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Picture Bai Hui cabinet eleven preferential benefit activity sta

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Ah ~ ah ~

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Chinese culture and the spirit of Christ - because of love - Sha

Christianity in China are spreading ,is nearly more than 100 years .Taiwan engaged in evangelistic work of Professor Lin Zhiping said :&quot ;today, we regret to say that ,the dissemination of Christianity in China ,still remain in the rejection phase .
Christian is still European Christian ,we almost can not find what to settle their differences in culture method ,in which Christian ideas take root in China ,and become a Chinese Christian &quot ;in Christianity in China encountered resistance ,essentially from culture to culture .
Therefore ,this resistance than political pressure more potential ,have tenacity more .This is the conflict of culture .We see ,writing John John when the gospel ,from the Jesus crucified but fifty or sixty years ,the gospel in the Jewish ,Greek areas have been very widely spread ,at that time, the faith of Jesus Christ to the Jews and the faith of Jesus Christ to the Greeks was the proportion of 1:10 million.
The Jewish culture and Greek culture had significant differences between the Jewish Old Testament Background .The Greeks did not ,the Jewish Messiah complex Greeks did ;but the Greeks and philosophy of traditional Jews also do not have.
But this difference is not An obstacle. Should say that John has done a great thing, is to find the Christian culture and the Greek culture .He put the Greek culture in the &quot ;&quot ;and the Christian God &quot ;&quot ;combined together .
The gospel of John said :in the beginning was &quot ;,the word is God &quot ;John captures the essential point, through the gospel to Greek culture dissemination ways .The gospel out of Palestine ,entered the Greek culture ,which is of great significance ,it makes the Christianity in Europe has been widely disseminated, and thus from the world ,became whole the largest number of religious belief of the world .
So ,since Christianity in the background of different cultures can well spread ,why communication in China ,there is a certain degree of difficulty ?This involves the Chinese culture and the spirit of Christ .
The difference in the characteristics of Chinese culture the most outstanding is :Historically ,Chinese culture has been the lack of belief ,lack of religious spirit. Faith is a cultural core .
Belief point is &quot ;&quot ;.&quot ;&quot ;behind the & quot ;&quot value ;.Faith is a cultural value system . faith is culture that &quot ;not deviate from the &quot ;case .Is the key link, is the fundamental for human existence ,is needed to make sense of the.
&quot ;because I live ,I live ,&quot ;this is not the existence of the state ,this is the only cat existence .People ,www.adidasjeremyscottde.com Li Gui &quot,must to find out the meaning of living .Belief is such a kind of people already settled down things.
A Western philosopher said :&quot ;man is the only one not by bread and live in the presence of &quot ;if no meaning ,people could not live .Faith gives life meaning. It is because of faith is so important, Jesus presented the greatest commandment is this: &quot ;you must be conscious of our love the LORD your God .
This is the first commandments ,and is the largest &quot ;.Here ,Jesus explicitly tell the world ,the greatest commandment ,is faith ,is against God love .In this sense ,in Chinese culture, lack of faith ,became a fundamental flaw.
In Chinese culture, we not only do not know God ,without faith in God .Even ,we what beliefs have been ,we even don faith in the ability of most typical performance .The lack of belief ,that is in Chinese history, never Have true faith ,Chinese cultural thought height never arrived to the pursuit of God ,never belong to the true religion .
People might say that ,yes ,China is not a Buddhist ,Taoist ?So ,we come to have a look to Buddhism and Taoism .First Taoism, Taoism is his the native ,it had a &quot ;Made in China&quot ;mark.
Taoism not come very naturally grows ,it is the external environmental stimuli generated by the gene mutation is Buddhism came into China ,Chinese in the foreign religion stimulated and inspired ,copy out.
It is Chinese culture and foreign culture counteract a result. In early Buddhism came to China .Yibaiduosishi years later ,Zhang Daoling of Eastern Han dynasty founded Taoism. This man-made Taoism ,does not have its own doctrine .
