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New year's day.

Mom's new year's day to Beijing, so rare to accompany her to play a few places, like I haven't visit in Beijing, it's no fun. 07 years in January 1st, first went to Tiantan, it is the first time I go to, pass 30 (including temple, the echo wall, Temple).
Is really spectacular, a new repair. Winter, not many people. But many foreigners foreigners, apparently on this very interested. Later in the echo wall, feel no meaning. A lot of people in a call, then a lot of people ear against the wall, but I have no listen to what effect.
But guess summer Tiantan should scenery very good hospital, woods is thick, the air is very good. Now do 07 years Park pass, can be more time to have a look inside Tiantan: -) in January 2nd 07, zoo,Air Jordan 4, sea world,nike zoom kobe 6, pass 100 although before the zoo, but the winter the zoo, still do not have a flavor.
Just after the door, to the birds, fish,nike zoom hyperfuse 2011 How to post, perch to play in the snow and ice. Then had the pleasure of seeing, raccoons, called Panda, lovely. Because of cold, days, these small things in the house cat,Air Formposite One, until someone to throw the EastWest when, before running out, I also take this rare opportunity, take a few pictures.
Cute raccoon, will stand up to people to eat it. Finally arrived, sea world,www.airjordanjp.com, this is a worthwhile trip place, see dolphin, sea lion,Air Jordan 6, for their be trained with regularity and admiration for them, wise and applause.
I think it is a good place for couples. Along this river can go straight to the the Summer Palace, want the price should not be low, but it must be very interesting. Because it is winter, so there is no boat open.
Summer have a chance to come to try times. January 3rd, the Summer Palace,Air Foamposite 1 wish you youth, pass 50 weather very good, the air is very fresh, people especially less. This building and the Imperial Palace in completely different styles, after all, the Imperial Palace is the emperor's palace, so full of carved dragon, lion.
And here is the lead minister emperor concubines, places to visit, so most are carved flowers birds and fish. There are traditional Dragon carving patterns, and later simply walk in a circle around the lake,Nike Air Foamposite One For a while., and mom chatting, unexpectedly, this lake is so big, took more than 4 hours.

