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Little woman

This is not the first time that I walk across the road named &quot to "; bridge, only a short while ago, I was so put one's foot down standing on the bridge, the only difference is, the last is a Xi Hong skirt, but this is the worst white, white dress, no nothing.
All alone. In the dream, I always tried to resist the call Meng's old man, I fight to gas to keep the brain that memories, the memories of past lives, in my infinite tangled in the seal imprint is engraved on my heart.
That was my name, I just want to hold the memories of past lives, past all love hate, until the for a moment, I understand, all original, or do not want to forget. Meng Meng said, her most suits my point is, no matter what time, I know what you want, and proceed without hesitation.
In fact too paranoid, say good is proceed without hesitation, perhaps more should be set in one's way out. Meng Meng said, not all people can know what you want. There is no enough courage, overcautious and indecisive? Is somewhat weak,ugg ???????, unable to face to bear all? I don't know, also not understand, because I have always been a justice without insteadGu stubborn person, even if there is pain, I have never regretted it.
In my eyes, wrong is wrong, do so,UGG ????????, even if the pain, even if the struggle, but I never had regrets to describe my life. This is probably my stubbornness. Though aware of the wrong wrong, will proceed without hesitation, head broken and bleeding.
For &quot, " give up; in imperceptibly, will really give up, had to give up, did not imagine that in the fierce, so imperceptibly, give up, even their own unconscious, is from when to begin to give up? I do not know.
Perhaps from what I do not want it,????,UGG ????????????? EMS, began to give up now, had to give up is not a result, but a process,ugg ???????, a long not aware of the terrible. I don't want the future life of luxury, don't want enviable life, do not want that lead a voluptuous life.
Drunk, gave up the struggle, it means to give up once obsessed with chase,ugg ?? hehe., to give up the future strength. Now I finally understand just want to be a small woman's ultimate ideal. Brother asked me, wants to marry a kind man? Tell him, just like the old man doesn't need more money.
, do not needTo be more handsome, only know how to cherish me, hurt me,UGG ??? belt UGG ???720 to small pistol as a decorated belts, really good to me, never makes me sad enough, even if it has nothing to do with love nothing. And I, will be for him, like the fuel daily necessaries tea life, like every told him to drink less, home early every day.
Like ironing a shirt, tie and happy. I want nothing, as was the brother shocked, probably since he could imagine a once very ambitious sister, how now only longing for the quiet vulgar life. And this life, once it was so make her a contemptuous disregard.
Once I loved is high, with Yu Yue-wide open-minded, but now I only love the little woman of extraordinary, since smart records from before, and how,?????? ????, eventually also are not a thousand miles east of a dream away.

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Camp - twelve constellation constellation female first wearing h

Constellation master - personal beauty zero zero one - Military blog to see beauty walk of twelve constellation constellation men know how women heart sign Jiao Jiao is the men most want to hurt only do ,ugg 激安
&quot " spare; constellation of twelve constellation female why do not lean down to 10 tips for training high-quality perfect husband most is not willing to cater to others who is the man of God twelve
constellation constellation Ninja twelve constellations of love constellation super lazy lazy evaluation where twelve constellation Taurus pairing with pillow attitude type twelve constellations of love

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Climbing Beijing guest net one thousand ninety-nine project whic

Webpage picture video map information music Q & & raquo,UGG ??????????, R climbing; come more shopping finance blog translation 265 navigation calendar photo document input method toolbar software featured more R higher book search one thousand ninety-nine items which fit you author: Holzer r outlined preview book review (0) the acquisition of obtaining excellent network dangdang.
com find in a library find local bookstore to find local bookstore locations such as: Beijing you need into the locations of all vendors r aid business link Shou-cheng accounting billing agent accounting services staff as assistant accountant above can check online consultation accounting results suburb pick-up votes 51666162 www.
cpv.com.cn Tsinghua University press allowed during the display of these pages. Copyright books outline the book important. Ask why to run a home business and start a home business interests,UGG ?????????, and gives good advertising, animal,ugg ???????, electrical appliances, automobile industry, works of art, children, cleaning industry,UGG, and other areas of a series for the family to operate the project.
Limited Preview - 2006 - 313 page preview this book of common terms and phrases the Alps newspaper North Glass ProductionPet sell embroidery printer tape typewriter local Fuchsia carpet phone TV hammock animal development yacht classified advertising sewing machine services copiers cleaning company antique customer advertising cards flood car laser computer Canada furniture home home business price nuts metal operating the Salvation Army founder customer orchid profit retail tie skate video tape the United States dollar those jeans other Autolodge gasoline automobile Wallpaper cleaning and tropical fish hotdog calendar if cork business time suitable plastic franchise supplies flea market toy store doll microwave hobby project sales pigeon to repair many a some inches acres Commission supplies stamps paint bath cross-country skiing photos of this business these direct manufacturing plant as seed dispensers left-handed selected page title page directory 3 bench advertising 261 eight P pharyngeal branch copyright more books information of one thousand ninety-nine items which fit you author Holzer translator: Zhou Guangqi publishers,moncler outlet, Tsinghua University press, 2006ISBN7302125228,9787302125228 page 313 page book about Google beta - auxiliary - Privacy Policy - HTML - to publishers provide good information - supply feedback - Google home - books.