It starts to Confucius Confucianism find according to ,find foothold. But Confucian boycott ,the Analects of Confucius said :&quot ;sub - strange force God of chaos &quot ;.No, I turn to Chuang-tzu find theory support ( the statements above can see Fan Wenlan Chinese history ) .
The opposition theory ,natural form do not become resistance ,therefore ,Taoist gave old As &quot &quot ,too ;reality ;letter of Chuang-tzu &quot ;south of real &quot ;,and the folklore of the Jade Emperor ,empress pull to make Wang Mu immortal .
Taoism itself is very promiscuous ,Taoist immortals ,the whole is a rich brew ,different dynasties historical figures and legends together. ,roughly the equivalent of Guan Gong and Qin Qiong .
And ,with the rest of the world than mature religion ,it has absolutely no other religion has the other pursuit of the spirit ,it is not only the practical religion culture to the realistic life desire, it is the pursuit of healthy in old age ,so some practical ever-young desire .
It the way to pursue ,also is not to own sober, but their medication even Yunv means. So as a Chinese indigenous religion ,Taoism ,is not strictly a religion. The Chinese culture this to no religion ,culture ,not things ,imitation of a ,also must not make good.
China faith ,therefore ,Buddhism was introduced into China ,in China this have no religious beliefs on the land, also after a long from resistance to adaptation process. From the Eastern Han Dynasty continued to Song Dynasty, about one thousand Years.
Visible cultural boycott is very strong. As organ transplantation in China ,the rejection is very strong. Because Buddhism is strong ,therefore ,Buddhism and Chinese culture conflict is particularly intense ,repeatedly destroyed the temple ,temple to the Tang Dynasty metaphase, struggle is fierce.
To the Song Dynasty in recent years ,Buddhism and Chinese culture conflict and integration of Chinese Taoism ,and old Zhuang Zhexue combines ,formed a dialectical thinking characteristics of Zen ,and to Chinese culture and peaceful coexistence.
Dream of Red Mansions ,we see ,a Buddhist monk and a Taoist priest ,the people all live together ,Adidas Wings,travel ,into partnership .To this point ,Buddhism in China ,has lost its true colours .
Chinese existing Buddhist ,90%are Theravada Buddhism, Mahayana Buddhism is not authentic .Zen ,bluntly, is the Chinese characteristic of Buddhism Zen Buddhism on Chinese taste ,has become very Coca Cola .
In Chinese history, there has never been a formal religion ,also do not have their own gods, as a nation, there is no real belief .No faith ,no transcendent spirit ,the rest is realistic ,practical ,utilitarian East West ,so ,Chinese culture has very strong practicability.
Chinese really letter of emperor ?Chinese really letter a Buddism godness Guanyin Bodhisattva ?Surface, some Chinese people believe Buddha letter is also very pious. Now Guangdong and Hongkong as well as in many places ,the temple incense is also very abundant ,a lot of shops there are a Buddha.
But this letter ,is a Chinese type the letter ,and true faith is differentiated .Faith ,is you to invest in mental state ,is not a secular mentality inputs ,that is to say, no utilitarian needs.
And Chinese Buddha is this ?Pray for the peace of the health ,survival ,son ( Send a Buddism godness Guanyin incense Furtwangen ) ,seek fortunes ,and promotion ,in her Sun Hongyun high .
.. Which temple ,the most effective ,the most popular Temple Sheng .Wish ,like ,this is the most classic utilitarianism . Is a kind of investment behavior of &quot ;&quot ;,a transaction mind .
Not to believe in ,but to God for a supply of sth. ,to get the benefits, but also must have good ,do accounts after -- not make compensation package .Shown here is a utilitarian attitude ,practical spirit.
Every sound of prayer ,all contain the personal desires ,each with a fragrant ,burning all the human desire . Buddha A bribe objects and exclude the difficulty and anxiety to help. We want to help people in distress :&quot ;&quot ;what is the purpose of a Buddism godness Guanyin Bodhisattva ,is very specific ,help people in distress ,Tang Chongrong said ,China is now just a belief -- &quot &quot ;money ;money .
