collection of motor vehicle environment tax time is not ripe ,is not conducive to the development of the automobile industry.
Analysis: .Department of environmental protection will have environmental tax included in the schedule ,but the environment tax issued is a systems engineering ,needs the relevant departments of the sign and aspects of coordination and communication ,so the short-term internal affairs Policy is not formally introduced .
.three ,new car information 1 BMW X1 two or threeyears domestic replacement 5August Chinese listedlast week, BMW Brilliance for domestic X1 plan issaid ,this is a two or three year program ,the specific introduction time will be currently imports X1 sales conditions.
In last week Geneva motor show ,the BMW group high out of the BMW compact SUV X1 will import Chinese production news. Last week, the BMW Group Chairman Norbert .Reithofer at the Geneva auto show scene media interview revealed ,BMW has just introduced into China in the compact class luxury SUV X1 will be imported to theChinese production.
.analysis: .BMW Mini SUV into China relatively low production cost ,so that we can create more effective introductory demand pull ,and Audi low-end models introduced similar effects .
The 2 Audi A1 intoChina to push the three door version is expected to sell 20m26millionyuan Audi A1 earliest2011 on theChinese market . A1 customers crowd will A3 younger,even at the age of 30 years or less.
Expected entry-level models will cost 200000 yuan,not to A3 ,A4 the price too muchoverlap ,the highest price in 260000 yuan into .In the Chinese market, A1 will first push the 1.8TFSIengine ,and will be the first launch of the relatively cheap price of the three door version of the model .
But the three door version of the model is clearly more niche ,but prominent A1 sports personality.Subsequently, A1 will launch the1.4TFSI engine,and will roll out 5 doorversion of the model .
Analysis: . A1 the mainmovement of the upper end of the small car segment ,and the BMW 1 Series diamond cut diamond ,but the prices are very high ,which belongs to a niche market, competition will be very calm ,mainly cultivate rich primer groups.
3 Beijing automarket Changfeng Liebao CS7 pushed1.5L modelsas wide steam Changfeng independent research and development of heavy vehicle cheetah CS7 ,2.0L onlyversion ,the displacement lowered to 1.
5L,but prices also further explore the current model .Dynamic allocation, Changfeng Motor generally use the 2 lMitsubishi 4G94MPI engine( 120 horsepower) ,89kW/ 5500rpmand 168N.m / 4500rpm rated power rated torque ,just to meet the CS7 dailyrunning and cross-country function part .
1.5Lengine for CS7 models in thedisplacement is slightly less than the other ,could only be launched two drive type to meet the city needs. .analysis: .At present small SUV low row quantification trend obviously ,if Dongan engine Also cheaper ,the market opportunity or larger.
4publichigh er the fastest listed this year Shanghai mass may show in Beijing Auto Show opens new generation high above ,cars ,and media reports have received news ,Shanghai Volkswagen will be formally introduced a new generation of Gower models.
And the fastest listed this year in early 2009 .,Volkswagen has to Chinese NDRC declared high er related information .At present new car may have entered the test phase ..analysis: 2009,the intermediate vehicle market sales volume soars ,Shanghai Volkswagen on four intermediate cars occupy the highest sales location ,next, state clearly support the small cars, so the wolves strategy for Shanghai Volkswagen to maintain leading position is very important, therefore, to put into production cost-effective Gore is the future of Shanghai mass marketing strategies of the important content.
As Lang Yi ,Shanghai popular independent improved capacity increases, high I sure can adapt to the demand of China ,especially the configuration will be more close to the Chinese consumer groups ,Nike Lebron 9 2in addition,the models of the great opportunity.
The 5 lacrosse 2.0Twill be listed on the engine performance exposure power high amounts to 166 kilowatt 2.0T engineBuick sedan will be listed .The new LaCrosse 2.0Tcars in appearance and configuration and the 2.
4 and 3 modelsare identical ,the only difference is that the 2.0T engine.At the same time, the 2.0T engine isassembled in the new Regal models ,the engine is still fully imported human parts .
But the maximum power is not new Regal big 4 kilowatt,reached 166 kilowatts,the numbers and high up to 350 nm torque,used to drive the new LaCrosse sedan is more than sufficient ..analysis: turbocharged engine in the world .
