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Who can I love

A few days ago and schoolmate at college, that our class first married after graduation students are now divorced (age 1 years), yesterday and colleagues to chat, one of her students was recently divorced (age less than 5), hearing this,http://www.adidaswingsfr.com/, I can't help but wonder: divorce is a recent trend is now simply there is no true love can be found? Colleagues,Adidas Jeremy Scott Bones, students are advised me as soon as possible target, and of course the most hungry several of their " ",nike zoom kobe 6 upper and lower, had also read,Adidas Jeremy Scott Teddy Bear &quot,Nike Air Formposite One Shoes, too late to read,Impulse is the devil,Adidas with Wings, make light of travelling a thousand li to make an international call home, also can bring this topic to read half a day on the phone,Nike Lebron 9, do not love, no marriage can't live? Many friends tell me, must seek diligently, but, I think, the fate is the day set, " there is one in a thousand, missed the opposite does not meet.
" which I believe firmly. After so many have heard the divorce case, I winced. Don't love really can be game? The game is over, everyone say bye-bye, " " can Xiaoxiao Sasa to go? What is

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Snow bubble thin effect really so good four good way to 12 minut

From the perspective of consumption of calories, climbing stairs and brisk walking 15 minutes 30 minutes burn calories as much. Climb stairs equivalent vertical walking,Jeremy Scott Adidas, benefits, energy consumption is astonishing, and can exercise the muscle strength,Air Formposite One, modification, can strengthen bones.
Vertical movement not just to climb stairs, also includes the following,nike zoom kobe 6,adidaswingsfr.com Actually I want to go but., also can achieve the same effect of fitness: Climb Hills hourly consumption of calories: 408 cards (upper and lower) benefits: outdoor can be warned: the knee joint is not good, be careful walking down stairs hourly consumption of calories: 408 card; 612 card (only): to take muscle exercise benefits bones is very helpful, each time they spend little time can finish warning: if there is heart, joint,http://www.adidasswings.com/, balance problems, to ask your doctor.
Aerobic pedal hourly consumption of calories: 578 card benefits: musculoskeletal help, strengthen the thighs, upper body, and everyone together,nike zoom hyperfuse 2011 then who is the winner,Adidas Wings,www.nikeairfoamposite1.com there is a boy, more fun. Warning: to spend money, on the knee impact is bigger.
Stair climbing machine hourly consumption of calories: 612 card advantage: it can be varied, listen to music, watch TV, read, and can adjust the slope warning: to spend money to buy equipment, or to a fitnessRoom to use.

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The grasp of the opportunity to exercise

Exercise conduces to good health is everyone to know the truth, but not everyone can set an example by personally taking part to do. According to some surveys, participate in regular exercise a person less than 1 / 3, and one more is young and elderly, commuters take exercise proportion is very low.
There is no time, no opportunity is often one reason. In fact, opportunities for exercise is all around us, but it often inadvertently put the opportunity to put the past. From life to find the opportunity to participate in sports, not many people expected difficult,Adidas Jeremy Scott Chaussures, time and chance should not be the exercise barriers.
We should be understood as any consumption of sports physical activity, while working on a road, the daily work of the climb up a few flights of stairs are sports. Because in these activities, your heart beat faster, muscle contraction is more powerful, you also consumes more energy.
Use this standard to measure, in our daily life many activities can play the role of exercise, such as cleaning the room,Adidas Jeremy Scott Leopard, carry weight,Adidas Wings, child care,Jeremy Scott Adidas, bike riding and so on. In this sense, we have too many opportunities for exercise, and because of this, we sayMoving the beneficial.
Often exercise sudden death is less when your heart in the daily activities of any excess load exercise, cardiac function can be improved. Stick to it, you can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.
Heart disease occurrence and development is a long process, the heart needs a constant exercise against a variety of harmful factors in the invasion, also can delay or even prevent heart disease's occurrence and development, a short duration of time exercise may not protect heart health throughout life.
Therefore, only let your heart get taking exercise every day, it is possible to " fresh, young " not often exercise. The incidence of sudden death is often exercise more than three times. In addition, exercise will make you muscle joint injuries and other injuries to reduce the chance of.
For those ordinary little physical activity, a 10 minute walk, climb a few flights of stairs will make their heart to bear the extra load, this is exercise, help to improve their heart function. In moderate condition, faster, longer, more times will make your heart get more exercise, you can make the heart coronary artery becomes coarser.