A letter ,why money practical ah ,?Money is the most useful ,&quot ;money talks, bullshit walks &quot ;.We see Jesus Christ in the garden of Gethsemane to pray what is said first ) &quot ;father, not as I will ,but as you will .
( &quot ;second ) ,father, &quot ;may your will be done on &quot ;. This is no private prayer. Jesus pray is &quot ;God kindness ,&quot ;&quot ;God arrangement of &quot ;can be for God, not man,Adidas Jeremy Scott Panda Bear, but not for myself.
The Lord said :&quot ;hallowed be thy name ,your kingdom come, your will be done on earth ,as it is in heaven &quot ;television film cross has a bush during his visit to China speaks at Tsinghua :&quot ;95% of Americans believe inGod ,I was one of them.
Faith is a moral core .People living out of a higher standard of.&quot ;bush said very profound. Faith in what? Not for good ,not for a son ,for peace ,for longevity ,faith is &quot ;let people live a more standard &quot ;.
Christians believe Jesus Christ ,nor to real benefits ,but for the born again ( the soul to be saved from sin ) ,sex ,become a like the God fully human. In Buddhism ,the letter of the emperor ,is this? Apparently not.
So ,those who pray people ,nature, not in faith. Because faith to meaning ,rather than real benefits. Due to the lack of belief in Chinese culture ,a lot of problems in the above.
Including our own cultural understanding of the process ,but also because of this reason, it is difficult to rise to belief height. We briefly review. Chinese on Chinese cultural reflection ,is the Opium War Powers by ships and ship opened the gate of China when started .
In this prior to China ,although also has a circle around the alien presence, but these people have generally lagged behind China ,are admired Chinese culture .Chinese so they called &quot &quot ,China ;power ;all around the country is quite razed ,we want to lose out on their culture ,in the Line of enlightenment .
Even the Mongol Yuan Dynasty and the Qing Dynasty Manchu China were annexed ,the last is still Chinese culture the victory: is our culture to their assimilation .They became our ,us .
To fail ,we become winners. But the Opium War ,the situation is not the same China first met his opponent ,Chinese culture vulnerable side exposed thoroughly ,feel-good Chinese ,is actually not collapse at the first encounter ,a very worthy ,China OK ,not OK .
It makes Chinese woke up ,Chinese began to think ,we even have problems? This is Chinese culture reflection on the starting point and the beginning. As a secular culture of the nation, the reflection ,the first from a practical perspective ,from material conformation to see our difference :we do not have the ships, ship ,we had no artillery toothfish .
Then ,the start the factory ,engaged in Westernization Movement &quot ;&quot ;.The Westernization Movement the Chinese have the ships, ship ,but Jia Wu war ,has the great advantage of Beiyang Navy Fleet again annihilated ,and this fact makes the simple introduction of Western technology went bankrupt.
So reflection entered into the second stage ,is a system of anti Think of . We don the ships, ship and beat people ,with ships or beat people ,it is our system .Then ,the Xin Hai Revolution.
Xin Hai Revolution overthrew the monarchy ,Shenzhen real estate lawyer real no claim for compensation, the court rejected their request,established a republic ,the system to change .But we still failed ,or by the powers of bully disgrace ,what is what ?Then the next reflection to culture level, this was one of the May 4th movement .
The May 4th movement to rethink the content is familiar :Science and democracy !Originally, we lack two things .In addition to our industry has the republic system ,must have the science and democracy of the two like cultural spirit ( reflection to culture in the field .
) .Five four reflection, and could not be carried out in the end, it was the war of resistance against Japan break .80 time of domesticcultural fever ,is essentially then the May 4th Movement for democracy and science on the go .
It has been 89 yearsof four or five motion ,set off &quot &quot &quot ;anti-corruption ;democracy ;&quot ;a thought climax .These years to mainland students ,basically is in accept scientific democracy in the cultural trend of thought over.
Until after ninety time ,Chinese cultural circles ,into a higher level :price Value dimension. Then found ,the western scientific spirit and democratic spirit behind ,is actually a Christian culture ,namely ,scientific and democratic behind, is the Almighty God .