Because the displacement of small power mostly use the blemish of policy of paying less tax ,but the turbocharged engine does give users a very high power and high speed of the economy ,but in city driving, turbocharged engine relative to the same level of technology and aspirated engine is absolutely fees for oil ,so the turbocharged engine have been relatively driving skilled and likes to drive fast young people ,but if consumers for consumption more words ,buy turbocharged engine is not a wise choice ,for these users ,less tax, but in the future days to pay more money is the loss outweighs the gain.
..Four ,enterprise dynamic 1Changshamade BYD October achieve 30000yearsdown Production in 2010 October,Changsha BYD Auto will achieve new car off the assembly line ,and will realize annual 30000 carcapacity .
March 3, 2010 ,municipal CPPCC Vice Chairman Xie Mingde led the municipal departments responsible person on-site office ,and requested the relevant departments to unify the understanding ,the spirit of governing for the people ,accelerate economic development of Changsha ideas to support the development of the project .
.analysis: BYD .To expand the production capacity for a very short time ,and the support of the local government is also significant. 2BYDcapital spending to 10000000000 of theUnited States sales headquarters in the performance of Wang Chuanfu said at a press conference this year ,Nike Air Formposite One Shoes diabetes mellitus and teeth,the group capital expenditure of about 10000000000 yuan ( RMB ,the same below) ,a 09year 6300000000 yuan ofgrowth of 59% ,mainly for investment in the construction of Changsha automobile production base ,and Xi automobile and parts of the new plant ,and for capacity expansion purposes.
Wang Chuanfu E6 ,pure electric vehicles in the second half of the year into the American market, the company is the United States sales headquarters location ;Wang Chuanfu said ,if the sales in the United States ,do not rule out the construction possible.
.analysis: BYD .The capacity of different ideas and foreign companies ,the future there should be a large scale production ,millions of should be normal ,so as to meet the battery industry Capacity of train of thought, the current investment is very big, must also requires good market sales support ,market pattern will change quickly.
3MitsubishiChangfeng automobile all withdrawals from Hunan of Hunan Changfeng Motor Manufacturing Company Limited has been included in the notice of all products ,products from the trademark &quot ;Mitsubishi &quot ;brand change to &quot ;cheetah brand .
This announcement official confirmation from Mitsubishi cars Changfeng automobile divestment ,also give its with Guangzhou Automobile Holdings under the new wide steam Changfeng venture paved the way.
The shareholders after the change, Mitsubishi and wide steam Changfeng has been in negotiations to form 5 : 5of the joint venture company,at present still further negotiation. Mitsubishi headquarters denied withdrawal Changfeng ,said :Mitsubishi Motors and wide steam Changfeng relations of cooperation will be based on and signed contract of transfer of technology ,remained unchanged .
&quot ;Mitsubishi &quot ;trademark official replacement for the &quot ;cheetah &quot ;trademark ,configuration and shape doesn primarily for government procurement .Analysis: Mitsubishi .
In Changfeng significance is to provide products and technology ,the new joint venture will better meet the Mitsubishi profit and expansion ,not the best choice. While the government procurement policy change mark reflects the power of 4.
Changan by Changhe Hafei expansion small customer financing 4000000000 biggerautonomy in Changan the group buys Changhe and Hafei Automobile after four months ,Changan Automotive will achieve the capacity to transfer and Hafei Changhe .
Nanfang Daily reporters learned from Changan automobile ,and Hafei Changhe base will soon put into production Changan licensing minivan .According to Changan car this week the announcement, the company intends to its exclusive license to use trademark license to Jiangxi Changhe ,Changhe Suzuki and Hefei Changhe .
Trademark licensing was restricted to the miniature car ,and is limited to the Chinese mainland ,the license to use for a period of two years from January this year .It .Analysis: .Basic representation ,Hafei Changhe two enterprises have gradually lost their independence ,is the only factory .
5Tiguanunlisted resources is urgent lack of capacity into a stumbling block &quot ;this year the Beijing-Tianjin region Tiguan only supply 6600 vehicles,and valid order has more than 8000 ,in order to ensure the quality of sales services ,we had to cancel the Tiguan reservation.
&quot ;a Shanghai Volkswagen dealers to disclose to the reporter .It is understood ,in 2009 won thechampion of sales volume of Shanghai Volkswagen ,the capacity is already stretched .In January this year, Shanghai Volkswagen for production Line maintenance once affect the sales of POLO .
Although took over Nanjing Fiat factory, Shanghai Volkswagen will be in 2012 theNanjing factory capacity upgrading to 300000 dimensions,but Nanjing factory PL42 platform can only be used for the production of Santana series models ,for the PQ35 platform the Tiguan ,without help.
