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Snow, winter dress in Western Sichuan Plateau

From the map view ,the southeastern margin of the Tibetan Plateau from northeast to southwest through Sichuan ,Sichuan East Sichuan ,will be divided into two parts of Western Sichuan .Due to Kawasaki Dongchuan West both in topography on the tremendous difference, thus created two different climate characteristics :every year in late autumn and early winter, or even earlier, North East or verdant stretch of time, Western Sichuan the plateau is a vast expanse of white snow in the world .
The Western Sichuan plateau at an average altitude of 3000 meters ,Air Jordan 11,Minshan Mountain ,Qionglai mountain ,snowy mountains ,Shaluli mountains from north to south in the West Sichuan Plateau stands ,will contrast the very broad.
The vast universe Fen Yang snowflake publicity in the Western Sichuan Plateau &quot ;frozen ,miles Piao &quot ;romantic ;the earth vast snowfield interpretation of Western Sichuan Plateau &quot ;Shan Yin Yi dance ,original Chi wax like &quot strains ,West Sichuan Plateau ;to see snow ,is a clean soul The western Sichuan Plateau have many watching the snow good place, among them, Ganzi in Daocheng ,the new Lu Hai ,ABA ABA County ,Four Girls Mountain is the most appreciate the Western Sichuan Plateau snow spirit ,playing out of the Western Sichuan Plateau snow appeal of a good place.
In Daocheng Shangri-La looking from human rises in County Down not to snow Bell ,snow from heaven drifting profusely and disorderly blown down. I looked up at the sky, leaden clouds hanging low in the sky, as if at your fingertips .
&quot ;this is the first snow this year ?&quot ;roadside stand three cars ,one fat bearded black man asked him two dude .&quot ;remember ,like not down this time .&quot ;answer his is a rounded face girl .
&quot ;indeed ,you said that I could never say .&quot ;he took a puff of smoke ,&quot ;it &quot ;he said oh. .a head ,saw the car to .&quot ;car .&quot ;he growled .Three people were into the station.
I left JALEO passenger bus station, at only the roadside shop music and not many pedestrian street. The road on both sides of the building are not high ,white the houses lining over the misty mountains ,plus the song for having heard it many times in and around the flying snowflakes ,the mood in the highland town getting wet.
In a shop to stay, snow still kept flying. Early in the morning ,the snow stopped ,and a vast expanse of whiteness .And several people and rented a a loaf of bread ,the sun is still not fully up former Aden rush .
Daocheng was called the &quot &quot ,dam ;rice ;later renamed &quot &quot ,county ;Daocheng ;the replacement is entirely because of an idealistic color test ,reportedly in Guangxu thirty-three years when, as here ,rice ,and to the &quot into the &quot playing ;rice ;rice planting in the final destiny .
How I can make nothing of it ,but because of this story, I remember Daocheng, remember the Daocheng red marsh to remember the Daocheng Aden &quot ;Southeast Gongga nichimatsu Kampot &quot ;.
&quot ;Southeast Gongga nichimatsu Kampot &quot ;is immortal ,is central to Yong and Chanot sorafenib Three Snow Mountain legend they collectively. Are Guanyin ,Manjusri ,Vajrapani embodiment .
Three mountain has a peak body in Pyramid ,Chevron, unique ,endless charm. Around them ,has vast areas of alpine meadow ,dense virgin forest ,green Hai Zi ,ancient glaciers and elegant houses ,they will be on the Tibetan Plateau snow beauty ,the beauty of the forest ,prairie beauty ,the beauty of Hai Zi glacier ,the beauty and the beauty of humanities set in a body .
In 1928 ,Americans in the United States of America Rock National Geographic magazine published the three mountain articles and pictures. Then ,English Chinese writer Hilton the Lost Horizon ,here portrayed as Shangri-La &quot ;&quot ;Daocheng .