EvenSome of the lesions caused by luminal stenosis, the remainder can be adopted by the blood will be relatively large, can even more than an ordinary little exercise in normal vessels. The exercise to the appropriate measure of moderate and capacity to differ from man to man.
The twenties lad ran can very easily, while 70 year old lady goes fast will pant for breath. So the old lady walking and running on their respective young medium, it may exercise effect almost. Moderate and choose another layer of meaning is the prevention of accidental injuries, if the physical load beyond your capacity, it is easy to cause muscle and joint damage, and even induced acute heart disease.
So on the one hand, we need to heart enough physical load, make it get exercise; the other hand we have to control load not too big,Adidas Jeremy Scott Teddy Bear, avoid it unable to stand the strain any longer and the " " China's economic development.
Although very quickly, but the improvement of the living conditions is not a long time, a lot of people when young, hard physical work is still fresh and young; people are also more prone to manual work and low pay together.
So there are a lot of people have a slight physical exertion concept. A few minutes walking distance,Nike Lebron 9 exponential function ah, alsoWilling to drive two contacts. But unfortunately, they missed so convenient opportunity to exercise.
This opportunity can not only for your health to do what little one can to help, but also contribute to environmental protection. More deep in thought,Acheter Adidas Jeremy Scott The green solution, in the material wealth of society conditions the rapid improvement in the process, we is it right? Should review manual pay value? Have the opportunity to physical exertion should be healthy, glorious,nike hyperdunks 2011 credit, honorable, lucky, be respected.

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Vaginal tightening surgery treatment effect

Vaginal tightening surgery is aimed at female above physiological changes, in order to improve the quality of sexual life of husband and wife and the treatment of urethral, bladder and rectal prolapse and the design of a gynecological surgery operation.
Operation according to the patients of different age, vaginal relaxation and the different level of perineal injury repair, through the operation to repair the damage and relaxation of the muscles and fascia, make the vagina enhance flexibility, elasticity become appropriate, laceration of the perineal repair recovery after prenatal state.
Vaginal tightening surgery not only after satisfactory appearance, relieved the patients psychological and physical pain, and improve the quality of life,nike zoom kobe 6, to restore the female self-confidence. Is also conducive to the prevention and treatment for pelvic floor relaxation caused by uterine prolapse and the anterior and posterior vaginal wall prolapse and other disorders.
A large number of cases clinical observation results show that, after the operation the patient responded well, sexual life quality rises, because of vaginal relaxation leads to the bladder, rectum symptoms disappeared, without any sequelae.
Vaginal tightening surgery indications: where after vaginal delivery, old laceration of perineum, after episiotomy poor wound healing or congenital causes of vaginal relaxation,Adidas Panda Bear, leading to dissatisfaction,Adidas Originals M Attitude Logo any enemy, can consider to vaginal tightening surgery vaginal tightening surgery.
It can improve the vaginal relaxation caused by sexual problems, but it can't solve due to psychological or other causes of sexual problems. Vaginal tightening surgery preparation: in the period after 7 ~ 10 days arranging operation,nike zoom hyperfuse 2011, 3 days before the operation should be a day with 0.
1% Bromogeramine liquid cleansing of the vulva, vagina and keep dry and clean, should stop sexual intercourse. If you have vaginitis or vulvitis,Adidas Leopard Tail, cured after operation for vaginal tightening operation.
Methods: the vaginal opening the rear from the mucocutaneous junction about 0 3cm skin side incision,Air Foamposite 1, in the posterior wall of the vagina mucosa under free, and the posterior wall of the vagina of the muscular fascia suture around relative, to strengthen the vaginal tension operation.
In general hospital outpatient operation room operation. With local anesthesia operation. After intravaginal gauze to prevent hematoma formation, the subject may be allowed to go home,Adidas Bones, but some patients to the hospital for observation.
Vaginal tightening surgery nursing: 1 position after lying in bed for 12 ~ 24h, avoid ambulation. 2 prevention of infection in oral antibiotics, for 3 consecutive days. After using the toilet and the daily evening with 1: 5000 potassium permanganate solution bath for 10 ~ 15min, 7 ~ 10 days.
3 postoperative observation observe patients face is pale, with whether the pain, whether a hematoma appeared,http://nikeairfoamposite1.com/ why to see Mr., such as discovery andWhen reporting physicians early treatment. 4 diet nursing care given to the high level of protein, vitamin, low residue diet.