As popular in China the first domestic SUV ,the Germans in the Tiguan body rack one for the Chinese market .This extended 80 mmentry-level SUV ,the Tiguan shoulder mass in the segmented market too many expectations .
.analysis: .The Tiguan scheduled stop only individual 4S shop,is mainly due to the individual 4S shoporder number too much cause, this year Shanghai Volkswagen Tiguan customized for the capacity of 70000, due to the current reservation situation is very ideal ,Shanghai Volkswagen Tiguan this year has considered to increase productivity .
Although the Tiguan productivity serious problems as reported less severe ,but the productivity and demand mismatch problem is a big industry a simple digital ,obtained by adding up the excess capacity the conclusion is wrong.
6East ofautonomous vehicle launched next year is positioned below the joint venture brands for independent brand ,Dongfeng Honda has a clear train of thought ,namely in the Some platform and technology based on the development, but not to the development of new platform ,which makes the Dongfeng Honda brand from the beginning of a high starting point .
The independent brand from positioning will be lower than the existing joint venture products ,mainly undertake and Dongfeng Honda in the low-end product development R & D ,task. It is from the two sides together .
The reporter understands ,Dongfeng Honda independent product will be a hatchback sedan ,or the will and civic in the same market level ,and civic shared most parts .At the same time ,enabled the Dongfeng Honda new brand logo ,&quot ;and the Honda H logo will certainly be very different ,.
Analysis: .This biggest task is the rapid expansion of production capacity ,or civic this car is too bad, be made strong is joint-stock brand choice ,first strong hind big have no market .
The market to the east of the expansion is not much time .Five ,industry 1hair changes appoint announcecar prices in February inflation hit a new high of 4 years of national development and Reform Commission website announced the February national auto market price ,the price in 2009 than in February rose 1.
49% .This increases since 2005 is the highest, the NDRC The latter is expected to car price will keep stable operation situation. Analysis: .In recent months of continuous price link up should not obvious.
2 Volkswagenplant in Southern China plan to finalize the FAW SAIC to southern Volkswagen plant in Southern China has been basically finalized ,before 2013, the mass will be respectively to FAW and SAIC further Japanese cars .
Mm Guangdong ,set up the two factories ,costing billions of dollars ,production capacity in more than 200000. The construction of the subject of investment are two joint venture companies mm Shanghai VW, FAW-VW, the two companies were set up a factory in Guangdong ,Shanghai Volkswagen Skoda brand production base will be popular brand ,faw .

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Such as false Baotui _ section of electric warming shoes _ Haiya

This is the home of shoes ,so men and women, regardless of size ,5 colorsare very good ,our products are not selected color, buyers can leave a message to like color ,we try to request delivery, color-coded incomplete on random shipments ,Air Foamposite 1 so,please buy identity .
09 newcolor using 2 colors,fabric plush .Than previous generations more warm ,more fashion ,generous. Technological innovations ,the sole adds a layer of insulation film for indoor use ,Air Formposite One male 2 cups a day.Family physicians,Air Jordan,are not recommended for outdoor use 1wirequality better quality 2bottom ofthick / wear no more problems 3Plushthickened, thermal effect is better size : one size fits all shoes ca.
26-27cmfor women :35to 38 yardswomen,Air Jordan 6, 3 colors,orange ,nike hyperdunks 2011 Teenagers are in the key period of development,violet, Rose Red Mens 2 color,coffee color ,blue for shoes heavier 1double 720grams(men ) ,700 grams/ double side (Ladies ) ,specific express fee please consult the dispensers of the products from China Property Insurance Company insurance recommendation reason :the latest electric heating type electric heating shoes is a kind of high quality insulating materials and advanced technology to develop a new type of heating in winter to share and care .
The product set heating fast ,less power consumption ,safety and performance advantages, and lets the user without any menace from the products .The use of 220V voltage,input power of 20W ( insulation 10W ) ,can be in a relatively short time heating to the appropriate temperature.
The product long-term use without side effects, and arthritis ,frostbite foot and ruffling has obvious prevention effect ,at the same time with Shu bones ,live blood effects ,family ,school ,enterprises ,institutions and other workers in winter the most ideal warm shoes .
Product features: the adoption of a new generation of high-tech rapid heating thermal insulation means ,Nike Lebron 9,only to electricity for 7 minutes,can make the shoes inner temperature rises to 45 degrees.