So there is the soul of Shangri-La &quot ;&quot ;called. Along highway 216 Lu Xiangnan ,the sun in the white ground over leaping and flashing .Three mountain gradually came into view ,Nike Air Formposite One Shoes,near snow mountain ,a little bit higher, until the arrival of must look up to see their place ,our driver to stop .
Into the ditch at the cabin door ,a familiar figure flash into it .The tickets, found to be at the station yesterday to see the girl .She saw me ,he gave me a little nod ,I felt a hot ,warm up.
With that warm into the ditch ,and a small cabin ,heard the front came the thought of Tibetan folk songs ,nike zoom hyperfuse 2011,the song to sing: &quot ;snowflakes drifting profusely and disorderly ,sunshine is warm ;when I left home ,my heart without a tie in the world .
Over many mountains ,miss kind mother hh&quot ;in the new Lu Hai touch snow light sitting on the horse ,and the town of roadside lazily basking in the sun ,which is a Chinese version of the western town ,I open my mobile phone while watching the calendar ,while waiting for the ride gun cowboy quietly emerged in A bloody twilight ,I was surprised to find ,the autumn will be at the end of the day ,the winter will be in today.
But here in winter ,the obvious signs many more ,lonely little cyclone ,distant wilderness ,silent ,and lazy people ,I believe ,everything seems to have twelve points in cold appearance ,www.nikeairfoamposite1.com also let the leader happy man suffer.,but often hide that I and other tour pal exciting news.
It is as expected ,after about ten minutes, a companion of excitedly came to tell us that ,in front of Hai Zi ,in the chola Shan Road .We are all from the seat up ,four to go to Hai Zi car .
Find the car almost afternoon .Chatty drivers in less than twenty minutes ,let us know about the Hai Zi some information .Hai Zi told &quot ;Lu Hai &quot ;,local call her Yu Long .&quot ;&quot ;&quot ;&quot .
Jade ;is the heart ,&quot &quot ;lung ;dumping ,&quot .&quot ;pull ;God lake ,the meaning is &quot ;overwhelming Lake God &quot ;legend of King Gesar ,Princess pearl ,because of Hai Zi attracted to indulge in pleasures without stop and this.
&quot ;Lu Hai &quot ;this name ,is said to be in the Sichuan-Tibet highway the road is big Army to take ,this new name ,more or less to new Lu Hai to make the brand of the times .10 kilometers ,without much time to .
The new Lu Hai hectares lying at an altitude of 4000 meters in the Hai Zi Bay .East ,West ,South three face is tall snow mountain is surrounded ,in her North is winding thousands of kilometres of road 317.
Maybe in the summer ,Hai Zi will be in a windy evening occasionally erupt ,but at the moment ,everything in the snow and ice soothing into silence, see swimming fish ,can not see inside the mallard ,only silence Hai Zi snow ,quiet ,tranquil forest ,speechless glacier ,in which, pass in the world in the first .
The new Lu Hai is a typical glacier lake ,she by the chola Shan glacier glaciated dig deep ,moraine blocking into today appearance. New Lu Hai in dege county to the road. De is a outstanding place along the road ,at the foot of a road to the West into the town ,there is a be well-known far and near the printing house waiting for us to see .
In Aba County hill frozen in Aba County Station opposite the Yuanbaoshan look down ,snow-wrapped earth sends Su However, despite this season .A layer of cold ,but a migratory bird photography still road to the north and come, in the wind and snow Symphony watch your scenery .
ABA county is located in the Bayankala mountains in the south, relief soothing .A mm northwest southeast toward the mountains and mountain stand far apart facing each other ,it is almost ABA county around the highest mountain is high .
The vast snow avalanche ,diffuse to the sky ,the station is in such snow ,&quot ;frozen ,miles Piao &quot ;grand scale and the solitude seemed within reach. In Aba Prefecture has such a statement ,said that ABA County ancestors ,there are mostly from the soldiers.
Delay for a long time &quot ;studies on the battle of &quot ;after the end, most of the soldiers to stop home in Aba ,they intermarry with the local people ,their offspring as their ancestors as calling themselves the &quot ;&quot ,&quot Ali ;depression ;a man ,later altered to &quot ;ABA ABA county .