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Wind in the summer

Wind blown summer Qin Ruofeng in a cup of wine under the stimulation of trance ,appeared in front of numerous blank off .The car is quickly separated from the street ,throwing off the busy street run .
Qin Ruofeng also not just from the embarrassment of relief ,the masked face is confused ,the wind stroking the face ,also seems to be very difficult understanding woman at numerous dull mind.
Look into the distance, it was dark ,occasionally swept the headlights are mapped to Liu Yan and panic and avoidance .The car across the bridge ,water under the bridge cold temperature ,cowered spirit still ,no day Pentium and noise.
If wind caresses .To fall in between the hair ,body temperature and water temperature ,no tears ,such as release flood waters .Pour the water ,ナイキエアジョーダン,unable to suppress .Silent cry ,to join the night mix ,increase the heart burns, pain ,accelerate the solidification of nerve ,all limbs ,are at this moment the vent in memory of numbness .
The past events like open coconuts, Ren juice overflowing, perhaps ,those boring memory is required for proper leakage, will gradually gone with the wind .&quot ;do you know who I am .
?&quot ;&quot ;he didn you .&quot ;&quot ;I loved him, he loved me too. &quot ;&quot ;you give it up. & Quot ;&quot ;he can leave you ,but he can not do without me .&quot ;brief information like a sharp dagger ,penetrate into the heart ,blood ,in the heart of reflux.
Qin Ruofeng a message did not return ,speechless quiescence. &quot ;you don silent resistance .Useless. &quot ;&quot ;why don put me in the eye ?What you? &quot ;&quot ;I don let go ,he will not escape .
&quot ;Qin Ruofeng on the road to get off the bus ,in black below exploration, want to know where the road distance is .Some slip in socks ,heel shoes does not fit tap ,simply ,in pine and pond sit ,hand pulled off his socks ,bare feet ,indulgence body .
In fact,The baby., most want to indulge is the heart. The night of dark inclusion Liu Yan was weeping cypress dull .Stand at the woman behind him, for fear that their sad tear stained green veins ,so no movable disregard ,ignore this savings too long woman in front of their own wanton sad.
Dry tears in facial struggle ,stood up ,if the wind swinging waddle. Say drown our sorrows ,worries how little wine solution, but on anxious anxious !Qin Ruofeng drunk .Inferior Erguotou drunk more good at this .
Long petite woman .At midnight, swift wind rain such as flood as instant float vent ,branches and leaves is difficult to resist the &quot &quot ;brush ;swing by numerous protests .
The nightmare of Qin Ruofeng ,slightly stare blankly at the window, the swaying of the leaves tend to be stormy winds have a bad publicity .Resistance ,then reluctantly comply. Dream is not from the wind mind completely eliminated ,a dream that no escape by hiding all take pleasure in other people with contempt, and his father stopped in the sky warm smile ,Air Jordan 6,the mother suffering a losing bright eye, all things like noisy battlefield ,hysterical psychotherapy with a last line of defense ,the lost night .
Qin Ruofeng under the pillow from his mobile phone ,three ten. A clear message appears on the screen :wind ,rain ,don window - - - - - direct remember last night to bed ,heaven ,flickering half moon ,the wind blowing gently ,as if out of the this hot summer ,cool autumn early will grace .
God may be a bit far ,only occasionally let people a moment lost. If the wind out of all thoughts ,then fell asleep last night .In the morning rush of wind and rain Increasingly the burning ,the cicadas in the trees and never stop to tweet.
Downstair garden grass somehow a night yellow ?Do ,Air Jordan 4,really fall ?No, the four seasons are not reversed. Qin Ruofeng some laugh at yourself too about the change of nature, there is an ancient woman boudoir to King sad, Lin Daiyu will not lost the flower burial tool ,Eileen Chang falls a bit melancholy ,soon to be the call if the wind picked up the woman ,probably not.
Manager Wang annoying phone calls to Qin Ruofeng ,to quickly find ways to improve efficiency ,hoped that do not affect any one party .Business and as initially intended good ,just came to the booth needs the initial perception ,then recognized ,can be said to maintain the balance of payments is the best result ,three months ,will soon be past ,three months after it ,if you insist on not for profit ,exit is perhaps the best way .
Qin Ruofeng is reluctant to accept the latter way ,after all ,no one thing ,even if not the best, but to do try .&quot ;Xiao Qin ,how long time no contact me ah ?&quot ;director of warm voice with hearty laughter ,Qin Ruofeng a moment thought he was upright gentlemen ,then knock with a hammer .
His heart ,warning him ,he is not ,he just wanted to take advantage of another ,alert! &quot ;you are busy, how can not disturb you. Look, I have a hard time would come to your help .
&quot ;if the wind smiling at the opposite slightly bald man ,from the glasses see a sort of cunning . Qin Ruofeng. Qin Ruofeng ,you did come ,even if you don have to escape ,I see you now ,what excuse can escape.
Ren Zhipeng sort of looked at Qin Ruofeng ,a wasn ,but the little woman charm filling pole in place of the woman .Said the woman of this age do rhyme young married woman ,both soft and mature ,and with a faint and quiet ,silence ,is a tranquil sketch ,moving ,and is a minor rendering Pomo landscapes ,far view is the last tour ,there were no charm .
&quot ;if the wind ah ,we have this a few days off, I go out to play, there a holiday villa ,environmental good ,you are free, go ,relax. But I sincerely invite .&quot ;&quot ;Oh ,thank director invite, make you for inviting me ,that neglect You .
But if I always keep balance ,I would have to exit, because they eat and sleep are not sweet .To afraid of affecting your good mood !&quot ;Qin Ruofeng looked across the tepid man ,then said :&quot ;settled may just like you feel comfortable ,then come back when highly praise the hills .
&quot ;group purchase is a kind of profit of the most direct and the best means ,there is a place by order ,and other places will be followed ,this is this small city characteristic ,each link, each single body ,seems to be dispersed ,but the intrinsic body ,a thread will affect the entire system.
When Qin Ruofeng walked out of the office director of publicity ,Nike Air Foamposite Pro let the calf is thin,fist hand waving in the air two. Ren Zhipeng this old fox ,do not see the rabbit is not spread eagle .Out of the office ,Qin Ruofeng was completely restored .
Looks at the roadside by summer wind swept off the leaves ,petals ,seems to be little daughter mind only to be released ,what money right ,all use the brain, ran excitedly to a decorated with pomegranate trees ,spring missed pomegranate blossom ,this summer ,absolutely can not miss Lin Lang Sheng fruit pomegranate tree .
When I was young, my mother said ,the child is like pomegranate Piggish child ,if the wind was pouting ,cherry small mouth ,dragged away ,the mother behind happy laughter .After a while, Qin Ruofeng embrace three pink pomegranate ran back, say next grandma .
Remember when ,if the wind some simmer with laughter ,a miser grandma ,how do you !Lie on the walls of their ladders help yourself ,let yourself go every day to see it again in the three largest pomegranate going ,into my arms.
This thought that own quietly, but later known as child disposition ,is simple .Do not fall a little dust .After grandma Zhang meet severe eye ,and subsequently the hearty laughter ,resolve heart be very upset if wind ,fleeing back is also a sweet smile .
Standing in the pomegranate ,Qin Ruofeng was greatly improved. Good mood to share! Classic ad .Natural took Liu Yan ,at call the person without clues in the sentence :&quot ;Liu Yan ,Air Foamposite 1,braving the sun to see the sea !&quot ;Yang in network boring turning ,for a stay in the office of the people, an utterly inadequate measure ,include rich simple sense ,University of hard work, professional learning the fine and fine ,can be the result of ,or by By a female friend family background ,now everyone wants to get the position .
Su Yang does not want to admit the abandoned the who ,in the absence of the University ,who has not abandoned, although Liu Yan and he has a deep friendship ,has been recognized both parents ,forces of the Su couple heard that Ye Ziyun the right to high weight background ,then attack by innuendo son ,stated many advantages and disadvantages .
In fact ,in many reflection behind, Su Yang had changed his mind ,categorically left Liu Yan ,put his life, also gave Liu Yan more light. Perhaps ,the meaning of human life is not because of dedication ,Air Jordan 5,but because of who I am to create ,create more or less helpless,エアジョーダン4 if reproduced, sorrow and joy ,six taste even eight taste ,in order to end the glorious journey from great to lay down all ,return to nature .
Life ,is a not complete yet Zen silence of chess ,you can see pieces of the lonely ,can realize understand life loneliness ?Liu Yan set in Su Yang .The announcement lose oneself in a reverie ,seawater scrubbing act recklessly and care for nobody with a fine white sandals ,with a ponytail, swing ride difficult to beat .