And can automatically cut off the power. When the temperature dropped to 25 degrees,can the power is switched on automatically ,automatic heating again .It is very convenient to use ,shoe setting double insulation and over temperature automatic protection device ,safe and reliable use .
The product brand :petrel ( family ) ,because the factory direct sales ,export trade ,color box packaging .Method of use :the product of the switch is divided into 3 gears .High-grade ( red ) accelerate heating ,low-grade (GLC ) continue to heat ,the heating is stopped ( indicator Quanmie ) .
When using power line end is respectively inserted into the electric heating shoe department charged ,and the other end is connected with a power socket end ,will switch to high-grade ,the red light indicates power Connected, by heating .
When arrived at the suitable temperature ( 45 degrees),the switch to end of file continuous insulation (green) ,or directly related to stop heating ( indicator Quanmie ) .You can use ,charging time of 7-10 minutes.
Safety tips: strictly in the unsupervised case child long time heating .Should be under the supervision of adults use ,avoid hot plug play .When heated ,should avoid charged around. After the power is switched on ,do not move.
If need to walk ,please dial except power connections. To prevent water and various types of conductive liquid wetting electric warming shoes ,so as not to cause damage to components for safety reasons ,generally in the room wearing ,is strictly prohibited in the wetland ,land use.
The washing instructions :shoes dirty ,need washing, with a wet towel, wring dry smear gently,www.airjordanjp.com, and then dried .Do not use blisters wash end clearance loss price USB cartoon Nuanshou Po warm foot treasure warm slippers luxury box pattern random 09 winternew indoor USB heel boots detachable warm boot / home furnishing shoes off-line available pink National Post spring 19661multifunctionalwarmer electric warm pad hand warmer warm foot treasure crown quality detachable Changjia sales Electronic warm shoes winter essential 6800 Iraqicourt USB warm foot treasure warm shoes capable of unpicking and washing Cat feet cartoon shoes autumn special Xian electric warming shoes USB interpolation and direct power warm foot treasure warm shoes 2 crownhot spring smile card detachable zipper USB warm foot treasure / foot warming shoes / warm shoes 0.
3 genuinesuper Plush warm foot treasure charge the foot warming shoes electric heating shoes white pink pig detachable winter variety of plush thickening type warm foot treasure with a warm foot treasure foot warming shoes UBS warm King Festival by plug-in type four in a detachable multifunctional electric heating pad heating cushion warm foot treasure electric warm pad drill a fusion of electric warming shoes USB + transformer power supply warm foot treasure electrothermal shoes health shoes spring smile card super Plush thickening warm foot treasure / foot warming shoes - white (including oversized Shuidai ) Christmas warm foot treasure foot warming shoes electric heating shoes crazy sale only 9.
9 yuan a limited number of USB electric heating chip USB WARMERS GLOVES chip heating chip can be directly hand warming of 50 degrees 7 *9 authentic,warm Dog Plush USB all-inclusive zipper foot warmer precious pink cat Plush Monkey metoo rabbit special ,Teng licensing two-in-one warm foot treasure / foot warming shoes / electric warm bag (including PVC Shuidai ) multicolor 0.
42 springmultipurpose electric heating pad heating Po electric warm pad brown 19661 Shanghai Zhang Xiaoquan large copper hot woman hand warming kettle son hot soup bitch double band Plug the package post spring 18893,a heating pad hand warmer warm foot treasure electric warming pad 7 grade temperature-regulating2010 newlove can be thought of electric warming shoes warm foot treasure warm shoes electric heating shoes ( Mens ) 12Vspecial brand of Hong Jian Donald UBS warm foot treasure electric warming shoes Miharu cartoon embroidered electrothermal pad 18893 hand warmer/ warm foot treasure / electric warm pad / 1 sale.
