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Who in the destruction of Chinese moral bottom line

Who,UGG クラシックカーディー Jew,ugg 激安
program,UGG クラシックショート TO BE OR NOT TO BE,モンクレール アウトレ,UGG Watch the root causes to solve the black eye,

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Western Europe, an upgraded version of the debt spread panic tak

Debt panic spread in Western Europe rising fiscal deficit
the past few days by credit default swaps (CDS) market is out of the panic in Western Europe of sovereign bonds, so that some pessimistic people vaguely see the subprime crisis staged sequel. A similar story, similar to panic, but starred for the sovereign state to replace private enterprise mm sang the leading role.
analysts pointed out that the recent focus in the Western European countries such as Greece's sovereign debt crisis broke out, on the one hand highlights the countries themselves long-standing financial problems, but also for more advanced further deterioration of the financial problems, such as the IMF or the EU will bail them out, the impact of the incident may be limited to Europe, bringing the global systemic risk is limited.
However,UGG ???????, without a proper solution as soon as possible, so that investors regain confidence, market stability and world economic recovery may be a huge shock.
shift from private to government
so much these days is that Greece and other countries face debt crisis, as it is a crisis of confidence because investors in the debt of these countries the ability to doubt, for these countries is reflected in government bond default credit default swap prices continued to soar.
Thursday, Western Europe, the CDS hit a record high state debt, Portugal, Greece , the Spanish government bonds and other countries also continue to rise CDS.
Some market participants carefully noted that the current field of government bonds staged a Greece may be the next down, have chosen to sell, but difficult to find a buyer, so they in the CDS market to buy .
default risk soared as the European countries, European countries this week to protect the CDS cost of sovereign default than corporate bonds have been the first time. Bloomberg data show, the Western European sovereign CDS index this week for the first time beyond the North American investment-grade corporate bonds CDS.
analyst at Merrill Lynch released a report yesterday that the Treasury CDS CDS and corporate bonds are different in nature,UGG ????????? like the simple style, than these two used to do, is like using The bank also believes that the latest development indicates that credit risk has been transferred from the private sector to the sovereign state.
; O'Neill, chief global economist at Goldman Sachs, told Shanghai Securities News yesterday told reporters. %, is already more than four times the EU limit Spain's 2010 budget deficit to GDP is expected to reach 9.8%, the proportion of the country last year's deficit as high as 9.5%. Portuguese government said last year, the country's budget deficit accounted for rose to 9.3%, far more than the government expected 8%.
systemic risk appears limited
In fact, thanks to low interest rates, Greece, Spain,UGG ?????????? ????????????, the country's economic growth has been highest in the euro area in the forefront, but this financial crisis has ruthlessly exposed the financial constraints of these countries have long been missing and structural defects.
Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences Institute of World Economy, deputy director Xu Qi told reporters, Greece, Spain and some other The foundation itself is relatively poor country,Canada Goose Menn Parka in fact, to join the EU, spending and other areas in the EU in line with other developed members, but this a few years after the financial crisis, these countries will inevitably shrink in the financial problem has become more prominent. Greece has been hope the EU can helping hand extended, but did not receive a positive response, because other EU members themselves present situation is not very good.
some developed EU members have been very specifically for these deficit, high unemployment, financial problems are more prominent.
However, the majority of market participants and experts agree that the crisis in Greece and other countries will continue to deteriorate, set off another global crisis is unlikely.
br> New York hedge fund manager Jim Shi told reporters on the Shanghai Securities News, Wall Street and not to the debt problems of Greece and other countries too seriously. The systemic risk posed by a very small. Bank of Greece,www.canadas-gooses.com, Portugal,moncler outlet, Spain and other countries have a lot of investment and business, if you upgrade the debt crisis is bound to affect these investments. Thursday, as the main holders of government bonds, the European bank stocks in general tumbled.
European Central Bank President Jean-Claude Trichet on Thursday is deliberately dispel investors' concerns about the debt crisis in Europe in that day's press conference, Trichet stressed that although there are some members of the financial crisis, but the entire euro zone budget deficit to GDP ratio of the average 6%, well below the U.S. and Japan up to double-digit deficit.
brought to China or indirect effects
say the least, if the European powers really sit back, IMF and other international institutions will shot. IMF's Strauss-Kahn said on Thursday that the organization is ready to help Greece, but he also said that other members of the euro area would like to solve this problem within the understanding that, because once the IMF hand, may lead to the euro area in global investment people's image greatly reduced.
the case of China, experts said,Canada Goose Jakker, the recent debt crisis from Europe are not the direct impact may be felt some indirect impact, depending on the situation of the next stage of development.
Xu Qi said that if Greece, Spain, expansion of the debt crisis, the EU may affect the normal recovery, and thus more or less affect China's exports to Europe, but China's exports to Europe are mainly concentrated in some of the developed country, Greece, Spain, Portugal and other export destination markets are not large in terms of investment, China in Europe, especially Greece and other countries very little investment, so less likely to suffer direct losses.
reported U.S. Treasury and the Fed has been closely watching the dynamics of Greece, so far, the United States also believes that this is a regional issue, I believe European governments free to deal with.
However, if market volatility continues, policy makers may will be more vigilant. can be expected in this weekend's Group of Seven meeting of finance ministers and central bankers around the debt crisis in Greece and other European countries, the topic is sure to be focused on.
Insiders pointed out that Greece and other countries exposed to out of the question, but also reflects a dilemma faced by developed countries in general, namely, how to deal with the economic recovery, fiscal stimulus out of the relationship.
IMF had warned countries not to withdraw the emergency stimulus measures too quickly, or it may bring secondary recession risk,UGG ????????, which is consistent with the wishes of many rulers, but on the other hand, if the delay in closing hand control expenditure, until the crisis come to take measures, I am afraid that a time is difficult to work.