God is not light ,science and democracy did not really come. Science and democracy have occurred in western culture ,and in China long history of civilization for thousands of years in China ,they grow out of these two things, because China has no scientific and democratic soil ,there is no God of light, no Christian existence.
This is today Chinese cultural elite scholars from the Opium War in 1860 finallyhis cable offerings 130years laterfind out the truth. The truth is -- the highest truth ,is actually God.
Jesus said :&quot ;I am the truth ,I is the road ,I am &quot ;this short three words, Chinese scholars have found over a hundred years ,to find .Shu Ting a verse :&quot ;the shortest route ,we take a very long time &quot ;.
Ah ,in the absence of belief in China ,pursuing God how difficult !Scholars finally painfully aware of ,the simple science and democracy cannot be completely save China ,because of either the scientific or democratic ,or ,is a cultural form ,is limited.
In science and democracy ,is God . If you can ,only to find a scientific and democratic ,is not scientific ,relation between people and thing ,democracy is a people and human relations, are there exist.
And Christian let us find out the relationship between God and man ,let us with the shore and eternal established a link ,also let the human spirit rise to the top . Unfortunately ,this is our culture ,critical zone.
No sacred ,no God ,our resources ,is the natural thing ( God is transcendent ) .&quot &quot ;natural meaning ;became the Chinese culture is a characteristic. Chinese traditional economy is based on small-scale peasant economy was dominated by &quot &quot ;natural economy ;,self-sufficient production mode of modern commodity production .
Principle clearly no longer is natural ,but supernatural .Natural economy ,provide for oneself ,and make people in survival between the contact closely enough ,so ,Chinese is a mess .
I characteristics of ideal is: &quot ;chicken dog voice is heard, silos &quot ;.Do not touch , this is Chinese cohesion is the reasons for poor Japanese can unite as ants, but we always fight in the nest .
There is no public activity areas ,therefore ,Chinese public consciousness cannot be trained ,morality is not enough. Spit, damage the public facilities ,fake ,looting of property ,it is more .
In Chinese and human relationships ,but also presents a natural relationship between people the most basic natural relationship is blood relationship ,so ,this is Chinese culture foundation of human relations ,political relations also apply to push ,father and son ,husband and wife in his ,brothers ,friends of the five relations father ,son and brother do not say, it is in the blood relationship .
But his friend relationship unrelated natural factors ?We have to convert it into a natural relationship :relationship between the emperor is the father son relationship to design ,to Mr.
Zhong is equivalent to the father filial piety ;friends by relationship between the brothers to design. You have a look the ancient man, not all address each other as brothers ?Liu Bei is the eldest brother, Zhang Fei brother .
In ancient China ,the magistrate called official, implication ,common people is the son of his old people control officer .Said : &quot ;sir &quot ;!Use is a kinship terms .Canadian Prime Minister Martin have this feeling.
No faith ,no roots ,no firm goal ,that is what is useful, what the pursuit of natural ,so Chinese pragmatism is prominent. Our judgments of value is the typical way: what &quot ;&quot ;?When someone calls for democracy ,not just some official Nu ask :&quot ;democracy can I eat it &quot ;?!ask how specific !Useful to eat when the meal ,before when pictures are not good, had to eat it is is the use of the .
Our culture teaches us to anything of value inquiry ,is to ask what is the use of &quot ;&quot ;learn what? &quot ;excellent learning official &quot ;reading what? &quot ;the book ,in the book Yan Ruyu &quot ;domestic people to become an officer, when the CP ,and when the director ,who want to serve the people of &quot ;&quot ;?Is in pursuit of rights can bring tremendous benefits.
So desperately to make every attempt to officials who, when the officer is desperately trying to corrupt ,and then transferring assets to overseas ,in the earth on gamble at high stakes to spend .
Gates said to own property 95% Donate ,not for children ,it is the role of faith .Christ taught us :&quot ;does not seek its own benefits &quot ;do not be practical about Christ. The 35signs,no time for yourself .