To minimize the number of stool (1 weeks). 5 discharge instruction for 6 weeks to prohibit sex life. Early postoperative should avoid physical activity, general 1 ~ 2 Zhou Ke return to work, 4 weeks of physical exercise.
Vaginal tightening the effect of operation: vaginal tightening surgery can be improved for vaginal relaxation caused by sexual problems, but it can't solve due to psychological or other causes of sexual problems.

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The game player's words this review book

This is wrong! Hello respected teacher !I cherish extremely heavy heart to you to make a profound review. The previous review ,the class teacher criticized me profound enough ,without touching the soul.
Therefore ,I first of all to learn student code of conduct ,a comparative examination ,I serious violations a lot of ,is really think .I was deep sentiment ,as a warning for the future after I decided to turn over a new leaf ,determined from the new leaf .
Through these lessons I learned that regardless of any reason ,this is wrong. Even in a busy one bedroom ,this is wrong. Even contribute to college ,this is wrong. Even to see the torch ,this is wrong.
Today ,I am guilty and sorry to write this report ,to say to you me to cut the bad behavior of deep understanding and never skip class determination. Students main task is to learn, like the teacher is busy call .
His work ,do not do well, and what reason ?This is wrong. So I should review !I don want to play truant, I know not their own ,do not believe I said to you ,because I write self-criticism .
Punctuality and trustworthiness of the people Family virtues ,is the contemporary university physiology should have the quality ,is HH. I am absent for one day ,but that day ,reflect a lot of problems !This can reason for absenteeism .
Mr. Lu Xun said HH Goethe said HH we have serious reflection, to find mistakes behind the deep roots,Nike Lebron 8 go-anywhere man, understand the nature of the problem ,can give collective and an account of his own ,and thus can be improved.
From ancient to modern times ,much of the enlightened in HH such as the spring and Autumn period ,there was a li from the judicial officer ,HH Lee to die like this ,in front of him ,I can not hate not ashamed ,for he was the sword !HH modern society only h can HH now ,Adidas M Attitude Logo,I was at the Party of my test ,HH party education we HH absenteeism ,is not a negligible trifle! As long as we have two legs can come to the meeting ,have no excuse ,any excuse excuses !We only seriously think about life there are so many things to do ,then the burden to carry ,there is no reason to be .
I believe ,punctuality will be in my personal character part! Before I entered the school ,the teacher will have three Shen Wuling ,emphasizes again and again ,all students must not skip class .
But today I am still Is to escape a teacher prepared to give us a very vivid lesson ,missed a teacher make painstaking efforts to our production knowledge feast. Microcomputer is the embodiment of personal comprehensive ability of a lesson ,I should cherish this opportunity ,but I missed ,it is one of life loss.
At the same time ,the teacher ,your concern is that I am deeply moved ,I know a few people in your class knowledge is good without loss ,but you are still found in a timely manner and to teach me ,I won make you .
How kind, how great ah !My grateful tears can fill the whole Tarim Basin ;for I excessive emotion heart and Tangshan earthquake comparable; I Langnv back to the goddess patching the sky always beat the perseverance .
I firmly to ensure that future computer classes except for a very special reason I will listen carefully in class. If the entire Pacific water pours out ,are pouring does not extinguish my love for you flames of anger ,then ,the whole water of the Pacific Ocean all poured out ?No, so I don hate you ,so I believe that you will forgive me this inadvertent mistakes ,saying is inadvertently because I did not take the shoe cover ,although This may be a false reason ,truth is the truth, the truth is that I didn go to the computer class ,but I still yearn for it can reduce the mistake I made depth.
Since your class since, my poor performance .Many shortcomings still like the canteen fly failed to completely clear ,the teacher said the individual may not be entirely at a draught give up their own shortcomings ,will still be attracted .
But I feel much harder than before, had become aggravated trend, I have made ,it is helpless .Laziness of the mind is still I keep things ,late or the common mistakes ,even more rare is also never seriously absenteeism ,before the unfortunate things happen was my occupation disease ,do not know why ?I always put the bell as the bell ,and the bell was I as canteen will be closed signal ,Adidas Wings,I got really heavy, I repeatedly to the health department ,students ,department for treatment, but always disappointed ,they all say I didn saved ,but I was not discouraged ,through this review ,I have found the key to the problem.
The teacher can let me write a review ,illustrate the teacher also to trust me ,I told the teacher of exemplary conduct and nobility of character feel unfeignedly admires ,It really is :Ma in Bole ,gentleman friend.