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[reprinted] he moved to China, but not on the CCTV ideal height

He moved to China ,but not on the CCTV &quot ;ideal height &quot ;

Author :Mo Yong was 93 years old he went quietly .Many people alive in the pass from mouth to mouth in remember him mm tricycle in the elderly Bai Fangli .This is not a myth :the old man at the age of 74 and later life ,by foot kick to tricycle ,earn 350000 yuan ,to Tianjin many university ,middle school and primary school ,has funded more than 300 poor students. Each approached his people are surprised to find that ,his personal life was a beggar ,his private property on the bill is a zero .He the seasons of the year from head to foot wear is not matching clothes and shoes, he is from the street side or the garbage heap to .He was so happy ,once said to the human :&quot ;me from head to foot ,from the inside to the outside of the wearer is not a money,UGG ベイリーボタントリプレット, pick up like this ,you pick up ,much can support .&quot ;
every day he outside lunch always two steamed bread bowl of white boiling water poured into boiling water ,sometimes a little soy sauce ,it is his &quot &quot ;delicious ;.
at home he is very thrifty ,every meal most have only one piece of meat or eggs ,how to persuade him to have no use, he always Mean :&quot ;keep the next meal ,eating more white blind. &quot ;occasional indulgence is greedy badly ,as when going to bed in the evening to put his mouth on a star with meat ,taste ,and slowly goods .
to Dora to live ,earn more money ,he almost to the the bloody point .365 days a year ,regardless of holidays ,regardless of wind and rain and snow ,he never had a day off .6 a.m. trip, to seven or eight in the evening to .
he was in the summer of high temperature reached 50 degrees Celsius heat ,from a tricycle to faint in winter the snow ;he had all the way ,fell into the ditch; he had been due to excessive fatigue ,pedal fell asleep in the car ;he has many times in the cold has a fever to 39 degrees C case ,while swallowing anti-fever pill ,while pedaling ,the collapse of the soaked in sweat jacket ;more unknown is in winter ,due to advanced in age ,he often can to urinate ,cotton trousers is wet ,he pad pieces of cloth or Dengzhe car ran everywhere.
in the heart of you imagine this scene :a frail old man ,Dengzhe tricycle, wearing not neat clothes ,wearing a straw hat ,in teachers amazed eyes go to university ,fishing out a thick Horn money saved up money to the leadership of the school is to give students to donate money ,every year in the university will receive from the various aspects of the donation ,many big enterprises. Now received from individuals ,and it is a tricycle elderly contributions, everyone from the amazing if touched or even painful .Br > such a man is more than 10 years ,never discontinuous hhhh
&quot ;his bitter tired of it doesn ,ugg 激安,let every child get to school the books we read ,the &quot ;this was 20 years before the old man ,is also 20 years old hard pedal the pursuit and dream .
&quot ;multiple lacunar cerebral infarction ,essential hypertension, coronary heart disease ,valvular degeneration ,senile cataract ,nerve deafness ,and brain atrophy and hemorrhage of digestive tract symptoms. &quot ;this is the old man fell ill last ,physician to his diagnosis .
&quot ;when I get better, I will grant you read &quot tricycle to make money ,this is the old ;on the ward to went to visit his children said.
&quot ;tricycle ,radio ,oriole ,&quot ;this is the old people died last year heritage .
if you Also do not have these simple words touched, then ,there are also a number of remember ,in the old man when he was 93 years old ,from 74 years old to 90 years old ,UGG,he had not one day as other old people at home to live an easy life in old age ,but in the streets than a adults also pulled hard round, and all this ,just to let the children ,who he doesn know the children money to school ,can be in the classroom at school.