The temptation of Jesus time ,face the temptation is &quot ;the nations and their power ,&quot ;Jesus did not move .Christians believe Jesus good ?Yes, but this benefit is on the other side, in the kingdom of heaven, not in this world .
In the world from Christ be what it is ?Not purely materialistic practical significance, is inner peace and joy music. The to the main prison for 23 years to the old Balfour ,he got grace yet? He was, how he was blessed ,in television cross ,he is full of gratitude to face put a happy smile.
Liu Xiaofeng in the ten characters in the frame of :&quot ;the information is a core belief of the individual soul to be saved. The key lies in the whole life ,Jeremy Scott Adidas Wings,you will feel revolutionised .
He lives in the world ,is the world various restrictions. But his spirit and his salvation does not belong to this world that .&quot ;Is faith !This true faith ,in the Chinese culture itself is not .
A culture with another culture when we meet, always similar parts easy to accept ,different component be rejected. Five four from the West .&quot ;&quot ;&quot ;Democracy & quot ;two it is well accepted ,science ,democracy is not acceptable.
Science ,in fact ,even on our scientific acceptance ,but also in the technical aspects of accept easily ;in scientific thought ,we accept or not .The spirit of Science in Chinese empirical principle ,easy to be accepted ;but scientific thought &quot &quot ;metaphysics ;side ,in China can not fully accepted .
In today China ,not science and pure as a knowledge and technology is the first productivity ,&quot ;&quot ;?Science more profound lies in, it is a world outlook ,cultural literacy ,scientific spirit is the spiritual realm .
In order to analyze the spirit ,by inference to find things .God is the world reason ,God of the causal chain of vertices, so ,the nature of science ,particularly the theory science to basic science ,is to understand the mysteries of God .
In this sense ,On the true faith in science and faith in God is consistent .The material world in constant motion ,large celestial body to atoms ,are constantly moving. The scientific recognition of their movement ,scientific research of their motion ,but science can not explain why they would move, science will have to admit :God ,everything is the first push for .
95 yearsHunan science and Technology Press published include Hocking brief history of time ,a group of modern popular science series of books ,is called :&quot ;first to promote the series &quot ;,this is really meaningful .
Because it is China understanding of science as a people .This world a search effort ,is a way of approaching God .Science can never fully understanding of the mysteries of God ,in this context ,we all admit &quot ;scientific endless & quot ;.
The idea behind, is limited and the infinite nature of God .See ,science is not for the benefits and practical. The United States of America spent billions of dollars ,the two probes to Mars ,is to have what advantage ?That expensive death Harbert space telescope to space in search for treasure ? not .
Is to use scientific means ,from a scientific perspective ,to know God is what we in this universe, also is in understanding God Almighty . And from the discovery of the wonder of God ,to a deeper understanding of God ,to fear God.
The great scientist ,more is to God is full of praise !This spirit in China .That said, incidentally ,the United States of America Mars detector Spirit ,domestic translated into &quot ,domestic &quot ;courage ;not to know Spirit &quot &quot ;spirit ;meaning ,they were avoiding the word.
Because &quot ;Spirit&quot ;with spirit ,mind and soul of the United States of America means ,use Spirit to name this detector ,embodies the pursuit of the spirit of God, and the spirit of God in the soul .
Mainland officials fear that word ,then make only superficial changes ,using the &quot ;&quot Spirit courage ;to express the meaning. Mainland China in the last year also spawned a Shenzhou five, &quot ;&quot ;,and build the atmosphere ,as we have joined the international space club and cheered.
Actually, just like our Taoism is in the other person inspiration out like that, if not for the West The spaceflight career inspiration ,Chinese may never thought to engage in space research .
Chinese ancient astronomy ,not to the study of God ,it is for the human benefits ,what good weather ,day has what symptom will show the world prosperity ,and so on .In Chinese understanding, when it comes to science ,he saw Science is advanced ,scientific progress is ,as &quot &quot ;science to raise a pig ;pig manure ;scientific grain ,on high yield .
It is for the science of vulgar interpretation .Only to see benefits ,only see the benefits ,not to see the scientific culture .Chinese culture is also reflected in the utility of such a sentence slogan ,&quot ;practice is the sole criterion for testing truth .