Little fist big stones ,so housing wall can use clay hangzhu, building materials of different created ABA County houses out of the ordinary ,therefore the ABA County houses will have sufficient have a style of one Reason .
Every winter, the locals would use lime in four wall paint strip lines, a symbol of good luck forever. The residential building of a building together ,in the summer ,they resemble Green Fairy standing in the castle ;in the winter ,they like the silver world the Spirit dwelling within the spacious .
Bright ,nike zoom kobe 7 Into this door,summer cool and pleasant ,winter warmth of spring .That day ,I would sit in the residential fire pond ,pleasant to listen to the wind roared over a glass window ,see the falling snow surrounded by beautiful scenery ,it is a special treat ,you can forget their troubles ,even all human happiness and unfortunately .
In Four Girls Mountain with snowflakes intimate contact at an altitude of 4480 meters on the camp at dinner ,he put the Fen Yang snowflakes sent to me .In the boundless silence dopey sleep ,wake up it was 3 a.
m.,Adidas Jeremy Scott Bones, see tent on a circle of light ,with the hand support ,big thing crashing down, under the snow .The morning out of tents ,earth Takamatsu ,the day I from the foot of the mountain the mountains on the big white horse ,standing in the white world, looks a little lonely lonely .
At breakfast ,snow still kept .When going uphill ,belt Snowflake fog still around. I don how high the sky is ,how wide ,???????4,only in the mind to imagine the mountain mists above the clouds and mountains ,imagine the blue of the sky and the sun blazing.
Over 4829 meters of snow mountain ,more and more deep ,some have deep and waist. The sun comes out ,she in the large peak left head about a meter tall place silently staring at me .
I stopped around and looked back ,Jeremy Scott Adidas Wings 2.0 but like Chen as free men,the silver snow is like the waves of the sea ,my feet from one layer to the distance, in the distant sky built surging clouds ,blue sky ,snow .Snow ,these simple element ,in my travels constantly changing the intoxicating beauty and wealth ,give a person a kind of &quot ;have no predecessors ,who have &quot ;strong feelings .
So beautiful ,so rich ,only in very high mountains can be seen .&quot ;that is the Gongga mountain .&quot ;wizard pointing West a cluster of mountains South said ,&quot ;I took more than ten times group ,also saw the three Gongga .
&quot ;he panted continued, the &quot ;you are very lucky ,the first to see the .&quot ;I bowed her thanks .Standing on a mountain overlooking the other famous famous mountains ,at this time, and said Is looking at snow mountain ,as it is for snow .
Although they in time and space are very far apart ,but did not affect each other spiritual communication. As a mountain ,they all have the same thought ,the same feelings, the same kind heart music .
In large peak ,elevation 6250 m it peaks to a quiet eyes looked at me .She was white, just like a giant sculpture .After a few minutes ,the sun hidden to the cloud ,acting and those who come is a tiny spots of snow.
Then snow more and more dense ,it peaks hurried glanced at me ,then to getting high behind the fog .This time ,snow became the master of the world ,they are in a playful attitude around me ,to play .
I in a fog while walking sit snow ,about half an hour later ,camp orange tent appeared in fine snow behind. At noon to leave the camp ,the valley is still kept their quills like snowflakes .

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China's new generation of J14 shocked _ Park _ Sina blog

Not long ago, Chinese official thinly covered surface revealed some development of the four generation fighter local details, but caused a white butterfly across class and pursued. Four generation machine this day font size prediction has been generally lasted more than 10 years of time.
But more than a decade later it just rare Mount Lu real wood ,why? Might as well from the earliest report analysis ,to be reduced to fragments will now find some mystery .According to many reports, the Chinese military roughly from the last century 70 advanced R & D or trying to develop this mysterious fighter ,but most of the early design generally should with a Soviet-made early fighter and similar .