Mao said :&quot ;HH do not difficult, difficult is to do good all his life .&quot ;a person doing something is not difficult ,difficult and moustache year still is twenty contained no regrets ;caring education out many to come to the aid of many people ,common in newspapers screen .Who borrowed the name from the donor fame outside people ,many people have come up with the money to donate to the remote sincere child ,UGG クラシックトール,or even tens of thousands of or like Bill fabulously rich donor.
however ,a person has 100 yuan donated 10 yuan, a 2 yuan donated 1 yuan, a man is the beggar money begging to 2 cents cent 1 cents to another beggar. Which of the three men who more people moved ?
Bai Fangli The old man ,is third. So sincere so pure .
in the elderly around, contrast is a bunch of useless log die officials ,and the wealthy but only their own pleasure not poor rich people all over the world .It is the responsibility and conscience of the best embodiment .
good people, please do not save your tears ,let us in the elderly poor shadow leaned down .The old man is ordinary, even the poor .In the media found him before, no one know his story ,no one knew he single-handedly donate feelings. This is how the heart ,how is the keep silent but shine with great splendor .
but this year ,UGG クラシックショート,the old man has never been named moved China on the character ,when Bai Yansong sensational tone with touching music, ten characters in the glossy luxury national spotlight award stage to show they had to pay to let every audience moved to tears when, the conscience of the people are silent forget this has gone away from us in the elderly.
remember that this is not the first time the election last year ,China has moved the nomination of his name ,but this year from last year ,the same loss Fall .
don everyone eyes this is how a man ,at least in his dedication of Tianjin ,thousands of people for his leaving touched by the sad .
these years by Bai Fangli University ,middle school ,primary school donated and education fund unit amounts to 30. The old man money never return, many of his students don know his name .His joy and happiness from his sun heart !
and so great a respectable old man nominated two times for CCTV move the Chinese personage nomination but because of some reasons lost ,let a person feel CCTV is true China is still in the show moved !As for those voting ,in the actual operation and how big a role ?
a man ,a tricycle ,350000 yuan contributions ,more than 300 poor students HH when people put the phrase one one line after ,appear to be old with rough ,misunderstandings ,and adhere to the loving life .He ,is Bai Fangli .
if each pedal tricycle charge 5 cents 1 kilometers calculation for poor students ,he offers is equivalent to circle the earth equator 18 weeks rush about tired .Not until nearly 90 years old ,however ,finally the day he felt helpless . 1999 Years ,Tianjin train station to rectify, all kiosks are removed. Looking at the instant time was split into a pile of LJ &quot ;Bai Fangli &quot ,teaching ;old man cry .He is old ,or boring ,later also expect what to make money for the children to read ?
that winter ,the old man curled up in the vicinity of the station a bicycle shed ,just a show for 3 months every bicycle ,the 1 angle ,angle of 2 ,1 yuan ,2 yuan of money for Qi Qi to put in a lunch box, save over $500 ,he hides the lunch box ,pedal car ,in a drift of snow in the winter ,come to Tianjin Yaohua high school. People see ,his hair ,beard and all white ,who has been with snow .He to school teacher handed lunch box 500 yuan of money ,say: &quot ;I do not move ,later may not come donated, this is my last money hh&quot ;teachers all cry .
Bai Fangli ,why are you moving to China ?Do you have a graceful dance and graceful curve ?You have the ability to stand in the great arena ,let countless young boys and girls in your romantic dim daydream ?
Bai Fangli ,why are you moving to China ?Have you ever been on a spaceship flying through the cosmos ?You Enjoy walking down the spacecraft, the endless sea and thunder by thunderous applause ?You are a primary school has not had the pedicab ,and we can put on a par with the space hero ?