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Nike classic trendsetter necessary all kinds of shoes pictures

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The street corner basketball terms

The street corner basketball terminology Streetball: different from the traditional basketball, Hua Qiao, free,Air Foamposite 1 make people feel more comfortable.,Air Jordan, smooth, wild nature is its characteristics. Free stlye: free mode. Hip Hoop: Nike freestyle.
Crazy handle: reach the acme of perfection ball control. Dribbling: ball control skills. Trick: trick. Crossover: in the play. One-on-one: challenged the. Sneaker: Skins or Shirt: shoes. Because foreign mostly black playing streetball,Air Jordan 11, easily confused,Air Jordan 4 irresistible,エアジョーダン6, so there will be a team to undress, a team of wearing clothes.
Check Ball: before the kick-off to pass the ball to the ball to defender,エアジョーダン11, before kick-off. No Look Pass: without looking at his case the ball in the air. Alley-oop: ball and slam dunk. Holyshit: describe a person's skills to reach the acme of perfection.
"On Fire: describe a hundred, was on fire. Break / Shake / Cross: when you dribble faked defensive players lost focus or tripping, the defenders look ridiculous. Your shoes are untied: shoelace loose, in court is common, but just call your shoes.
Holy shit: This is more a statement, holy is a sacred meaning,Nike Lebron 9, that is to say the other side of God to the pole to his opponent's time,Air Formposite One Mom you one hundred bucks here, this sentence is sentHandy, representing feel helpless look. Man that was smooth: was also praised.

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Taobao.com Nike sports shoes

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