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r doors in Los An

hobo have been able to define themselves with a easy to wear line of accessories ranging far and wide from luggage to jewelry to footwear. This Brass Bracelet is another distinctive design with a rough finish to the four subtle shades of black,Canada Goose Jakker Norge, brown,UGG release fittingly set for black Friday, white and yellow while the finish completes a messy look.
Thanks anoutcommune Meta for the info.
hobo x Bastien Industries Suede Moc Boot
HOSTEM enters the London retail market just at the right time,ugg ??????? Kolor Spring/Summer 2011 Collection,Canada Goose Outlet, a menswear store offering a range of brands perfectly representing today’s market. Divided into 3 rooms, the first focussing on todays interpretation of classical menswear, made up of the likes of Adam Kimmel,UGG ???????, Mastermind Japan,?????? David Barbour, Visvim. The second room, more directional hosting the likes of Rick Owens and Julius, while the 3rd room experimental soon to be the home of Dr. Romanelli?s Prescription Shoppe.
41-43 Redchurch Street
E2 7DJ
Take a look inside.
Images: HB
Unexpectedly,Canada Goose Kvinner Parka, San Francisco based brand HUF have been forced to close their doors in Los Angeles. Founded by?pro-skateboarder Keith Hufnagel in 2002 the brand and store has thrived in the?West Coast and since becoming a household name around the world. The news comes following the closing of the San Fransisco location almost 10 years after opening and now with no retail outlet it will be interesting to see what direction the brand takes now. Below is an announcement made by Keith to explain HUF?s retail situation to confused followers of the renowned skate brand.
To whom it may concern:
We unexpectedly lost our lease recently at our HUF LA shop on Fairfax, and unfortunately closed its doors this past Sunday. We are all bummed about it, and will miss being on the block and all the good times we had at that shop? But change happens and we will keep cruising on and making great stuff. This upcoming year will mark HUF?s 10-year anniversary as a brand, which we will celebrate with the release of exclusive collaboration projects throughout the year. You can still pick up HUF products at your local HUF dealers, and can always find us right here on our website. We hope to be able to reopen HUF retail shops again in the future,?????? ??, but at this time are not sure when or where? We will keep you posted. As for now, our time and efforts will continue to be entirely devoted to perfecting the brand and its product. We could never have foreseen how rapidly the brand would grow since its beginning, and would like to sincerely thank all of you who have walked through our doors in any of our shops over the last decade. Thanks for the support, and stay tuned!
Keith Hufnagel

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Insurance policy backup Fluke dual to -22

Additional paid in advance peace love 2007 critical illness insurance terms
(2007 6 menstrual China Insurance Regulatory Commission for the record)
Special Note
Thank you for choosing Pacific Life Insurance Company.
For your convenience better understanding of the insurance policy, we provide the following basic terms commonly used definition.
basic definition of the term:
insured is entered into insurance contracts with insurance companies who, according to the insurance contract bears the obligation to pay insurance premiums In this contract as the insurer.
beneficiary is a life insurance contract, the insured or insured by the specified enjoy insurance claims people.
In addition, in terms of text you read this before you look directory, so that the structure of the terms of a general understanding.
each part of the terms are related to your personal interests, be sure to read carefully one by one.
first part of your (insured) and us (Taiping Life Insurance Co., Ltd.) contract
first insurance contract constitutes payment in advance
peace love additional critical illness insurance contracts 2007 (hereinafter referred to as the additional contract) in accordance with your application, we can provide in addition to the main contract on the examination and approval by us, and in the insurance policy or endorsement in effect after specified.
main terms of the contract with the relevant part of the additional contract are an integral part of this additional contract, if the main contract and the additional contract each other the terms of a conflict, the additional contract shall prevail.
additional contract constitutes the main part of the contract,Canada Goose Menn Parka 以下小頭, indivisible, must be br> Article
insurance coverage acceptable to the additional contract of insurance the insured person aged at least 60 days of birth to 65 years of age # 1.
second part of what security benefits we provide the basic insurance amount
Article and the additional contract amount of insurance
the basic insurance amount agreed upon by you and us, and stated on the insurance policy or endorsement, if the basic contract, the additional amount of insurance change, places change after the amount of basic insurance amount .
if the insured person for the first time the incidence of # 2 and # 3 diagnosed by the hospital suffering from the first additional contract as defined in Article XIV of the major diseases under the age of 4 years of age, the amount of insurance specified in the following table Amount:
age of the insured amount of insurance (a percentage of total basic insurance amount)
less than 1 year old 20%
least 1 year old 2 years old but less than 40%
least 2 years but less than 3 years 60%
least 3 years of age but less than 4 years of age 80%
if the insured person for the first time the initial diagnosis of disease and the hospital suffering from this additional contract as defined in Article XIV of the age is full of major diseases 4 years of age, the basic insurance amount is the amount of insurance.