Bai Fangli ,why are you moving to China ?Are you a large state-owned hospital ?You is one of the medical profession has frequently made high-profile ,like Saint can summon wind and call for rain assets home ?Your only wealth is the only 20 tens of thousands, but also give thousands of poor students.
&quot ;with the first ray of pure ,for the world to draw a pair of eyes &quot ;CCTV moved the beautiful lyrics Chinese people longing and associative ,but in the CCTV judge or in the CCTV background to some of the leading eyes ,only great astronaut ,only gorgeous dancer ability or that moved China .Moved by the word and the tricycle, the bottom of society people and the pauper of these words is some relation also can to .In today Chinese society ,&quot ;ordinary refraction great &quot ;this spirit has been lost.
when our society high have been accustomed to using &quot &quot ;great ;this word to measure what is moving, when our spring Festival has started only for upper-class services from kindergarten children ,when the question you want to choose what occupation of the answer is star big boss, the mainstream of the society spirit has a trace of being eager for quick success and luxury impetuous replaced.
Bai Fangli let us from this materialistic era saw the society ray of hope ,CCTV moved Chinese selection and relentless the faint hope fight .No, CCTV fight not for Bai Fangli personal honor gains and losses, already in the heaven man never mind these worldly fame ,CCTV fight is one of the nation hope for the future! When selfless and ordinary is gone, tomorrow we will decide on what path to follow ?
selection has passed ,the results cannot be changed. Remember Southern on the weekend 99 years of the new year with this two paragraphs of words :
&quot ;sun hit your face ,warm stay in our heart. Why we always with tears in her eyes, because we deep love ;why we always be in fine fig ,because we love so deeply ;why we are constantly seeking ,because we love. Love this country,UGG クラシックミニ to hurt his heart, and her people ,they are good ,he Are honest ,they know how to care about each other. &quot ;
&quot ;there is always a force that tears us ,there is always a force that let us brace up ,there is always a force that drives us to continue to seek justice ,compassion ,conscience of &quot ;&quot ;.This power comes from you ,from your each one of us .&quot ;
there is always a force let our tears ,Canada Goose Menn Parka .Nowadays,there is always a force let us be in fine fig !Old man twenty years teaching career is such a force ?
View past records ,south wind window selected Bai Fangli as person of the year ;in many forums, you can also see the memories ;old man died after the memorial service ,with Tianjin million people to participate in ;Nankai University BBS ,there are a lot of people for the elderly in the querulous HH has so many people still remember the old ,maybe just enough .Moved China can say what ?As the central media ,I just feel her declining authority ,the more vulgar media group in addition to entertain is mass hoax ,in addition, still say what ?
just hope that ,in this good at forgetting the society, Bai Fangli will not be easily forgotten ,and those who can The history of the characters, forever is our mind ,our country ,in one corner is so kind a man .
for the elderly themselves ,his pay, never think of who would return to come to attention. Honor ,moncler,to him but a cloud, be beyond all doubt .( although ,perhaps including himself ,will be on the naive kindness not acknowledged and dim. )
man has to go ,only peace !All involved in this debate ,has become less significant.
in my heart, the elderly should be in moved China ten big shot ,because the elderly deeply touched me, I have a lot of people around .

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????????,Canada Goose Outlet,Canada Goose?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????,Canada Goose Jakker Norge ??????????,Canada Goose Norge,UGG ????????????? it??< P????1???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????P > <??????????????????< P

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