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Climbing herbs taste hundreds of single disease mother for 30 ye

Source: Web ( Wuhan ) core tip: Hubei man single serve cancer mother for 30 years ,in order to find the mother of medicine ,his climb up the cliff ,Baicao ,with the death of several pass ;30 years ,more than ten thousand day and night ,as long as the mother of a voice call ,he will kneel on the mother she Cayao ,hair.
56 year-old Chen Liqiang in the mountain herbs .The afternoon of September 10th ,Chen Liqiang dropped to 77 years old mother Tang Xuemei bedside ,for she Cayao. Chen Liqiang as mother tied hair .
Mother and son walking on the road in the countryside .Reporter Song Zhentao absorbs Chutian Metropolis Daily reported on September 11th in a word ,a lifetime ,life situation. He this year already 56 years old ,still a bachelor .
Just because ,his mother suffering from cancer have a word :&quot ;mother !I take care of you a lifetime !&quot ;in order to find the mother of medicine ,his climb up the cliff ,Baicao ,with the death of several pass ;30 more than ten thousand years ,day and night ,as long as the mother of a voice call ,he will kneel on the mother ,she Cayao ,hair.
Who said long hospital bed and no filial ?Enshi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture of Lichuan City sand Hom Village Wang Yingzhen Chen Liqiang long hospital bed ,is a major child .Chen Liqiang knelt down crying Said :&quot ;mother ,I want someone to take care of you a lifetime of &quot ;sand Hom Village is located at the junction of Yu mountain ,Madadayo smoke, barking crow .
1977, the disease to sand Hom Village rural woman of 47 years old to hit Tang Xuemei. Her breast appeared thumb large lumps ,pain, to county hospital examination ,the doctor diagnosed with breast cancer.
Come unexpectedly seriously ill ,the Tang Xuemei family is one disaster after another .Tang Xuemei had 11 children ,a large adult 4 .Ill that year, boss Chen Liqiang is 26 years old ;the second is a daughter ,15 years old ;third ,four are still doll ,a a 11 year old ,a 7 year old .
Her husband Chen Guochang suffering from intestinal disease bedridden for years ,for its treatment ,home was in a dilemma .Both parents are sick ,siblings and not adult, Chen Liqiang suddenly became home pillar .
Unable to bear the costs of treatment ,Chen Liqiang used his mother from a hospital trolley home ,UGG クラシックショート,searching for the folk remedy to cure her .At this point, close to sixty neighbor Mou Nengjing has also aroused Chen Liqiang sympathy.
Mou Nengjing son ran away from home for many years ,one ,old people suffering from pulmonary disease bed home unattended in the permission from their parents .After agreeing, he will Mou Nengjing also received the home, alone take care three prevalence of the elderly.
&quot ;a day called black ,a late call to light .&quot ;during that time, three old people moan as one falls .Countless sleepless nights ,in order to find a doctor ,dispensing Chen Liqiang played with ,flashlight, along the rugged mountain roads ,go to the hospital ,a pharmacy ,a secondary back dozens of one one drug classification ,cooked ,while hot to parents and Mou Nengjing hands.
Before and after 1987, Chen Guochang and Mou Nengjing have died. Tang Xuemei was also accentuated ,ache is acuteness. Chen Liqiang is 36 years old and doing housework, but also to find the mother of medicine ,busy day break not a foot to come, did not get married thing.
Tang Xuemei looks in the eye ,pain in the heart,moncler outlet, she said to Chen Liqiang :&quot ;son, you have to have grown up ,also on the old man as the heart ,never call me ,looking for individual family .
Hh&quot ;Chen Liqiang crying ,knelt down and said :&quot ;mother ,I want someone to take care of you a lifetime !&quot ;tying ropes branches broke suddenly ,he was holding the Bush did not fall off a cliff from her mother ,only primary school culture that Chen Liqiang began to devote themselves to the study of medicine, to the mother Pro when &quot &quot ;doctor ;.
For 30 years, he traveled in the vicinity of the old Chinese medicine, asked them to come to the mother prescription. In order to save money ,モンクレール,he found folk recipe featured ,Enshi Chinese herbal medicine atlas books such as self-study medicine knowledge ,and try to capture their mountain old doctor of traditional Chinese medicine on herbal medicine .
Western Hubei mountain ,have a variety of 2000 kinds of plants ,which can be used as medicine have hundreds of .One one recognition ,for a solid foundation to study Chinese farmer, easier said than done .
But the mother illness ,Chen Liqiang does not fear the difficulty ,carry panniers ,sickle ,medicine ,food ,and medicine rope shovel ,towards the mountains. In the autumn of 1980 ,in order to a cliff on the picking a rare herbs ,Chen Liqiang will be the rope tied one end of the tree ,a head strapped to his waist, like swinging herbal herbs as close .