insurance critical illness insurance
additional contract in the insurance period and the additional contract effective from the effective date of this additional contract or last reinstatement day (whichever is later) within 90 days after the first incidence of the insured and the initial diagnosis by the hospital suffering from one or more of the additional contract as defined in Article XIV of the major diseases, we have an additional contract in accordance with this insurance, critical illness insurance benefit amount, while the additional effect of termination of the contract, the main contract, along with the basic insurance amount less the amount of additional basic insurance contract.
by the hospital if the insured person suffering from the initial diagnosis of the first additional contract fourteen defined in one or more significant disease, and the first onset of this additional contract effective date or last reinstatement date (whichever is later) within 90 days (including the first 90 days), we do not assume insurance does not refund the additional interest paid by the insurance contract, while the effect of the additional contract termination.
Article exclusions
in any of the following occur during or because of the following circumstances leading to the insured person suffering from additional contract on the children as defined by major diseases, we do not assume the insurance liability:
# 1 year old: that in accordance with ID card, residence booklet, passport, military identification card and other legal date of birth recorded in the calculation of the age.
# 2 disease: refers to the emergence of the insured as defined in this contract the disease precursor or abnormal physical condition, or have seen enough to make the general public attention and to seek diagnosis, treatment or care of disease.
# 3 Hospital: National Ministry of Health hospitals by level or two above the two hospitals, but does not include primarily outpatient, rehabilitation, nursing, convalescent, alcohol, drug or similar medical institutions, while the hospital must meet the requirements of hospital management Setting the standard for medical equipment, and provide 24-hour availability of qualified doctors and nurses in medical and hospital care and other services.
one, the insured, the beneficiary of the insured person's willful killing, intentional injuries;
Second, the main contract the death of the insured person the exemption from liability exclusions set forth in (such as the additional contract, except as otherwise agreed).
Third, the insured person to take, smoking or injecting drug ;
four, the insured person drink driving, driving without valid driver's license, driving license or driving without a valid motor vehicle;
five, the insured person infected with HIV or AIDS # 4;
six, war, military conflict, violence or armed rebellion;
seven nuclear explosions, nuclear radiation or nuclear contamination;
eight # 5 of hereditary diseases, congenital malformations, deformation or chromosomal abnormalities # 6.
occurrence of the above cases, if you pay the full 2 ​​years or 2 years, insurance premiums, we refund the cash value of this additional contract # 6; If you do not pay the full premium for 2 years, we have # 7, after deducting fees refund of premiums, while the effect of the additional contract termination.
Article liability insurance and insurance during the beginning of this additional contract
we should bear the responsibility of the insurance cover from our agreement, collect premiums and issue a first insurance since midnight the next day (specific to the effective date stated on the policy or endorsement date), to the insured after the first 100 years anniversary of the insurance policy expires midnight the same day, the additional effect of termination of contract .
third part of how to pay insurance premiums to pay

Article VII of the premium payment method and additional contract, payment date consistent with the main contract.
Article premium rates Adjust to increase or decrease
We reserve the right to insurance rates, but the required regulatory filings. premium rate adjustment for all the insured or the insured person the same class.
us premium rate adjustment, Your premium rate shall be adjusted to pay the renewal premium, premium rate adjustments before you have to pay the premium is not affected.
fourth part of Article IX
how to apply for insurance beneficiary designation and The additional contract changes
insurance beneficiaries of the insured person himself.
application time
Article to know the insurance beneficiary from the date of the accident two years to enjoy the right to apply for insurance, not more than 2 years application, shall be deemed a waiver.
Article XI apply for the necessary materials
insured person apply for critical illness insurance, you should complete the application form to our claims, and provide the following documents and information :
1. insurance policy or insurance certificate;
# 4 infected with HIV or AIDS:: HIV means the human immunodeficiency virus, the English abbreviation for HIV. refers to the human immunodeficiency virus HIV causes Acquired Immune Deficiency syndrome, the English abbreviation for AIDS. in human blood or other samples to detect HIV antibody positive or no clinical symptoms or signs, for the HIV virus; if at the same time there is a clear clinical symptoms or signs, infestation AIDS.
# 5 genetic disease: refers to the germ cells or fertilized egg's genetic material (chromosomes and genes) mutation or distortion caused by the disease, usually transmitted to offspring with the parental generation of vertical transmission characteristics.
# 6 Congenital malformations, deformations or chromosomal abnormalities:: refers to when the insured person is born with a malformation, deformation or chromosomal abnormalities. Congenital malformations, deformations and chromosomal abnormalities according to the World Health Organization, has the cash value stated on the insurance policy or endorsement.