&quot ;practice what ?Practice is a social activity of the person ,as limited by the presence of human practice ,how to check the truth ?Newton said time is absolute, universal gravitation is the objective existence ,Einstein found ,space-time is the presence of substances form ,gravitation is the appearance ,is the material cause the space bending .
Bohr by the uncertainty principle that Einstein ,in the future, there will be a development which practice can test out the truth ?Practice can only let us closer to the truth . in any case ,science can bring direct benefits ,and practical culture can border on, China had to accept easily.
Even if we only accept scientific fur ,is also accepted. We compare the smooth introduction of the western education system and scientific research system, learn quickly ,no resistance .
Now even measure all standards ,KM ,kg ,change our many years of habit. The United States still use traditional imperial gallons and ,with it, Canada also use pounds to kilograms ,than we were advanced .
Visible ,practical things ,China introduced a very convenient to have a look .Chinese city ,foreign some ,I have a ,even better than they are now. Beijing than Toronto also looks luxurious .
Seeking benefits ,and developed ,beg rich expensive, this is our present heart of the alignment target .Especially in the present China tide, the pursuit of wealth of the heart, especially strong .
The pursuit of luxury cars ,,a big fortune, in the mainland ,almost everyone is eager to get rich ,eager to be rich, everybody has a boiled water rich heart. Jesus in the sermon on the mount of &quot ;&quot ;&quot ;said :Blessed are the pure in heart ,for they shall see God .
Matthew &quot ;Said: &quot ;you cannot serve God and mammon ,serve ( God of wealth) &quot ;&quot ;the rich man enter into the kingdom of heaven is difficult. Camel through the eye of a needle ,than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God is also easy .
&quot ;full of rich idea man ,is it right? Cannot enter into the kingdom of God ?If people are generally want to be a rich man ,is it right? This nation is relatively far from the kingdom of God ?This substance of the heart, so that today the understanding to modernization ,basically it is still used in the practical cultural vision to play content modernization .
We to modern requirement and desire ,but also see modernization and recognized benefits: rich ,powerful .Pragmatic perspective. Only modernized interests ,regardless of the culture ,do not consider the human modernization.
Our society most people understanding to modernization does not remain to be established at the material level ?Although today we don like that of Mao Zedong ,the modernization understanding for the chimneys of factories ,but in many Chinese in the eyes of modern skyscrapers ,is still together .
We will modernize misread as reject the old for the new . Beijing was demolished, demolished monuments ,cover the building. We never look back to the end History ,then ,be like upstarts quickly put on shining fashion .
Beijing is seven hundred years of history ,in fact ,in addition to the the Imperial Palace and other monuments ,you even seventy years of history have not seen - a practical perspective ,is really a very short-sighted eyes.
See God ,on the fail to recognize the truth ,also do not know what is the real value for our practical culture ,western culture, not practical ,not directly see the benefits, accept it is harder .
Democracy is very difficult to import . Because the utility ,Kobe bryant olympic shoes,democracy and culture is not easy in China historically border. Without democracy, this thing ,we don play this ,democracy is not our culture and some of the things people see an official call classic ,which dare to think with the official Democratic one back? Q a hot head ,said &quot ;Zhao Taiye and I was a member of the same clan &quot ;,is next to the two in China .
The farmer that did not really a day ,rebelled ,they shout what? Is not a democracy ,not equal, they shout is &quot ;&quot all fields ;love song ,is sung in :&quot ;you have I have &quot ;we all historical revolution .
And movement ,never take Democracy as a slogan mentioned. The traditional peasant revolt the most appealing slogan is &quot ;the average &quot ;average is our strong desire for food .
This is one of the local tyrants ,field ,is a ,eat mess is a ,be promoted according to status is also a ,our average strong heart .In Chinese culture, we took the average as &quot ;fair &quot ;.
A closer look down ,this average ,and with their own do not suffer as average .If they benefit more than others ,just silence ,also won shouting unfair .The Bible the principle is what ?Not average ,but &quot ;justice ,righteousness .