Merry Christmas cartoon Nuanshou Po charging hot water bag health heating Po USB warm foot treasure foot warming shoes hand warmer USB warm shoes warm feet three in a Wang Dalong
large copper hot woman hand warming kettle hot son warmer double with inner plug authentic ,warm dog plush cartoon USB thickening warm foot treasure hand warmer Electric
Po electric warm pad cute cartoon rechargeable hand warmer variety of optional cartoon Nuanshou cartoon heater multifunctional electrothermal warm foot treasure of electric warming shoes
electric heating shoes ( coffee) Wang Dalong medium copper Longfeng hot woman hot soup woman son copper kettle cloth feeding set large sale Emperor gave I authentic multifunctional
warm foot treasure of electric warming shoes foot warming shoes electric heating shoes thermostat / washing / plug-in authentic ,warm USB fractional warm foot treasure Le Cher USB health
care warm foot treasure this winter no longer cold new Pui good oh electric warming shoes, USB + power supply transformer m Female models models ( 4 colors)drill promotion ,http://www.airjordanjp.com/!USB warm foot
treasure / USB boots / USB warm shoes / USB Princess boots can be disassembled and washed plush USB thickening warm baby warm foot treasure of electric warming shoes foot warmers USB warm
shoes warm comfortable detachable authentic Cai Yang charging non USB electric heating pad heating foot warming hand Bao Bao warm baby Electric Po postage corduroy explosion-proof
charging hot water bag hand warmer heating warm foot treasure baby warm heating Po electric warm bag USB new electric heating chip USB heating chip carbon fiber heating extended warm
boots essentials 2010 newPui good electric warming shoes USB + power supply transformer USB electric heating shoes warm foot treasure Miharu cartoon electric heating pad four and one warm

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[report] a beautiful bottle qualified Body Lotion

After the bath, the body skin also need moderate moisture. Understand this truth, seems to be in Great Britain country. The sea breeze, indoor heating, bath after the body dry skin, even slightly hurt, then begin to pay attention to the body lotion, although some small trouble.
Butt: University, have used Avon powder, born out of baby powder East. It never painted so shocking, can cover the smell of sweat, as antiperspirant, somewhat effect. (borrowed from the network picture) the first bottle.
The Ascott Hallyday. Foreign like ride a perfume sell the same body lotion, is affordable, and keep the body flavor consistency, not suitable for me the frequent replacement of perfume consumers. This lotion,Kobe bryant olympic shoes, for its practical effect, has no impression, to the general effect,Nike Lebron 9, considering its price, price is still lower.
The (borrowed from the network picture) recommended index: second bottles. Johnson. Time superstition baby products, try it is lavender money, is said to sleep aid (it is summed up a gimmick). Adults use Johnson infant products, after all what is good or bad, the so-called experts have each view each.
Personal use, think without too reactive. Considering the infant productsNo anti-aging function, abandoning the. Body lotion is also similarly, regardless of how many years after advertising, both failed at the supermarket I brought back to buy.
(borrowed from the network picture) recommended index: third bottles. Yu Mei Jing. From Chinese rise, brands from nostalgia, since Taobao bought its both of the bath lotion. The first tank, collate says stunning,Air Foamposite 1, 15 yuan less than the product, a surprising effect.
After one after another, save a few cans, the price has been increased, and in the south does not see more. Finally give up because, my skin without replacement products, will be on the same a product resulting from fatigue, gradually lost.
Use the last stage, it is clean, dry winter skin remains still, her sleeves, joint wrinkled, so decided to replace (borrowed from the network.) recommend index: fourth bottles of The Body Shop. I really like this brand, natural benefits and so on.
However, it home product needs a lot of experience, found belongs to own physique and the skin of the thing is a serious matter. For example, aloe series for me, is a large cup. Colleagues Fengshengshuiqi, I also follow the trend,www.airjordanjp.com, all the way with a pot body creamEmulsion.
Night cream texture is dry,Nike Air Foamposite Pro also need not plow, the face is not pushed, I do not know why, out of the very next day always have red spots. And body lotion, after I feel nothing. A master, a tank body lotion is effective, is to use nails across the skin of the body, to see if there is a white mark.
The experimental results is: a. (borrowed from the network picture) recommended index: Fifth bottles. Unknown. With friends around a day department store, the shopkeeper gift products a bottle. I think is so far, with the best body lotion.
All bottles are Japanese, with some English words and Chinese. Note: botanical ingredients with moisture; written urea complexes; usage: Yan, foot, head band, the wrist. Soft texture,エアジョーダン3, aroma and comfortable, moisturizing effect is good, and the coating finished, no sticky feeling,Centrifugal force and cohesion, and quite relaxed.
Just,エアジョーダン4 or trying to visit, 200ml is not too much, run out after the store also not new. (self) recommended index: Sixth bottles. Where ya Sha Rose Moisturizing Body Lotion. This tank is purchased from the day the department store.
Products in Taiwan is the Kaohsiung. Its specification is the main component: pure deionized water, natural moisturizing factor, grape seed oil, shea butter, rose essential oil and other products have a very strong rose.

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