# 8 Fee: per insurance contract refers to the average bear the operating expenses, commissions, and we assumed the liability insurance contract fees charged by the other three paragraph and, if termination occurs late in policy year, the termination of the contract occurred in the policy year, then (2) most recent payment certificate;
3. the insured person's legal identity # 9;
4. issued by the hospital with the insured, pathology, blood and other scientific methods of inspection reports and other diagnostic documents ;
5. it can provide insurance, accident and confirm the nature, cause, degree of injury and other relevant evidence and information;
6. If you entrust others to apply, you should provide power of attorney, trustee of the statutory identification and other related documents.
You also have the fifth part of what rights
Article XII of the insurance contract, the right of cancellation
in the life of the contract attached, you inform us in writing the right to terminate this additional the contract.
one, you can receive this additional contract period of 10 days of hesitation, the hesitation period for the lifting of the additional contract, we have to pay the premium refunded without interest.
Second, the hesitation additional period for the lifting of the contract,ugg ベイリーボタン entitled ‘, the relevant documents and information we have collected the day after midnight, the additional effect of termination of the contract. The termination of the contract an additional 30 days, we refund the cash value of this additional contract, if you do not pay the full premium for 2 years, we refund the premium after deducting the fee.
Third, for the lifting of the attached contract,www.canadas-gooses.com, terminate the contract should fill out our application form and provide the following documents and information:
1 This additional original contract or insurance certificate;
2. most recent payment certificate;
3. your legal identity.
Part VI Other items you need to know the tenth
three of the insurance contract additional contract termination
Except as otherwise agreed, the additional effect of the contract in the event of automatic termination of one of the following conditions:
1, the main contract is terminated, expired, terminated;
II. The additional contract expires on midnight the day # 10;
Third, the emergence of the main contract or other agreement attached contract termination case.
Article XIV of major diseases, the types and occurrence of the insured defined
conditions described in the following definition of the disease the disease should be diagnosed by a specialist # 11.
(1-25 of April 3, 2007 the official opening of the The specification developed by the Insurance Association of China)
1. malignancies: malignant cells from the control means for growth and proliferation, invasion and destruction of surrounding normal tissue,ugg ムートンブーツ Ofili’, can be made by blood vessels, lymphatic vessels and body cavities diffusion transfer to the body other parts of the disease. diagnosed by pathological examination results, clinical diagnosis is the World Health Organization,
(1) carcinoma in situ;
(2) A period equivalent to the degree program Binet stage chronic lymphocytic leukemia;
(3) is equivalent to a phased program of Ann Arbor stage I Hodgkin degree Guinness Book of disease;
(4) skin cancer (excluding melanoma and skin cancer metastasis has occurred);
# 9 legal identity:: refers to the ID card, residence booklet, passport, military card.
# 10 this additional contract expiry date: refers to the endorsement on the insurance policy or contract listed after the effective date of the corresponding day after the period of insurance, if no corresponding month of the same day, places the last day of the month as the corresponding day .
# 11 specialists: specialist qualification should meet the following four conditions: (1) has a valid Republic of China and registration on schedule to the relevant departments; (3) has a valid physician or physician's Republic of China over the title of more.
(5) TNM staging of T1N0M0 period or lighter stages of prostate cancer (Note);
(6) infected with HIV or suffering from AIDS patients during the vicious the tumor.
Note: If the critical illness insurance for women, not including this.
2. Acute myocardial infarction: refers to obstruction caused by coronary insufficiency causing part of the corresponding region of myocardial necrosis. must meet the following at least three Item condition:
(1) typical clinical manifestations, such as acute chest pain, etc.;
(2) recent ECG changes with acute myocardial infarction;
(3) cardiac enzymes or troponin diagnostic significance of the rise high, or acute myocardial infarction was in line with the dynamic changes;
(4) 90 days after onset, confirmed by reduced left ventricular function, such as left ventricular ejection fraction less than 50%.
3. stroke sequelae: refers to the unexpected result of cerebral vascular lesions caused by cerebral hemorrhage, thrombosis or infarction, and lead to permanent neurological dysfunction of the nervous system permanent dysfunction, refers to the disease diagnosed 180 days, still left one or more than one disorder:
(1) a limb or a limb over limb function completely lost # 12;
(2) language ability or complete loss of ability to chew and swallow # 13;
(3) independent living skills completely lost, unable to independently complete the six basic activities of daily living # 14 in three or more.