The J-10,Adidas Jeremy Scott Teddy Bear, similar with a front canard layout. But because of the ability of science and technology and financial factors ,in addition to later &quot ;80&quotdismount agitation ;thus it changes today is already old .
China is the 14before the endof an existing &quot &quot ;internationalization ;design of fighter aircraft. This fighter and equipment to prove a new stage, this is the Chinese fighter from the original &quot ;the Soviet &quot ;imitation design pattern began to enter self development and suction With Europe and the United States design period.
And thus can be seen behind him more mysterious f 14 fightershould also undergo another new conceptual change .China weapon design due to political ,funds including &quot ;&quot ;depending on factors such as constraints ,so they take the road would be a step at a time the slow and solid forward.
And costly to develop similar large US-made conceptualization of a fighter that is not Chinese military hoped. Thus ,as for the latter version of a cushion and theoretical transition of fighter ,although it as the three generation light aircraft appeared in the early twenty-first Century ,has become some design delay ,but only through this process of Chinese future air force to adapt to the new fourth generation fighter design and layout.
While China is coincident with the introduction of SU27 series of fighter aircraft,エアジョーダン face was bronzed by the sun,the introduction of its earliest fighter is designed for emergency !96Taiwanfirst crisis emergency .But the money spent to turn material resources to good account .
And for China design is very difficult the fourth generation fighter aircraft has not died, so have to go 30 years before theroad .And this is to feed the only Can coach cannot build new aircraft &quot ;China aircraft manufacturing plant - Shenyang &quot ;from the Zhuhai air show .
You can learn Chinese ,original plan developed by &quot ;stealth UAV &quot ;in does not seem to be successful either,エアジョーダン3, it just for some new projects have developed a material group &quot &quot ;;equipment validation machine.
And this new project is now beginning to j 14 futurefighter .Therefore can say American called &quot ;two generation stealth material &quot ;China a sense has production and development capacity.
The application of 11Bin China part of &quot partial stealth ;&quot ;design this point even a try .But annihilates 10 published alsocan see Chinese independent design of a European popular body fighter capability is fully equipped with the same .
From the fighter flight facility ,we see whether young or show and English .They cockpit design has long been past .Therefore the design of the fourth generation fighter necessary early means of Chinese basic have ,www.airjordanjp.com,then what are we waiting for? Or what ?Is the first airborne phased array radar detection distance .
At present the best possible Russian equipment In SU37 ona &quot E&quot ;snow leopard ;long-range phased array radar, Russia said &quot ;a counter stealth detection ability of &quot ;.
From several involved in radar equipment exhibition to this project China still in testing or inspection stage ,from the total use also needs a certain period ( there are rumors that China already have a stealth airborne radar capability ) .
And as the fourth generation main fighter lack of phased array radar, can imagine it limits the ability of degree .# P # subtitle # e # followed by China aviation since time immemorial weakness.
Zhuhai we see the famous airlines timetable. At least 15-20 yearscan appear the first high-power homemade turbofan engine. And now new equipment is made in Russia is slightly longer than the engine thus appearance of new own machine ,body .
The lack of &quot ;supersonic cruise capability ,&quot ;vector controlled tail nozzle engine ,so that the fourth generation fighter out of the difficulty ,Nike Air Foamposite Pro recommended!As for the fourth generation fighter design and mechanism kernel .
China still can have two can choose a is the continuation of SU27 patternfor imitation ,nike zoom kobe 6 the result found the toilet wall there is a small stream,external American F22 fighter design.Because they are shaping design ,adopted after the design to minimize risk, this should be in line with China &quot ;and &quot and &quot ;position ;and the task &quot ;the official attitude .
And China in 90 time later period is the introduction of 200 SU27production lines,which subsequently is part of China modified to become the 11 fighter.While the other one is go annihilates 10 road.
From ,many foreign display in the flight results of the J-10 ,aerodynamic layout design can be said is very ideal. Is also used in Zhuhai .I felt it motor ability. Therefore the fourth generation fighter J-10 pneumaticcapacity can be used as a very a good reference on international at present .