Punctual and trustworthy has long been regarded as the traditional virtue of the Chinese nation ,is all the children of the Yellow Emperor Weirenchushi principle ,is a league member should have the quality ,is a student should some occupation ethics.
College students should comply with the school regulations as the basic norms of behavior. I was a few minutes late ,absenteeism several sections ,although it was only a few minutes ,a few lessons.
May reflect problems can be many, delayed learning time. Of course ,this can my excuse for being late .Mr. Lu Xun said :time is life ,someone said :time is the knowledge growth path. It seems that I couldn the road .
I only think over seriously ,search errors behind the deep roots, understand the nature of the problem ,can give collective and an account of his own ,and thus can be improved. Nowadays, big mistake already ,I deeply regret .
Reviewing ,think in my mind has hidden fatal error: the ideological awareness is not high ,I respect for others is not enough, then I will have more respect for teachers .Serious shortage of attention on important issues .
Usually lazy style ,if not too lazy unapt also so .I fail to live up to your wasted effort ,everything .What ,by the small and large ,I as a college student is occupied do not leave, to the class as a bad example caused abominable effect ,for I skipped school things ,the serious consequences of I do a deep reflection in order to recognize mistake me from various aspects understanding this reason (one ) .
Due to the increasing employment pressure in many college students behavior of a strong blindness. Mainly has the following several aspects :one is the blind research, nowadays, college students with a certificate to increase employment chips ,this study other knowledge ,appeared the campus &quot ;textual research hot &quot ;( two) graduates .
Blind graduate-study admission exam ,exam has become a campus fashion ,but most postgraduate students just to avoid employment ,in the survey ,students taking the postgraduate entrance exam 92%just to avoid employment .
( three) graduates leave school job blindly ahead of time ,caused a graduate tax rate odd high phenomenon ,has accounted for 89% of the number ofgraduates ( truancy .Four) blind to abandon .
College students and some popular professional employment rate is low ,the big four students lose confidence ,give up ,only through the network game ,sleeping ,playing cards to kill time.
( five) university teaching form Type machine ,use of oral add text courseware display teaching content .Not attracted students interested in the knowledge of the element. Many teachers a lecture notes can be taught for many generations ,the content is not keeping up with the times ,form a single.
Students feel that learning is of no use. ( six) is the student part-time job .Many students use in my spare time work to make money, when working with learning conflict when they work in the physical class .
Today many students think money attraction is far greater than the classroom .Even though the latter has the potential advantages of larger but many college students would choose the former.
Of course ,there are a lot of students families are poor ,due to the current social help system is not improve the work and life force .( seven) some companies are not strict, the pursuit of the interests of the company suggested that students .
(eight ) the current campus adverse winds prevail. In order to escape the elective course ,individual students chose acting class .Then there is &quot ;campus agent &quot ;appear. This gives undoubtedly this provides students a good chance! ( nine) was a bit blindly ,no particular reason ,but want to order the &quot ;&quot ,if not cut trend ;it does not show his Do it.
( ten) some of the teacher and student in charge of the responsible person revealed to reporters ,after enrollment expansion of universities ,university students and university classrooms increased tension ,is also the cause of College Students .
One of the reasons the sources of information :the Guilin journal in 2006 0426<college students skipping classes into atmosphere in &quot .&quot ;etiology ;where &gt ;( eleven) university student love phenomenon has been very common ,there are many students to fall in love and truancy ,especially long-distance relationship ,get together inaccessibly time ,lack of a dozen days are common.
For the above phenomenon ,make us thoughtful :students ,is one of many reasons ,can from outside our consciousness is thin ,or the phenomenon of ?Of course we have to admit that ,some students in social practice activities was forced to skip class ,we have to admit ,I will call my sister.,the current higher education system also exists some of its disadvantages :for example a few teachers of dialect is too heavy ,resulting in many other provinces student class sweaty ;teaching way monotonous, tells the story of content boring ,resulting in classroom atmosphere .
However ,fine consider ,more a part of the students what is the reason ?The main reason is it right? In our own ?After studying hard for twelve years, we are very lucky to pass the college entrance examination single-plank bridge ,into the quiet university campus ,never to high school teachers so as to always supervise your learning .
The author opinion ,one part lacks self binding students begin to relax ,class in this part of the heart of students are no longer the main part they think some courses ,usually listen to also be of no great importance ,just before the exam make assault .
So in learning usual placed low requirements ,with a &quot ;sixty long live ,more waste &quot ;negative mentality to cope with the examination, and that the exam a month exam time enough ,class is simply waste one .