Just collecting hand ,and tying ropes of the branch was broken ,he was stopped on the precipice shrubs ,did not fall off a cliff Chen Liqiang HH according to the name of the medicine and medical medicine, one one taste from the hill collection of various herbs.
Once, he is at home in the taste of a medicine,UGG ブーツ, just chew a mouthful, immediately athymia ,stiff limb .Brother seeing this, immediately shouted to the old doctor of traditional Chinese medicine ,Configuration antidote take ,was slow to God.
Every time ,Chen Liqiang reference the old formula homemade prescription ,to get good medicine to take ,affirm avirulent ,only to mothers taking the drug reactions ,and according to the mother ,constantly improve the prescription.
In Chen Liqiang care ,my mother has miraculously better and better day by day .For the mother to pay their own life ,as long as to this world after all ,can a few people outside of the leaves yellow and blue ,green and yellow, 30 years that passed.
These years ,married the youngest sister ,married after her death ,the fourth son minor go out to work for a living ,rarely go home .Take care of my mother burden ,still fell on Chen Liqiang .
The earth into a house ,look seem extremely precarious, but the inside is packed be arranged in good order .Chen Liqiang raise a puppy, took in a stray kitten, so sick mother too lonely ;yard 7 hens ,one day can have four or five eggs ,can be used to give the mother s body ,the mother can eat ,was saved ,to the town to get some money for her family.
The villagers told us ,the young Chen Liqiang is a man of striking appearance ,moncler,industrious and kind-hearted ,rural Militia Even the shooting hand. Early also has matchmaker door-to-door ,but Chen Liqiang thoughts in the mother, did not show much enthusiasm ,together with their family well, match a things will settle a matter by leaving it unsettled .
Sand Hom Village Party branch secretary named Mou Liangui, and Chen Liqiang are of the same age. This year between lunar January day ,the snow all over the sky, he pushed open the door to see Chen Liqiang ,burning the fire ,Chen Liqiang was holding her mother and warming himself.
Originally, the elderly in recent years is very cold, and often a daze, roast time, often put their feet onto the stove, leaning close to the stove. A few days ago ,Chen Liqiang accidentally, mother who have the Spring Festival clothes and shoes on the point of being.
Chen Liqiang put the fire out after the shoot ,and sank to the ground ,both pained finally to mother bought clothes and shoes ,and love the mother advanced in age .Thereafter ,Chen Liqiang stayed at home waiting for his mother ,for fear of further accidents.
Mou Liangui told reporters ,in those days Chen Liqiang playmates have been married ,now the grandchildren around the knee ,enjoyable. In contrast ,Chen Liqiang situation makes a person distressed extremely .
He said ,a man for a mother to give his own life ,as long as this on the portion ,the world is possible Several people? See mother suffering from cancer can live to 77 years old ,his son heart very satisfied despite the poor ,hard and lonely has been accompanied by Chen Liqiang ,but he is very optimistic ,because he feels ,in his village is &quot ;half doctor &quot ;to the fellow villagers ,is a useful person in .
The Chen Liqiang house ,growing from mountain mining of various herbs ,&quot ;this is capable of activating blood circulation to dissipate blood stasis ,detumescence and acesodyne Tianqi ;it is possible to cure dysentery sauce head hh&quot ;over the years, mother felt it ,Chen Liqiang has mastered nearly 200 kinds of herbal medicine usage .
The villagers have a headache and slight fever ,come ,Chen Liqiang will be warmly received .He said ,to come for help ,he is always trying to help .Chen Liqiang has two iron rule: first ,never received a penny ;second ,with good medicine ,homemade clothes trial and then others .
A year ago, adjacent double ridge village Wen Sheng found him. Severe sciatica ,let Wen Sheng country has reached almost normal walking . Chen Liqiang for his allocation of wine, massage .
Lasts for several months, Wen Sheng was now in ,carry it hundred catties heavy burden. In such poor friends like Wen Sheng Your friend, Chen Liqiang made nearly 20 .In the care of mothers at the same time ,Chen Liqiang for these friends illness worry ,busy HH for 30 years, he did not leave the mountain ,poor family didn ,the village ,the neighborhood radio television and occasionally get to old newspapers ,he is the only channel to know the outside world .

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Priced - door carpenter treasures glass craft gift decoration go


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