But can say only one fighter is the fourth generation fighter and finalize the design and equipment ,this is F22. 04Chinabody inlet portion using a number of similar F35 design.This point can be seen either &quot &quot ;agree without prior without previous consultation ;( officially ) or intentional learning are .
A description of the design of a similar F22 is afront canard layout of the stealth fighter airframe China is made .In Zhuhai Russia did not have SU37 and material used ,but bring Some model but at the India air show ,Russia not only brought real also conducted flight performance .
This shows the Russian to Chinese &quot ;&quot plagiarism habit ;a dissatisfaction ,shortly after Russia on arms design copyright dispute also appear .Therefore if the Chinese or the cheek completely SU27+F22 twothe total plagiarism means.
So if a really thick enough ,it does not matter .But Chinese bones is &quot ;a moment to do a king &quot ;the prepared mind ,this either American or Russian are known .China is no one willingly and gladly do &quot ;wedding &quot ;India type character.
So the Chinese in the fourth generation fighter ,is going to design their own pattern. But now apparently difficulties lies in the Chinese big problem -- the problem of engine !And more difficult for airborne phased array radar system .
So the Chinese fourth generation fighter may still need some time. (for a rumored network of some the so-called fighters flew at least 14photos,Adidas Mickey High,Beijing Nanyuan airport is not seen, but there is one of the most important aviation test early base ) .
Personally think that the fourth generation fighter is just like the cross in front of China nuclear threshold !He is a winner ,as to when American fighter will come out sixth or seventh generation ?This is normal.
Will they go ahead !You can always waiting for you ?But from the current economic development of the United States of America as well as the Bush transition periods of the United States national power consumption ,even can be 10 years to developfive generation ,build a batch can satisfy the existing F22 compensate the volumehas been difficult .
Don forget F22 is used 6000Ethe United States labor allowance supplement .And the new five generation fighter can appear what new &quot ;S&quot ;figure ?Is not unknown .Strongly recommended reading :beyond all expectations :j-20 stealth fighter and F22 antagonism resultsshocked the American Department of defense !Look the new franchise :Chinese warships in the East China Sea was sunk ,Hu pats the table up to say a word !China Wind tunnel test of being killed ,allegedly j-20 stealth fighter upgrade! Look Chinese 2 characterand Japanese prime minister talks: the terrifying calmness built zhangqiangduanbao !Shi Hai Demystified: Dai Li ravaged beauty female spies are amazing !(group of pictures ) with great eloquence : the people to punish the Southern soldier little-known secrets !Look shocking :Putin no longer hesitate tough shots ,Russia to China to make major hint !Terrified :the more self-defense war 17 years old girlshould be so for men wounded comrades voiding !Figure Liberation Army into Vietnam Hanoi No.
322 femalecamp saw astonishing one act ( CGM) this was stabbed to the Hornet :China out Henzhao let the Japanese collapse! The United States completely dumbfounded :CCTV broadcast programs
let us be startled at five J-10 ,Korean Air !Insider exposure :China finally by Japan to the United States for help ,emergency !Now little Vietnam daughter soldier or naked war destroy
her !!map shock !Chinese state television suddenly high-profile public video scared US USA wants mad! A shocked the United States 200000000 photos!The United States does not sit !Hu was
in Washington to do such a thing !Look Chinese military by the whole world seriously underestimated! First time exposure of Liberation Army the most advanced weapons :HD Photo Vietnam daughter
soldier figure hot sexy is not pure !HD : a proud look to bewitch the Vietnam Niu Elly rave portrait out of media panic :the 13"Peng dragon &quot ;has successful flight of
China !A movement to destroy us 100000000000 !Chinese Ultimate Edition 054Bwas so fierce ,Adidas Originals M Attitude Logo!Important tips :be wary of false information winning the history of the most beautiful Chinese blog

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Dream clatter

S Music - Moonlight before the bed, Zhang Bohong, 2007 night rain fresh and refreshing, quick, do not delay their travel pacing back will be talking German tour of Berlin and the Rome masters, Rolland Garros watch.