4. major organ transplantation or hematopoietic stem cell transplantation: a major organ transplant surgery, saying that since the corresponding organ failure,moncler outlet, has implemented a kidney, liver, heart or lungs of allogeneic transplant.
hematopoietic stem cell transplantation, hematopoietic function due to damage or refers to hematopoietic malignancies, hematopoietic stem cells have been implemented (including the bone marrow hematopoietic stem cells, peripheral blood stem cells and cord blood stem cells) of allogeneic transplant.
5. coronary artery bypass surgery (also called coronary artery bypass grafting): refers to the treatment of severe coronary heart disease, the actual implementation of the thoracotomy for the coronary artery bypass transplant surgery.
coronary stent implantation, balloon dilation catheter, laser technology and other non-RF involvement of thoracic surgery, laparoscopic surgery is not within the scope of protection.
6. end-stage renal disease ( or chronic renal failure and uremia): refers to the function of chronic irreversible renal failure, to uremia, have been diagnosed at least 90 days of regular dialysis treatments or kidney transplants carried out.
7 . more limbs missing: that due to illness or injuries resulting from two or more limbs proximal wrist or ankle joint (near the trunk side) or more complete break away from.
8. acute or subacute severe hepatitis : refers to the hepatitis C virus infection due to diffuse necrosis of the liver tissue, leading to acute liver failure, and by serological or virological examination confirmed, and shall meet all of the following conditions:
(1) severe jaundice or jaundice rapidly increased;
(2) hepatic encephalopathy;
(3) B ultrasound or other imaging studies show liver volume shrunk;
(4) progressive deterioration of liver function.
9. benign brain tumor : refers to the brain tumor, has given rise to increased intracranial pressure, clinical manifestations of optic disc edema, mental symptoms, seizures and motor and sensory disorders, and life-threatening. shall be the head tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) or positron emission tomography (PET) and other imaging studies confirmed, and shall meet at least one of the following conditions:
(1) the actual implementation of the craniotomy for brain tumor resection or complete resection surgery;
(2) the actual implementation of the radiation therapy of brain tumors.
pituitary tumors, brain cyst, cerebral vascular disease is not within the scope of protection.
10. chronic decompensated liver failure: refers to the result of chronic liver disease leading to liver failure. must meet all of the following conditions:
# 12 complete loss of physical function: refers to the three major joints in the limbs of the two joint stiffness, or not with awareness activities. physical means, including the whole shoulder upper or lower extremities, including the entire hip.
# 13 language skills or complete loss of ability to chew and swallow: complete loss of language skills, four types of speech that can not (including the lips tone, teeth tongue, throat flap tone and sound) in any of the three, or total removal of the vocal cords,UGG クラシックカーディー, or brain's language center for injured and suffering from aphasia. completely lost the ability to chew and swallow, refers to the teeth due to causes beyond the control of the quality impairment or dysfunction, which can not be chewing swallowing, In addition to liquid food, the state can not be ingested or swallowed.
# 14 six basic activities of daily living:: refers to (1) dress: they can dress and undress; (2) Mobile: own from one room to another room; (3) Action: own up and down on the bed or a wheelchair; (4) toilet: to control the urine; (5) eating: he has been prepared from a bowl or dish to take food into the mouth; (6) bath: shower or bath themselves.
(1) persistent jaundice;
(2) ascites;
(3) hepatic encephalopathy;
(4 ) congestive splenomegaly with hypersplenism or esophageal varices.
due to alcohol or drug abuse does not lead to liver failure within the scope of protection.
11. encephalitis or meningitis sequelae: refers to the suffering encephalitis or meningitis caused permanent neurological dysfunction permanent nervous system dysfunction, refers to the disease diagnosed 180 days, still left one or more of the following barriers:
(1) of one limb or a complete loss of limb function of these limbs;
(2) language ability or complete loss of ability to chew and swallow;
(3) complete loss of independent living skills, can not be independently six basic activities of daily living in three or three items above.
12. deep coma: refers to the injury caused by disease or accident, loss of consciousness, the body needs for external stimulation and no response, coma Glasgow coma scale in accordance with (Glasgow coma scale) the results of 5 or 5 the following, and has continued to use a ventilator and other life support systems more than 96 hours.
due to alcohol or drug abuse led to the depth of the coma is not within the scope of protection.
13. deaf - year-old claims the beginning: that due to illness or injuries resulting binaural hearing permanently irreversible # 15 of the loss at 500 Hz, 1000 Hz and 2000 Hz voice frequency, the average hearing threshold greater than 90 decibels, and by pure tone audiometry testing, acoustic impedance test or auditory evoked potential and so confirmed. application claims when the insured person must be aged more than three years old, and provides diagnostic hearing loss claims, and then check the evidence.