Replace sb. Is playing games on the Internet ,chat ,and even Internet addiction ,inextricably bogged down in .Some students for the professional employment situation is not optimistic, thus blindly believe that learning classroom knowledge for their future useless ,this also became a homely food .
So various ,Adidas Mickey High although only one sound,different terms this phenomenon not only ,Adidas Panda Bear,so the longstanding ,and there is growing trend. In the eyes of students skip class ,become a kind of trend ,&quot ;&quot ;this is &quot ;University Student &quot ;in the life indispensable part.
However ,this brought what kind of results ?How many students are there in the eve of the examination to crazy burning the midnight oil ,resulting in body and mind of Laughton ,but still unavoidably fail dilemma ;how many students are there in the &quot &quot ;escape ;four years after the University ,because no graduation certificate or degree certificate and heavy-hearted .
The author thinks ,students are one of the main reasons is impetuous mood in class ,the heart is empty, do not know to learn these courses have little practical use ,for the future with no clear direction ,in the course of time ,this became a vicious spiral .
This issue is small, but its refractive status matter. It reflects the students level, a reflection :once by God claim of the contemporary college students, known as the pillars of the motherland and the hope of the future.
Without reasonable cause of college students skip class to some extent of knowledge is despised ,self-discipline lack of specific performance, if abandon this behavior ,to the last school community to transport only has a diploma in &quot &quot ;false ;college students, rather than have a good knowledge foundation and the quality and integrity of the social construction of longitudinal force .
&quot ;gas Hao Ran ,science Endless ,&quot ;at this time we can examine oneself, feeling no shame to say these words ?In this free campus environment, we advocate the critique ,publicity personality ,but we should bear in mind that &quot ;no rules without Cheng Fangyuan &quot ;the old, discipline has its necessity .
Since the enrollment expansion of Colleges and universities ,accompanied by the development of education reform ,more and more young people have the opportunity to enter the ideal university campus ,realize the dream of youth .
But the university is not the people palace ,when many students feel the pressure caused by the University ,hesitation and confusion come one after another .This time ,truancy become their escapism .
College students are not uncommon ,many college students based on psychological stress ,emotional factors ,emotional and physical causes of discomfort ,often skipping as well against method.
However ,different from the usual said this ,another kind of phenomenon mm recessive truancy, than dominant truancy is more common, and not easy to find and attention therefore ,many students lost themselves in imperceptibly .
A. College students truancy characteristics on recessive truancy among us, they often do not feel themselves in their class .In the classroom ,and heart in his office .Some performance of students sleeping in class ;others see fiction magazines; of course ,many college students chat is an indispensable part ,they boast, talk politics ,Kan football ,from &quot ;9.
11",small to eat the lunch ;there are some of them began to listen with interest ,but after a while ,thinking like a runaway horse, a get out of hand .This harm is the greatest, distracted the missed a good opportunity to learn ,regret ,but also to think of something distress ,psychological pressure is greater .
B. Major students recessive truancy questionnaire surveyed 97 people,only 13 people identifying themselves without the recessive truancy ,accounted for 13.4% .Most of the performance for a wide variety of classes to co-exist ,there are two ways of more than 67 people,accounting for 69.
1% ,there are three ways of more than 39 people,accounting for 40.2% of the columns in various ways have emerged .Who was also high amounts to 6 people,accounting for 6.2% .Survey results show ,recessive truancy proportion of boys than girls ,higher grades than in lower grades .
C. Recessive truancy cause recessive truancy phenomenon among college students so common ,the reason is many sided :one ,some college students into university before A recessive truancy case ,experienced black seven (six ) months ,feeling suddenly relax ,difficult to navigate .
Two ,many of the students in listening carefully thought ,but passed imperceptibly ,and even cause thinking stagnant situation ,get out of hand .Three students due to lack of sleep, and sleep in the class can also be not at all surprising .
Four ,for fiction and news obsession ,make many students can not be controlled .Five ,few teachers lecture method stiff dull, make students tired ,the classroom atmosphere is active, the students then chat to pass the time.
Six ,many students towards the humanities courses and electives not enough attention. Seven ,few students down to class nature .Have no interest in ... Cause recessive truancy phenomenon there are many ,so this is a very serious problem.
Some teachers and students find, began to explore the solution .D against recessive truancy method recessive truancy caused great harm ,students can learn knowledge ,many students even in the classroom always have nothing to do ,muddle along without any aim spend the day and one day .