Will be opened ^ ^ good good good good good good good good good good good good hope... Before going to bed,Adidas Jeremy Scott Panda Bear,Jeremy Scott Adidas dining room, some abnormal think will you,???????6, for a moment, and then inexplicably to accompany Zhou Gong ~ since I saw you last time,nike zoom hyperfuse 2011, many also have half a month has never met, I really miss you.
Don't think I have forgotten you, don't think that I'm so hard times to give up you, I won't,???????3! I will only love you more and more concentrated over time,The destruction of Renaissance or,Nike Air Foamposite Pro, more and more strongly at the great photos,Adidas Originals M Attitude Logo, thinking and your every encounter, my heart is ready to ~ the dream last night long and long, you, had become one of the main characters of MM me dear IXUS 8502850 meters to pay, but is not used in the decoration? It was just a dream, but also with the truth about long, some day and get you home.

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Snow beauty wasted heart

Bathingbeauty there is snow and &quot ;not bubble bath spa is equal to the Japanese &quot ;.During the winter, many people think that in the hot springs also fun enough, in succession to travel to Japan to make friends with congenial persons feel &quot &quot kingdom ;spring ;spring .
In Japan, greatly small hot springs dotted, from the north to the south ,everywhere there is beauty health spa ,and traditional Japanese hot spring hotel is a quiet scenery Japanese style .
In northern Japan ,now already is a piece of snow gleams white. World ,when snow bubble hot spring ,is more than the romantic two words can describe ?Hokkaido ,Northeast area three big spring &quot &quot ;fans ;Hokkaido and northeast area is concentrated in the northern Japanese hot springs ,hot springs here features a beautiful environment ,autumn rhododendron leaf, the winter snow gleams white.
,therefore ,early from the beginning of autumn ,Hokkaido and northeast area hot spring resort will come from all over the world juice lovers .Jozankei hot springs: Reservoir in the mountains of Jozankei hot springs is located in the scenic wat Toya National Park ,is a hidden in the mountain valley hot spring in the Qiandao Lake here ,discovered in 1866 .
Spa ,formerly known as &quot &quot ,Changshan springs ;beauty ;later nearby residents and renamed it Jozankei hot springs .The springs Jozankei temperature up to 80 degrees C ,the spring here is a colorless and transparent ,with alcohol and salt sodium salt spring in Japan ,is a popular spa ,for treating rheumatoid disease ,neuropathic pain ,gastrointestinal diseases and has the auxiliary curative effect.
A spa while bathing ,snow and beauty ,but also to nearby Sapporo international ski and Jozankei reservoir ,travel ,enjoy quiet time in Hokkaido .Information :Jozankei hot springs located in Hokkaido Sapporo city Jozankei hot springs .
The most popular Jozankei hotel is I Hotel, the room clean and comfortable ,the mountain view ,each room about 9187 yen to 22050 yen ,the big room can accommodate five or six people ,for family living.
If you want to live a more refined Hotel ,recommend good Pine River .Auspicious ,the courtyard is beautiful, each room about 31650 yen to 47400 yen. Noboribetsu Spa :bubble &quot &quot ;hell ;spring Noboribetsu Spa at an altitude of 200 meters on the mountain, a total of nine rare and unique spa categories ,source temperature of 45 ~ 90 degrees ,which contains typical sulfur springs ,including iron spring and have beautiful skin effect Alum springs ,relieve fatigue and health effect.
In Noboribetsu Hot Spring Street ,there are many small hot springs hotel ,every spring amounted to ten thousand tons of hot spring water is dispersed in the hot spring hotel .From Hot Springs Street takes a few minutes is designated as heritage of Hokkaido Gu ,this area in the air filled with the pungent smell of sulfur ,thermal springs ,water vapor ,gas from the volcano volcano burst turbulent jet, be personally on the scene ,like &quot into hell ;&quot ;general information :.