14. blind - year-old claims the beginning: that due to illness or accidental injury leading to double irreversible vision loss permanent head,UGG ベイリーボタントリプレット, eyes in the better eye must meet at least one of the following conditions:
(1) the eye is missing or removed;
(2) corrected visual acuity less than 0.02 (using the international standard vision chart, if use other eye chart should be converted);
(3) radius of less than 5 degrees field of vision.
application claims when the insured person must be aged three years or more, and provides visual loss claims at the time the diagnosis and examination of evidence.
15. paralysis: refers to the result due to illness or accident for more than two limbs or two limbs permanent total loss of physical function. permanent total loss of limb function, refers to the disease diagnosed 180 days or 180 days after the accident occurred, three of each limb two joints are still completely stiff joints, or not with awareness activities.
16. heart valve surgery: refers to the treatment of heart valve disease, the actual implementation of the chest for heart valve replacement or repair surgery.
17 severe Alzheimer's disease: refers to the brain due to progressive, irreversible change has resulted in a severe recession or loss of intelligence, clinical manifestations of significant cognitive and behavioral abnormalities and impaired social skills, their daily lives must continue to care by others . by head tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) or positron emission tomography (PET) and other imaging studies confirmed, and the complete loss of independent living skills, can not be independently six basic activities of daily living in the three three items or more.
neurosis and mental illness are not within the scope of protection.
18. severe brain damage: refers to the head suffered due to mechanical force, the important parts of the brain damage caused by, resulting in permanent neurological dysfunction by head tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) or positron emission tomography (PET) and other imaging studies confirm permanent nervous system dysfunction, brain injury refers to 180 days, still remaining one or more of the following barriers:
(1) a limb or a limb over limb function completely lost;
(2) language ability or complete loss of ability to chew and swallow;
(3) independent living skills completely lost, unable to independently complete the six basic activities of daily living in three or more.
severe Parkinson's disease: a degenerative disease of the central nervous system, clinical manifestations of tremor, paralysis, ataxia, etc. . must meet all of the following conditions:
# 15 permanent irreversible:: refers to the diagnosis of disease or accident from the date of injury, 180 days after active treatment, medical treatment is still not available to restore.
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(1) drug treatment can not control the disease;
(2) complete loss of independent living skills, can not be independently six basic activities of daily living in three or more.
secondary Parkinson's syndrome is not within the scope of protection.
20. Ⅲ degree burns serious: refers to the degree Ⅲ degree burns, and Ⅲ ° burn area of ​​the whole body surface area of ​​20% or 20%. body surface area according to nine points method United States New York Heart Association class IV heart function classification, and resting mean pulmonary artery pressure more than 30mmHg.
22. severe motor neuron disease: the central nervous system is a group of progressive motor neuron degenerative diseases, including spinal muscular atrophy, progressive bulbar palsy, primary lateral sclerosis, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. must satisfy the complete loss of independent living skills, can not be independently six basic activities of daily living in the three three or more items or conditions.
23. the loss of language skills - year-old claims the beginning: that due to illness or accidental injury leading to complete loss of language skills, through active treatment for at least 12 months (the vocal cords completely removed from the time limit ), still unable to recover through the existing medical treatment.
psychological factors due to the loss of language skills is not within the scope of protection.
application claims when the insured person must be aged more than three years old, and the language was to provide claims disability diagnosis and examination of evidence.
24. aplastic anemia: refers to the result of bone marrow failure due to chronic persistent anemia, neutropenia and thrombocytopenia. must meet all of the following conditions:
( 1) bone marrow biopsy or bone marrow biopsy findings support the diagnosis;
(2) peripheral blood must have the following three conditions:
① neutrophils l0.5t109 / L;
② reticulocyte <1%;
③ platelet absolute l20t109 / L.
25. Aortic Surgery: means for the treatment of aortic disease, the actual implementation of a thoracotomy or laparotomy for the removal, replacement, repair the primary lesions artery surgery. aorta means the thoracic aorta and abdominal aorta, not including the thoracic aorta and abdominal aortic branch vessels.
artery angioplasty is not within the scope of protection.
(26-30 for the we increase the disease)
26. severe multiple sclerosis: multiple sclerosis central nervous system demyelinating disease progressive multifocal white matter,Canada Goose Jakker, gray matter lesions involving at times. to confirm the diagnosis of multiple sclerosis, and has caused damage to the nervous system function lead to permanent irreversible can not be insured independently complete the following basic activities of daily living:
(1) Mobile: their move from one room to another room;
(2) eating: he has been prepared from the bowl or to take food into the dish in the mouth.
27. because of professional relationship led to the HIV infection: the insured in the course of their regular professional work experience trauma, or other professional to deal with blood or body fluids infected with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV ).
claims must meet all the following conditions:
(1) infection must be insured is engaged in their professional work place, the profession must belong to the following list of career.