According to the result of investigation and collection of views ,the author suggested that students have the correct learning Attitude ,to abandon the &quot ;60&quotlong live ;wait for wrong viewpoint ,ignite learning belief and the will .
Secondly to stay far away from the Internet and other adverse factors of temptation ,find the real self. At the same time ,the spirit of honour the teacher and respect his teaching thought ,and more to teachers advice, so that teachers improve teaching method ,active classroom atmosphere.
In addition ,keep healthy habits ,reasonable adjust their mentality. Two .For the above reasons ,put forward the following suggestions: ( a ) .For the school ,teaching facilities ,provide students with a relaxed learning environment to allow students to choose the favorite .
Professional .Adjust curriculum ,so that students feel yourself the thing is very useful ,not wasting time .Don important things to the big three big four to teach ,students are difficult to accept the reality of life ,let them have no energy to ease .
To strengthen the contact with the society ,establish some available for students to practice place of knowledge .Application. Make them feel that learning is very useful for students .Give more care and help ,in their ideological education ,especially the love concept education.
( two) .The teacher should make the disciplines of knowledge and Keeping pace with the times, more communication with students .Not only in order to finish the teaching task .In the form of diversification in class .
Students ( three) .Students should strengthen their own quality, love of learning ,the pursuit of knowledge .Do not blind test certificate. Be strict with oneself .Talk about civilization of love.
The relationship between social practice and study process good .Do qualified college students !I talk below on the review of knowledge. With the twenty-first Century era, many historical traces will fade away ,but only with the thinking of objects in circulation years have spontaneous and thinking .
All along, review and self-criticism are the people to improve their own quality .A necessary method .The outside world will usually people from the bottom of my heart that feels dim on one layer upon layer veil ,we only keep a review and self-criticism can cause false veil lifted ,was able to reflect the real essence ,will not make people in an illusion that the wrong result.
Therefore here ,it is necessary to discuss the review and self-criticism .Review and self-criticism is a cyclic process. All logical objects are through review and self-criticism and get into To change or progress ,in the animal kingdom animal learn survival skills is a review and self-criticism .
Review and self-criticism are required to produce a first entity to the entity by analyzing the results ,and then sums up ,then summed up the specific problems for optimization and improvement ,finally to deduce the correct method of seeking the real results .
As a result of these sequence of concepts ,often review and self-criticism are in action ,and then get the solution or experience. Review and self-criticism in the definition can be interpreted on the past experience ,summed up the analysis process ,it is only wrong thinking that it is said to a failure experience analyzes and summarizes the process ,but the analysis of successful experience summary process people ignore .
Often people will think the past successful experience will not have to review and self-criticism ,actually this is very wrong and dangerous point to the death idea. Because materialism everything is objective existence ,success the results are often clouded people to success in the course of the implementation of methods for summarizing experience ,not the sum up experience ,people in the next practice is equal to Every time is only blind exploration and achievements, this is often the most dangerous method, will ultimately misleading way and step to perish .
As the review and self-criticism is a recurring process ,every review and self-criticism itself is a process of practice ,the experiences and results also will produce the next review and self-criticism ,the next review and self-criticism of the conclusion is often one of the most recent action guide .
Review and self-criticism and therefore has a periodic ,all has the thinking material generated from perish in the process of review and self-criticism ,the shorter the cycle ,the evolutionary order jump is bigger ,it is often a Fourier equation ,the farther the execution of a cycle ,the next wave amplitude is reduced, the frequency and therefore also encrypted.
Secondly ,review and self-criticism as a process ,so the conclusion in the logical domain also exist in a true or false qualitative ,but this one conclusion the qualitative not to review and self-criticism process to produce a shadow ,because to sum up in conclusion after that everyone ,no matter what must be experience analysis and summary ,this qualitative not under the influence of a check Please and self-criticism .
Review by all thinking material to perform ,self-criticism just by self thinking material itself to implement .Review and self-criticism ,self review is a review of a proper subset ,therefore ,ignoring the self review itself ,adidaswingsfr.com,non self review in the review often there may be a non-empty subset ,when this happens, self-criticism existence is only to prevent die while presenting the latest action guide of the last line of defense.
The key often give self thinking substance evolutionary hope and vigor. When the review does not appear, self review key dominant is the self review the ability of thinking substance itself ,and this thinking substance often in the review does not appear, will self review vigilance with urgency as just to see the successful side while ignoring the failure vulnerability that is greatly reduced, thereby increasing the step to extinction risk .