To Hokkaido Noboribetsu City, Noboribetsu hot spring ,from JR Muroran line Noboribetsu station by bus to the Noboribetsu spa direction to end of Noboribetsu spa takes approximately 13 minutes.
Noboribetsu grand hotel is one of many European and American tourists love, here are the Japanese and western two kinds of accommodation ,housing prices in the 18150 yen to 26400 yen .In addition ,Adidas Jeremy Scott Teddy Bear,the old water house look chic ,with Edo retro feel .
In Yamagata Prefecture, Japan hot spring :outdoor pool hot spring is located in Yamagata ,http://www.adidasswings.com/,Miyagi county at the junction of two king peak even broader foothills, is before 1900 were found in the town of hot springs .
Hot spring can accommodate 200 people, a large open-air bathhouse ,is Japan outdoor natural pool Hot springs here .Have smooth skin effect, known as &quot ;whitening spring &quot ;,deeply welcome.
Information : the JR Yamagata Shinkansen Yamagata station to go to hot spring direction bus to hot spring bus waiting building off to stay deep wisdom .Villa house ,a Japanese style ,room design comfort ,price of about 15900 yen to 31650 yen per night .
Little knowledge :Japanese spa etiquette to Japan over ,many &quot ;afraid ugly &quot ;Chinese tourists will not accustomed to it. After all ,a Japanese-style bath method is unique ,so must the travel before understanding Japanese spa etiquette ,not to the destination too rude.
See signs :hot spring entrance hung with &quot ;&quot ,&quot male soup ;temple ;" curtain are for male bathing ,hung with &quot ;female soup &quot ,&quot ;&quot ;Royal woman ;is the female bathing ,bathing please pay attention when take a shower before :into the beach .
After not immediately next to the baths ,must in the bath tub or shower with small clean body can come into the pool ,pay attention not to splash splashing into the nearby people. In the hotel bathrobe :Japan Hot Spring Hotel will provide bath at Clothing .
Bathrobe is a traditional Japanese clothing ,Adidas Originals M Attitude Logo,inside the hotel ,guests can be dressed in a bathrobe came out of his room ,the corridor walk or restaurant meals, can also embark on clogs walked out to the street.
The northeast old hotel quality diversity in northern Japan Kanto region known to Spa concentration ,District ,nike zoom kobe 7 so,Tochigi Prefecture Gunma County ,Kanagawa County ,Shizuoka Prefecture has many large and small hot spring .
Wherein ,the Hakone hot spring in Kanagawa ,the biggest characteristic is the hot spring water is varied, almost centered Japan most characteristics of hot spring water ,and the hot springs hotel design retained the old elements ,appear very scenery.
Kanagawa Hakone Onsen :&quot ;Hakone seven soup &quot ;renowned Japanese Kanagawa county is a mountain water landscape resort ,the county had a total of 336 springs ,and Hakone Onsen is distributed on the Fuji Hakone Izu National Park Central ,namely Hakone area many hot springs .
Hakone each hot spring water are each are not identical ,here can enjoy the Japanese most of water spa ,Nike Lebron 9,arthritis, hypertension ,gastrointestinal diseases have a good effect. The most famous of which is the &quot ;Hakone seven soup &quot ,respectively ;the Hakone Tang Ben ,bottom bin Lo ,the soup ,Nike Lebron 8,Koga ,tower Ze ,the island hall and the palace ,near the small Chung Valley ,Miyagi wild ,1000 Ishihara and 17 springs village .
Information :in Tokyo to take JR Shinkansen HIKARI to small Tian Yuan station, then take the Hakone mountain railways to Hakone Tang Ben station ,50 minutes to be recommended in cherry .
Um ,Air Formposite One peer encouragement,here extremely Japanese original lodges appeal, but the price is more expensive, 2 room house price in 46350 ~ 52650 between Yen Yen .Cherry hut also in different season held fireworks and plum wine tasting .