(2) must provide insured reported the accident within 5 days after the conduct of the inspection report, the report must show the insured blood of HIV-negative and / or HIV antibody negative.
(3) must be After the accident the insured within 12 months of the body confirmed the presence of HIV virus or HIV antibodies.
employment restrictions are as follows:
nurses, doctors and dentists
hospital laboratory staff physician care workers
assistant and dental assistant midwives firefighters ambulance workers

police guards
28. severe chronic respiratory failure: chronic lung disease lead to permanent irreversible chronic respiratory failure, must be confirmed by a respiratory specialist and meet all the following conditions:
(1) difficulty in breathing at rest;
(2) arterial oxygen tension (PaO 2) <50mmHg;
(3) arterial oxygen saturation (SaO 2) <80%;
(4) due to lack of oxygen to accept continuous oxygen therapy.
29. serious coronary heart disease: means a cardiology specialist according to the results of coronary angiography diagnosis of the three major blood vessels (left main coronary artery and right coronary artery, or anterior descending artery, L-branch and right coronary artery) stenosis lesions (at least a 75% reduction in vessel lumen diameter and the other two vessels above more than 60% luminal diameter reduction). anterior descending artery, L-branch and right coronary branch vessels do not narrow as the security measure.
30 Polio: Polio is polio virus as paralyzing disease caused by infection, clinical manifestations of motor function damage or respiratory weakness. must be a clear diagnosis of polio in this policy only for polio nervous system damage caused by the insured result in a limb or a limb over limb function be the case for permanent total loss claims. permanent total loss of limb function, refers to the disease diagnosed 180 days after the three joints in each limb of the two joints is still completely stiff, or not with awareness activities.

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ベトナム の愛国主義教育 全国のアンデルセンの総本山 偶然の機会、私は、幸運にベトナムを期限5日の考察、見聞が多く、その印象と最も印象深いのはベトナムの愛国主義教育の経験と方法を参考に値する。<P 」、国旗教育を重視する 国旗教育はベトナム愛国教育の重要な形式の一つです。ベトナム国旗の図案は真っ赤な下地と1粒の金色の五角の星形によると構成,Canada Goose Jakker Norge。ガイド五角の星形の5つの角を代表する労働者、農民、軍、知識人の靑年と、一緒に調和と団結を象徴している。黄色のシンボルとして美しいの未来と明るい見通しを示していベトナム、真っ赤なベースの独立と統一容易、何千の革命命や血で換えてきたのです。ベトナムも『国旗法》を求め、駅、埠頭、空港、港灣、広場、マーケット、学校、汽船などの者が集まる場所や国慶節、春節などの重要な記念日や民間の伝統の祝日で、すべてリットル国旗を掲げる,女郎買い なら女郎買いと地鶏。リットル国旗を掲げるにベトナム公民にとって、すでに良好な習慣や愛国の重要なシンボルで、すべての春節などの重大な祝日は、どの家も早めに一ヶ月半ヶ月から升国旗を掲げました。それにしても、商業祝典、男と結婚さえ女結婚活動なども升国旗を掲げて。私達の随行者が河内のホテルで昼食を食べ、歩道に散歩して、ちょうど何店舗オープン、門の前でも国旗は上空で風に翻って、特に目立つとなり、街の美しい風景。 二、フォーカス英雄模範 ベトナム政府教育ずっと呼びかけと組織全国人民にホーチミン会長や戦争で不朽の中立功績烈士に勉強します,UGG。ベトナム政府の建設ホーチミン陵と旧居であり、全国人民を仰ぎ見ると、弔問見学ホーチミン陵前,010-82024996。で、毎日が全国各地からの大衆と外国の友人が自発的に並ぶ&quot;長蛇&quot,モンクレール アウトレ;に拝見ベトナム偉大なの創始者。を表すために崇敬、凡に拝見する女性の人は一律にスカートを着ないので、ホーチミン同誌のためにベトナム解放事業に力を尽くし、生涯独身で。私たちの視察団巴亭広場で訪れてもその流れの花輪を見た後、こちらの偉人の死に顔だった,moncler。ベトナム政府は多くの中国を含めて抗美援越烈士を含めた英雄の事績書き込み小中学校の教材として、模範、靑少年の愛国主義教育を行う。ベトナム政府は毎年の7月27日を全国扶助日、この日は各業種が献愛活動を展開、烈士と重い障害が殘る軍人家族及び子孫生活と学習の助けを提供する。 