People will ask :why so love parents College Students Truancy ?And teachers are always accustomed to the traditional view of this phenomenon ,think students usually because of fun to play truant ,naturally to skip class is defined as a Kind of bad behavior .
But times are changing ,the university campus in the phenomenon of playing truant again also could not so easily final judgement .The author is a college student ,I think college students skip class behavior reflects the current teaching in Colleges and universities has some problems to be solved.
In the great banner of socialism ,how can the organization class discipline ,personal hero style performance. I recognize the profound ,theory course and boring ,I can do other things, because that is the lack of respect for the teacher ,just like the teacher answer the phone is not allowed.
This course not ,nor can I skip class ,because the revolution has not yet succeeded ,not how to lay a good foundation for the revolution. As professor class to open companies is not allowed.
I always in the comfort of your own ,I skipped school to enrich themselves ,improve themselves, I found I had made a serious mistake .I is a student ,his work did not do a good job in how can to improve myself ?This is obviously wrong.
This man is dead ,there is no future .You can not because he thought to do things ,which in our great socialist campus is obviously wrong .Bill Gates Why is the world ,because he is not cut man, he just dropped out .
Have a look ,to be achieved so much ,you will not be able to play truant ,to study hard and cultural knowledge ,to lay a good foundation. So why Gates is not the richest man in the universe ?Very simple ,because he has dropped out of school ,a school dropout who how may be the universe The same people who drop out of school ,Mike Dell, why not the richest man in the world ?It ,because he was in the university period often skip class ,based on his theory of knowledge is not solid, do not have a deep understanding of their own students as main task is to study ,and not in the university are dirty capital transactions have a look .
,this man is now the world exploited people in computer company CEO. You can buy a Dell computer ,this one theory knowledge is not solid ,sell things is insecure .This human computer what to buy ?School since it opened this course ,has its existence the truth ,I don this truth it is because I IQ is too low .
Small to large collection .Knowledge is learned ,is certainly out of class learning .I can because of learning other things will not be Go to school ,I was wrong ,I skip class is very wrong .
Because now useless, but to my work will be found ,the problems encountered in the work inside the school all told ,strange to me does not skip classes in the school to understand .I wasted valuable resources ,to our great party caused a loss, this is inexcusable.
Some teachers lack the class &quot ;audible &quot ;.Although developed modern technology in teaching methods for teachers to help ,but is essentially a superficial reform &quot ;&quot ;most teachers teaching way ,without any innovation ,still used the set :echo what the books say .
Teaching contents are no novelty ,interest ,teaching is always the years ago that the theory above ,either already outdated ,either to student later work useless ,unable to attract students ,much less to arouse students to desire to continue .
Moreover ,some teachers focus on the other hand, he took lessons seriously .Now ,peer competition has also penetrated into the College teachers ,job titles ,getting a bonus and allowance ,strive for more research funding and other practical interests ,and the teacher academic Results are directly linked ,led some people just kept busy with their &quot &quot ;scientific research ;while ignoring the shoulder an important mission of the MMM teaching .
When they put a lot of time and energy into the &quot &quot ;scientific research ;even earn extra money when its sharp decline ,teaching level ,teaching life will wither is inevitable .
Students prefer to study ,rather than waste time to listen to that boring class .Teaching arrangements unreasonable also be student advocate because of. Curriculum crowded ,students do not have their own time to learn and practice ,can not play their own hobbies ,even have time to read a book did not want to look, because in the the school day books naturally produce feelings of rejection .
As Mr Ren Jiyu said that &quot ;and steamed buns as a drawer a drawer ,out of a face ,so don have talent ,talent was cramped .&quot ;if things go on like this ,the students will be trained for a fast passive receiving large amounts of information the machine.
This is our mainstream education for large defects. The present circumstances ,college students should be encouraged to arrange the time reasonably ,autonomous learning ,use the limited time in their more meaningful and valuable things big .
Science education it should focus on learning ,the teacher asked ,how students learn is the students to do ,but must produce results .Do not blindly to indoctrinate ,but should actively encourage students to develop their interests and hobbies.
University education should pay attention to students and love interest of the diversity of biological diversity .Make the balance of ecosystem ;similarly ,only by various members of the character to form the society, society of this organic system can achieve the stable equilibrium .
Our mainstream education should change ,make students learn more, learn to think independently, learn to choose. This for the right value ,for selective learning ,for self identity ,far more than a passive acceptance ,indoctrination ,than all ,than mainstream education teaches seek to prevail over others ,called &quot ;won the first of &quot ;more important ,also more value.