Gunma Kusatsu hot spring :Three Famous Springs in Kusatsu hot spring is one of the Japanese one of the three famous springs ,is full of hot springs in Japan for the first time. In Kusatsu hot spring alias &quot ;medicine soup &quot ;,as the name suggests is officinal value is very high ,since ancient times is the Japanese people a good place for convalescence .
Grass spring is acidic hot springs soup ,here the bath has a tradition ,is to use a long board to touch pool fountain pool ,make drug can average out ,so can improve treatment effect.
In Kusatsu Hot Spring Street has 18 public fountains, such as the original open-air bath ,the dragon is the soup ,soup ,Bai Fan ,center Tang Tian and a &quot ;Tang Yanting &quot ;,tourists in here All-weather 24 hours experience Kusatsu hot spring representative spa foot .
Information :from Tokyo called the Joetsu Shinkansen to Takasaki station ,then take the new JR express Kusatsu to naganohara Kusatsu station, then transfer to Kusatsu hot spring bus ,a distance of about 3 hours.
See museum is a heavy Kusatsu a small hot springs hotel ,only to receive 51 guests ,in front of the hotel has hot water can give visitors feet, double price 10500 yen to 14910 yen ,Adidas Jeremy Scott,contains two meal food .
In addition ,tone and is the Kusatsu hot spring area of the large hotel ,also one of the few exceptional allow pets to Lodge Hotel. The Tochigi that men and women must be hot springs dried legend turns over 1400 years ago ,the deer used Nasu spa heal cure, since then ,it must be hot springs is Japan local nursing place.
Now ,in Tochigi Prefecture Nasu ridge slopes interspersed with 7 springs ,the springs that shall keep the legendary Tang Ben hot springs surviving the Nine-Tailed Fox remains &quot ;tamamo-no-mae ,called &quot &quot ;and Lu Zhi &quot ;the soup ;public bath has a long history ,heretofore still left over from the spa fields style.
Information :from JR Tohoku Shinkansen Nasu salt station by Tang Ben to the required direction bus for about 50 minutes. The most famous local accommodation Is 80 years of history that must be hot springs mountain music ,located on the Tibetan Plateau ,where &quot ;&quot and &quot ;baths ;open air LV &quot ;men and women take turns using immersion system still retained.

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Short hair short hair short hair!!

Ha ha ha. July 7th day the day before I and general about at night to eat, because the very next day he occupied so the night can not see. We are to meet at the Golden Tripod, then prepared directly in to eat, then the total was ten minutes late, hey.
Because I really hungry to stand beside you buy a chocolate sundae, sit and wait for the total, but inside the chocolate is too sweet. The total is to be long in coming, I have no temper, say something to eat,Air Jordan 3, mainly within the day I was really hungry.
Have got one's wish I had smoked tea duck, okay okay. Then we go shopping, I have to make a gorilla to the total bought, I think I am going to find a gorilla so funny. One day take go to, had in mind a few things want to buy,Air Formposite One, you have to buy.
If do not have good sleep. So in the July 7th day we are in the respective work and struggle, in fact, it's nothing. Have a rest today, but we have to get up early to go to the East Branch of the test, test anti counterfeit certificate, I have undocumented appointment for a year,Adidas Leopard Tail, hehe.
The test is successful, exactly said that is copied very well, two sets of paper I lucky to draw simple,Adidas M Attitude Logo, another saidBeyond the scope of review. The test in the kind of mood is good, I will have a picture by the people's Bank of China issued anti counterfeit certificate, hehe.
At noon, and the total for an hour,Kobe bryant olympic shoes,Fatten fish, and then I went to cut, cut my hair, haha. Sitting for two hours, sat I committed trapped, drank two glasses of juice, 500 pieces of money,Adidas Jeremy Scott Bones 4, it's nothing special. Cut before stylist asked me is it right? Determined, my long hair is the longest of the absolute waist, I very much cut it.
In fact I have been entangled in before the end, want to cut my hair has been one or two years,Jeremy Scott Adidas Wings 2.0, and now finally determined, haha. I have short hair, it feels like back to the high school, I feel that I were young again, ha ha.

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