三重視基地P> をベトナム教育<が愛国教育資源、凡是の教育的意義のある広場、館府、墓、劇場、名所旧跡など、公民をして愛国教育基地、彼らは別の角度から教育内容を確定した友情関、飛行ベトナム中型ベトナムへ首都ハノイ。道、ガラス窓を通して、遠くに見える丘陵、墓石が林立し、ベトナム案内、そこを埋めたのは中越戦争犠牲ベトナム将兵、建て主に供あれらの霊園後代の人と慰霊墓参り。車内は一時的に落ち着いてきて、そこで私は不便申し上げる続けます。中国はベトナム自衛の反撃はでお越しの方はが引き起こしたのだが、その一つ一つの墓ベトナム人の心の傷となったかもしれない、建霊園の意図はたぶんせたいベトナム後代は歴史を忘れないあるいは教訓だろう。ベトナムまだ北部や中部に40カ所抗美援越の中国を焼く士霊園、は、国や地方政府出資の修繕と保護、供ベトナム人民慰霊、墓石の前で敬を供え物を中国の銘酒名烟や食品、表現したベトナム人々が中国援越烈士の無限の崇敬します。学校の生徒と教師は毎年の清明節まで烈士霊園慰霊恒例。 4、重視の学生軍事教育 は1976年7月2日ベトナムハノイで南北統一を発表し、ベトナム民主共和国改名ベトナム社会主義共和国後、着実に強化のために広大な靑年の学生の軍人の素質と国防意識を強化し、ベトナムさらに学生の軍事教育と訓練していたが整っているがレベルの軍事知識教育や軍事訓練システムに政府要求、ベトナム教育部と国防部に成立した「国防教育大綱」と国防の教育の教科書は、国防の教育の授業は必修大中学生、中学生の国防の教育の授業を3m4週間、毎週2時間の行列に訓練や軍の基礎知識教育、大学生の国防の教育の授業を5--6週間、毎週2時間の理論と実踐を結びつけるの軍基礎訓练と専門技術訓練に優秀な科学技術の学院の卒業生の類、さらに授与予備役準尉階級や現役少尉階級。 5、フォーカス国民皆兵教育 上世紀、ベトナム戦乱から頻繁に、対日、フランス、アメリカ帝国主義侵略の正義の戦争侵略カンボジア、挑発わが国たい一心で大国夢の大義なき戦争、結果、男女男女比率の深刻な失調、男性と女性の比率は約1:7.のために未来の戦争の勝利ベトナム政府が長期的に全国人民を押しつけて&quot;国民皆兵&quot,Canada Goose Kvinner Parka;の思想、教育の老若男女が自覚を担う家と国の防衛の職の任と義務。関係部門はよくテレビで放送ベトナム戦争映画ビデオ宣伝片、ベトナム人民勇敢に根強くて、犠牲を恐れないことの英雄の事績を教育人民。軍事博物館の境内では、発見ベトナム抗日、抗法、抗美など多くの入れよう庁、観客を観たい。を強めるため国防の実力を未来の戦争の育成予備軍政府は前後して、ベトナムに成立した「民軍の自衛隊法」、「予備役動員法」と「国民国防教育法」を国防教育を法制化の軌道に乗って、毎日2時間の要求を人民軍基礎訓练。いったんまた戦争が勃発し、彼らをスカウトや娘子軍参戦,モンクレ

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HP ???????????391

, That is just a small fun that the destiny opens with Genevieve.
The person is a kind of very strange living creature,moncler outlet, some time,(HP)???????????358, clearly have preparing of a kind of"have what matter will soon take place" feeling, but it happened that will have 1 kind to want to verify whether its efficacy self-contradict mindset.
Seem to tell a person that he will die in the thing linked to water, so he will avoid approaching river bank very carefully.However on the other hand, his but again will to the curious river is thousand times.He more represses himself/herself,?????? ??, is more unbearable to want to close to river shore."Sees one eye good"-at face dangerous and nerve-racking of the but again unclearly feel incitement at the same time, the person is the living creature of such an antinomy.
And Genevieve is no exception.
She knows perfectly wells a by himself/herself may tomorrow make a prediction,UGG ??Play him, the but again cannot help but wanting to tell Lucius.Hence she wrote a letter and wanted to seek platinum nobility on the second day company to measure for a while.Because the appearance of platinum nobility is too attractive,Canada Goose Outlet,UGG ???????? swayed to longly fall in the ground., he sent a next person to deal with contact with Genevieve.But coincidentally Dumbledore come to visit at this time ??
Hence that next person heard the first half cut prediction, and then a chain of follow-up affairses, have already completely been not in the scope that Genevieve can control inside.
Hence she the road that can choose that a head of steps on vengeance, and from now on can not turn head any further.
The author wants to say words:Just sleep more at 3:00 today of ??so evening if next chapter code not integrity can wait until tomorrow put to come up.My eyes ??swollen get very fierce T-T
99, 9 Second Lie...