&quot ;fair justice ,not everyone .Jesus in &quot ;vineyards work metaphor &quot ;say ,early in the morning to go out ,hire people into his vineyard work ,day one money ,10go out,nike zoom kobe 7,and hired a number of 12 points,4pointout ,out ,or even 6 points to go out again ,and hired a different number ,even when, all for a penny, that early in the morning to go on to complain.
The owner of the house said :&quot ;friends ,I am not wronged you ,you and I said ,not a penny ?I give it later and give you ,this is I will. I don follow what I mean ?Because I do good ,is your eye ?&quot ;the righteousness of God ,and not man called everyone the average man.
God really is wonderful, if you don pursue practical ,practical effect will come to you; when you pursue real use of the time, you may also not. What practical pursuit of Einstein theory of relativity ,he did not think it can be on, he just want to through this research to understand the nature of the universe ,to know God .
As a result, theory of relativity changed the world ,at present nuclear technology ,from his famous mass-energy transformation formula E=MC2. Wright brothers do aircraft test time, did not think of aircraft carrier freight ,become an important means of transportation.
Also did not expect them to get the patent ,they are rich. They desire to be one like a bird free to fly ,they are simply to play. The experts say &quot ;aircraft could never be God !How can anything heavier than air flying ?&quot ;later Wright brothers out out ,fly.
Experts and tried to study how to explain plane to God principles ,the development of aerodynamics. Not for practical ,result how ?Very practical ah .Today overseas students who are not from the earth plane transported ?10 hours wouldfly over ,more practical .
No aircraft, ships across the sea to a month ,riding a donkey to ride the train more ,too .But the Pacific the utility aircraft is our pursuit of practical pursuit not to come out. We pursue a practical ,chased ?Count ,Nothing will leave me symbol of practice ,from light phone computer TV can always count to flush toilet ,all practical ,neither was invented by Chinese people.
Seventy time I youth queue time, cultivate land use is hoe shovel cultivated land ,still drove cattle, with Han no difference. Now what have, combine harvester is, these things are also very practical ,but we are not the practical pursuit of national invention .
We use for a long time, what practical things didn get it out. No faith ,no lofty realm ,no faith in God ,ultimately without a single success .As Jesus said :&quot ;all others ,shall be given to him ,called him more than; no ,even what he has to take over .
&quot ;the more you pursuit of utility ,the more Nothing could not recover ;you don ask the utility ,pursue the word of God ,what will be added to you. Sure as a gun !A few years some scholars say ,Chinese culture, Chinese culture twenty-first Century is the century.
Because Christianity is about to God for this ,Chinese culture is about to be with the person this .In fact ,Chinese culture of the people ,not people .Not the spirit of Christ ,nor man.
Confucius said ,&quot &quot ;benevolence ;he loves is what people ?Is in the hierarchy below ,here &quot ;&quot ;,is not equal. In Jun Junchen father his son this grade under the standard person.
The hierarchy of human is human ?Farmers Sun Zhigang went to Guangzhou to work ,Shangjie did not take temporary residence permit ,was beaten to death .He has no human rights ,fundamental right of life are not, he is man ?He is not a city man ,he can only be man, can be arbitrarily accommodating ,detention ,or even killed .
Chinese culture is such a kind of class culture ,in this grade of culture, people are not equal ,not equal .The father son between the monarch and his subjects ,between people ,between the teachers and the students, and the officers are not equal.
People the word itself ,means the disadvantaged Group .The vocabulary with the &quot &quot ;citizen ;the expression of the meaning is completely different .In traditional society ,the emperor is a surname ,it belongs to the emperor ,&quot ;all over the world ,all this land belongs to the king ,are the king ,&quot ;.
The Emperor himself ,is attributed to his people ,and the emperor name in contrast ,&quot &quot ;people ;people ,so ,the word itself ,contains low man .We Chinese now newspapers still by &quot &quot ;people ;the word to his people ,never use the word &quot ;&quot ;in fact ,the performance of the current Chinese society is still not equal .

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