Summing up the above discussion, no matter when and where ,as long as self thinking material must periodically review and self review ,so as to provide the next action to avoid destruction action guide .
Let TT TT number on this matter. I why want to skip class ?This is a question very stupid ,let People feel no IQ. For a job and play truant !Stupid !Class !Is a basic requirement for college students .
Classes !Absolutely not metaphysical .Secondly ,the class can reflect our national spirit of collectivism, and socialism country discipline. We be in fine fig ,Adidas Wings Pas Cher,uniform in the classroom lectures .
Is the western capitalist countries it is difficult to see the great picture. In a Chinese University ,no one does not .You see the western capitalist countries, students should give up school excellent condition ,do poineering work.
With the result that many people drop out of school ,office ,bankruptcy ,and even jump off building Dutch act .So ,our class is the superiority of the socialist system embodiments .More importantly, here I want to confess and deeply review your mistakes ,in order to get organized for leniency .
I was wrong ,I should not be absent from school. I was wrong ,I should not work ,students main task is to study ,I should not be absent from school. I was wrong ,by the party and the people of so many years of education and training, I couldn the temptation of Western decadent ideas ,I should not be absent from school.
I was wrong ,I give the school classroom brought very bad very severely affected ,it was a &quot ;A dead fish in the pot of soup that &quot ;.I should not be absent from school. I was wrong ,I give the teachers bring a lot of trouble ,because I and a person like me there ,leading to the teacher take the pains to roll call to call ,because of my fault .
To teacher ,I should not be absent from school. I wrong ,parents make money not easily ,the national development is not easy, the teacher management is not easy .I actually live up to parents to national teacher expectations ,truancy .
Below, I asked the teacher to review are as follows: 1 the thoughterror :for he is not interested in the course of seriously enough. At this point ,I began to reflect on the it was not too concerned about, but ,after a deep introspection ,I finally realized that this error is caused ,I absenteeism is important reason.
How: if I like this course ,I will have to open this course ?This error also mirrorred I usually did not have school classroom efficiency on a lot .I am not interested in the course ,often I have all along the listening attentively in class ,although this action did not disturb the schoolmate and teacher teaching and learning, but this for myself, it is a serious mistake .
The school each course has The school grounds ,we as students should learn seriously .2behaviormistakes shouldn cut class .For this point ,is obviously a mistake. But this error to a certain extent, is actually to the teacher and your classmates ,and let the teacher worried :if .
The majority of students are not going to class ,so as to teaching the teacher should be respected? And if the class classmates did not come to the classroom ,so this time ,these students really do ?Is there any danger? HH these are let teacher concerns ,imagine :if the teacher the whole class with apprehension class ,then the teacher for other students the teaching quality could be more or less affected .
So ,it is not only a lack of respect for the teacher ,is also the most eager to get the knowledge of your classmates. 3for students andtheir influence on error :my absence if not punishment is likely to have more idea made by students from the irrational behavior .
In addition ,after the class ,I should learn not to learn many knowledge ,this for me is not To comprehensive quality behavior improvements have great adverse effects. For more errors ,I have deeply realized their severity ,especially from the mm such harm but not egocentric errors.
4,positive action ,responsibility ,know shame and forge ahead. * * * * what happened on us ,on class ,to me ,is a great shame .Department issued a circular to punish me .In my opinion ,this is should, I go all the way with fellow leaders from this decision ,this matter I work is not steady ,the larger defects .
On the two day ,I always ask: &quot ;study hard ,make progress every day &quot ;should be a student ,whether college students, should always bear in mind the motto. For class, I don ,or the teacher can ,I Yingyi not go to his class .
.however ,I have no conscientious effort ,led to the May 21st should not happen .It happens, I undertook serious reflection, I made a profound review and self-criticism. 5,improve knowledge ,firm is caught fulfil ,vigorously carry out criticism and self-criticism .
At present, the value Go to all lengths creating excellent class peak ,but I came out with a very dissonant tones - of course .This thing in my class ,I Department and hospital caused extremely bad influence .
This shows that I work hard enough ,on the other hand ,also explain our work to this lack of awareness I dragged my class .This outstanding class construction of the hind legs, which I feel guilty and sad.
I admit ,for the work of class action ,I should have an unshirkable responsibility. It also exposed the my learning less quantity ,not solid ,do not reach the designated position ,also reflected in the I on this work .

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