The second lies-everything done by me, just for the sake of make reprisals.
****** ****** ****** ****** ****** ****** ****** ****** ****** ******
"I want of and just revenge!"
Hear the woman of that tea gold color hair stare in the vision that he rebukes under pale the face still keep obstinately speaking words like this, Snape suddenly felt a kind of impotence.
In the this period of time that they have a conversation, the affairs in the diary continues to present to public.From the Malfoy house lord piecemeal the words, evil professor Yao has already figured out this pure just together strangely fits ??however he not understand, why be misunderstood Lin Yao in Si Wright follow do his words admit down?Why to want to peep out the facial expression of so a kind of flimsiness and proud mixture again?
Looking at to remember medium Trelawney wants to say in the platinum nobility in front of energetic and daring what but again finally kept silent;Looking at her because of hear Lily bear a boy's news but be worry;See again her few planses write a letter for old president but all finally have never sent out to go ??Snape feel, this hesitant flounder is such once acquainted with.
"Luc,UGG ???, you say ??did that adult believe that prediction?"Si Wright witch Lin who again sees platinum nobility is to seem to be so of distressed, she looking at equally some Malfoy houses lords of hard journeys,Canada Goose Jakker, a bit anxious and fretful uneasily ask a way.
"Yes, Siby, the his highness shows tremendous concern over this prediction.However you also need not worried too much, you once said as well and predicted however just represented future kind of possibility.Want to also know, how to may lose to a little infant that adult?"Luciu

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HP ???????????422

?The words do one querying of this degree.
"Gene evil medicine level and loyal are beyond all doubt, " looking at a shell to pull to seem to is also to need to say words, Vo
104, 14 Fifth Truth...
The ldemort cold Ao ground interrupted her, "- with she 17 year agos are from the forest inside of Albania the performance that I save back,UGG, be good enough to prove her evil medicine refining level and for my loyal."
Coldly the Di wears because of his words but Hua however of the food die the Tus, Dark Lord continues his to talk.
"Compare with you win the great majority with tail between legs don't dare person who admit the relationship with me, she is much more brave.A person alone arrive at a wild forest inside,Canada Goose Jakker,???????159, will the weakest of I saved to return to,Canada Goose Jakker Norge but Be different from her, and make an evil medicine to make me resume magic ??you say,Canada Goose Kvinner Parka, you in the middle of which can attain above a little bit more any?"
Under the black devil king's interrogation,????, all food dead Tu all honestly lowly head, don't even dare atmospheres to utter a word.See a form,moncler but is more slightly high than Severus, Dark Lord peeped out a satisfied smile.
"It is very good."He did to this catcall the comment of summary, "so, it's our turn to revel of time-"
Accompanying with his one to make is next, already the food of the no time for waiting dies the Tus the Feng hug an outside to push to go toward the hall-they are going to hunt the sorcery teacher that Muggle and mud grow, this is the food to die Tu to biggestly revel an activity.
Snape knows that oneself should follow crowd to go toward to outside walk together, but he stood to resist what crowd brings that passed by nearby from he to jostle at first, the vision dead hopeless situation had eyes fixed on a station at most the thin figure of front up.
He knows that witch Lin in Si Wright to know that he is seeing her, he also makes sure that woman knows that he wants to ask what, however, the vision of all of his questions is impeded in that mask in black outside, and the only bice eyes for peeping out in of empty, can not also give him any answer.
Secretly and strongly drag along Ye in the platinum nobility under, the evil medicine teaches very and with reluctance and turns round to leave hall.
****** ****** ****** ****** ****** ****** ****** ****** ****** ******
Genevieve is stood Voldemort Wang Zuo Bian, geography of liberal made her very easy and then sawed treat don't move at first of that figure that lost Gao.
Although the evil medicine teaches the noodles of one face to have no facial expression, the look in the eyes is also empty one numbness, however Genevieve but feel that oneself can feel hide empty over there back of mightiness of the feeling of the exasperation-have no reason, she is to know.
That double of eyes that deeply sinks like the black Yao stone sort in her eyes seem to be forever can't put out of the fury of combustion, hope the face of Yin Wu that doesn't have the facial expression, even if know that evil professor Yao could not see her facial expression at the moment, she still just the mask underneath peeped out a smile that is again unbridled but challenges.
"Gene, sees to Snape rent away originally and belong to his work very disaffection to you!"Imitate a Buddha to always suddenly say at Voldemort closing the eyes for a rest in a side,ugg ??, " you know of, compared with others, your value to me wants to be important many.So, if you feel that he threatenned you, I can ??"
Take back to put into the evil medicine professor carries on the back up of very unwilling to part with vision, Genevieve once turns round and faced a black devil king to investigate to examine of the view peeped out

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